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Feedback Friday 5-20-16

Mar 28, 2011
More pet space, or a house that holds extra pets
Energy bonus weekends - everyone gets +40
Double drops from bosses (farming mania!)

May 12, 2011
I would love to see an extra energy bulb! I have several gardens, train tons of pets and when new fishing comes out I try to get all the new fish. It could work in the same manner that backpacks work. When you're a non-member it goes down to limit of 80. When a member 150. In the same way if you're a non member you have one energy bulb and if you're a member you have two. That would be a great addition to our gameplay I think. I also agree with a few people's suggestions of other vaults. I could personally use a tc, reagent, mount and pet ones :) Though I don't think those should be member exclusive. I would like for the gear vault to allow for decks to be placed in them as well. If not, then maybe a vault for that would work too. Would also be very nice if when we put our decks in banks etc if we could keep our tc in them. Oh and as a side note, please add some new gear. I love to change looks often but am tired of the same old outfits. Also, add some of the pvp gear look with no stats to the arena vendors.

Mar 05, 2012
An option to 'Buy Back' character looks or name (same as buying back training points); even if One Time Only or at a certain level reached for the option to be available (I'd pay crowns for that).

When leveling up in Gardening or Fishing, energy refills to full (like health and mana do when you level in game play).

Shanna057 - Fabulous Idea on a common area house option for all wizards on same account One that you can put gauntlets or vaults, etc for any character to access. Love Your Idea

Mar 28, 2013
Thanks for the future info! Your suggestions were great too.

I would like to see:

  • the ability to have our wizards smile
  • double energy
  • trading between accounts if they are linked to a family of accounts
  • a one-time name reset
  • a one-time hairstyle and/or color change
  • a smoother, more efficient way to manage inventory-so a big YES to more permanent pack/bank space.
The vaults were definitely needed, but they are cumbersome. I spend the most time sorting and moving things when logged on now-even with seed and gear vaults.

Apr 19, 2009
Take a look at the drop rates of certain reagents like sonic spring. Next to impossible to get now yet I've bought almost all the recipes. Maybe we could craft them? Or just plain make them more available. Keep up the good work, loving it!

Jan 11, 2012
Locomech on May 21, 2016 wrote:
Please, Please, Please........ Adjust fishing XP so the higher ranks are obtainable in a normal lifespan without spending 2 million crowns.
loco, HERE is the official word about this.

Jan 11, 2012
1) double fishing XP (after the xp issues are addressed)

2) more storage space all around (bank, share bank, backpack, etc)

3) change character name

4) once per lifetime of the account age change

5) member only realms (average moe, awesome idea)

6) dropable/craftable spells that are member only or a lower crafting rank needed to craft them (with a vendor available earlier on in the game). perfect example are adding new deer spells, or mechanical golem spells (like pot boiler as an example)

7) unviersal Zoo that all your characters can put pets into. if your membership stops, your pets automatically go into your shared bank so they dont get lost/deleted. The pets should be sorted into pens by school

8) a free refill of energy every time you reach a new level in gardening and fishing
higher gold limit. NOT a free energy elixir, just refill the bottle. We should get a free bottle for every 5 levels we've already obtained however.

Nov 16, 2014
Maybe letting members buy an item from the arena without being a certain level, because its harder for some schools to excel in pvp, I'm storm for example and i don't have a lot of healing spells or defenses, but I really want the coat of invincibility, and I have the points needed I'm just not a high enough level

Dec 12, 2014
bigchad41 on May 21, 2016 wrote:
I would like to see Wizard 101 have a members only gathering room, where you chat about quests, which quest you need help with. And be able to trade clothes, wands, knives, amulets, rings, tc cards, reagents, pet snacks, in a bidding store called " Charlie" in it you place your trading items and what it is your looking for.
I would like to see long time payers that have been good to have a review to get old muted accounts to be unmuted since they proved they have grown up and no longer will share or say bad things as was done on that old account, thank you

Mar 31, 2013
I love confused159's idea about a vault for housing items - great idea!!

May 07, 2015
1: more bank and backpack space
2: cheaper one-shot dungeons every couple of weeks
3: more one-shot dungeons (if its possible)
4: increase the drop rate on Zeus's helmet of heavenly gaze(or whatever its called)
5: school specific plants
6: Polaris housing packs
7: be able to buy the school furniture in the crown shop
8: themed furniture

that's all I got right now.

Nov 22, 2010
Additional facial features - more eyes, eye colors, mouths, noses, pointed ears - and the ability to choose all of those bits individually. For example - right now if you want a blue eyed character, there's only one type of eye that's blue. But what if you want the frown and you want blue eyes? Not available, and rather than creating a huge library of blue eyes, green eyes, and so on, let's just create a library of different eyes and then choose the color separately.

Additional battle stances. Everyone stands exactly the same in battle except when casting. I'd really like to see a large number of different battle stances - some that are just defaults based on the school you pick and whether you're a boy or a girl, and some that could be purchased for crowns.

Optional casting animations for all the standard weapons - probably a crowns purchase for the specific weapon you have equipped at the time - non refundable and non transferable. Or maybe even a gem that can be attached to the weapon.

Feb 02, 2009
I would like to see increased drop rate for gear such as waterworks, Hades, and Darkmoor sets. To decrease the amount of time needed to farm for it. And to make the game less of a chore to play and to have more fun.

More backpack space would be nice as well. Also the ability to hold more coins.

