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*~Death Students Club~*

Dec 24, 2008
hi i ian darkhunter lvl 50 grand master... i still have 4 training points and i had learn all spell from death and my second school (storm), is there any advise for me to spend this training points...

Jan 02, 2009
Hi, my name is Duncan Nightshade. I am completely devoted to Death. I have 2 Wraith statues, even though it says Limit 1. I didn't get the second on purpose, either. Anyways... I have the best Marleybone house, and the basement (underneath the stairs) is a Death classroom. There are 3 Malistaire's Ruined Paintings, some desks for students, 1 Wraith statue, a Death Desk, and some other minor details. Also, in the tiny open grassy area outside, not in the greenhouse, is a graveyard. There are a ton of gravestones with bones lying around (Nightshade's Bones, not the Maryleybone Bone...). In the back I have some ribs from some boss in Mooshu I think, and a pickax leaning next to a shovel. There are also some Dead Trees that Grubb dropped that I got while farming for the Wraith statue. I hear they have Dead Trees like in the place where Nightshade's Tower is, with those dead roots surrounding it... I also have all the best Death items, except for the soon-to-be Swiftshadow Wings, and the Cerulean Edge. Do not doubt the power of the Death school!]

I forgot this earlier, I am a level 50 Grandmaster Death, even though you probably knew that...

Jun 25, 2009
sup i'm a grandmaster death my name is hunter legendwraith about death being underpowered well it AIN'T! i used wraith with deathblade,deathtrap,curse,feint, and convert on a death boss the damage WOW! a stunning 2,145 damage

May 11, 2010
I am curious as to what stats I should be focusing on?

Should i just focus on death resist and death damage, or a variety of everything?

Oct 26, 2009
Hello! I'm Esmee DarkBlood Magus Necromancer Lvl 36. If any of you want to friend me I spend time in MooShu in the Realm Vampire, mostly Area 1. I'm Death (Of course!!!), Storm, and working on Ice. I'm good with helping people as long as they help me back and actually TALK to me!! I make friends easily so if any of ya'll want a friend, I'm your person!!!! = D

May 24, 2009
Flanman wrote:
Hi, I'm John Moonblade.
I just made a death wizard and was wondering if fire was an alright choice as a second school.

Oh yeah- it's awesome. If you have five pips, you can hit your enemies with a meteor strike, then flip around the next turn and heal with a ghoul.

I'm Wolf Shadowbreath, level 24 Necromancer.

Feb 19, 2009
Hi Im a level 32 death student secondary is life and everyone is picking storm/fire cause it does "lots of damage" while if u can heal yourself over and over u dont need tons of damage! I think life is an underated class but its pretty useful but death takes the cake medium damage heals you high accuracy blades and traps generally give u more % (e.g Life blade 35% death blade 40%) my name is Sean skullbreaker im looking for someone to help me beat katzensteins lab and if your willing to help me (PLLLLLZZZZZZZ) just respond to this thx bye :? :-) :-o :D 8) faces are cool

Jun 26, 2009
Hi, I'm Wolf DeathWraith lvl 50 Grandmaster ( well used to be before my sister got my account banned Man when my death was an initiate he beat an ice adept lvl 21 but he was my friend :p i had an umbra blade so i was pretty strong XD

Feb 16, 2010
Feb 19, 2009
ok me sean skullbreaker again i switched my life to balance because it powers up all schools and i beat katzensteins lab but I NEED HELP! with big ben how many floors are there anyway? (you have to be really tough at least level 33) plz respond to this and well meet somewhere thx peace out my fellow death students :D

Feb 26, 2009
Yoyoyo! Wassup Homagee? Fiona Starcatcher in teh house! :P I'm a grandmaster necromancer, this funny thing is that every time I take the school quiz I ALWAYS get death x3 I like some other schools, but there is nothing like sapping the health outa your enemies.

PS: My pet wraith Jessie will rule you all! BOW DOWN TO HER MIGHTY POWER!! >:3
Fiona Starcatcher, Grandmaster Necromancer.
And Jessie the Wraith. (Who will rule you all!)

