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Tell us about your travels in Wizard 101!

Jul 18, 2008
hey ppl's iam calldyu/jasmine dawnstaff. my school is life i'am oops WAS a level 20.i had the cuteist pet dragon angel it was white and green. my best friend was samuel spirtheart.anyway i love the game i was awsome!!!! .i hope to see all of my friends is the full game! :D

Jul 05, 2008
Journey through the Caverns....

The day was prety normal, untill I started a few quest. I had to go into the caves, and fight some monsters. I didn't have any spells that were good against myth spells. :( So I had to use my strongest Death spells. I defeat more than 20 monsters before running out of special cards....So I ended up teleporting after being killed by 3 monsters Thus my journey ended before it could really begin.

Story from Luke Darkflame

Aug 20, 2008
my first day i turnd level 5 and got killed meany times as a balence school. my second day i turned level 10 and found a level 10 only balence only +75 health and +42 mana robe. and then i faced the mighty kracken level 3 boss. then i was pined with only 400 health and 23 mana and 3 pips and the mighty kracken with 304 health and 4 pips. then i spark him and he passed his turn. so i play a locust swarm and a full hit of 308 and he dies. so i get the kracken treasure card and i get my level up one and then i found my self with no quests. then i went off line and the next day i could not log on because of internet inconvenience. and i checked my internet access and i was fine in that catagoty.

Aug 20, 2008
chanceTB wrote:
ok me and this girl named automn bacame really good friends over a monster fight. we helped each other with about 5 quest :D! it was so fun! we ended up gaing a level! i couldn't believe how easy it was to make a friend. and it was fun! the best part was we some what complete each others weaknesses i am a hard attacker and she keeps me alive with shields! :D but yah i helped her fight some cyclops and she helped me fight some manders and kroks! we can count on each other for any quest!

Jul 28, 2008
Me i went to places with my friends like Marley bone and Mooshoo. I only went to those places to help my friends. When i was weak no one treated me the respect i wanted.I did my missions with friend like the emperor in Mooshoo. Now i am strong at level 45. Now everyone needs my help. Also my name was Blaze Duneward me and my friend Michael FireBright will save the world.

Aug 12, 2008
Valdus Silverstone
~ Wizard Photojournalist And Explorer ~

As what the title says, Valdus Silverstone was a photojournalist, but he gets news for himself. Strange photojournalism it may be, but a Wizard Photojournalist is even stranger.

Starting the idea of becoming a 'private' photojournalist when he reached the wizard rank of Initiate, Valdus Silverstone has decided to make notes about the Spiral and record it in his own notebook. In it, contains all the notes of what he had seen and done in Wizard City, Krokotopia And Marleybone. The notebook contains more photos than words itself. Valdus Silverstone, who had almost ran out of pages when he was about the level of 25, had realized the one thing he loved most at that time, photography and reporting. Combining those two made him a photojournalist. His first 'quest' on photojournalism was located at the Sunken City. It was his first time there. As to hearing rumors of Sunken City and notes he had written in previous reviews with experienced wizards, Valdus had started to feel shaky. Valdus requested the help of the proclaimed most friendliest player in Wizard101, Chris Battleflame, to assist him.

Eager for more help, Valdus has requested help from another player, Alexis, another trusted friend of his. Although no better than Valdus herself, Valdus had chose her as she was a close friend indeed. Alexis was a smart girl, but her interest in the Instanced Level had caused her to be overexcited, causing her to run into the closest monster she could find. That risky move had at least allowed me to get picture up close with an undead. Valdus was amazed by what he saw, the monsters were fighting the same as those in Collosus Blvd, in groups! As Valdus and the team continued on with the Instanced Level, the main objective of Valdus struck back at him when he saw a statue of a Seraph, about twice as tall than Valdus. And thus, thats where he knew that he had to take it;
the trump photo.

Trump Photos are what Valdus calls when he had chosen the best photo of a quest. As Valdus took on more photojournalism quest he had assigned to himself, he had taken more and more Trump Photos. But the only photo he will always preserve would definitely be his first Trump Photo.

As months passed and Valdus leveled up, he knew that Beta Test was coming to an end. And thus, he took the last photo for his notebook, a photo of himself.

