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Feedback Friday 5-20-16

Mar 17, 2012
I think it would be amazing to have a KI store available for everyone internationally so we would be able to buy all things online through your company, it would be a huge benefit not only to your members and non-members and I believe you would profit in a large way due to the fact it is very hard to find the Wizard101 cards and bundles. Rather than other people making extra money on your product to make them available worldwide I think it is a big issue for people that really would like to get memberships and crowns and I believe you lose many customers due to this fact. I must tell you it is very frustrating when I would like to get a new house and there is no way I can get the Wizard101 bundles and crowns. I hope my opinion helps and would really like to see it come to fruition. To have all KI sales available on Wizard101 and also in the stores where they are now it would certainly make for an equal playing field.

Also a currency conversion for all involved because each place that you sell your product the prices of the country when we buy it on an online store or in a store in my case. I would be paying Canadian funds if I buy it online, I am paying American Funds if that could be corrected it would be great to be able to put it in the country currency you're from and pay the price that you pay if you walk to the store. Thank you Wizard101 is a great game, we all hope to see you around for many years to come.

Nov 06, 2012
  1. Maybe being able to change our character names without having to delete each one.
  2. Also making up some names would be a nice idea.
  3. A bigger bank sounds great to.
  4. More Hair styles maybe. Just wanted to say thank you

Apr 05, 2010
I've got so many ideas in mind that even some of the people have already put up:

1. more bank space/backpack space

2. more gold for members only (i. e. people who pay for their membership)

3. school specific housing items

4. wizard birthday rewards (i. e. my wizard101 account was created on April 5, 2010, which means my wizard is 6 years old.)

5. i agree with the double pet xp....but have it during certain times of the year....like maybe two or three weeks during the summer, or even during winter break)

6. being able to choose what abilities you want your pet to have when putting them through the breeding process (i can sense alot of people would agree to this, as it would make playing the pet games much more rewarding)

7. being able to buy card packs with gold once a month (paying members only)

8. school specific plants

9. better rewards for those who have special houses (i. e. Sultan's Palace has a Genie that gives out rewards, mainly snacks, reagents, and gold) why not gear as well

10. Random Elixirs during the weekends once a month

Mar 29, 2013
I would like to see Wizard 101 have a members only gathering room, where you chat about quests, which quest you need help with. And be able to trade clothes, wands, knives, amulets, rings, tc cards, reagents, pet snacks, in a bidding store called " Charlie" in it you place your trading items and what it is your looking for.

Jun 19, 2010
So many great ideas have been suggested how to reward membership:
  • increase gold,backpack space, housing items, pets in houses
  • Wizard Birthday Recognition Day (i.e. banner, award, Painting of Wizard to hang in their house, sign, special item, pet, plant, clothing, gear, weapon, etc...)
  • Membership exclusive Zones, Areas, Dungeons, Gear, Pets, mounts, housing item, plant, etc...
  • Pet or Henchman that resembles Wizard or one of their other wizards
  • New Dancing moves
  • Better menu phrases (KI can post a website survey that allows all players to submit phrases that all other players vote on, and the ones with the most votes, are considered for adding to menu chat)
  • Membership of the day activity, event, quest, battle, etc... (daily assignment for members)
  • More transformation spells (i.e. School Professor, NPCs in the game, silly shapes like a floating balloon on a string, etc...)
  • Teleporters that take you to more than one location
  • On the wizard's birthday, make the wizard with membership an NPC for the day (can be used anywhere in the game)
  • Chests with increased value drops on available with membership
  • Levels for fishing or gardening increased
  • Anyone with membership can enter areas in the game non-members can't (Professor's house, or rooms in their training space)
  • Clickable objects throughout the game that transport players with membership to other locations
  • Tapestries to player's houses

Jun 20, 2012
I think the ability for members to unlock the 7th character or to be able to purchase additional "members only" character slots would be perfect. Members only character slots would also reduce the load on servers by not allowing non-members to acquire them, but still allow members the perks of playing all schools.

Jun 13, 2011
Well, how could I refuse?

- More backpack space. Increase it up to 250. Permanently up the standard backpack space from 80 to 150 for all free & crowns players to go with the member benefit upgrade. Even they deserve more backpack space just as the members do.

- More housing Bank & Shared Bank space. Increase the housing Bank and Shared Bank space up to 200.

