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Tell us about your travels in Wizard 101!

Tell us about your adventures in Wizard 101. You've met some fun and interesting people, and you've seen far off places. You are on your way to becoming a great wizard, so tell us about it.

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Jun 06, 2008
The Story of Andrew Skull Shade, Ice Wizard of The Valleys!

Behold, the Untouches of a Legend. A Legend that has not been told before, Here I tell you, a Story of a lifetime!!

Beyond the Valleys, a World was known, Of Wizards and magical Forests. Beauty flowed on as normal but As Rumers came, Evil Departed throughout the valleys.

My Wizard was born, His name was Andrew Skull Shade, funny name. I talked to NPCs for the Tutorial and they were nice Folks. I had to fight a dummy, for training. It was real fun, I Went to Golem Tower. It was dark and scary. Thats where i fought. After i completed my first Quest, i headed to Raven School where i had to Find someone located in here. It was hard finding her, i met some people on my way. I said "Hi" He said hi back and he had a pet dragon. Wow!!! I thought. It was sweet, and he was a nice person.
I traveled through many places and Unknown Forests. I had to defeat a Evil Threat that was happening. I got level 2 and gained a new Wand. It was cool. And i got some more Spells added to my precious deck. :p
Logged Off

The next day, I logged in.
Today was a new Day of Fighting. I completed so many Adventures and made a friend named Johnny. He was a good Friend and We trained together in some unforgoten places. It was real fun. This is the best mmorpg ever, i thought to myself in real life.

Andrew Skull Shade----Greatest Ice Wizard Ever Known!

Jun 12, 2008
Story of playing Wizard 101

Started playing Wizard 101.
Finished Totorial :-)
Went over to Wizards place and meet all the school teachers and what class they each were
Unlocked Unicorn Way
Went and battled Ghost, Evil Fearies, and Skelitol Pirates!
Got a whole lot of stuff (like gold, cheese (jk), cloathes, hats, and boots.
Helped a person out (not that I could help out vary much on the first day...)

Went back to Unicorn Way and helped the person in the hedge maze.
Helped little fearies in cages escape.
Wen't to Two bosses (Or it could of been one)
Talked to Head Boss (Top Wizard)Boss)
Went to Olde Town
Got an Information thingy to go over to the Arena to L.E.A.R.N
Said "Hi" to people passing by
Wen't to the Arena to battle someone
Went to go play Skull Rider and got 3rd Place High Score :-)
Tried to Unlock the 3 places (Orge place, somethen place, and firecat ally)
Unlocked them :-)
Checked them all out before doing Quests
Went over to Ogre Ally (or something) and made a few friends.
Did all the R-U-N-N-I-N-G around for these people who wanted help.
I think I defeated a few bosses (one atleast)
Found the smith at there but didn't know what he was

Jun 12, 2008
Part #2 of Travels (COUNTINUED)

D#3 (countinued)
Wen't to all of the places and tried to beat them all with the help of friends (I couldn't do it alone lol)
Beat them all :-)
Bought a pet dragon (named Oreo :-) )
Went on my jurney to finish FINDING THE SMITHS!
Tough to find, but was fun finding the smiths
80% done in Firecat Ally

Wen't to Colossol place
Beat 25 Gobblers
Gobbler farted on me :? :?
Did all that stuff you do there (Quests, Boss, beat a lot of gobblers, beat 2 guys in castles (gobblers), beat the big boss again, yadda ya, and that stuff)
Beat some kind of goul
Re-Painted my pet dragon
End OF DAY #4


:-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8) :x :-P ;) :?

Jun 13, 2008
Hello to everyone, my name is Alex Stormrider and I will tell my story of how it all started.

_In a beautiful, sunny afternoon, it was autumn, I was in the street watching the kids playing, I was there for hours, not know why but I fell differently of them, somehow, I lacked something, and that made me special. It was night, I had finished dinner, then went to sleep, I was a few moments thinking about several things but after a few minutes I was already sleeping, which was then in my mind, I saw an old man, hooded purple, decorated with small golden moons and stars , and a long white beard and a glass eye, he seemed to be looking directly to me:
- Aha! the new spell is working!
- Look, Gamma! Finally, we have found one!
- Whoooo?
_Gamma is an owl and were talking!. I was not understood nothing of what they were talking, but I do not mattered me, because it was only a simple and strange dream, but something seemed very real than any dream I had, my body started to float and it seemed there was something pulling me and it seemed no longer a dream, I was still with eyes closed, I opened them slowly, and I see before me the same old man that I had seen in my dream.
- My name is Merle Ambrose. I am the Headmaster of the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts.
_I was not believing, magic? monsters? Owl who speaks? I bad knew that this was only the beginning of a long and epic journey to save Ravenwood.

ps: my english is very bad, sorry for the mistakes

May 22, 2008
As soon as I got to MarlyBone I new I was ready to do Grub. As soon as I got in the instance I felt brave. When I went in my friend DuncanDayDreamer went in too. We were caught by not two but three monsters. We got the quest to defeat the first boss. After the battle we were both hurt but Duncan was REALLY hurt I hid behind a tree while he went home to heal up. He came back fast because he went to Unicorn Way to get wisps. Then we did the tower I used two potions. Then we did it we defeated grub! I was happy to finally get that off my quest list.