Dedicated To Duke Dakota,
My Pet Dragon Who Will Be Deleted In The Character Wipe.
R.I.P - Duke Dakota

Aug 19, 2008
I have recently just began to play your most fantastic game iam an older wizard who has had many trying times of them is my horriable problem with memory , Your wonderful game has really helped me by doing my daily quests and having to remember where things may lie . And if i came across trouble there always seemed to be some really awsome helpful young wizards willing to show me how to get to these quests. I'am really glad i found your world and would love to keep comming here , Once again Greetings and Blessings from your fellow wizard wolfsoul

Jul 06, 2008
I must tel evertone that this game is the best game i'v ever played!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D if you think because it's onlineline its bad well your wrong.Here is a tast of my adventures. I telaported to my friend because he said he needed help.when I got there BAM! I was in Krokatopia! Then I was in an instant battle with a big a big Krokatopian (a crocadile standing on two legs).most of my attacks fizzled but I finnaly got to use my sun bird.I turned it into sand.Then the krok king killed me.but i telaported back with not much magic or health left.but the kroks didn't attak me once and I killed most of the other kroks.Then finnaly the krok king fell.I gained a level +I got items worth over 100 dollers.But that was a long time ago when I didn't have access there.Now I just got a high enough level to go there this morning.I disenagrated some more kroks then too.But now that there deleting our charicters I will miss this one I have but I can't wait to play th new upgraded version of my favorite game ,Wizard101!

Aug 09, 2008
Well, I have only played for a few weeks. I progress to lvl 16 as I play 2 characters because I have 2 pc. I found it very hard to make friends since everyone wants to be your friend since you get to higher levels. But the tasks they need to do are lower than the ones you have to do in different area. Next thing you know, you are reported. Someone asks to be your friend but you are away from pc. Next thing you know when you come back from getting a drink or whatever, you have a message, you have been reported. This game is awesome and I love it. I have played many games like Link and the games that follow. I like the adventure type games where you have to search for things and fight. I thing everyone knows what I mean. Not sure if allowed to mentioned the games on here. i.e. Toontown and Maple Story. I was asked to try out this game and compare it with these games and I think it is a fantastic adventure game. Do make s/f with the people you ask and you will really enjoy this game. The designers, developers have done a fantastic job and should be recognized as so. Thank you all. I will stop now.

Aug 01, 2008
I'f made alot of friends and met another another world. My best friends name is adam fireflame and he's helped me through everything. See you later. Bye.

Jul 30, 2008
My favorite time was when I was sent to krokotopia, sadly i never got to complete it but it was fun to finally see a change in scenery. Out of all the characters, i think Merle was the coolest, even if he didn't do much except help you through the came, he's really cool.

Jul 21, 2008
:x :P :( I have been playing for 5 Months trying to get to level 30( Magus) and I finally became a level 30 yesterday and then you guys deleted everyones account and im know a level 5 and have to do every mission over again.
Parent: my son says how awesome your game is every day and always wanting to play. He strives to get to be a Grandmaster whatever that is. You said that you would only delete characters and not accounts. He was furious when he came back to school and saw this sight that way and so was I. I have been spending at least $20 a hour for their play time every day and the other people who have been very strong but had their accounts deleted.
Jakub: The mission Scavenge The Scavenger has also not worked, when i beat the Scavenger and returned to Yakoobam i did not get anything for that mission or even talk to him.

Jul 10, 2008
My trip in wizard 101 was so much fun :D
Fire cat alley was my fav place and my fav spell was leprichaun
Wizard 101 was adventurous, I LOVED IT
I loved all the enemies, all the bosses and all the places
I can't wait until it comes out!
I wonder what the prize is gonna be.
Wizard 101 is the best games EVER existed.
My fav enemy was the fire elf
They're fire tastic
Thankx 4 all the fun LOVE THE GAME

Jul 17, 2008
One day the mighty Jared MistCloud logged on as a lvl 1 for the first time. He was challenged by a dummy and won! There was a great evil brewing... and his name was Malistre the former Death professor. During Jareds first day of adventuring he rid Unicorn Way of ghosts, Defeated Eyus and his king, and also killed a kraken. He was an ultimate adventuror. The day after that he rid firecat alley of the cursed fire elves, Defeated lord NightShade and also went to krokopia. The challenges were great but in the end Jared MistCloud prevailed, but in the end krokopia turned out to be a problem for Jared and Jared was forced to go back to Ravenwood. Then he went on a great search for the smiths and found them all leveled up and went back to krokopia.

He then went and slayed many bosses and lived on to fight another day!

Aug 06, 2008
I have bend in some difficult quest i also have helped lots of my friends. I want to be the best wizard the are have ever exist one day people wold be talking about jonathan the graters wizard that have existed.

Aug 31, 2008
So! I start out my adventure as a myth wizard and run into an invisible wall that wont let me out of this tower so i fought it with this bat thing that flew out of my pokemon card deck it was freaky and it spit on the tower and the tower got mad so i had cookies with it and talked about how girls are so attractive all of a sudden and then it bit me but i bit it back and i beat it and saved the day yay! 8)

Aug 11, 2008
Wizard101 has been a fantastic experience for me. I am glad to state that I have never met a single wizard that has been rude to me.