May 19, 2009
Hey Im Ahauu. Christo Moonstaff ingame. I am a journeyman. I love death and have played with it since the beggining.

For Death and Decay!

Feb 06, 2010
gmpax wrote:
IanTheAwesome wrote:
Well, at around level 30 or so, when you go to Marleybone, you get a spell that allows you to summon a monster to aid you in battle. So death already has a little Myth in it.

Every school gets a Minion. So far, that I know of:

Balance - a Mander; tends to cast various buffs and shields on you and your allies, occasionally breaks out an attack like Locust Swarm

Life - a Sprite; spends a lot of time healing you (and your allies).

Death - variable; Animate Dead is an "X Pips" spell; 1 or 2 pips give you a Dark Fairy, 3 or 4 gives a Ghoul, 5 or 6 gives a Banshee, and I suspect it keeps going from there. Remember, with Power Pips, you can cast a spell that is up to fourteen pips in strength, from your native School ...!

(I played a Death mage in Beta, actually.)

balance also gets spectral minion (can be ice, fire, or storm, its random). fire gets a fire minion that uses fire elf soooo much. storm gets a storm minion, that mostly just shields and taunts. ice gets an ice colossus. and um yupp, thats all, besides the 4 myth minions lol.

Apr 03, 2010
Sup my names wolf NightBlood i'm a magus death student. I actully don't have much too say

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Have you all realized that KI loves Death the most, consider:

New snacks: Chocolate Cake is Death
............................Nachos are Death
............................Chili-cheese Fries are Death
............................ Chocolate Doughnuts are death

The other schools get fruit and veggies, we get the basic food groups:

Mar 30, 2010
hi i am cass lvl 43 death/myth mage. one of my favorit tricks is i put a death shield on after ive had flint traps and weakness on me. i cast sacrifice on my self and it only hits me for 40-50 max damage then as you know heals me for 700. that really pisses people off in pvp. or ill wait till iam near death with a bunch of traps on me sacrifice myself no shield. i kill myself and bring myself back to life dropping all traps. i just think its kinda funny.

as far as the damage go for example the wraith. if you trap and blade you can do over 5000 damage in one hit. so really we are not all that weak.

Feb 05, 2009
Dec 13, 2009
Valkoor Spellstone, Lvl 25 Adept Necromancer.

I know a trick. If you have a Deathtrap or a Curse spell on you, use the sacrifice spell on yourself it will get rid of the traps and then heal you back.

Jun 25, 2009
sup i am a grand death and my best death moment was when i FINALLY learned scarecrow i mean seriously i gave all my efort into those quests to get that spell :D

hunter legendwraith level50 necromancer

Jan 16, 2010
Hi im HunterNightFlame. I am almost a grandmaster[lvl 48]. My best spell is scarecrow. I say death is the best school.I also defeated maistaire with only one other person.

Nov 08, 2009
i love death its so awesome!i have a death lvl 27 and hope to get my animate minion today

Jun 19, 2009
Hi my name is Coyledeathhammer i am level 24 and in the tomb of storms in Kroktopia.

Jun 19, 2009
This is a big thing that i'm seeing with all my lower level death wizard friends. They don't know how to beat freddy nine lives without going back to Regents Square after every battle. First of all, just fill up all your potion bottles, then go to chelsea court and hopefully not get caught into a battle, then face Freddy, and after every battle, use a potion bottle, repeat this process until you have beaten him 9 nine, hence the name Freddy NineLives. Unfourtunatly, it's a one person only quest, so no one will be able to help you unless they are outside his tower guiding you through the fight.
Hoped this helped.

Talon Nightwalker
Level 50 Grandmaster Necromancer

Feb 22, 2010
I have a lvl 49 fire, lvl 35 storm, lvl 8 life, but no death. I know this is the "death student's club", but I just felt like posting.

Jul 27, 2009
hey guys, its John DragonRider, level 50 necromancer and Warlord :)
i heard someone ask what is better for stats on a death?
well, if your going into pvp, of course focus on resist to all, but other than that, wear your death clothes with pride :)
also, have you guys heard of the death minotaur? that seems amazing! i have been trying to get it for so long now