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You decide on a new world!

May 26, 2008
I have a feeling there is going to be a Jungle type theme maybe in Africa. I don't know if anyone else notice this but there are a BUNCH of zebra N PC's in different worlds all ready and so far, none of them have quests for anything.

Also i think we should pull ideas that are not from other games when thinking of ideas for new worlds. I know its hard to think of anything and trust me if i pulled idea's from Toontown and Maplestoy there would be a lot to use. I like the idea of a B u gthemed world and a Western themed world. Both are very good ideas.

Aug 14, 2008
Zeldaii wrote:
I went to the thing in austin and there might be one named Dragon Spire, but thats all I know.

i read something about that in another forum and supposedly its the fifth world so i guess if thats true then an atlantis level wont be till like world 6 or 7 :( (that is IF they make it even though there are what? 4 pages of nothing but pirates and atlantis lol)

Aug 14, 2008
how about a level where the death spells/monsters/creatures and students live and are being terrorized by fire ice or some other class/type of monsters

(since everybody insists that death creatures and students seem to be evil they could have their chance to show that they are good guys for once )

Jun 23, 2008
How about a world where the bugs from developing the game are actually meant to be there. A place where you walk through walls and more. Maybe you could actually use the jump function for once.

Jul 20, 2008
My idea for a new setting in the spiral world is one of supreme technology. Not just computers, science, and chemistry but, everything neat about technology. Picture yourself walking through worm holes and floating in the cosmoses. The background displays UFO’s, satellites, and spiral galaxies. The monsters in this galaxy should be myth and balance, with life and death sub skills to fit the theme. The monsters would look like E.T. and have Alien eyes too. These creatures should be animated with psychic power appeal that when they cast a spell results in green ooze pouring out of their ears. Another type of monster in the spiral galaxy could look like the honkers from Sesame Street, with horns on their noses. The would look big and cute but as you fight them, you will realize how tough cute is not an easy win.

Jul 17, 2008
Aug 06, 2008
A wild west and lush jungle world would be cool.... not together... two separate worlds. >_<

A level with a lot of water would be pretty neat, maybe an island or underwater place.

Aug 03, 2008
hmm i don't know about others, but how about some activity's maps not related to leveling or killing monsters. like i said in another post on this forum, not sure where i posted it, but how about some kind of sport activity? or something besides the old leveling or killing monster system?

1. like fishing,mining? or perhaps just a huge under water map (with beautiful underwater scenery) where wizards can get a spell to breath underwater, and look for treasure, with booby traps(a puzzle of somekind) where you have to figure out what spells to use to disband the booby traps. to get to the treasure, no monsters or anything but just big rewards and some booby traps in a huge new world? perhaps wizards can also fish for lobsters or something? and perhaps have a ocean crafting system or just a fish market. where they can sell there fish or something.

2, a quiddich type of game, perhaps use your wand to move items up and down, or perhaps some real skill training school classes, this is a wizard school? i don't see anything related to the school, all i see is leveling and attacking monsters.???. would be nice to actually be involved in a wizardry school scene... like sitting in a classroom and actually learning about magic or wizardry potions, etc.

3. how about a postal office? where you get an owl, and a automatic mailing system where you automatically get messages by owl (perhaps a owl animation clip) or where you can actually see the owl. perhaps make it where you get a message from teachers once in a while just telling you how good of a student you are??

4. perhaps have a map where you can just fly onto a pet or broom and just view the scenery?

5. how about a beautiful map in the mountains where you can build your own house? cabin etc. and add flowers landscaping stuff near your houses, or perhaps some activities you can do near your house that have nothing to do with the same old leveling/attacking monsters system? .

anyway i could probably have alot more ideas, but this is supposed to be a school... and at this rate it seems to be more of a leveling, attacking monsters kind of system... and doesn't feel like your in a school setting... more of a city setting..

Jul 11, 2008
I wouldn't mind seeing a Witch101 like world.

What I mean by that is a world of witches, as in where Gretta Darkkettle is from. (I assume she is a witch, and that is why Merle won't hire her.) It could be like the Flipside of Wizard City... Witch City. You could even enlist in som classes. "Broom Riding for Wizards" ^__^

I also love the ideas of swamp frog land and the "heros" homeworld.

