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Housing Item Requests

Oct 18, 2009
Geoffery23 on Feb 10, 2016 wrote:
i like the idea of the school globes, but most of what you have them raining I wouldn't want.

Leaves would be good. Rain would be good. The rest? raining balancing boards down into the house? Triangles droping all over the floor? Getting hit with falling skulls? no thnks.
I think its cool idea but death should the fog that comes out of the mooshu brazier or maybe like the clouds that show up when you use storm lord. Myth could have a little yellow and blue sparkles. (its all i can think of) Balance can have a sandstorm

Also could we have wardrobes, dyable furniture, the columns from the wystria schools (all of them), a way to make floating items (or just floating items in general), and items that are placable in and under the water (coral, lily pads, boats, other various water related things).

Oct 18, 2009
Trevor Dawnstalker on Feb 10, 2016 wrote:
My idea for a housing item is kind of like the flying bug in the amber estate but you can choose where it goes

I doubt it will be added but it just might.
I actually managed to do something similar to this idea using the dragonfly mount and bread crumbs, you cant ride on it but it looks cool flying around my life house's pond(even if its weird when going up ledges)

Mar 06, 2013
I would love to see yeti or phoenix related housing items because I love them I am all over the yeti pets

Dec 28, 2008
How about a housing item like a snow globe that adds sun rays

Feb 06, 2010
Professor Greyrose on Jan 7, 2016 wrote:

In your travels throughout the Spiral, have you ever seen something neat and thought "I want that for my house"?

If so, please post your requests here for items in game that you'd like to see converted to housing items.

When you make your request, please be as specific as possible. Describe the item clearly and include the world and area location where you saw it in game.

It is also very helpful if you take a screenshot of the item and also of where you are standing on the map when you are looking at it. You can send those screenshots attached to an email titled "Housing Item Request" to community@wizard101.com.

While we cannot guarantee your requests will make it in to the game, we will absolutely review each request.

I always wanted the headmaster's desk. I know there is a similar desk in MB that has a back on it, but I would like one that does not have a back. Also anything from Aquila(like the statue in the headmaster's cabinet of wonders). I feel as though when it comes to myth decoration its limited. Oh and above all perhaps some wallpaper that looks like you have a ton of books like the kind in Wizard's Watch Tower.

Aug 07, 2011
Display cabinets that you can add wands hats housing items and like anything. It would make players feel special Fire students could get a fire symbal on it

May 02, 2011
TucsonWizard on Jan 8, 2016 wrote:
I would like to see all wizards receive a small replica of the "band members" we've rescued for Zeke.
Smiths, Beetles, Stray Cats, Yardbirds, Blue Oysters, Stone Roses, Troggs, Lounge Lizards, UFOs, Sock Monkeys, Khryckets, Black Crows, Wallflowers, Iron Butterflies and Polar Roses*.

(*The Polar Roses seem to be the only one of these that's not a current or former musical group - at least I can find no reference of it as a band name)

And as an added bonus - maybe a cabinet of some sort to display them all once they're collected.

"Hey there 'lil wizard, one of them Beetles you wrangled up decided he'd like to stay at your house for a while if'n ya don't mind... I'll stick him in your backpack for now".
I love this idea!

May 02, 2011
I would like to see something changed and one thing added:

The housing item Wand Rack: I know we can hang our wands on walls, but that's not always the look we want/are going for. So if it was possible to put 2-3 wands on this that would be amazing (I admit it's for selfish purposes, I'm making a wand house and would love alternative ways of displaying them). It wouldn't have to be like the mannequins, the item count could stay the same. Just an alternative way of showing one of the most important items in the game would be awesome!

The item I would like to see added is an athame display case. Some of the coolest looking items are the different athames and I've always thought it is a shame that the only place to see the artwork for them is in our backpack view.


May 02, 2011
I have another idea (sorry if I post more than one, I'm home all day).

The wishing well we can purchase with tickets:
It looks cool and everything (even if it is a bit tiny), but unlike the other expensive housing items it's not interactive.
I think it would be awesome if that item was the only non-pack item that gave you stuff. Now, I'm not thinking it should give things on the same level as those; even if it just dropped gold (the coins thrown in the well maybe?) I think that would be a great addition for the PvP'rs and Racers.

Sep 20, 2012
When you first go into Mount Olympus there are the statues of the different gods on either side of Athena Battlesight. I know we can get Zeus, but I think the the other statues should be available as drops (even if it's only in the one shot duels). Especially since there are a lot of players with statue gardens and these statues would be a great addition to them.

