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Tell us about your travels in Wizard 101!

Jul 05, 2008
Well one of my travels was looking to see where my friends were. All of them were in normal places or battle but not where I wanted to go :( . the Nightside. But one of my friends Evan Ghostforge led me to another world. Wow was it awesome! Only high levels go so the quests had tremendous Exp But I was a low level still. I am trained by Falmea so I had just gotten my Sunbird card. Calculate my level. But if I wanted to stay I had to make friends to come back if I went back to wizard city. But very nice. If ye do see me add me cause I might go to that world and you wanna find out .

Jul 27, 2008
The story of a nameless boy on a planet no one knows
Untill the faithful day when merle ambrose found me lurking, about to steal food from an old man on his home planet and summoned me to ravenwood acadmy to learn the mystical arts of MAGIC whitch I had known nothing about until meeting him and gamma. I became a powerful life wizard capable of raising his friends to full hp with a single spell.
This power made me feel like a part of something for once in my life, I was somebody, everybody needed my help, even the headmaster who is the most powerful wizard i've ever known, was beging for my help becouse one of his teachers who had once worked for him became an enemy who wanted the school to come to an end and never stand again.
But I did my best to stop him and in only 2 days i was nearly ready to face him with my closest friends or so I thought but I needed to help other worlds first that were also threatend be dark forces

Aug 16, 2008
Wizard 101 is a great interactive game to play against people and characters tell you to do something for them. You even get leves every time you battle you start raisnig a green bar and when it fills up you turn to the next level. You even get to have people be your friends in wizard 101. I hope all of you in the world like this game keep on doing spells!

Aug 13, 2008
The story of Brian TitanFlame, And His Mighty Battle
with Krokopatra!!!!

It all started as Any normal day would but except one Thing about that Day was that Me and My friends Had just inished Our fight with Son of Storms We Had To first Solve Many Puzzles Both Mind And Endurance Testing Until Finaly We Got to Krokopatra. OK now you probably think it was Hard Well If so Then heck yea Not only did she summon many Monsters, She also Was No match For My and My freinds Lord OF Storms, Orthrus, And Finaly SCARE CROW AND.... A DRAGON doing Much much Damage And winning the fight and This Fight was one That was Unforgetable thus Earning US the Title Of Hero Of Kroktopia And What
A Adventure It was for us three It was long, harsh And Although It was so long and harsh It Was Amazingly Fun And An Adventure To Be Remembered for A long Time.

Jul 16, 2008
you people have no hearts i mean im 13 and it says that i need to subscribe what is that this is a free game i became 13 like 4 days ago and i need a cridit card for this so i can chage my setting thats low man thats real low

Jul 22, 2008
The Light In Destiny

All long time ago, when Wizard City was new and fresh the Headmaster was so happy of this New Land! He decided to call yound wizards to the schools, and teach them new things, Wizard City was a success! Until 50 years later.......

50 Years Later

A Big battle broke out, the Headmaster needed someone, a myth wizard, a ice, or fire, it didn't matter. So he looked into his Crystal Ball looking for someone bright, and smart and not scared of most things, then he found Destiny Light--- "But what's this? She's in a world where Wizards aren't real? I must see if she has powers to defeat the evil!" said the Headmaster.
Soon Destiny was there, confused, hadn't she just been eating an ice cream with her friends? And who's that old guy? Soon, Destiny listened to the Headmaster tell her what happened to Wizard City, she accepted and took her quiz- Myth was the answer. The Professor didn't like Destiny, and Destiny didn't liked him.
Destiny soon was just hanging out at the Library in the Commons when ever she could, but soon she heard a terrible scream. Soon she was at the Unicorn Way gate. "Didn't you hear that scream? Let me in!" she screamed at the guard, but he just said this "Only permission from the Head Master." Destiny started running-- She had to save that person with the scream!
After she got the permission she got inside, smiled at the guard like haha-I-got-in! Then ran off, the scream was inside a cage- A Fairy? she thought, the sweet fairy was turning mean, very mean. Soon the fairy
was a dark fairy! "All no!" said Destiny. Soon she helped out a Life Wizard and helped out the fairies, happy to help like always. :D

Then one day, when she woke up from her night sleep, she was no longer in her room. Where was she? She was in a dark, dark, cave. She couldnt believe her eyes! She was in a cage in a dark cave! "Let me out! Let me out!" she screamed. She checked her sack, no, her cards were gone. But then she saw them, atop a stool next to a big fire with a caludron over it.

