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Feedback Friday 5-20-16

Jun 13, 2010
1. Change Wizards Name & Look (Please, Mindy Pixie Crown Can Craft This Potion)
2. Gold/Timer Free Hatching

Mainly Wants, Name and Look change all my Wizards are ugly.

Jul 27, 2009
Aug 27, 2011
I appreciate your hard work and I am now using this Opportunity, Within my "Very" first post.

Now what would we like
I don't know about a some wizards who play but .. Bank space. Pet Xp .. And other

They are all great things .. But between members only.. "Trading" Being able to trade any item between you and your friends would be amazing, I understand that this is a big one to ask for and that's why it should also have a level requirement and it should be of cost (Gold) .. Just like the member emotes .. I realized this option and wondered why not have another member advantage. But a more interesting and special one, this one

This is also one way to have more membered wizards across wizard city and the rest of the spiral

Hope I have made a good statement about my Idea, and thoughts will be put into this.

Thank you!

May 12, 2009
crystalwizard12345... on May 22, 2016 wrote:
Additional facial features - more eyes, eye colors, mouths, noses, pointed ears - and the ability to choose all of those bits individually. For example - right now if you want a blue eyed character, there's only one type of eye that's blue. But what if you want the frown and you want blue eyes? Not available, and rather than creating a huge library of blue eyes, green eyes, and so on, let's just create a library of different eyes and then choose the color separately.

Additional battle stances. Everyone stands exactly the same in battle except when casting. I'd really like to see a large number of different battle stances - some that are just defaults based on the school you pick and whether you're a boy or a girl, and some that could be purchased for crowns.

Optional casting animations for all the standard weapons - probably a crowns purchase for the specific weapon you have equipped at the time - non refundable and non transferable. Or maybe even a gem that can be attached to the weapon.
Your first topic is one I agree with big time. It would create more diversity.

Best of luck!

Nov 26, 2008
exp613 on May 21, 2016 wrote:
Professor Falmea,

Here are some good old ideas with a few new ones that I think would be great in no particular order:

1. 7th Wizard! (except this one this one is number one)
2. Character name change (maybe appearance too)
3. More chat features (saying numbers, I understand the concern with younger players, but it still would be nice)
4. More Member Emotes/Actions On my Wizard at the Bottom of my Fire Tower House I have an entire room dedicated to "casting spells" (standing in front of a Grimoire and dancing haha).
5. More bank/backpack etc space.
6. True Friend Code works for all characters (actually that would be nice for everyone) so maybe like a modified group chat where we still have the 4 person group chat, but maybe another option to join like a larger group chat-chat only type a thing?
7. Trading Items between friends? Maybe a kind of like a Private Auction/Bazaar for friends only instead of the main Bazaar. There could be limits so it's not completely crazy, such as you only can put one item up in the friend auction per day or something. Just an idea.
8. Random Elixir Effects for members on certain special promotional days like a Fishing Luck Boost.
9. A way to preview new updates before they are released on the live game. Some sort of Test server....
10. On occasions when there is a free item giveaway i.e. pack maybe you could give two codes to members? like a bonus code? I'm not sure if it will work, but just an idea.

Those are just some ideas that I had- I hope it helps!


P.S. In regard to your teaser; I'm excited and can't wait!
I totally agree with all your ideas! I especially want the double XP for pets on the weekends for members, that would really increase the amount of memberships. I honestly can't wait :D

Nov 26, 2008
average moe on May 21, 2016 wrote:
How about some members-only realms? That is, add new realms that only members can go to. All the old ones would still be there and available for both members and non-members, but also have member-only realms for when they want a zone to be less crowded. I suggest naming them after the Arcanum scholars.
Yes, I agree. Now at days especially in the summer it gets really really crowded and the chat keeps being spammed, especially in the commons or at PvP matches.