Jun 05, 2010
What about on Member Bonus days all the KEY bosses to be FREE of KEY to enter.

Dec 21, 2012
May 21, 2009
Would love to see some diverse colour schemes for the Pioneer/Frontier Dragon mount. I find red on red to be rather mundane.

May 25, 2009
Some good member benefits:
1. 60k gold per hoard pack.
2. Earn more rank/tickets based on the amount of players for ranked pvp; Ex: (4v4= 4x rank/tickets), (3v3= 3x rank/tickets), (2v2= 2x rank/tickets), and 1v1 just stays the same. This will promote more team pvp.
3. 7th wizard creation spot.
4. All elixirs are free for a certain time.
5. 60k gold to max all your pets numbers. Ex: 233 agility turns into 250.
6. A member chat where all members in the same realm can talk, no matter what room or area.

Jul 05, 2009
Thanks for the clarification!

1. Name change day: We could change our name or shorten it. (this may be hard)

2.Pet stitching: For example, I have a polar cat who's stats are good but dosent match my character. And I love, Love, LOVE the polar bear but sadly, he wouldn't be able to help my storm wizard.

3.Unlimited energy day

4.Double luck elixir: Makes getting rare pet talents easier

5:Fast train: random double or triple pet xp


Nov 15, 2015
exp613 on May 21, 2016 wrote:
Professor Falmea,

Here are some good old ideas with a few new ones that I think would be great in no particular order:

1. 7th Wizard! (except this one this one is number one)
2. Character name change (maybe appearance too)
3. More chat features (saying numbers, I understand the concern with younger players, but it still would be nice)
4. More Member Emotes/Actions On my Wizard at the Bottom of my Fire Tower House I have an entire room dedicated to "casting spells" (standing in front of a Grimoire and dancing haha).
5. More bank/backpack etc space.
6. True Friend Code works for all characters (actually that would be nice for everyone) so maybe like a modified group chat where we still have the 4 person group chat, but maybe another option to join like a larger group chat-chat only type a thing?
7. Trading Items between friends? Maybe a kind of like a Private Auction/Bazaar for friends only instead of the main Bazaar. There could be limits so it's not completely crazy, such as you only can put one item up in the friend auction per day or something. Just an idea.
8. Random Elixir Effects for members on certain special promotional days like a Fishing Luck Boost.
9. A way to preview new updates before they are released on the live game. Some sort of Test server....
10. On occasions when there is a free item giveaway i.e. pack maybe you could give two codes to members? like a bonus code? I'm not sure if it will work, but just an idea.

Those are just some ideas that I had- I hope it helps!


P.S. In regard to your teaser; I'm excited and can't wait!
I really like exp613's idea of a private auction/bazaar for friends only and I think to add onto that if it was possible to do a friends of friends bazaar, like you have the choice to put it in friends only or to put it in friends of friends and to make it where no auctions can be sold there too.

Fallon StormCloud

Apr 06, 2013
I don't know if this counts but...

1. More fishing xp even though its being worked on.

2. Change our appearance or at least let us change something small like the color of our eyes.

3. Open the chat for people who are really 18.

4. Lowering the crown prices.

5. Increase more on key drops cause the key bosses are really fun to play over again.

6. Extend the trading policy like instead maybe trade reagents or snacks with other people instead of something besides treasure cards.

7. Free minions pack during celebrations.


Feb 28, 2012
Aug 30, 2010
I would like to see a seventh character slot, double fishing XP, the ability to change our appearence/name, stitching for gold, and maybe a members only realm(s). Great ideas, everybody!
~Rachel Pixieleaf, 110

Apr 05, 2010
I can see that the one thing people want most....is to change their current/any wizard's name, and i agree

Jun 04, 2014
I have lots of gear and outfits. I also have mastery amulets. I use the feature for equipment sets quite heavily. Unlike many players, I don't like to wear just one set of stitched gear for all occasions. I like to mix it up and use as much of my gear as possible in many different combinations. When I go into battle against a certain school type of mob, I use the fast gear feature to load in the set of clothes, wand, pet, amulet, etc. to fight with.

Right now, we are limited to 8 sets of these gear sets. I would like to see that doubled or tripled. This would give me more flexibility to create additional gear sets so I can start doing things like: max health healing gear set, max health points gear set, max damage gear set, max defense percentage gear set, etc.


Jun 05, 2009
Here are a few ideas for member benefits:

1. Let members have a 25% resist boost (non-PVP) for a few days.
2. Ability to skip to the last boss of the dungeon (or the boss with the drops you want) for a few days.
3. Ability to turn off "turn to face" when picking up reagents, collecting from wooden chests, gardening, etc.
4. Ability to sort gear in backpack, bank, etc. by stats. It would be great to have multiple sorting levels. For example, I would like to be able to sort my gear first by resistance, then by damage. This would make it simpler and less tedious to compare items and decide which items to sell or to equip.
5. Additional pet names. I have so many pets that it's hard to remember which pet has which stats, especially with titles (like King) that are repeated in many names. Pet names that could help me remember what the pet does would be helpful. When I rename my pets, I nearly always drop the title and look for the most descriptive single word name possible.
6. Ability to have multiple marks set.
7. Increase size of shared bank, bank, attic.
8. Ability to adjust view during battles so that the damage on those tall monsters is visible.
9. Ability to view pet stats of pets that have been placed in a house.

Thank you for asking. #3 has been on my wish list for years!