"Help!!!!!!!" she screamed once more.
But then she saw a very tall man, and scary man.
"No one can get you out now, My Dear." he said.
"Now now, Destiny Light, let's be careful here or no more cards for you." said the man.
"Who are you? What you want with me!?" she screamed.
"I am classified. And I want your powers."
"YOU CAN'T HAVE THEM!" she screamed, Then, what still puzzles Famous Wizards today was that she started to glow, glow so bright, brighter than the sun! When the glow was over, she was back in her room with her cards in her hands.
She smiled, for she just relaized, she had more power than she realized! But, that light never happened again, she had one child, Katie Light.
After Katie Light was borned, Destiny disappeared, still not found to this very day.

And the family tree goes on, after Katie disappearing like her mom, with no light ever happening after her child was born. No one from her family was a wizard, for a very long time.
But now, at this very moment, her descendant, Destiny Light-named after her- is a wizard, back where every thing happened, What happened to Destiny Light's Great-Great-Grandma? No one knows, but Detsiny shall find out, but will Destiny find the first and great, Destiny Light?

And if you were wondering... the Destiny Light got in Myth like her
Great-Great-Grandma. Arent Family Trees Wonderful?

Jun 18, 2008
one day i was playing in unicorn way and I found A boss roaming the streets! it was a firce battle but i won and all i got was 2 gold it stunk! a boss reward being only 2 stinking gold :x ! bye off to kill monsters :D

P.S. go balance!!!!! :D

Aug 14, 2008
Oran IceTail

-Skipped the tutorial
-Finished Unicorn Way In 10 mins
-Finished Cyclops Lane Half An Hour Later
-Finished Triton Avenue An Hour After That
-Finished FireCat Alley Half An Hour Later
-Finished Collossus Boulevard Two Hours Later

-Failed At Sunken City Miserably
-Started Krokotopia
-Finished Pyramid Of The Sun An Hour Later
-Finshed Krokosphinx An Hour LAter
-Finish Temple Of Storms Half An Hour Later
-Talked To Talbot And Went To MarleyBone Museum And Was Denied To See The Krokonomicon

-Started Rest Of MarleyBone
-Finished Hyde Park An Hour Later
-Finished Chelsea Court Half An Hour Later
-Finished Iron Works Two Hours Later

Waited For Patch To Finish And Posted This.

(more to come)

Aug 14, 2008
chrisbot94 wrote:
P.S. go balance!!!!! :D

go balance! lol

Aug 13, 2008
Well, im not a great story teller like the rest of you but what i can say is i simply cant get enough of this game i play for hours on end i just cant stop, i know i probably sound pathetic but i really love this game and hope you give an alternative to the people that wont be able to pay a monthly fee perhaps donations instead. Love from suppypuppy IGN: Justin FireRiver

Jul 20, 2008
Christopher Myththistle is a rising star in the Ravenwood Academy of Wizardry. He loves the fact that his prinviple Merle Ambrose thinks he has great potential and wishes that someday he can stun his Myth Teacher with his magic abilities.

Christopher Myththistle has traveled all over Wizard City starting with Unicorn Way he has saved Wizard City one street at a time. Now he continues his journey to Krokotopia.

Aug 13, 2008
For all those looking to sign up for Wizard101, I suggest that you do. You get to travel from city to city, and world to world, killing great and powerful monsters. You get quests from people around the city, when you finish a quest you get exp. points and can level up, you also get gold and items that can come in handy. When you level up you get stonger, and can cast better and more powerful spells.

