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On Oct 30th im gone...

Nov 12, 2009
I use to have an account but it was closed. I created it in 2008, just a week or two after the game was launched. The game rocked. I played whenever I could, and I miss the Zeke items. Some things have changed too much, and I remember the announcement about one million players... it was exciting.
But really, you got good items back then, and now everything seems to be a bit overpriced. Crown items are way too costly.
I'm also a bit mad about the new schools... I mean, why, why mess with a good set of schools already? I'll be happy to completely forget about the new schools.
This still is a fun game... I enjoy it very much. This game is a work of art in the gaming prospective... fun and safe at the same time!

May 23, 2009
Dude make up your mind. your saying that you loved the new gear and at the same time your saying it was unbalanced, but the fact that those clothes are so good ; must would comsider that to be unbalanced. Not that i care i have a crown hat, crown robe, and crown boots plus a crown pet

Jan 25, 2010
Most of you make me sick :x, after reading all of the posts that you guys put is really upsetting to read! Who CARES what kingsisle did, they want to make wizard 101 better like it did before, not make it worse; seriously, all you guys want to do is think about yourselves, not about the others!

The other people were trying to make a point to this situation, but all you did to them is to shoot them down for it!

If you don't like what Kingsisle is doing, then just leave wizard 101 for good and take your problems with you AND DON'T COME BACK AGAIN!!!

have a nice day :D

Aug 28, 2009
Personally, I think you're over reacting to all of this. I do however agree with you in one aspect.

You can rule the game, if you have enough crowns. Crowns buy you power. Lets see things you can only do with crowns...

-Buy elixirs that give you more health, damage, power pip accuracy, resistances, exp gained, gold earned, and overall better performance in battle.

-refill your pet's energy, as many times as you want. So you can train your pet all day.

-buy staffs/wands, most of which are crown only and the most powerful wands of their school.

-Buy *AMAZING* pet snacks that give insane bonuses and power to your pet, that combined with crowns to refill your pet's energy and you can get your pet from baby to epic in a few hours of training.

-Buy henchmen to help you in solo battle

-Buy gear that gives special cards and stats

I'm sure there are more but this is all I can think of right now. It does frustrate me how subsciptions just buy you areas, whereas crowns can get you just about anything. I understand KI needs to make money, and by making special items they know people will want crowns only (or huge unrealistic ammounts of gold) people will spend more money. But I mean come on, in the test realm when everyone has tons of crowns for free, I can do anything so I can only imagine what people who have tons of crowns in the real realm can do.

It used to be balanced between gold and crowns, now everything can be bought with crowns and fewer and fewer things with gold.

unfortunately this has centered the entire game around crowns. In Wizard101

crowns = power

Aug 04, 2009
i have NO regret saying this but i agree 10000% with you we are treated as garbage what IF one day someone gets banned with a subscription .. and they get banned at the beggining of the month .. and so then through the month that the haven't been on the game cause there banned kingsisle still charged the subscription .. hmmm. and again i say that excuse is very revolting i feel like crying that kingsisle actually said that. we dont care if we aren't fashonable its a game. its very messed up how much kingsisle cares for crowns you no why cause crown players pay like 40$ to unlock like idk 8 areas and we pay 9$ to unlock all areas. so if we beat the game in i'd say 3 months the total the subscriber paid was27$ i think and the crown players spent mmmm like 250$ ( probally wrong price ). kingsisle how bout throughing subscribers a dang bone how bout we get some love you made the game...

crowns . crowns . crowns . crowns
whats sickining is that you would actually make the wings crowns only so that us subscribers would be forced to buy crowns to get what we and you want us to get.

you made a AMAZING GAME but still crowns took over the game crowns were made overpriced crowns items SUPPOSIVLY lost interest and ever update concerns crowns.

I: Vanessa EmeraldGlade LvL 50 Diviner

Oct 19, 2008
What a great post. It shows no weaknesses to show KI's weaknesses. Personally, I thought this game was great a long time ago. As I was progressing I started noticing a pattern. It's like doing the same fight over and over again. Once I got to grandmaster, I started to PvP. That's where the point of crowns items were kicked in. IMPOSSIBLE to beat them UNLESS you are extremely skilled. Im a PvP Recruit (because im not the best) and when i come across a guy 10 levels lower, BUT with crowns gear, I LOSE. The crowns system is BAD.