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What new worlds do you think are on The Spiral?

May 28, 2009
May 11, 2009
each world now is a theme based on a period in time, dragonspyre and wizard city is kind of like mid evil times

mooshu is like ancient japan

krokotopia is like anceint egypt

maleybone is like the first beging of the industrial era in england

and the new world grizzleheim is viking period

so i think there should be a world that have to do with major time periods and events, like people before me have said dinosouars, or cavemen
or another world could be like old scottland with the loch ness monster and other stuff like that

Dec 07, 2008
It would be cool to be able to visit the gobblers home world and have to win it back for them or something.

Maybe a world of light or something and there is a darkness taking over and the wizards have to stop it.

A dream world where there are all kinds of things that are from your dreams or nightmares, and the 'commons' could be the place where all the good dreams are and the battle areas are whee the nightmares are taking over.

Jun 21, 2009
How about a world like wizard city but like a Parallel universe .Malistare runs it and the point of beating it is to help all the teachers at the real wizard city to help defeat their parallel person and the boss is in sunken city but it is really hard like what it is but it is for higher lvs. like it.

Feb 14, 2009
SherlockBones wrote:
What new and imaginative worlds do you think are out there along The Spiral? Are there any areas in the current worlds that you wish you could have seen and explored? Remember a good detective is always asking questions, : "What is behind that door?" "I wonder where this leads?"

Keep up the good work my young sleuths!

well sherlock, a question keeps coming up in my head and in my friends, if the balance teacher in wc comes from marleybone, where do the others?

obviously the malistare is from wc, what about greyrose falmea halestrom the death aisstant come from?

I think there should be a world for each teacher, or a world that has 4 sectors each is a different type of schools and certain creatures that could go with it
like ice pixie (greyrose)

Jun 21, 2009
yo i think that a new wlod will be cool with in commons shold be a fire thing and many many fire not like ds but beter yea beter way beter nice huh??? :xwhatever but DO IT BETER OLNY FOR FIRE NICER THAT IT IS ON FIRE FOR LVL 10 -UP

Dec 18, 2008
well there has always been i think i wanted to say a completely outrages worl fulled with all the worlds mashed up together like he shop are all differnt and nothing is the same

Dec 24, 2008
I think there should be a "all-type" world. Like one parts of the world be Ice, and the things you have to fight have ice spells. Then next would be storm, and the things you have to fight have storm spells. Then so on.
The main idea would be that the types (I don't know what to call them) would be in a horrible fight, and you would have to fix that and make them all happy and stuff again. XD I fail.

May 16, 2009
Hello SherlockBones! I have really been enjoying my adventure in traveling around the spiral and visiting all of the unique worlds out there! In each world there is alot to see and many places to discover. Within the worlds I have already traveled to what would be most neat is to learn more about the people that live there and see how they live. There are so many doors and I can't keep from wondering who might live there or how they live. Dorthy's friends were such a pleasure! However they were expecting me which would be unlike many of the townfolk that live in these worlds so arriving at their homes with an unannounced visit and without purpose would be most rude. Might they have a service or work I could do for them or possibly they just would like to share a story. This would most interesting. Also, in Festival Park across the way I can see this most beautiful island but I have yet to find a way across. There is a fountain there so I wonder if someone stays there or if this place is special? I wonder if there is a secret bridge some where out there? Who knows but for now I am going to continue with my travels in the worlds that are already out there. I do wonder though if there might be a jungle or even possibly a deserted island waiting for me? 8)
Take care!

Jun 01, 2009
I love everyone's ideas. I don't know if anyone has sugegsted these cuz I cna't go through all 25 plus pages at the moment but how about a Lord of the Rings type world with Elves, Hobbits, Dwarves, Fairies etc? I know we have fairies and elves here but not as NPC main characters. I have to think of more ideas cuz that's all that popped into my head right now.

Jun 22, 2009
How about Skullavainia.