Well thanks for reading this and look for me on Wizard101, my name is Jason Deathflame :D :D

Jul 20, 2008
They speak of a land of magical things, and were all is happy. Until an enil comes and makes chaos in Wizard City! Who will be brave enough to stop him? There is only one Brandon StrongFlame! He is a feirce myth wizard and he has many friends on Wizard 101. If he didn't have friends he would have not made it past the first boss! Luckily he had great friends that helped him out and now they are in my favorite place... The pyramid of Sun! It has a lot of fun things to do there and Wizard101 is the best game EVER!!! :)

Aug 20, 2008
Aug 21, 2008
Jun 24, 2008
As I logged into the game, I tapped my foot impatiently. I was eager to do my first ever beta test for a game or website- and especially one like this.
The opening animations played, and butterflies seemed to rapidly mulitply in my stomach. I pressed the "enter" key, launching myself into the introduction- the scene with Headmaster Ambrose and Gamma.
I had taken the test on the website before signing up, so I wasn't surprised when I was revealed to be in the school of Ice. It reminded me of myself- cold, yet special and beautiful. I kept the ice theme in mind as I picked the colors for my outfit- light blue and white.
As I got to the final stage in creating a wizard- name- I pondered on every one of them, it seemed! In the end, I chose Tabitha Icecrafter... my real first name and a last name describing my newfound power.
I breezed through the tutorial, and completed my first quests easily. It wasn't difficult- not at first, anyways.
Saving Clearing Unicorn Way put many new quest possibilities on my list, and many new strategies into my mind. The first day I went to Olde Town, my goal was to get as far back as I can. My goal changed every day from then on- sometimes, I just explore!
Wizard 101 was so fun that I invited my brothers to play. It's cool to think that there are real people behind some of the many wizards I meet on my adventures!

Jul 15, 2008
Jul 08, 2008
Hi, my wizard name is Justin Thundertamer. I am an Necromancer.I choose that because im all about the death and the color black. I am at level 22.The first time i came to Wizard City i was shocked becuase it looked awesome and some of the people here are talking animals.Then my first spell was awesome and for training i had to fight a wood dummy.Next i had my first quest and had to talk to every teacher in Ravenwood i have to admit that quest was challenging because i did not know what they were talking about when they told me to do it.But now im at level 22 i dont really think before i act in battles i just go with the first thing that pops into my head.I've met many friends but my closets would be Lucas Shadodreamer level 22,Chase Frostblade level 1,Madison Storm level 44,and my last one Calammity level 16 she helped my when i was in trouble in sunken city. The monsters are every where and she was the only one to call and she was busy but she came anyway because that is what friends do for each other.last but not least i am in Krokotopia in search of the order of the fang i found it and get caught in another quest. thanks for the oputunity to tell you about my adventures in Wizard City 8)

Aug 09, 2008
8) 8) :? :-( :| ths story is awesome i will never forget the day i found i was being called for help from wizard city they needed me to defeat evil malistare but had to train much before that day would come i went to every teacher and my headmaster who was skilled in death then i went to unicorn way and fought my way through ghost fairies and pirates to bringunicorn way to justice :Dafter that i was happy to find that olde town was now reay for me to help them so i fought through one street after another soon afterwards i was then again being called to help collosus boulevard!!!!i was so happy that i couldnt talk at all :-o but before i did anything i took a big break to recharge my spells 8).

the 2nd day!!!!!!!of wizard fantasticness

after i fought proedly for collosus boulevard i bravely went and defeated the evil wraithe who was hiding in the tower in the haunred cave after that i got the magical keys to the best world ever krokotopia now i have been to krokotopia and fought much but i do not want to give away to much for the ew people so bye for now
end of day 2 soon to be day three

Aug 03, 2008
i started the game and named my man blaze fireblade he was a necromancer not a pyro mancer he started and i skip the tutorial that was pretty stupid because i had no idea what to do so i went and ran around for a while trying to figure out what to do but now i am lvl 15 and i dominate i win all the pvp and i ownthe npc's i rule

Aug 16, 2008
my travels involve beating wormguts he was really challenging to me so i got one of my friends on wizard 101 to help no one would so i asked anybody else and i found somebody. they were really powerful and they defeated wormguts in just 2 rounds!!!