My Story:
In Wizard Merle Ambrose and the owl Gamma's crystal ball, a wizard was born unto Ravenwood school of expert wizardry. That wizard was me, and many others. My skill doubted, my level weak, I rose to the challenge. Wand in hand, I traveled fourth into this fantastic, mythical world of magical becoming. I learned much from great teachers and fellow students like myself. I became a master of defeat, being beaten often before my hand grew onto the wand of the School of Storm. I now wield my wand with utmost pride and dignity. I have defeated RattleBones, Lady Blackhope, and others of their kind. I have become a hero of the demented Unicorn Way, and traversed through the streets of the flame-engulfed Firecat Alley. I have met wizard folk that have been too nervous to descend beyond the gates of Ravenwood into Ways and Streets with creatures of death of high density. I have assured them that no matter what happens on such unforgiving paths, they will either be defeated or victorious, and in both cases, they will emerge from each battle a better wizard. When the Imp plays, when Scarlet screams, or when a Fodder groans, I say, there is no better feeling than knowing you are so gifted as to challenge such monsters in a battle of skill, and of your cards. So now I ask of those of you who are not light at heart to go out in this world and be what Gamma and Merle Ambrose intended you to be, a strong, skilled, famed and fortuned Artist of Wizardry. Look at every day as a level, and every enemy as the defeated and weak. Go fourth now, and be THAT wizard!

Aug 27, 2008
today i made a lot of friends and beat firecat alley and got three staffs from alicane swift arrow one was my school which made me happy and i helped a lot of people and beat a lot of bosses and had a blast then some people were picking on some girl so i battled them in the duel arena and killed them both alone then the girl became my friend i said yes then she kept saying my hero, which got annoying so i said can you please stop. then she started getting defensive and removed me from her friends list, which made me very happy because she was annoying me. But other wise it was a great day.


~Samuel StarDust

Jul 07, 2008
I am so happy you at Wizard101 have decided to publish my stories! Thank you so much! And this time around, it's Krokotopian time, Temple of Storms edition!

Sarai MoonGrove was quickly becoming a ledgend all over the spiral. From high dogs from MarleyBone, to low Manders from Krokotopia, everyone seemed to think she was some sort of amazing Wizard.

But she wasn't. At least, in her mind she wasn't.

Sarai had plenty of friends who were well ahead of her, already to the next worlds on the spiral, MarleyBone or MooShu. She envied them deeply. When she was back in her home world, she had always wanted to go to London, and MarleyBone was often described like an older version of the city. She had also been a big fan of the Oriental style. MooShu was described as "Feudal Japan." Both were destinations for her.

So when she finally had the chance to get to MarleyBone, she grabbed it like food as if she were a starving person.

Now, before completely succeeding, she tried the beginning on her own. Sarai was very big on doing bosses on her own, and not so big on having endless help at her fingertips. She just didn't like being babied like that. Anyway, she could get past the three bosses that were the test of strength with flying colors. The intelligence test wasn't difficult either, except for the tricky last part, whose clue read, "The lighting in here isn't quite right for a storm." It took her several tries to perfect, but she finally got it.

After getting past the easy tests, it was time to take on Krokopatra. But she knew it was impossible on her own. She called her friend Evan, who she had become friends with back in the Sunken City (she involuntarily shuddered). He was there within seconds. Krokopatra was easy once he had come.

At the end of it all, she decided that this wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been (she reminded herself of the Sunken City, and did an involuntary shudder. Thankfully, she would never have to do it again).

She thanked her friend quickly and graciously, and teleported back to the Oasis, one of her favorite places in all of Krokotopia (number one being the Entrance Hall on KrokoSphinx). After talking to everyone she needed, she was finally asked to go see the Sergeant from MarleyBone, who gave her the key to MarleyBone! Sarai was so excited, she forgot about any other quests she had left in Krokotopia, and headed straight to MarleyBone, hoping to buy some better clothes to finish up Krokotopia in.

Thank you to Evan (the Temple of Storms could never have been finished without you), Sloan (even though you defriended me, you were probably one of my best friends on here), Jordan (thanks for making me so devoted! I would have never tried so hard if you haven't pushed me with how far you were. And the Sunken City, never will forget that. :D), and Alexander (yes of course I remember you from Triton Avenue! Thanks for helping me recently!).

Jul 12, 2008
Yay! My third story! :D

Aaron and his three familiers, Buddy, his Pioneer Dragon, Baby Abey, a Dark Fairy, and Buddy, a Krokotillian, went to explore Colosseus Boulvard. The king made a ( very hard to understand,) decree that they will take over Wizard City. Aaron is know battling Gobblers to test their strengths.

Sep 06, 2008
I took the quiz when I saw the T.V. commercials. I thought I was going to be a death wizard like my friend, but I was a pyromancer. When I found that out I told my friend I wasn't skipping the test and becoming death, I really like being a pyromancer. Leveling goes very quickly. One day you're on Unicorn Way, next day I'm in Krokotopia with a heckhound. I've made many new friends with the dictionary text (better than menu ) Great game!