Its like one big cave. Malistaire has enchaned the wizards who live their to atack the peaple. Close to the end you get a misson to see Miss. Drake from Zeak. You go into the house that the arrow points to, and you see a Picture of Malisare plaing with Cyrus (Myth tetcher) and see a note that says

Dear Mom and Dad,

It's my first day at school and I can't see why Cyrus dosen't like it.
The teachers all say that I am the best death student ever. Ken Dreadfull, a freind of mine, says that we shold explore Dark Cave together. Could you send me the book "Out and About Dark Cave?" Miss. Ashthorn says it has a map of dark cave. Mortis , the death tree, told me if I found a spaid of a Roting Foder he would teach me Disolve! Write back soon

Malistair Drake

You go through a door and find Miss. Drake. She Tells you she is the wisard teacher in Skullvaina and gives you Disolve

Pips X

Type Death

Damege 50 for each pip

Aperance Bubles apear at the oponets feat and hurt them

May 24, 2009
i think the zelda and atlantis themes rule! i thik a mount olympus thing would be cool. with all these greek myth monsters roaming around. a land for halston balestrom would be cool as well. i would also like a world that is inhabited with aliens with hightech gear. maybe a Daniel Boone kind of world where bad guys are euopeans and animals and good guys are Americans. a city in the sky would be nice too.

Feb 14, 2009
i have read that book melkor is his master. maybe we should add a world full of a mix of life, death, myth, fire, storm, ice, and balance

Jun 05, 2009
I think a world with giants that are trying to take over the world and all that stands in their way are dragons we fight with dragons to defeat the giants.

Or a world with snakes and lizards that we have to destroy all them and rescue a damsil in distress from a castle in the mountains but is guarded by a ton of monsters and there are 25 floors and if we make it we ge 190000k exp.

thats all i have so peace out peeps 8)

Dec 22, 2008
i really think it would be nice to have a swampy world with frogs like balestorm

or the idea of a tropical beach styled world

and also a world with horse people like diego the duelmaster

or a world with birds like mr. lincon and gamma

Feb 22, 2009
I have an idea its a world filled with all of the cretures u learn in ur schools like the seaphs and the judments and heck hound and karkens ect. it sounds like a good idea and the world will be like WC+K combined and there will be temples and have floors like the on in big ben. Also the enimes will be like the enimes in MB except they can heal a lot easier but the life minions learned fairy and unicorn and all of the enimies learned how 2 summon minions (they only do i once,thank god) and u get 2 take a boat 2 travel 2 some haunted islands and the natives have been cursed so... u know and then u defeat some werid lord guy and also u go 2 thiz beach were a tempest to over and u have 2 defeat these 4 sisters deep in one of the temple and 2 get there pass a huge rock moster!!! then there is a twisted ending. so i hope it exsist or i'll be ticked off. ohhhh, and also u have 2 defeat a centuar in an arena and that will take a lloonngg time. so i hope u like my idea.
theres more where that came from i also hav thiz idea were u go in 2 thiz factory and it took over the world ruled by mother nature and 2 gain her respect u have 2 defeat 2 of her students that have been taught by her 4 years and once u did that u go into the factory and that will take about 3 hr and 45min. with ur friends u can disagree with me i dont care really i dont any way the final boss iss and robot that has a a figure of a potbelly and the skool he's in is a blace so those r some of my ideas

Jun 06, 2009
I've read through the thread and did a little thinking about it. Many of the ideas here are good but most of them seem to fall in the same kettle. And that kettle is whatever area of fantasy fiction you're particular to that hasn't already been covered.

Aztec / South American mythology world
Transylvania - Dracula's Castle (for the Death School lovers and Horror fans)
King Arthur world with the focus on knights in shining armor and weapons.
Hades world- where things really go to heck

and others that are just as interesting and valid.

But, in my mind, none of them seem to progress the story of the spiral much.

The best idea I've come up with is a world where magic is dying or is already dead. The setting doesn't really mean much to me. I suppose it could be technological in base but it really could be any setting.

The creatures there eat magic or are immune to some forms of it.

Now that would be a challenge to Merle Ambrose and his army of wizards.

Perhaps some creatures are immune to spell traps, others are immune to a particular school, or worse, spells of that school actually heal them. Perhaps some creatures are not immune but has a chance to refect your spell back at you.

Perhaps the instability of the land may cause your spell to misfire (attack unintended target) or even change the nature of the spell itself.

Perhaps the land itself constantly drains your mana in slow increments.

Perhaps in order to beat the realm, you have to incorporate some of the nature's realm into your own magic. Technology wands and athames that are non-magical and more effective against the creatures. Cloaks that hide your mana from the environment. New spells that disrupt the creatures' nature or help control the chaos that is brought into your spellbook.

In all the previous worlds, magic is the status quo. It makes sense that the next world would shake that up.

Or maybe I'm an idiot. Anyway, my two cents worth ...