Jun 26, 2008
Hi i am luke shadow shade!i am level 26.I have been to a lot of places in Wizard101.I have been to wizard city.There are so many places in Wizard city.The game is the best game in the world.I have been in golem court.That is where i fist started.
I was wondering where everyone was.I have been to cyclcone lane,firecat alley,triton avenue.That is where I started to lean more about every thing.I am death.While i travel i got more death card. I need more trading point really bad.Than i had to talk to the grand father tree.Than BANG!I want in side it an it let me go to a different world.It was so cool! Then it was all the same you had to do all different quest to get to the other place.But the hard part is that storm tomb.You have to do so many quest there.then i had to fight a level 5 and it life was 1200,it was so high but i won it.All bey myself.Than it let me go to mavelbone. There were so many dog there.Then that was my travel.I have not been to moo shu.This is my travel in wizard 101!

Jun 10, 2008
I don't really read the forums much, but this looks fun! So I'll write a story about an adventure...hmmm...which one...(I shall write from the perspective of the wizard character I am, so don’t get confused. I’ll be speaking as if I’m actually in that world.)


When I saw the quest in my spell-book, I thought I was dead. I knew that there was no way I could do it alone.

Indeed, I had tried to win this before. Even before I had reached Krokotopia, I had known that I would have to do that quest.

But defeating Grubb was never really an option for me. I had failed the second I had walked into Sunken City. I had tried more than three times to complete this task; but I'd never been able to save myself from defeat.

I hadn't seen Wizard City in more than a month; but it still felt like home when I stepped out onto the cobbled streets. I smiled as I walked past the familiar places of the schools, and the library; remembering the last time I had been there.

I was determined that today would be the day. The day that I once again attempted to go to Sunken City…

Cautiously (and unsuccessfully), I dodged the waterfall to get through to the secret door. As usual, there was no one else around; as if I was the only one who knew of this place.

Taking a deep breath, I walked past the Death Tree with determination; not even stopping to look at the thoroughly damaged Death School. I had seen this before, and now, I was only focused on one thing…

…The doorway. It was that doorway that lead to my certain destruction and humiliation once again. That doorway that I had never been able to walk more than ten feet past, before getting attacked by a strange type of monster that I didn’t even know the name for.

I faced the passage solemnly, doing nothing but watch the thick fog drifting slowly around my ankles. This was going to take some mental preparation to do it right…

I was shocked out of my thoughts by three wizards coming to stand beside me near the door. They looked at the door in the same way I did, with fierce determination.

Without a second though, I called out, “Can I help you defeat Grubb?”

“We need all the people we can get,” the oldest-looking one answered. I could tell by the clothes that he wore that he was the most experienced here, and would be the leader.

The others mumbled quiet ‘hello’s as I stood in a semicircle with them.

“So how far have you gotten?” one of the wizards, a girl, whispered to me.

“Not far. I always get defeated before I even reach the sidewalk,” I said, ashamed.

She smiled. “Me too,” she said.

By the way she acted, I could guess that she had around the same amount of experience that I did. I knew that we would be good friends. If we lived past this quest, that is.

We were all reminded then, that we had to complete the quest as quickly as possible. The leader moved first, and we all joined around him; waiting to be transported to the world that could potentially be the last place we ever saw…

The darkness of that world was overwhelming. We stood looking at each other as we saw the ghoulish creatures lurking the stony streets.

In a sudden burst of energy, we all ran for the sidewalk. I suddenly felt the pull of magic dragging me off the street and towards the monsters, just as it had those other times before.

No, I thought, not this time.

But no matter what I did, I was suddenly battling against three very disturbed (and disturbing) creatures, with no hope of winning.

