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You decide on a new world!

Sep 08, 2008
There were hundreds of replies, and I did not read them all, so I am not exactly sure what was covered already.

What would be interesting, which I thought of just recently, would be a world of Wizard City, in a prarallel world. (I know parallel worlds have been mentioned.)

But this Wizard City is a bit different. In that Wizard City, the monsters and different bosses we fought in World 1, would actually ask us for HELP in freeing THEM from the oppression of the professors and Guardsmen.

The professors, with their powers over their respective elements, reign supreme, and have gotten a taste of their supremacy. They rule Wizard City, and everything there is, and force the different monsters in the different areas to do their bidding, enslaving them, controlling their minds.

The ghosts and undead living on Unicorn way, along with their fellow undead in Dark and Haunted Cave are slowly being drained of their ethereal life force they possess, while they and everything else are working to gather resources, food, and do all their dirty deeds.

The adventurers from the good and pure world of Wizard City will have to travel to all the different areas of Wizard City, questing to make the lives easier of all those that reside within those respective areas. Ultimately, they have to face the Wizard kings and queens, each commanding the ultimate power of their elements.

It would be fun to fight the actual teachers, all ending up with the ultimate wizard duel between good and evil against Merle Ambrose himself, the supreme overlord of Wizard City.

The individual fights in the different areas would be exactly like everything else, and so the bosses can be paired up, can simply be joined by a "dark" student in training, who would look just like any random starter wizard when a wizard first starts out in the world of Wizard101.

Merle Ambrose can be joined by Gamma, the owl, or be joined by another beginner Wizard, who has maybe advanced to be a bit stronger than the others.

That would make a very good story line, I think, nice progression of quests, giving one a different feel in what they are accomplishing, and changing up the pace when fighting the different professors.

I have read on another post that fighting professors was actually suggested, so this world too, would give them that chance to duel the professors themselves, albeit they are "evil" in the "evil" world of Wizard City.

Sep 08, 2008
I think it would be cool if they brought the wizards to space. :D


p.s if u can make a better name post it plz.

Sep 03, 2008
What about having a added area to wizard city a secondary school for advanced level. once you get all your cards from your class you can not get more. A secondary class for advance levels can add different cards and more powerful one. for example once you are done with middle school you move up to high school. It would be cool to have advanced classes for each area ice, storm, fire, ect.

Also what about a Ireland World where life is theme and the tasks is to stop Malistaire from destroying the source of the magic of life.

Or a New York theme either in the early 1900's or a modern day broadway theme so you can defeat different types of creatures surround by the different well known classic play like Cats, Phantom of the Opera, ect. Or even the old west theme.

Aug 27, 2008
How about a themed Air Land?

Like a continent floating in mid air, where you learn the basics of air travel.

I know that the theme for Wizard101 is magic but all we do is walk or run around in each of the woods. Why not add to the travel speed and learn to fly on brooms of some sort.

This Air Continent could be the training grounds/school for this course. You'd have to learn the basis of broom technique, broom flight, and broom landing.

If you get what i'm getting at. Help me out.. I had the thought but i really can't put it into words from my head..

All in all. After you graduate from the course/school. You are given a beginner's broom. Then when you advance in flight (like gone a certain flight distance) you are able to upgrade to a faster broom.

Also Brooms would have their own shop in the districts.

Get what i'm saying?

Jul 31, 2008
That Idea about the themed land where you get to fly a broom and all sound great!!! :D :D :D

Oct 07, 2008
How about a world wear we see wear monsters come from and u can battle special boss monsters that are like insanly powerful.It would be like a giant empty space whith diffrent coler effects in the background and a ghost like person can teleport players to fight diffrent bosses.It could be called The Void.

Aug 29, 2008
Ok so we know that each world has like its own theme so other worlds should have their own theme too. Let me put all my ideas:

