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On Oct 30th im gone...

Jun 23, 2009
Hello everyone, this is one of the last posts im going to make.

My subscription is ending on October 30th, and im not going to renew it.

Why? Why do you think?

When i started playing this game, it was so fun... The game was a true adventure, fun quests, cool items, imagine the joy when you purchase your first castle.

Back when we had good items, a good community, and a balanced game.

These days are now over. You probably noticed by now. This game is going downhill.

It all started with the crown items removal. The only reason why people purchased crowns.

Super good clothing that gave you such good cards, you were practically unstoppable. Not just cards, stats as well. They were overwhelming!

Then, without warning, Kings Isle removed these great items for no reason, and without any warning either!

You know what disgusts me the most?

Their excuse: Starry robes are sooo not fashionable anymore!

Some said they were overpowered, that might've been true, but crowns players paid for this stuff, they deserved

Most players never got over the big change. What did KingsIsle give us in return?


They gave us pathetic excuses for robes that were nothing but rags compared to the old crown items.

To make matters even worse:

The robes could no longer be bought with gold, only crowns.

They were made IMPOSSIBLE drops from random bosses, most of which were in dungeons/gauntlets/towers.

Now, rather than working our way to the top, we had to

1) Buy our way to the top.

2) Grind our way to the top.

Both of which should never, EVER, be in a great game like Wizard101.

I pretty much got over the depression and continued to have fun. Then i was probably the happiest 14 year old on Earth: I got a death scarab from the twitter contest!

Oh man was i surging with happiness, joy, pride, glory, oh my goodness it was like i was in heaven, but still alive!

Only 100 out of 1 million players got one. I remember the days all too well, everyone following me and asking me where i got that pet and spamming friend requests all over my page.

Then a tragedy happened... This made me so... angry...

There was some sort of marathon on cartoon network, and there was a code for a special pet... it was the death scarab.

At first i felt good that some players can get one too and share the glory.

...until i saw 8....9....43.....78....800....

Yes, they have probably given out over 1 million death scarabs...

This update simply ruined me... I had such a great and rare item that i was so lucky to get and now i even saw 7 levels 1 that had it.

I couldnt control myself, i was so mad i deleted 3 of my masters out of frustration and agony and i took it out my friends.

Half of my friends deleted me because of my rage. And then my frustration got the better of me... i logged onto runescape and took it out on my friends there too. Again, most of my friends deleted me on their too.

I thought for sure those would my last days on wizard101 and yet something just kept me going. I finally got over the death scarab ordeal, and i decided to take up pet collecting. I got so many awesome pets i'd say it was all a success.

Sunbird, treant, miotaur, krokotillian, manders, you name it! I had it all!

Sure i was missing some exclusive pets but whatever! My pet collection was amazing!

Then something even greater happened... KingsIsle announced mounts! The pictures looked so awesome, how could this update possibly fail?

I waited for about a month, it turns out we got a whole bunch of new updates, a well, new crown shop, level 50+ tower, henchmen, elixers, and mounts haha!


Mounts-Oh my goodness... Just saying the word "mount" depresses me. Overpriced, bugged, all in all.... not worth it.

2nd chance chests-EPIC FAIL... waste of crowns you just keep on getting junk.

Well- was it even made into the game.... i havent seen a well ANYWHERE.

Level 50+ tower- Decent update if only it wasnt so bugged.

Henchmen-Decent update

Elixers-A fine addition, good job

New crown shop-Its very confusing to use, not very good. I see no point in it at all.

So here we are again... These updates are simply horrible, and depressing.

So at the end of October, im done.

Lets review, shall we?

1) good crown items removed
2) crown items can no longer be bought with gold.
3) death scarab ruined
4) this isnt in the post but grizzleheim came out... so bugged its not even funny. Its incomplete, and there are so many dead ends its just sad.
5) mounts... the worst update this game has had ever.
6) this isnt in the post either, but crown items were removed from the bazaar, the only good update that we had in MONTHS.

Reason why im quitting:

1) Subscribers are treated like GARBAGE

KingsIsle practically worships crown players. The whole new update only concerns crown players...

Crowns this... Crowns that...

What about us subscribers? KingsIsle, why dont you hear us out rather than treating us like rats in your basement!


Well guys, this is probably my final message to you guys. This game was perfect but it all went downhill.

Based on my post count, you see i was in here a lot.

It was great talking to all you guys on these message boards, i'm pretty happy that i got to (at least i hope) help you guys out with anything.

I've decided to pass this account down to my little brother, since he still enjoys this game. It was all fun while it lasted, and i hope that kingsisle sees this and make some good updates.