- Double Daily Assignment rewards. Gives twice the amount of our daily rewards by completing our daily assignments.

- More spell cards to select in duels. Allows some more choices to select spell cards in duels.

- 1/2 off Second Chance Chest prices. Reduce the Crowns prices on Second Chance Chests by half.

- PvP Tournament discounts & double rewards. Reduce the price on starting PvP tournaments & give out twice the amount of Arena Tickets & more item rewards in PvP tournaments.

- Temporary rare loot chance increase. Gives our members increased chance at obtaining rare unique loot, especially from bosses & in SCCs.

- Double gold amounts in duels. Gives twice the gold amounts in defeating enemies in duels.

Well, those are the benefits I can think about now.

Aug 25, 2013
1. The ability to form and operate an alliance or guild. Guild banks, Guild quests and ranks, etc...

2. A pet specific house - the collection grows....

3. More bank/attic/shared bank/jewel storage space.

4. The ability to trade reagents without having to "work" the bazaar with extreme coordination.

5. A "Team Up" like function for regular quest lines.

6. The ability to speed up battle animations.

7. A members only server or set of realms.

8. A rewards program based on crowns purchases. *If I tallied up actual real dollars spent over the last few years, my wife would shoot me*

9. The ability to "stitch" mounts and pets. If my ice skates had 50% speed and 2% accuracy, I would be in heaven.

Sep 25, 2011
I know this is a late reply but this is the one idea I believe is fair and balanced that would not only help wizards but help you in subscriptions at a specific time line of your choosing.

Once a year, at any date you choose King Isle, for two days only ;

At any time between ranks (teen through mega) while leveling your pet; the next three pet talents or derby talents learned; can be controlled and chosen from the list given on the pet's current tree.

So in example from ancient too mega (meaning ancient, epic, and mega ranks); the next three talents on that pet's talent tree list; I am able to control what that pet learns while leveling.

Not only does this help you sell more mega booster packs but also energy potions as well which means more crowns purchased from you King Isle.

If the pet King Isle developer believes this is too much in the previous idea, then for three days only ; self hatching only ; the wizard can select three talents from the pets in the hatching window selected; to be guaranteed to transfer to the new pet after the hatching process with a higher chance of being learned.

This would increase crown purchase in hatching elixirs and mega booster snack pack purchases along with subscription to help out in profits.

This is the only thing that is the most desired thing wizards could ask for. Not only that, this may also encourage people to PvP more if they were giving incentive that they could make PvP pets more easily to try out different deck builds.

Mar 13, 2010
There are a few things I'd like to see:

Permanent Member Enhancements:
  • Larger backpacks and banks, much larger shared bank (if server resources are the concern, I'd like this more than backpack and bank space), even maybe shared Attics?
  • Faster energy regeneration. I have one character in Energy Gear who can't fill up in 24 hours.
  • I love the idea above of a shared common area for each account that allows all bundle gauntlets to be placed so that every character on the account could use them. That would be a huge benefit for members.
  • Allow gold and TC trading through Shared Bank - if a TC is No Trade, it just can't be put in the Shared Bank.
  • As stated above, members should be able to gift sale items at the same sale price as they can purchase for themselves.
  • "Movable" timers. Now that we have pets who may be "unmovable", a feature that allows my Balance who doesn't need to hatch today to "move" her timer to my Life who does. Instead of every character having a timer, just having six per account (assuming six characters, would be three if three characters) would be helpful. And a convenience - but not necessary - enhancement that some Crowns players might choose Membership for.

I don't want to see weekly member rewards, I don't want every weekend to be Double Pet or Double Garden; while I understand the reasoning for Member Benefits, Crowns players have also spent money on the game. Having one of those doubles every weekend goes beyond rewarding the type of player you'd rather have to actually slapping the other type of player in the face.

Dec 16, 2009
A member benefit that lets you choose your reward from a boss's loot table at the end of the battle. That way when the benefit is active players who successfully complete a tough instance such as Darkmoor are guaranteed a great piece of gear.

May 28, 2013
Hi Anthony Anvilheart (110). I would really enjoy not having to play a game to feed my pets, or maybe having no cost to stich items. I love this game and the people who play and either one of these would be a great draw for more memberships.

Jul 10, 2010
I think a good option for players would be the ability to buy "The Seventh Character." You could do this by paying a bigger sum of crowns. (5000, 10000?)