Wizard City = We know is like an all around world
Krotopia = Is like an accient egypt theme
Mareleybone = We know is like a London theme world
MooShu = Is like asian theme
Dragonspyre = ????
Celsia = ???? (Not sure if this will really be a world, but it is mentioned in some places)
Grizzlehelm (spelling check?) = ???? (Not sure if this will really be a world, but it is mentioned in some places)
???? = Something like a Roman theme world. You know greek themed.
???? = An Amazon jungle theme thing, all trees and animals.
???? = A dinasours' time themed world. I would surely love to face a Stormzilla.
???? = An old west themed world. You know what i am talking about, Western Themed. Cowboys and everything.
???? = An Artartica themed world. All ice, maybe a storyline concerning the ice professor.
???? = Maybe an outer planet themed world? Mars? That would be cool, and i would make sure i was the first Wizard on Mars
???? = Moon themed world. Look at previous mentioned world, this one will be cool too and as i said i would make sure to be the first Wizard on the moon .
???? = A year 3,000 themed world, you know flying cars and everything. Robots and all.
???? = An inversed world of Wizard City, like everything the contrary. Your past teachers are now your enemies and you enemies are now your friends
???? = Medieval times themed world. Knights, horses, castles, and everything. Maybe could come after Dragonspyre since in this world there has to be dragons too .
???? = Air themed world, you know wizards/witches have to be flying around. A broom will be awesome.
???? = An Atlantis themed world, underwater and everything. I sure wouldn't want to fight a Storm Shark though...
???? = A tropic island type of thing themed world. Sunny and with tropical fruits 8)
???? = Underground hidden city type of thing. Like a underground tunnel of MarleyBone that no one ever knew about!! Down there more cat & rat criminals will be waiting for you.
???? = What about the world were we Wizards came from? Any of you remember the word Earth?
???? = Vikings themed world? That would be awesome going around ships, this could also include the Pirates themed world. Maybe the story line could be a war between Pirates and Vikings that has being going on for hundreds of years?
???? = A farm based world perhaps. That will be fun too. Will be hot to face cows, horses and pigs again after we are finished with them in MooShu.

Wow it took me sometime to think of all this worlds but here they are. Imanige if all this worlds were to come true, that would be a total of 24 worlds!!! If by MooShu we see ranked 10 monsters imagine by that 24th world?. We sure would need new max levels (level 200 maybe? ) and some big new spells... and of course world themed clothes & wands. Don't forget pets, will be cool to have a T-Rex as a pet or a Griffin... or a Human

Jun 29, 2008
I have a theory about how many Worlds there will be by the games supposed end.

If you look closely at the spiral, you will see five blue orbs. Four of which hold Wizard City, Kroktopia, Marleybone, and Mooshu.

The fifth one, I guess, shall hold the place of Dragonspyre.

Now the other four red ones, I would guess, are possible/planned worlds that shall be released in the future!

So, supposedly, there are NINE worlds in the game! Five, of which, we know of! The next two mentioned worlds(Grizzlehelm and Celsia?) may take the position of two of those red orbs!

Though you must remember, this is only a THEORY!

Sep 04, 2008
What I would like is an atlantis themed world. Whith mermen,mermaids and all that stuff. I also like the idea with the brooms! :-D Or maybe an viking world? Or an world wehre everything is gigantic. Or some kind of volcano world where everything is full of lava, and you fight all the boss monsters in the heart of the volcano. Or a jungle world? only some ideas of mine.

Oct 14, 2008
I think it would be nice for a sort of treetop village/Indian-themed world. We already have the dogs as protagonists, and the cats as antagonists, so why not the other way around?

I imagine it as being very open, with huge trees everywhere. No streets, districts, or anything of the sort below. But if you climb up one of the little ladders, you enter the cat's treetop village. They are, naturally, at war with the dogs, who are trying to take over. Instead of you doing all the work, however, the cats'll help a little too!

They might already be in fights with the dogs, and you can join in or just watch, NPC vs NPC.

Of course, I love the flying idea!

Jun 19, 2008
I haven't read all the posts so I'm not sure if it's been mentioned, but maybe there could be a world that is currently in the process of having a war and you have to spy behind enemy lines or you have to find a place to store ammunition? You know, basically all the problems generals are confronted with. And you could start off as a Private and have to gain ranks.

Sep 02, 2008
how about a planet under water deep down there will be a city.the mysterious thing is that you can breath on that planet under water,they kept there species secret,but then the kings assistant betrayed them for power and so killed the king with his evil forces and took over the planet.he called himself 'trition master'
so they called us for help to stop triton master then we go and try to stop the triton master and give the throne to the real king the kings son,we try to defeat him and then find out that malistair put a spell on him to do it,so we invent a potion to restore and then malistair moves on to the next world

Oct 05, 2008
an awesome world would be malistire's realm and it's full of death creature's but at the end you fight malistire and he has 9000 hp and you lose the battle(you can't win it for story purposes) Cyrus comes in for the final battle with malistire but malistire defeats him and it's up to you to beat malistire with all of your might!

Oct 05, 2008
scosco wrote:
I think it would be cool if they brought the wizards to space. :D


p.s if u can make a better name post it plz.

how's about galexia?