Feb 07, 2011
not sure if i posted this already; just in case, here is my list again:

1) that drake family banner from the 5 b.o.x.e.s event.

(i have been fan-girl squealing over that since i laid eyes on it, as it would fit perfectly with my ds-themed house... actually, it's more of a shrine to the first arc, but you get the idea)

2) the picture of cyrus as bob ross from the 5 b.o.x.e.s event.

3) a malistaire the undying plushie (i promise to hug it and cuddle it always!)
4) a wishing well~ if you drop gold into it, it will give you a prize.

5) dr. von's amazing arcane photo booth

(what is that, you ask? visit here to see more: https://www.wizard101.com/forum/the-dorms/dr-vons-amazing-arcane-photo-booth--8ad6a41a47aa72460147bd990bfe3a6d)

that's all for now, may add to this later.


Feb 06, 2015
A painting of all of the worlds that are in the spiral

A treasure card vendor in your house

A way to put your professor in your house

A trainer for any school that you can craft

A way to set the time for your house like night or day

A dueling circle that you can craft

Jun 15, 2013
What I'd like see return are the domed trees found in Mooshu. What happened to those? One used to be able to get them on occasion in the Bazaar, but apparently they're no longer available. What also would be nice to have is the crystal stand in the library of Dragonspyre where the Loremaster dungeon is located. And the wooden bench in upper Caer Lyon next to the door of the Nosebiter's Hideout in Avalon.

Oct 09, 2010
King Leo 46 on Jan 8, 2016 wrote:
i wish we could put our school trees in our house

i also like to be able to make like islands in the house like when you place it water go around it and a pine tree pops out in a cartoon kinda way but the neat part is you be able to enter it

and i also like to be able to place my spell in the hose but instead of it being unable to use maybe a way to place the spell in the house without being taken out of the deck like a trophy but it still dose the actions of the spell if it was casted if you hit x on the spell but instead it for battle it just be for show

and i like to have the sky of azteca in my house or at lest a choice of what kinda sky we can have in our houses
I agree on the Spell placing thing that would be EPIC!

May 24, 2014
In Celestia, there are yellow (with a black teardrop) and red (with a fire symbol) barrels spread in the areas where Marleybonians have made camp (like The Floating Land and Science Center). They're found in storage next to some many barrels and crates.

Nov 20, 2015
Statues of World Bosses? I'd personally like it if whenever we defeat a boss, we can receive a housing item, a statue of them. I'd love to be able to hang out with Krokhamen, Krokhotep, Krokopatra, the Oni's, Astraeus, Ptolemos, Mithraya and Morganthe without them being ghosts or trying to kill me :P

Oh, and the statues should be colored, y'know?

Mar 31, 2013
I would love to be able to buy, train, or craft a large pot for large soil plants.


Feb 10, 2012
- Furniture that we can dye
- Day/night cycle that also affects the lighting on the inside of the house (for example, it's dark inside at night too unless you have torches or candles or something).
- Perhaps instead of other weather globes, we could have toggle-able weather thingies that affect our entire house
- Doors
- Houses with lots of small rooms rather than a few big ones
- Ground textures for outside (snow, sand, etc)
- Ways to interact with our furniture (sitting at tables, writing at desks, etc)

Oct 31, 2009
Sep 22, 2011
If I could have one thing in the entire game in my house, it would be the sock monkey.
Don't let us only have one though, I would love filling my houses with them.

- Level 110 life

Feb 08, 2009
1. A potion vendor for our houses
2. The magic globe / orb next to Headmaster Ambrose

Aug 21, 2014
First, thank you for posting this!
Second, I think different floorings and walls that are themed like Firecat Alley and maybe so waterfalls from the school like from the Shopping District
Thank you Mrs. Greyrose my professor, thank you

Feb 10, 2012
Wallpaper that matches the look of the castle building blocks.

Not sure why this isn't a thing yet. I often use the castle blocks to further divide rooms in my houses, and it's annoying that I can't get any wallpaper that matches perfectly.

Or better yet, let us put wallpaper on the castle blocks themselves.

May 29, 2014
I would really like a stone statue of Slyster Glowstorm from Wizard City, Crab Alley, In the Waterworks dungeon. It will match with my sunken castle.

Jul 28, 2014
I want a wisp Generator. Something simple that makes wisps spawn in your house.