My top idea which I guarantee many players want is the ability to remodel your character's appearance and name. This would also cost a big sum of crowns. There could also be a cool-down on name changing, however, if they're spending their crowns, maybe you should let them use those.

Player remodeling would most likely achieve happier players who spend less time questing to make new characters. Therefore, they would have more time to focus on pets, gardening, etc. This way, they would use more crowns.

I don't understand how this cannot be beneficial. Thanks for your time!

Aug 03, 2014
Be able to pay for worlds with crowns, it finishes the world and gives the player 10 levels, completes all quest, gives the player the sspells of that world gotten from quest, and the badges from quest. I would love this and use it every time it would come during the month. Or mmake it a thing that you can always do.

Jun 14, 2013
So many cool choices, but our family think these would entice us to play more.

1. Trading Items with Family Accounts or True Friends.
2. Bigger Banks for Members.
3. More Gold buying options, including Pack Weekends.
4. Free Stitching Weekends!!
5. Unlimited Hatching weekend.
6. Double Fishing reward weekends.
7. 7th Wizard is always a cool idea.
8. Being able to change our characters looks or name :)
9. Ability to FAMILY quest with OPEN chat for all family members! You would have to be a family account Parent/child and members so that you can open speak and no ... I should be able to say NUMBERS to my kids.

Community Leader
I don't have any ideas for temporary benefits, but I have some thoughts about existing and new permanent perks that members get!

Permanent Benefits

  • One free tournament per month per account.
  • Reduced hatching cost. It's still really expensive and difficult to make a pet, and it's the only thing holding me back from making a good Jade pet. Lower hatching costs would make it easier for members to create pets!
  • Members have a chance at better rewards from the Day 5 daily chest.

Temporary Benefits

  • I know that free tournaments are already a thing, but I'd like to see that benefit come around more often. I think I can safely say that it's everyone's favorite perk!
  • Free stitching for a limited time

This last bit is somewhat related to member benefits. I have the interesting problem of too many Evil Magma Peas. I don't want to throw them away, but I'd like to be able to do something with them. They're taking up bank space now :(

DuelCircle Organizer. The Slowpoke Sloth is the best.
Mar 17, 2012
I have to agree for many reasons with the comment that we should be able to change our wizard names without deleting them and have to start all over; I think this is something that really needs to happen.

I would also like to suggest there are many very smart people on wizard101, that can do many things with their wizards homes, that some of us just do not have the ability to do. I know the rule is never give out your account information, so therefore, I am suggesting you choose KI contractors (a list of people that are registered and chosen by your company for hire), like the fan sites you choose to represent you.
Then if someone say wanted something done in their home like building something or glitching ext. they would contact KI by email get your approval, and a contact name of a person, that you have verified to be safe through proper ID who has the ability to do these things.
It could be all done through your safe server email. You could then give us a code for that person that can only be used by the 2 individual’s and that would make it safe to give the account info so they may accept the contracting job.
As I sit here and think about this it could also help wiz kids that can't afford memberships and such, because this would not be a free service. I know by my experience, if I had the ability to help someone, I would be more than willing to take the proper channels give my ID to your company to provide a service. So they might be able to play your wonderful game with a membership.

Mar 17, 2012
confused159 on May 21, 2016 wrote:
I love the seed and gear vaults and would especially like one for housing items! That way, I could keep things I'm not sure what I want to do with yet or that are seasonal (so I can change out decorations with the seasons and holidays) without overloading my backpack and bank.
Great idea I agree a 100%

Mar 17, 2012
wepeo on May 21, 2016 wrote:
I would like to say thanks for what you guys have done so far
I also would like to say Thank You, and hope everyone that has been laid off will be able to return.

Mar 17, 2012
Tara Windwalker on May 21, 2016 wrote:
1. 7th character so we can play each school.

2. More backpack space ... even if we have to pay for vaults to carry within our backpacks. I would buy a mount vault, weapon vault, and housing item vault to carry within my backpack (not in my house, but in my backpack so they are handy)

3. More items allowed per house.

4. Come up with a way that we can temporarily have access to all of our housing items (bank, shared, backpack) so we can freely decorate, without a hassle. We waste so much time going back and forth retrieving items, it would be worth buying a "temporary storage" elixir.