Sep 20, 2008
I'd realy like to see a world for fire versus ice with an icicle side and flaming side with enemies like fire lions, icicle sharks, flaming minotaurs and ice kroks with a balance town as the main area with robes,boots, and other clothes that root for either ice or fire and one area could be a frozen iceberg with a sunken ship and a blizzard with ice wyvern enemies

Sep 15, 2008

This World Was Created By Ambrose When There Was A War Between Elements. Balance Was Created Here. Also A Life Soul Lives Deep Within A Caveren. .Home To Astral Magic, And Advanced Elemental, And Spirit Cards. To Get The New Cards You Must

1. Defeat The Types Proffesor In A Duel
2. Use Intellingence Points
3. You Could Get Them By
1. Defeat A Proffesor
2. Every 5 Levels You Get One

Anothoner Secret Is To Be Revealed In Due Time

Oct 05, 2008
We have all of these worlds based on real historical places... Krok based on ancient egypt, marleybone based on london circa 1800s, and mooshu based on japan during their fuedal era, dragonspyre...which seems to be maybe camelot like? (i'm guessing... but castles and dragons seem very merlin and king arthur to me).. so how about other historical cultures?

we could have an ancient roman or greek civilization (which many people have mentioned already) which is where myth school could have come from - since myth came from greek society anyway.. I wouldn't put them together greek AND roman because they were two entirely separate cultures. for greek there could be togas, temples (think parthenon and mt olympus), new spells for the different schools and you could have nymphs and greek gods/goddesses and beautiful landscapes with greek style buildings (pillars and such, white marble, etc).

for roman there could be gladiator type costumes and emperors, buildings would be modeled after the coloseum and the pantheon (both still standing in rome) there could be other cultures to fight (that ancient romans fought... like from the north, the "barbarians" (who actually caused the fall of rome) or from the ottoman empire or something.

or... what about a russian themed place? with beautiful colorful buildings based on st petersburg or moscow? (i'm not sure what that type of architecture is called) with lots of snow and furry coats, etc.

or what about viking themed world? with viking ships and costumes and new weapons and spells (definitely with helmets that have horns on them!) could be icy...

this is all for now... can't wait for dragonsypre!!

May 25, 2008
Maybe a sadness/grim themed world? I think that it should be a two part world, the first part being a stormy rainy part and the second part being all black and white (still raining) and music similar to Mindas lamanet/theme (Think I spelt lamanet wrong... :()

Oct 05, 2008
I was playing on a new character and after fighting the gobbler king he mentioned that the gobblers' home was taken over by witches, which is why he and the gobblers wanted to stay in wizard city. I read earlier that some people were interested in seeing witches, so maybe this would be a good theme for a new world. I think the gobbler world was icy? (like collosus blvd) and it can be infested with witches (good and bad ones) and we would have witch costumes (or something similar for boys) or have something that would make it from gobbler land.

Nov 22, 2008
We are dealing with Fire, Water, Air, Death, Myth, Balance Magic every day. Where does this magic come from?
How about a Plane for each School, Plane of Fire, Plane of Air and so on.

Those planes could be subzones of the "Concordium of Magic" World in the Spiral.

We also have so many books in the Worlds, how about to hop into one and play a scene in those books stories? I imagine a big library in a World called
"The Home of infinite written Words". Each relevant book beeing a subzone.

Jun 24, 2008
Underworld 'evil laugh'

A place where demons walk the the lower world and sins command the maost ruthless of armies. A world of danger, torment, sorrow and poverty. The world of Malistaire.

Benjamin Stormrunner I, II, III
storm wizard

Does any one think I could be an excellent death wizard?

Aug 31, 2008
I all ways like the idea of rivalrey so how about a plac where there is a rivil school of magic and the enemys would be students there trying to prove there school is better than raven wood (yeah right)

Sep 08, 2008
I think it would be cool if there was one world that was split into three parts. One ruled by the dragons one for the tritons and one for the ice giants just like the story. The dragons would send you to stop the invading ice giants the tritons would send you t stop the dragon and so on. You would be sent there to bring peace to the three forces.

Another idea would be a world kinda like krokotopia but this one isn't the elements it would be life death and myth and there wouldn't be krokotillians or manders it would be something else like shartins They would be land sharks(sharks with legs) there would be green ones(life) black ones(death) and yellow ones(myth)

I also like the ideas of having to fight the teachers but that sounds more like a mission they give you to get a new spell(something like beat me(your teacher) and you will get the ultimate whatever your school is spell)

Nov 03, 2008
FerinusNex wrote:
I've noticed a pun trend in the worlds past Wizard City. (As everyone else probably has)

Krokotopia is a play on egyptian themes with crocodiles and lizards.
Marleybone is a play on England and Britain with dogs. (hence MarleyBONE)
MooShu is a play on feudal japan involving animals. (hence MOOShu)

So I suggest that we have a knight ans dragons world based around Camelot. To fit in with thw word play, the main protagonists will be Camels.

look when i heard of MooShu i thought it had a bunch of cows LOL

Nov 03, 2008
what about a underworld world it will be so awesome like fire wraiths the boss THE DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!