KingsIsle, i beg you not to "moderate" this thread, as this is my final message on these message boards.

So to all wizards, good bye, and good luck in this game. It was great while it lasted but people move on. now its my turn.

So goodbye, good luck and remember one thing:


Feb 11, 2009
Not sure what purpose this post serves other than drawing attention to yourself for doing something that probably happens many times a day. Not sure what you hope to achieve here either. If you are indeed leaving, then why should KI care about your input, after all, you won't be around to benefit from any changes they do make. If you are dissatisfied and want to stay, I would suggest creating some solutions to the things you don't like and shoring them. (changing it all back isnt a solution). List some alternatives to the things that you don't like. If you are just leaving, then leave. Show boating before leaving tends to get ignored by developers and becomes flame targets for posters.

As far as your precious little pet. They never said it was exclusive, they jsut said win it. As far as crown robes, I received originals early on and have sincxe discarded them in favor of monster drops i got later in the game. Unless you were a master the crow gear almost always was eventually beaten out by a drop anyways.

As far as losing your friends, it sounds like you have temper issues that go beyond a game, i repeat, a game. relax a bit for crying out loud. its a game. The worthiness of mounts is a personal opinion. Mine works well and i had no issue with the cost, but thats just my opinion.

In conclusion i really fail to see anythign so epically bad that calls on you to throw a temper tantrum on the forums, after you have apparently done so in the game setting and in another game setting as well. I hope you have fun in whatever you do next but simply leaving isnt going to solve your problems because they are CLEARLY not game based.

Community Leader
Well m'dear, if you're taking it all this personally, if your anger over changes in a game cause you to alternate between depression and rage to the point where you lose friends, if your sense of self worth is wrapped up in how rare your fictional character's items are, then perhaps it's best if you don't play anymore.


Aug 30, 2009
The suscribers are taken for granted! It is wrong! Suscribers should get more things that crown buyers get. KingIsle, we spend more money, shouldn't you like US more? No? Why not?

Feb 15, 2009
I totally agree and read all of that.
I'm a subscriber as well and i think crowns are a rip off.
We should at least get to pay in gold for crowns items and get a discount. :D

But i'm afraid there's one thing that i have to disagree with is that waffles. i'm sorry; PANCAKEZ OWN.

Feb 21, 2009
Well, I do agree too, I mean, I bought like 5 dollars of crowns, and it barely unlocked any areas, then I bought a subscribtion, 10 dollars, almost over, but I am going to renew. I know I probably saved A LOT of money, but I only bought I think 3 or 4 areas, and that wasted all the crowns, so, those 5 dollars I spent were wasted.....
I mean really, I wish you could trade gold coins for crowns how you can trade crowns for gold coins....
I can feel this game getting worse

Jun 19, 2009
Maybe a bit over the top here but i do agree with this point mainly:

Subscribers need more privilages!
Crowns have taken over the world, even though i have bought crowns myself, on top of the subscription fee it is a bit much. Subscription should be better than crowns, but for some reason it isnt. I think this needs to be sorted out to regain the loyalty of subscribers.

Aug 07, 2009
Well, mmm.... what to say?

I have not been here very long, nor on the game long, but I enjoy every single second on the game!

sure there are problems, but overall i enjoy the game as a whole.

one of the problems I just recently noticed is I am stuck on a quest.
the bridge will not acknowledge my presence and allow me to continue to next quest, and I have done the death oni TWICE!

if any devs see this, please give me a solution.

Also, I agree that subscribers seem a little ripped when benefits are passed out, however, as I said before, I have not been here long. So the past is not known to me.
I have only been here a month or two before the mount/etc change.

anyway, hope this gets fixed, thanks for reading and watch your backs out there, its a crazy, crazy world. :D


Oct 19, 2009
All i got out of this was whining. If you don't like it. There is an uninstall button. Very useful and gets rid of all of your problems!

Dec 18, 2008
MattzMage wrote:
All i got out of this was whining. If you don't like it. There is an uninstall button. Very useful and gets rid of all of your problems!

Okay not most people don't want to quit the game. They just wants thing to get better, but your guys are expecting Kingsisle to provide everything, you guys want them to be on time with "FIXING THE PROBLEM." Yeah it was better BACK THEN, but I mean cut the people some slack, you guys have high expectations. Just give them time let them worry with the problems in the game. They obviously hit a log in the road, they will get over that log and things will be like they used to.

May 29, 2009
So let me see if I can summarize this. You are quitting the game because:

1. You want the "overwhelming" (your word, not mine) crown gear so that the game would be easier. In your words, you would be "unstoppable"

2. You claim you want to "work your way to the top", but you really don't want to. You want to buy crown gear that would make you unstoppable paired with easier boss drops.