Aug 14, 2008
Jun 30, 2008
oh some cool ideas

i like the shrunken idea you could fight like fleas and carpet bugs and all sorts

and i love the idea of being your pet that would be so cool and trying to convince other animals to become wizard pets that would be brilliant.

or keeping with being small what about a world that is a human person so you run around there body!

as for my own ideas hmmmmm there are alot taken, what fighting on the sun (opposed to the moon)

or a super heros world where you fight different super heros - but i guess that might have copy right issues!

olympics world?

or what about a back in time world where you travel back to when professor ambrose was a boy and see the start of magic or something that would be cool.

i am sure i have some great ideas in the back of my mind somewhere but can not think of any right now :(

but cool question and neat ideas so far!

Jul 11, 2008
I suppose if we were to get a world full of Dragons and a world ruled by Tritons it would only be fair to give us Thaumaturges a nice world full of Ice Giants.

Aug 13, 2008
Jul 16, 2008
how bout a world where every thing is in the future like flying pets all around and flying cars also jet packs so you can fly

Aug 04, 2008
If we look at the existing world some are representing a continent:
- Marleybone - Europe
- MooShu - Asia
- Krokotopia - Africa

So maybe the new worlds should represent America and Australia/Oceania.
What about Maya /Aztec/Olmec world for America
and Hawaii/Easter Island world for Australia/Oceania

May 28, 2008
How about a world where everything is based on candy and sweets... or the healthy version where everything is based on vegetables and fruit.

Aug 17, 2008
I would definetely want another world parallel to Wizard City! Like, they have a school similar to that of Ravenwood, like a rivalring school! I mean if there is going to be schools, we might as well have another school. And then maybe we can borrow from Rowling and include a competition between the schools (Ravenwood and W/e) similar to the TriWizard Competition. It would be awesome! To meet all the other teachers and stuff. I mean, we dont have to be students there, the students could be NPC :D

Jul 05, 2008
Well, If you think about it, Almost all Cards we cast come from one world or another i.e. Locus Swarm = Kroktopia, Ninja Pig = Mu Shu, Dryad = Wizard City?
The Next step is to look at all the cards and Ask, Where did they come from?

The Pixies/Satyr/Unicorn all come from a "Life-Based" world..
At the Same time Cyclops/Troll/Minotaur must come from a Roman-type world.
The Elemental(Fire, Ice, Storm) monsters are from a World of there own. Each controlled by The Ruling Power, Ice Giant or Dragon or, Was it Storm Giant? I forget..

~Borme~Colin soulhunter~

Jun 16, 2008
Wild Wild West ... where we take trains and stagecoaches to gold mines, deserts, saloons, etc ... and we dress up like cowboys and dance hall girls and cowpokes.

Disco World ... where the battles are dancing contests. We would dress in the clothes of the '70s.

Journey to the Center of the Earth ... where we fight mining trolls and creatures adapted to heat. We have to wear spot-lights on our hats in order to see. Instanced areas also regulate the length of time our lights work.

PC World ... we go inside a computer and battle viruses, spyware, and malware ... and user errors. We would have to wear insulated clothing and infra-red googles.

Ancient Snow World ... where we ride reindeer and polar bears to get to destinations and fight creatures who blend into the white background.

Sweet World ... Teddy bears, lab puppies, kittens are the monsters. They fight back by throwing candy canes and gobs of candy at us. The world is all glittery, fluffy, and cutesy.

Green World ... where the quests will teach us things that we can do to preserve the wonders of Earth.

Amusement Park World ... we battles while on rides ... we must wait until our ride gets to the exact point to attack. If we miss the right moment, we have to wait until the ride goes around again. There are many amusement park games that could be played as battles.

Fantasy Shopping Mall ... a shopping mall of the future with aliens visiting Earth. All battles take place in stores: lingerie, books, fashion, novelty, music, etc.

Jul 27, 2008
I've noticed a pun trend in the worlds past Wizard City. (As everyone else probably has)

Krokotopia is a play on egyptian themes with crocodiles and lizards.
Marleybone is a play on England and Britain with dogs. (hence MarleyBONE)
MooShu is a play on feudal japan involving animals. (hence MOOShu)

So I suggest that we have a knight ans dragons world based around Camelot. To fit in with thw word play, the main protagonists will be Camels.

Jul 07, 2008
I know, I'm probably crazy, but I would love to see a Greecan or Roman world. I know, they kind of already did that with Cyclops Lane, but that has to be one of my favorite time periods. The architecture and art was fantastic! So...probably not gonna happen, but I can dream.

That's just my favorite idea. I have others.

Since most teachers seem to have a world (MarleyBone - the Balance teacher whose name I can't remember. MooShu - Moolinda Wu), I figured I could start there. They seem to be going clockwise around the circle of classrooms in Ravenwood, but since Malistare(sp?) and Cyrus are brothers (I think), we really shouldn't do that one next. That should be last. So, then we have Dalea Falmea's world (Malorn Ashthorn doesn't count because he's a Death student).