Nov 26, 2008
Professor Falmea on May 20, 2016 wrote:
Wizards, it’s been a little hectic around here this week, but I wanted to make sure and chat with everyone about the future. The sun still rises, and the firecat still purrs.

Simply put – all the great content on the plan for Wizard101 this year is still in the works. As you know, we’ve released Daily Assignments, some new skeleton key bosses, the gear vault, and more with the Spring Update. We’re currently hard at work in the middle of our next update that should be in your hands before the cool fall winds blow. I don’t want to spoil the fun of the reveal, but I’d say those who are really into combat and those who are really into shortcuts will be quite pleased this summer. More on that as the temperatures heat up!

Wizard101 will celebrate its 8th birthday on September 2nd, we’ve got some great plans, and we’re not stopping there. I’m proud to be a part of this community and the team has big plans to bring you lots of new and shiny fun for years to come.

So, with that out of the way, it’s time to down to Feedback Friday business! This week, I’d like to ask about member benefits. We like to reward our members! So, if you could create a new type of benefit like double pet xp weekends or even more permanent bank space, what would you choose?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Standard disclaimer applies: We do not guarantee to use each and every idea submitted, and questions we pose may or may not be pertaining to things we are currently working on, or will ever undertake. Sometimes, there are just technical limitations that make changing things difficult to impossible, and though we possess all manner of magic wands here, there are technological beasts out there that are beyond our grasp. Sometimes, we may not feel it is within the spirit and vision of the spiral to add or change something. Also, we realize that some of these topics may have been addressed before in other threads - sometimes it's good to pick up a discussion again. Chances are I have read your threads and would like to hear more!
I'dchoose doubleXP for pets every weekend for members because it really gets people playing and excited for makingnew pets.I would also ask if the spell Bad juju not be cloaked anymore due to spam and a spell that would cause you not to get shattered.Pierce jewels should be removed, we already have shrike and infallible with pierce pet talents and not to mention shrike gives a pierce blade.We also get pierce from certain PvP athames and rings. Pets for members should be allowed to be stored into shared bank even when having a jewel on it -for members only.I don't think permanent bank space is as awesome as double pet experience ever weekend, the permanent bank space won't definitely get as much more memberships as the double pet experience would.Every weekend is pure awesome and it will get players playing again.Lastly, the critical/block system needs to be reverted because many people can't PvP without worrying about being landed on.I also believe that the luck in the game has to change both in packs and drops.Not everyone has the funds to open packs all day or the time to farm all day. It should be equal and balanced.Ispent about $400 on crowns and haven't gotten a single wand from Keepers lore.You guys should also increase the crown rewards for the Earn crowns feature from 10 to 50 per video, gaining the crowns instantly after watching an ad for 30 seconds and not having to wait.Not only will you earn more revenue for the ads that are constantly being watched, people will love to earn crowns more! You should REALLY also give a crown ranking in PvP, similar to tickets. Like how you get 28 tickets if you're warlord, you can also gain 50-100 crowns at warlord, 30 at commander, and so on.Anew badge for people who are 1500 rank and up should be made, and a badge for people who are 2000 rank.Something also needs to be done about boosting.I also think that being the jewels are completely random, why are the regents so hard to get?Should be sold for tickets like fossils

Mar 25, 2010
I would love to see:

  1. One-time only name changes for wizards
  2. Ability to remove master login for account (now that I am in college I really do not need it)
  3. Ability to combine Jewels
  4. Ability to buy more items from the crown shop with gold
  5. An increased cap on gold to 500k

Level 78

Wow, what a fantastic turn out on this feedback post! Thank you, as always for the great ideas. I'll tell you this - one of the benefits mentioned in this post will be coming up soon! At least two more are already on the plan in the next year, and I have another big list of ideas to discuss with the team as well.

A new topic will be coming up shortly, stay tuned!

“If the Mind is like a candle, the Heart is like the sun.” Professor Falmea (aka Leah Ruben, your fearless Game Director!)