“Help me!” I cried out in terror as I struggled to put up a shield. It didn’t take me long to realize once again that I had no shield that would repel these ghouls. I was panicking, in fear for my life, when I heard a soothing voice speak to me.

“Don’t worry—we’re coming,” said the leader calmly.

In a matter of seconds, the other three were beside me. I watched in admiration as my newfound friends shot their spells at the beings, and put up shields around me protectively. I looked around myself half a minute later, seeing with wonder that I was still alive, and that the creatures were gone.

“Thank you,” I half-gasped, as I moved closer to them.

“No problem,” one of the other wizards said, smiling at me. “It happens to all of us.”

We moved back to the sidewalk, stepping as far away from the street as we could get.

“Stick to the sidewalks, and follow me,” the leader called, before leading us deeper into Sunken City.

That quest was one of the best and most frightening times of my life. Best, because I had finally found friends that would help me complete the most dangerous quest ever, and most frightening because this was ‘the most dangerous quest ever.’

We lived through many battles that day, and when each battle ended in victory, I felt our morale getting better, and our strength increasing. As a team, we could defeat anything!

And really, we spoke like old friends. I had to leave for a minute to get more mana, and when I returned, I found myself joining them in a battle in the middle of the street.

“What happened,” I sighed, putting up a shield around myself.

“They were in the street too long,” the leader, whose name I had come to know was Matthew, said.

“My bad,” admitted Melissa, the wizard who I had known I would be good friends with.

I laughed, and said, “It’s okay, Melissa.”

We all had a fair amount of mess-ups: standing out in the street by accident, using the wrong type of shield spell, forgetting to refill our potions and having to go back for mana, etc. But in the end it all worked out.

When we went to what Matthew said was the last big battle before seeking Grubb, we were ready.

Feeling suddenly brave, I stepped forward first, into the crowd of evil creatures on the first level of the building.

A wave of comfort came over me when the others stepped to my left, and set up their spells. We cleared that level of the building in no time at all, suffering little injury.

But what we hadn’t expected was that there was more than one level. By the time we reached the third floor of the building, we all felt exhausted.

“How many floors are there?” Melissa and I both asked at the same time.

“I…don’t know,” Matthew admitted sadly.

“Maybe five,” I suggested.

“Yeah, and maybe a hundred,” the other wizard, Cameron, added dryly.

After a few more levels, we finished off the last monster in that building. We had lost count of the total amount of levels, but at least it didn’t matter anymore.

I felt tired, but proud of myself, as we all once again followed Matthew across the paths. Suddenly, in front of the biggest building we had seen yet, he stopped.

“This is Grubb’s castle,” he said simply.

I looked at the others, and looked at the building with intense concentration.

“Let’s go.”

We had apparently underestimated the number of monsters that were with Grubb, because the fight lasted longer than we had expected.

“Grubb has over a thousand life points!” Melissa shouted her realization in shock.

“The fights are normally like this in the next world,” explained Matthew, “so we can get through this one.”

We probably wouldn’t have lived through that fight; but we had a strategy. The weakest one got targeted first, then the next weakest, and so on, until only Grubb was left.

“We can do this!” Melissa yelled excitedly, and I had to laugh at the sight of us. We were just four wizards, some no more than children, standing up against what looked to us to be the scariest monster ever.

But somehow, some way, we did it. When the last attack spell sapped what was left of Grubb’s energy supply, we all watched with anticipation as his body hit the ground with a thud, and faded into the dusty stone floor.

I heard cries of “We did it!” and “Good job, everyone!” and “Best team ever!” coming from those around me, and I smiled shyly.

“Thanks for helping,” I said to them all, grinning.

“No problem,” they all called, before leaving one by one; returning to Wizard City. I was the last one there, and I decided to explore the building for a little while before leaving.

The cold stone walls that had before seemed scary to me, were no longer a threat. It felt safe now, and comforting, to know that with the help of others, I could do anything.

