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8 Pip Spells

Feb 15, 2010
emleatherman wrote:
Death: A Gaint Mailistare comes out and shoots lasers from his eyes. Myth: A Cyrus Drake comes out and talks evilly to them.
Balance: Cookies shoot out from all sides and melts on them.

Srsly? I don't want to summon teachers, and I don't think cookies are balance at all!

Feb 15, 2010
AlecVolterra wrote:
thefireball123456 wrote:
i have a spell idea for every school! maybe all the 8 pip spells could be the school's teacher storm does 2,000 the others do 1,000

um.. no cause that is so not fair

~Alex SeaSword-lvl 50 ice~
~William LotusStaff-lvl 45 balance~

Agree with last person to qoute
a) Don't like teacher summoning spells. I mean, come on, can't you be a little more origional than that?
b) Stormm chouldn't get special treatment. Yeah its strongest but only because of fizzle and that's really unfair!