Jun 04, 2008
On my first day i turned level 4 and my class was fire.

On my seccond day i made some friends and i unlocked dragon`s mouth cave, orge valley,firecat alley and triton ave + i turned level 6 8) :-D.

Today (3rd day) i turned level 8 and i`m hoping how to use tresure cards
i defeated a craken and i defeated some orges and screamers and monons anyway my days here were fun :-D .

Jun 12, 2008
Hi everyone.

My english is very bad. So I just can say "Wizard101" is one of the best games I ever played.

Now I´m playing FFXI, WoW, Sword of The New World and Fiesta Online. But Wizard101 can do me play for a lot of hours. That kind of mix of rpg and cards game is a great idea.

Now I have 2 characters and one of them is level 8 (I´m trying the Golem Tower quest). But now I know all my characters will be deleted next week, but is not a problem. Beginning the game again could be a good opportunity to learn how can I play better.

May 23, 2008
The Legend Of Allan Battlebane

A deadly battle raged dangerously in the dark of night yet bright only hope relied on thy a little boy called Allan Battlebane.The Headmaster was forced to use his crystal ball in the darkest of times and he saw Allan.

He thy first went to Unicorn Way to help Ceren Nightchant find out what was happening to the Faries. With the help of Lady Oriel, he managed to report back to Ceren safely. He found himself battling Rattlebones.
He went to Ambrose to tell him the news, which sent him on his way to Olde Town

He bravely rescued the students that were kidnapped in Cyclops Lane with thy help of No;an Stormgate. He fearlessly went into battle with thy feared General Akilles. He powerful summons were just enough to defeat Akilles.

The brave warrior wizard went to find out what happened in Fire Cat Alley. With the help of a guard, Gretta Darkettle , and courage he blasted his way to defeat the evil banshee. he saved 7 elves including the prince to warn the headmaster of the dangers lurking near.

He went to Triton to save the wizards everywhere to save them from the wrath of the Harvest Lord. He thy saved the people when he defeated the Harvest Lord.

He bravely destroyed the evil Lord Nightshade Who was torturing The Grandfather Tree.

He got the spiral key to Krokotopia.

He located the Order of the Fang.

Destroyed the evil reign of of the evil queen of Krokotopia,

He bravely entered Marleybone to cast a slash at the evil O'Leary
cats and RATS!!!

One day a cruel, cruel person twisted peoples minds to wipe the
people into GONE, ISN'TS were there.

They still sing the song of Allan,
"The One Who was Light In The Fear Battle"
"OH the one who saavvaaggeedd the baddd he thy was destroyed by the (pause) cruel Night Singers."

Jun 25, 2008
Welp, it was a normal very boring day as usual. Knowing me and my boring self, I decided to search for some RPG games, and this came up. :-D Anyway, i signed up because the video and information looked pretty cool. Now, do you know how long I had to wait to get accpeted? About two months! and just recently my friend got accepted in like two days

Well i finally got accepted and i had no clue what i was doing, just stumbling around mostly accidentally completing things. Yeah, i was a novice back then and boy completing that golem tower was HARD for me. Geez it took me so many tries to complete it but i finally did and i got a neat badge

Haha. I soon noticed that the death school was scribbled out on the map which was werid at the time but i didn't know any better. 8) After many days sorta of playing, i actually found the death school which i didn't know existed and even after THAT i found a new world Krokotopia is it's name, very hard is it's game =p. Haha then i bought me a pet dragon, named it shadow, which turned out to be a pretty common name =\

Krokotopia is actaully very annoying and hard, took me forever to find one of those people you have to find for a quest And I go on so fourth continuing my journey.

P.S. This game is AWESOME. nothing better ;)

May 22, 2008
The Conversion of Keira Winter

I was surfing the web ever so nonchalantly on my home planet of Earth. The sun was sneaking through the blinds of the window-pane creating a glimmer across my computer screen, or so I thought. Upon noticing the increasing movement and intensity of light, I started to feel a draw towards the screen. What incredible and intangible force could this be, some... some... magic? No, no, it couldn't be, I was hallucinating. "WAKE UP" I screamed to myself, but to no avail.