I’ve never forgotten what we did that day, and what an accomplishment it was. And I will always remember that, even though life in Wizard City, Krokotopia, and the other worlds, can be tough sometimes; it’s a good feeling to have friends that will help you through the hard parts. :)


Wow, that was...long. Much longer than I had originally planned on it being...

But it was really fun to write!

Jul 07, 2008
Haha, it's third story time for Sarai Moongrove, who continues to find Krokotopia (she refers to it as Krok Land, so don't get confused) one wacky place.

The Temple of Storms was the final island of Krok Land, and Sarai was so pleased. Some of her friends had already reached MarleyBone (and beyond), and she felt wildly behind. Probably because she had taken one week off. Which, honestly, she deserved. Every time she goes to work, she's out for 3 to 6 hours at a time. Some days, she'll not move up a level. Sarai is beginning to think she's too helpful to her friends.

At least she had three pets to keep her company on her endless travels. Jasper, loyal since her early days in Wizard City. Baby Abbey, recently aquired from KrokoSphinx. And of course, Luna, bought from Prospecter Zeke. Her friends would be loyal too, but she hadn't seen Steven or Chase in so long. She figured that they were starting long-term classes. Sarai had an extra week or so.

She reached the first ghost (
Ghost? she originally thought, but then she remembered: Kroks were like Egyptians back in her own world. Of course ghosts would be haunting tombs here, even if ghosts didn't exist back in her world), and realized that there were two enemy families: Ahnic and Djesert. Sarai didn't really get why they were such big enemies if they were buried across the hall from each other. It was quite irritating to her to go back and forth between them, decieving both families into thinking she was on their ghostly side. Really, she could care less. Sarai just wanted to move on to Marleybone.

One thing she began discovering was that it wasn't that hard to do Instanced Areas on her own anymore. As long as there were plenty of red wisps in the halls, it was very easy for her to complete some of the areas.

What was tough was beginning to realize that she couldn't help all of her friends (or at least, a select two who seemed to constantly want her to help with bosses). She didn't mind, but if she helped all of her friends, she had no progress in her own game. Refusal made them either really angry, or made them think Sarai was untrustworthy. Neither were pleasing, but when she had three hundred heath out of one thousand four hundred, it wasn't going to do anyone any good.

The queen wasn't so hard, she thought, refferring to a boss she had battled in the Ahnic tomb. In fact, she couldn't even remember if it was Djesert or Ahnic. Maybe Krok Land was so simple because it will end up taking forever, Sarai thought. It made sense, even though she didn't want it to. The last thing she wanted was some annoying epic journey in one place for an extremely long time, especially so close to when she would begin taking up her studies for longer periods of time.

Sarai kept attempting the Instanced Area in the Temple of Storms, but she was always interrupted by something, forcing her to wait for a time when she had more time. She headed back to the dorm in Ravenwood, sitting at the window for a good long time until falling asleep, thinking about how far she would go in this strange world.

Aug 18, 2008
So, I am going off to defeat the..ugh, UGLY Prince Cobblestone who I had already lost to twice. This time, when I got there, there were two others there getting redy to go in. I jumped in and prepared myself. Little did I know what would happen there.
I always have the same ol' stradegy, Put myth traps (Because I am a myth wizard) on every enemy, and then through collassal 3-5 pip costing spells at the enemies. My myth traps all worked and I set up a troll minion. I forgot one big thing though, I had been attacked twice, and was down to 320 health points. With no defence up, I was lucky not to be attacked, but one of my allies was silenced, and the other was doing as well as me. I do have two healing cards in my deck, but I wasn't drawing them, and they aren't treasure cards, so I coulden't! My one ally left in the first position was attacked by the last standing Prince Cobblestone, and defeated, I was alone with a big fat gobbler with 400 health points! I forgot something though, I still had a myth trap on him!!! I pulled a Ninja Pig which costed 5 pips out and used it...NO FIZZLE! Bye Bye cobblestone. That spell did 945 points of damage. The most I have ever done in my time of playing the game. An amazing feat it was.

-Jacob ShadowCaster.