I think that this world should be a Dragon world. I think I've seen that on here before, but it just makes the most sense. The dragons that you'd talk to would be less like intimidating monster-like dragons, but more like...think a Draik from Neopets. That's the only way I can describe it. Kind of tattered wings, fragile looking, but not too fragile otherwise they'll come off as weak. The streets would look so awesome if they looked like they were made of cooled lava. The whole island should be made like Hawaii-a volcano started underwater and created the area. And it's new, so it'd be like black still. I think that would be so neat.

Now, I think it'd be [insert name here] Geyrose's world.

What if there was a whole world made up of evil snowmen, with...I don't know, Frosty the Snowman type people that give you quests. Or faries like What's-her-name Geyrose. Yes, I know we've seen Colossus Boulevard, which is made up of mainly gobblers. So I like my evil snowmen world. Just like Krokotopia, MarleyBone, and Mooshu, there'd be more than just Manders, Cats, and Polluted Earth Walkers (which is the only creature I've seen there, so DON'T HURT ME!). Maybe there'd be...you know what, I don't know. Think Pluto's world in ToonTown. I really had no ideas on this part, so...yeah.

Now it's the Storm teacher's world, whose name escapes me.

I do love the idea of an underwater world so we can battle Storm Sharks, but I've personally always wanted to battle the Storm Bats. I can't remember what they're called. So, maybe a place in the sky? I also like Rainforest style, so it'd rain all the time, but what jungle-type creatures are with storm? And a bunch of frogs would be running the place, so that'd be super cool. Rainforest or Underwater style seems the most likely, but it can rain frogs, don't forget. :D

And I think we just went around the whole place, so now we have Malistare and Cyrus's world left.

Now, I personally think Wizard 101 has finished this, and they're just not releasing it until the other worlds come out. The place should be really dark, not just because of death, but remember, "Myth lies between Fire and Ice, because that is where the shadows are." That has to be one of my favorite quotes from the entire game. Anyway, maybe since Cyrus left so long ago, Malistare has taken over, and all the awesome Myth creatures (Dude, HAUNTED MINOTAURS! Think how creepy that'd be!), are corrupted...

Oh my gosh, I just got another great idea.

What if they were from OUR world? Wouldn't that be so neat? There'd be people from Wizard City who had gotten that far on the spiral to direct us around, and we could take the Subway to places...New York style! That would be so amazing, and I've had this idea for awhile, not just for Cyrus and Malistare. But it'd fit, wouldn't it? I love my idea, so I'm sticking with it.

And if they go for something else with Cyrus and Malistare, our world should be the last world. :D

Those are my ideas that are nowhere near right, so have fun reading them!

Jul 12, 2008
MysticLove wrote:
I would definetely want another world parallel to Wizard City! Like, they have a school similar to that of Ravenwood, like a rivalring school! I mean if there is going to be schools, we might as well have another school. And then maybe we can borrow from Rowling and include a competition between the schools (Ravenwood and W/e) similar to the TriWizard Competition. It would be awesome! To meet all the other teachers and stuff. I mean, we dont have to be students there, the students could be NPC :D

That would be nice. :D :D :D

Jun 12, 2008
I think it would be cool to see a world of witches. It could be full of things stereotypical of a witch motif; Brooms, animated furniture, cauldrons, etc.
It could also be used to further explain why the Gobblers have taken over Colossus Boulevard.

Aug 25, 2008
SherlockBones wrote:
What new and imaginative worlds do you think are out there along The Spiral?

Well, we have Egypt (Krokotopia), we have London-by-gaslight (Marleybone), and we have Mythic Asia (Moo Shu).

Some other interesting stuff that comes to mind:

a Native American tribal area

the Dreamtime, a la Australia (populated by Kangaroos and Wallabies, of course!)

Atlantis (with some of ancient Greece on the side, maybe)

Camelot (knights and dragons!)

Aug 02, 2008
I think it would be cool if there was a theme after another country, like Marleybone is England and Mooshu is Chinese. Maybe a Brazilian theme with jungles and jungle animals everywhere. Some are friendly some are not. And then maybe a library where you can get all of the cards instead of just the first few levels. And there are desserted villages, like the aztec temple/pyramids. Then there are evil flying monkeys that try to take over the place. And everyone looks like they live in a jungle. And there are lots of new spells. And an animal school that teaches you spells, like summoning cows and dogs or any other animal. Then it ends by defeating the Cow King.