"punched in the face before eating. funny video! :D :D 8) 8)

Sep 15, 2008
i am just really craetive so i'll make this up as i go

It was late me and my friends had just bought some new cloths and learnd some new spells sunbird, ghoul,phenix, and that elephant spell.
We were walking by ourselfs and our proffesors told us not to stay up late but we din't care, we figured if we got in troble we would use magic
and me and my friends were not afraid of any bullies or monsters
so we were walking home in odle town when we saw a shadow walking down the street and diseper, me and my friends took our wands out ready to cast a spell when all of a sudden, poof! the shadow reapears, its the evil wizard! we all quickly summoned phenixes and in a flash they were all gone! how could this be? we have been training all day not to mention all week! we all quicly once more summoned phenixes but it was to late because maker, the evil wizard had already summoned a more powerfull crature, the legendary fire dragon, grim

hope you enjoyed reading this expecet a chapter two! :D

Sep 15, 2008
This Is My Story.....

The Story Of The Great Wizard Thundersword

This Is A Story My Memberly Travels In Wizard City

As I Started Of For My Membership In Cyclops Lane.....

Fun Fact: I Wore Stormcaller Robes, And A Hood Of Tension

Part 1 Cyclops Lane

As A Began Playing I Venutred Into Cyclops Lane. Easy It Was Can You See. I Was Level 9 Entering And Came Out Level 11. Whats The "Great" Part Here It Took Not 3 Weeks, Not 3 Days, But 3 Hours. Plus I Didn't Die ONCE. How Great Is That?

Part 2 Firecat Of Alleys

Then Right After I Beat General Akillies, And Entered Firecat Alley. I Beat Bastilla Gravewind. I Died Once, And Won With Somebody Else. And Then I Begun Adminster Cure

Part 3 Ailancing Into Krokotopia

I Finally Got To Ailance Swiftarrow.... Second Hardest Boss Till This Very Day. I Took 5 Tries And I Didn't Win. On My 6th Try With Someone I Went With Somebody Else And "Sniffle" He Died So Sad. The Foulgaze I Died Ones, And Won Once. Lord Nightshade Was A Breeze. And The DUNDUNDUNDUNNN. Krokotopia Here I Come.

Part 4 The Last Wizards Of The City From There Name

After That Later I Finishes Colossus Blvd. And 50% Easy 50% Hard. Then Finshed The Rest... And I only Have One Quest Left SUNKERN CITY. I Didn't Finish It.

Part 5 A Whole New World

Glazing Krokotopia I Was Visting The Pyramid Of The Sun I Helped Save The Manders Aganist The Nirini Champion, Learned The History Of Krokotopia And One Last Thing The Palace Of Fire Was On My Sight

Part 6 The Cursed Sphinx Of Fire,

I Got Annyoed As I Couldn't Beat The Throne Room Of Fire, TEN WHOLE TRIES It Took Me, But I Finally Won. The As I Entered The Krokosphinx I Heleped Shalek The Wise, And Alhazakrd Get General Khaba One Are Side

Part 7 The Icey Tournament Of The Empeors


Hardest Bosses

1st Oddj Sokkwi
2nd Aliance Swiftarrow
3rd Krokopatra
4th Prince Gobblestone
5th Akor Nirini

I Have Three Schools.

I Can Summon On Minion Which Isn't Myth.

Sep 23, 2008
The Story of Brandon DeathWalker

Day One
Day one was when i had found this wonderful place called Wizard101 i had found this game from a friend of mine who told me about this game. I first did the tutoiral in golem court. When i had finished my journey in the tutorial i talked to the head master. I finished the quest Enrollment and i unlocked Unicorn way. It was late at night so i had to go to bed

Day Two
Day two i had just logged on and continued my journey in unicorn way. I had rescued private O' Ryan. Then I gradualy built my way up until i got to my first boss ever Rattle Bones. It was a long fight Spells flying everywhere, Fire Cats spitting fire at people, And life being healed. Finally one of us returned Can you guess who it was? The answer is... Me i had just barley made it alive when the battle came to a end.

Day Three
Day Three I had built my way up all the way until i got to my third boss.This time me and my friend whent in. I had just come out of a long fight with a few ghousts but i was just good enough to fight.This one did not last as long Because i was not alone.When we had finally finished our long battle we had taken a rest.

Day Four
Day Four was the day i finally got membership. It was the best day ever i also had gotten a few thousand crowns.

Day Five
I had finally just beaten the first world and im on to my second word "Krokotopia"

The end

This was the story of Brandon DeathWalker A death wizard

Sep 06, 2008
Ok, I can't seem to find anywhere that I can actually post a new topic, I find the reply easy enough but no way for me to just post something new. Am I missing something? And yes I am logged in.