The shimmers of light on the screen started to form into a circle, rippling radially, similar to a splash from a rock in a still pond. Having watched many Sci-Fi movies in my day, I knew the next logical step. I slowly and carefully examined the 'portal' and approached my hand to the computer screen. Three inches away.... two inches away... one inch away... half an inch.... BOOM!

Images, monsters, sensations, and finally DARKNESS encompassed my thoughts. Who knows, it could have been a year, or 30 seconds.

My eyelids slowly crept upwards, allowing myself to see, it was almost as though I had never used these eyes before. Everything looked.... different. Cartoonish. Animated. To what forsaken land had I been transported to? Why oh why did I allow myself to be overcome by curiosity? Oh how I wished to be sitting in my computer chair!

I felt some dark magic creep over and permeate throughout my body, and lost total control.

I heard in a dark voice so deep in its evil taint that it made you delve your fingernails deep into your pores, "I am Malistaire, and you are mine. You will obey me. Your first and only task, stop Merle Ambrose and his pesky students!"

Jun 23, 2008
iwanted to make holy class its nothing like the life class you some healing monsters and ones made out of pure light does alot of damage to death tipe like dark faries/that evil wizard guy/ghosts/and you can even sommon the sun dragon pips or mana12 attack damage 1000 and i wish you can make swords in this game and make that class start off with 455HP 40MP

Jul 03, 2008
Hi I am Tcash1 lvl9 I have been to a lot of place. Like FireCat Ally. RavenHood, Dark Cave, and The Commes

Jun 27, 2008
Hi I am sage35/ blaine thunder and I just want to say that this is one of the best games ever. It is because you can use spells and get a pet. You can even fight other wizards. Especially the quests they keep you strong in mind and determination to finish a quest that is unbeatable. This is why Wizard 101 "is the best"!!!!!!!!!

Jul 07, 2008
One day when I was playing wizard 101, I had a quest that I need help with, and each time I asked someone to help me they would remove me from there friend list. This anoyed me because almost everyone I asked I knew who they were. So I phoned up a friend and asked if they were on the coumputer and asked if they could go on wizard 101. Each said yes but all but one lied. The one that diden't lie was there in minutes and he was ready to help me destroy iron golom. And then he came over and we played wizard 101 till' it was dinner time. :-D :-) :-)

Jul 01, 2008
ok me and this girl named automn bacame really good friends over a monster fight. we helped each other with about 5 quest :-D! it was so fun! we ended up gaing a level! i couldn't believe how easy it was to make a friend. and it was fun! the best part was we some what complete each others weaknesses i am a hard attacker and she keeps me alive with shields! :-D but yah i helped her fight some cyclops and she helped me fight some manders and kroks! we can count on each other for any quest!

Jun 27, 2008
The most fun game I've ever played! I battled creatures beyond my imagnination! And my imatnination is pretty big! Well done, Wizard101!

Jul 15, 2008
chanceTB wrote:
ok me and this girl named automn bacame really good friends over a monster fight. we helped each other with about 5 quest :D! it was so fun! we ended up gaing a level! i couldn't believe how easy it was to make a friend. and it was fun! the best part was we some what complete each others weaknesses i am a hard attacker and she keeps me alive with shields! :D but yah i helped her fight some cyclops and she helped me fight some manders and kroks! we can count on each other for any quest!

Nice, no one ever replies to me when I talk, most don't know about the dictionary chat. So they only use the quick chat.

Jul 07, 2008
Story time, my best subject!

Sarai MoonGrove, new member of the Myth School, awoke slowly, feeling very disoriented and confused. Just this morning she had gone to school, went to Wal-Mart, and read books. Today, she woke up in a different world-a magical one.

She wasn't prepared for it.

This place was not what she was used to. Earlier, she had battled Dark Faries, talked to an owl, and did magic.
Did magic. She had casted up this strange bat which destroyed most things in one shot. A bloodbat, that's what it was called. How strange. In her own world, no one would ever believe that. In this world, battling dark faries was considered very low in the ranks. It meant you were still on a quest for Unicorn Way, still a "child," not realizing the dangers around you, not knowing what it's like to truly fail. Sarai wanted to be the top person in the game. But there were people far ahead of her, and she couldn't do it. At least, not yet.