3. You want special items like mounts and pets, but don't have to have to work for them by farming or paying real money. Oh, and you don't want a bunch of other people to have it because it would make you feel less special.

4. You have anger management issues and have lost friends because of things that happen in a virtual online game.

5. You believe crown players have some sort of advantage now with these new updates even though crown players would have to play the *exact same* amount of crowns as subscribers to take advantage of these updates. You forget that subscribers get free access to the PVP arena, open chat (if you're over 18), and access to the test realm.

Feb 22, 2009
I am sorry you quit the game but i do agree.they had animate robe stormzilla robes everythinh was perfect.then the updates. remove the good items. no it in the toilet!

oh yah and PANCAKES OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew Spiritgarden-31

Jul 11, 2009
Please don't take this into offense, but if all of this makes you want to quit a GREAT game like Wizard101, I suggest you not take games so seriously. And saying the update is junk, then don't spend your crowns on it! Simple! Done! I know your quitting tomorrow... so just pick what you want.


Mar 02, 2009
KI put those updates in to make the game better, there trying to help, not trying to make it worse. I personally have enjoyed all the updates. It makes the game interesting. If you want to quit thats your descision. But dont quit over progress of the game.

Aug 18, 2009
Feb 01, 2009
I, for one, totally agree. It's very unfair that crowns players get the attention. When they run out of crowns they cant go anywhere or buy those items. As a subscriber, you won't run out of crowns because, well, you're subscribed. I also agree with the fact that they gave us NO warning about taking away the gear with the stats and cards and replaced it with two bad items for each gear space in each world. And then they take that away too! But the terrible thing is they out it back, FOR CROWNS! Kingsile should take all of those reports in for help for the next upgrade. But other than that, the game is going swiftly.


Feb 19, 2009
Otys. Although i didn't know you, i agree with this entire post.. This game is going downhill majorly. People play games to have fun and many of the recent updates are ruining it. Times are hard during this financial dpression so we sometimes like to play games for fun. I just hope Kingsisle realizes how important subscribers ARE to them before it is too late. So i wish i could have met ya Otys, have ya have good luck with whatever else you decide to do. And good-bye to ya. :(

Dec 07, 2008
I completely agree!! If anything they should treat subscribers better than crown payers. We should be able to by crown items for a certain amount of gold too. This game is still fun but they should start making some changes and fast!

Feb 23, 2009
J3R3MY wrote:
The suscribers are taken for granted! It is wrong! Suscribers should get more things that crown buyers get. KingIsle, we spend more money, shouldn't you like US more? No? Why not?

Actually, not all subscribers spend more money. Some crowns players spend 40 dollars a month. And thats more than subsribing per YEAR. :/

Anyways, I'm a crowns player and a subscriber, so I'm all good.

Though on to topic;
You're only wanting attention, dear. This game is not your problem, you're anger is. If you don't like it, then quitting is your best idea.

Dec 14, 2009
The whiner...oops i meant the author of the story brought up a few good points,but it was lost in all the miasma . I think more than anything, he illustrated was that some good psychological therapy is needed. I wish him well though.

Feb 27, 2009
Pyrsik wrote:
The whiner...oops i meant the author of the story brought up a few good points,but it was lost in all the miasma . I think more than anything, he illustrated was that some good psychological therapy is needed. I wish him well though.

Otys left last october. he already quit.

Jan 01, 2009
who knows what this game will be like in 2030 i hope otys comes back to this post because really he'll miss out on the pet pavillion, celestia, and the new pets

Feb 27, 2009
princess524 wrote:
who knows what this game will be like in 2030 i hope otys comes back to this post because really he'll miss out on the pet pavillion, celestia, and the new pets

No, he left for a good reason. The same reason I'll be quiting wizard101 soon.

May 01, 2010
wow you know, this post actually makes me think twice. He is right though, just about last week (and last night) I was wishing that there were better things in the crown shop. A friend of mines suggested me another game yesterday who is also an old player of w101. Anyways going to try the game out tonight, but I have already paid for the one year discount. I am a grand and I do get bored sometimes, the pet derby thing (how ever you spell it) did disappoint me yesterday after getting pet to epic and no thing rare learned so I guess I wont be seeing my pet help in battle. Anyways lets hope things change, but from the looks of it I dont think it will be anytime soon. :?

Storm Grand: Chase Hawkstalker

Feb 06, 2010
Lot of people saying that this game is going down hill in this thread... but ten million players doesnt seem like downhill to me. but maybe thats just me.