5. Be able to give away some items to new wizards (like pets we don't want) or give every visitor to our house a gift.

6. New dance moves and better dance music.

7. Feature more screenshots of members playing the game. Who caught largest fish? Who hatched the pet with the best stats? Who killed a Boss with the biggest hit? Who has the best stats in their gear? Or, just a random member playing.

8. It doesn't make sense that if I want to give a bundle or item on Wizard101.com to someone that I have to pay full price, when they are on sale. Members should be able to buy items, at the sale price, to give as prizes at parties or to fansites.

9. Give paying members a discount in the Crown Shop and for restitching items.

10. Give members the opportunity to buy a Party Package for our house consisting of special occasion music, games, dungeons, firework displays, decorations, etc. We would buy, for 1 or 2 hours, special graphics and special activities which would be themed for Birthdays, Meet and Greets, Holidays, etc. These items and activities would be unique and only available at Parties. Activities would be announced on our screen so that everyone knows a game is starting and who is the winner of a prize.
Wow have to agree with everything that was said here Great Ideas Tara Windwalker

Apr 29, 2016
Dear Professor Falmea,

I would like to see an adoption center in the Pet Pavilion. It would be a place where players trade pets to each other.
If you traded a pet to someone the pet would be the same amount of money it costs to originally purchase it (or double, depending if it's a hybrid). Once a pet would be traded to another wizard, all the talents and age should be removed. I think there should be pets running around in the adoption center. I think the adoption center would be a neat place for wizards to hang out together. Please except my idea, and I hope can put it into a future update.

Thank you,
Jacob Waterfountain

Nov 28, 2010
I wouldn't mind seeing changes to both members and non-members when it comes to backpack space. An idea I have is that members start with a base of 100 spaces, non-members 80. Every 10 levels members get an additional 10 spaces, non-members get 5. So a level 10 member would have 110 spaces, non-member would have 85. A level 110 member would have 210 backpack spaces, non-member would have 135.

First catch XP rewards for a week; meaning if you've caught the fish already (I've caught all of them on all of my wizards), instead of getting the standard 1%, you get full first catch XP for every catch for the duration of the promo.

Double Energy week, so you can do twice as much fishing, pet training, or gardening, or a combination of many. The timer to replenish each point would also be cut in half.

I like the free henchmen idea. Having a week where you can hire all the henchmen you want at no cost could come in handy.

Oct 12, 2015
I say that add things like tradeing like stuff and get gold when you join and stuff like that

Aug 30, 2008
exp613 on May 21, 2016 wrote:
Professor Falmea,

Here are some good old ideas with a few new ones that I think would be great in no particular order:

1. 7th Wizard! (except this one this one is number one)
2. Character name change (maybe appearance too)
3. More chat features (saying numbers, I understand the concern with younger players, but it still would be nice)
4. More Member Emotes/Actions On my Wizard at the Bottom of my Fire Tower House I have an entire room dedicated to "casting spells" (standing in front of a Grimoire and dancing haha).
5. More bank/backpack etc space.
6. True Friend Code works for all characters (actually that would be nice for everyone) so maybe like a modified group chat where we still have the 4 person group chat, but maybe another option to join like a larger group chat-chat only type a thing?
7. Trading Items between friends? Maybe a kind of like a Private Auction/Bazaar for friends only instead of the main Bazaar. There could be limits so it's not completely crazy, such as you only can put one item up in the friend auction per day or something. Just an idea.
8. Random Elixir Effects for members on certain special promotional days like a Fishing Luck Boost.
9. A way to preview new updates before they are released on the live game. Some sort of Test server....
10. On occasions when there is a free item giveaway i.e. pack maybe you could give two codes to members? like a bonus code? I'm not sure if it will work, but just an idea.

Those are just some ideas that I had- I hope it helps!


P.S. In regard to your teaser; I'm excited and can't wait!
I like lots of these ideas as well. Since all 6 of my characters are higher level it would be nice to have the option for a 7th wizard. Free stitching weekend would be nice. Also maybe a perk for pvp/derby a weekend where win or loose you get a special dropped item or reward. A weekend where your energy refills faster.

Me and my family love the game and are looking forward to all the new exciting things to come :)

Oct 31, 2011
1.Energy for pets, gardening, and fishing be separated to their own energy.
2.Something to allow people to help with quests where they can click a button to see the quest you are doing maybe something called quest help.
3.Trade items just like treasure cards.
4.membership training point buyback free at a certain day of the month.
5.New spells for storm DoT and spells that hot twice like myth.