Dec 15, 2008
plz make an ice world next :D , ideas for it could be:

i cant think of specific tasks but the story line could be that the headmaster told you there was a big war going on in it and you needed to help the good side(i have two ideas for this). idea 1:that there where colossus people ruling over the smaller ice creatures (ice snakes, snowmen ect. ) and the snowmen turned against the colossus and that is how the war started. at the very very end right when you think it is over you find evadence that there was an evil colossus that was enchanting the snowmen (i know sort of the plot of unicorn way) . idea2: fire people are trying to take it over no detail on this. anyway those are my ideas for that sry i cant think of a name for it though.
another idea could be a storm world based on atlantis too tired to do details for this though.

connor daycatcher lvl 46 master thaumaturge 8)

Feb 13, 2009
hrk33 wrote:
i think a dragon world is there where the dragons took over all of wizard city to make it there own before bartebly sealed it

i think there might me a human world where we came from and you have to fight citizens.

what would be cool is to have holiday cities like hingus for halloween or tri lok for christmas

dude that is dragonspire!

Feb 13, 2009
neodin wrote:
how about atlantis,and the good guys there are gonna be fish,mermen,and mermaids.
and the bad guys are gonna be cursed sharks and piranas and also big storm monsters?
how about a world just like ours?
humans are gonna be the good guys and the bad guys are gonna be elf wizards and death elfs?
how about an anti wizard world which is gonna be only bad people?
how about a big big cave?
and the good guys are gonna be marleybonians,pixies,fairies,and wizards
and the bad guys are gonna be storm bats & death monsters?
nice idea

Apr 25, 2009
maybe a world that is that is sort of well IS wizrd city only in the next 63 years and like there are crazy wizards and evil gards. just frome the storm of a brian get it? storm? like the school! funk

Feb 14, 2009
actually i REALLLY think there should be like an atlantis theme world . i was thinking there should be mermaids and mermans and krakens o and a boss could be king triton and then in a quest for the storm wizards they could get a mermaid card and the mermaid could heal them with her singing in combat :D. oh and also in another quest the storm wizards could get a siren card that like puts them in a trance that doesn't let the target attack for
about two or three rounds i really hope you people that make this game really cosnider these using ideas

May 16, 2009
i'm not sure how to write this cause its hard to describe but i will try cause i think its a really good idea....also i'm not sure if this is true...you end up defeating malistaire in dragonspyre

after you defeat malistaire you tell headmaster ambrose that you defeated him, but someone from dragonspyre bursts in the room and says malistaire has escaped and went to ______(i dont know about the names so i'll just leave blanks) to wreak havoc.......and the place is underwater and is filled with the remaining tritons left from the war with the giants and dragons... yeah so malistaire tells the tritons that the giants and the dragons want to control the sea and so the tritons prepare for war but some of the tritons dont trust malistaire so you and some of the tritons that dont trust malistaire try to stop him (i dont know about the remaining details so i'll just continue with the next world)

this world is called _____ and is up in the clouds with the remaining giants from the war......since you stopped malistaire's plans in the first world(the paragraph before this one) he still trys to create a war with the dragons, giants, and tritons....but the thing is he succeeds in creating another war and the tritons are dragged in it....in the clouds there is another species, a small species that has never been seen before.... you and the new tiny species try and defeat malistaire's plans( and so on, i havent gotten that far)

this world is called _____ and is a volcano....since the war is over cause you convince the dragons and the giants and the tritons to stop.....but in this world filled with dragons, there is a king that has ruled for a long time..... if any other dragon(or person) wants to become king then they have to defeat the current king. Malistaire defeated the king that ruled for a long time....so then he and some other dragons defeats the leaders of the place with the giants and tritons....so now he rules all(the giants, dragons,and tritons) and he takes the giants,dragons, and tritons into war with marleybone, dragonspyre, krokotopia, and mooshu one by one until they were all defeated by malistaire... The last obstacle is wizard city...and malistaire takes his empire to war with wizard city!

its kinda hard to understand but it sounds really cool

Dec 21, 2008
a a milky way themed world with the planets of the solar system(example:mars would have martians,earth would have humans,etc)

Mar 13, 2009
They should have an atlantis themed world.

Krakens, Storm dinosaurs, tritons, fishes, and others as far as the eye can see.

And maybe the lvl cap can be raised.

Also, there should be like a water school or air school.