She drew back the curtains of the dorm, and stared out them, knowing that nothing easy lied ahead. Would she die in the process of trying to defeat everything? Or would she succeed, and sit along with the greatest wizards of all time. Sarai knew she was putting too much pressure on herself, for being so new to this world. She put on her black and red school hat and shoes, and a dyed black and red Cloak of Calamity, and set off for Unicorn Way, determined to get as far as possible.

Several Weeks Later

"Easy," Sarai mumbled, walking out from a battle with the Gobbler Prince, and a Gobbler. She had had one person help her, a person she didn't recall the name of because she left so fast, but she couldn't have had a fight easier than that. Sure, her mana and heath were considerably lower than their 36 and 700 normalities, but that was easily fixed. She teleported herself back to the Commons, getting ready to play a game to restore her mana.

A few weeks ago, Sarai had been worried about her childishness, wondering if she'd ever know better. Now, she felt like she couldn't take the wizarding world more seriously. Her younger "sisters," Alicia StormBringer, Sestiva RainSong, and Autumn FireEyes were still quite low in the rankings, and she teaching them made their skills much higher than those just starting out. She knew, Autumn (a lowly level 2), had seen several poorly performed battles with Dark Faries. But if Sarai (level 11, probably still low in the rankings of "awesomeness") hadn't taught them anything, Autumn would be just like the rest. Knowing she had succeeded in her goal of becoming a better wizard, she smiled, and set off in a run towards the Fairgrounds, wanting to do even more.

Yeah, I haven't played Sarai in a few days, so I can't remember exactly where I left off, but I know I defeated the Gobbler Prince. Autumn FireEyes is really a lowly level 2 pyromancer, based off my friend. She is on my account, however.

Jul 12, 2008
I like Unicorn Vally, Without the evil Faries & lost souls,Pirates, rattle bone 8) :) :-)

Jul 18, 2008
chanceTB wrote:
ok me and this girl named automn bacame really good friends over a monster fight. we helped each other with about 5 quest :D! it was so fun! we ended up gaing a level! i couldn't believe how easy it was to make a friend. and it was fun! the best part was we some what complete each others weaknesses i am a hard attacker and she keeps me alive with shields! :D but yah i helped her fight some cyclops and she helped me fight some manders and kroks! we can count on each other for any quest!

you cool

Jun 24, 2008
location: Firecat alley
name: Benjamin Stromrunner
type of wizard: storm

Hi, as you may suggest my real name is not Benjamin Stormrunner, but enough of that, this is my story.

After a long day defaeting fire elves, skelital soliders and magma man I was finally ready to face Alicane Swiftarrow... or so I thought. I lost, miseribly. After that battle I worked even harder to gain a new spell a win. after a day I felt ready to fight him again. It was a short battle. I took out his magmaman with a lightning bat, but that was just the easy part. After that I coulden't think of anything to do in the last few turns, but then my new card showed up, Storm shark. It would take him out for sure! I used it praying it will work, fizzle. Then Alicane attacked, I thought I was going to die. He shot his arrow. I found myself still alive and a storm shark card in my hand! This was my only chance, I used my storm shark, hoping I wouldn't fizzle, and the storm shark was summon!
a devestating attack took hold! I won another boss battle by myself( with isn't surprising to me because I handle all my battles by myself). Alicane burned up in flames but didn't die. I walked closer to him and held the potion to his mouth. He woke up alive and well. It was a great battle and I even found the Fire Magic Book!!!!!

Written by Benjamin Stormrunner

Played by Benjamin Stormrunner

Jul 01, 2008
ok i asked a a few friends to help me in marleybone! there names are chase and dustin and nicholas and brandon. they all help ed me there. they help me beat three safe house and a warehouse. also a boss ! one of them ended up gaining a level and he wasn't half way done with krokotopia. they helped me so much. there are so many friends in this game i'm finding it hard to fight by myself :-P they got to see marleybone and i got help they can count on me for anything and i can count on them!

Jul 01, 2008
i have posted a reply or two. and if any body ever needs my help in the game. my name is nicholas nightshade! i am always in this realm " ambrose, area 1" if you see me fill free to ask!

Jul 07, 2008
I really get crazy when i need to defeat a boss
since iam always affraid iam going to loose
some bosses are really hard to defeat and if you dont kill all the bosses
you cant even go to colossus boulevard.
so i waited a long time and now i need to defeat all bosses at once
it makes me really insane.
so please accept my advise everyone.. kill one boss at each street
even you loose all the time in the end you will defeat them all at once.
that will make it even more tough for you.
also i found a funny thing:
If you go to the location of your friend
for example if your friend can go to collosus boulevard and you cant
let him go there click on him on your friendslist and boom
you are in collosus boulevard and dont worry.. you can go back anytime
the question is: are you able to handle the monsters?