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Why Did You Choose Your School?

Jan 27, 2013
My first character was Death with Ice as Secondary. Everything was ok for soloing until I got to kroktopia. Then, I started dying left and right. Appeared not to be the best combination unless I teamed up with others to accomplish all of the tomb quest. I am level 35 now with this character and in Marley.. Still have not been able to defeat Chester Croors and this is frustrating for me at this point. Now i have created another character with Life have no decided what the Secondary will be afterwards. Anyone with suggestions would definitely be appreciated. thanks

Apr 12, 2011
I took the test, and my element came out as Fire.

Ryan SoulShard Magus , second , third

May 29, 2013
I'm doing schools on each type, but I'm not done making them. My roots are with Balance, and it's tied with Ice
Ice has huge health and can take hits.
Balance is a team player type, and I'm a huge team player. Also, my first test showed me to Balance

-Alexander Earthbane lvl 50
-Logan lvl 26

Dec 18, 2012
Well i don't know why i chose life as my main school. Maybe because my friend forced me to choose it that or because the spells are pretty. I also chose ice,fire, and balance as my other wizards. Right now i am leveling up my ice.

Keira SparklePetal
Kimberly IceFlower
Fiona Dragongem
Brianna GoldGem
See ya around the spiral fellow wizards

Apr 16, 2011
Well my wizard was chosen by the test and it said I was life. I thought it was for girls. Now no offense to the life wizards but I was new so I thought it was I didn't know! So I retook the quest and got ice and I liked the description of it so I tried it out. I have liked it ever since and play it almost every day now!

Trevor IceCaster Level 60

Apr 21, 2011
My wizard was created after I took the test and the personalities matched. I have all schools except fire, which is a secondary school on most of my accounts, and I was getting tired of it. Out of all my characters, I like , then, then . I feel that death doesn't suit me so Monica Nightstone won't be very high-leveled anytime soon.

Mar 05, 2013
I was pretty Wizard 101 dumb when I started, and I can't actually remember why I chose Balance, but I'm glad I did. All in all I think it's the most versatile school...except, of course, when your foes are also Balance. Then it gets challenging, but I love a challenge. :D

Sep 12, 2009
I thought it would be pretty cool being a death wizard, and I liked it a lot after trying it, so now all of my wizards are death.
Olivia level 34

Apr 17, 2010
I chose because of the life steal effect and the large amounts of damage it can do with a few blades/traps

Nov 26, 2012
I am a level 54

and I did not choose the school!

I took the quiz so I could check my personality

but if I were to choose it would be storm or life.

that's all I have to say!

Scarlet Ravensword level 54

Jun 24, 2013
When I did the test I got fire. It seemed like a really good school since they have decent health and strong spells! I love questing with my fire character! She is my main one.

-Scarlet Fireblood level 65

Jul 16, 2013
I took the test and got life. I'm glad too because I love it! :)

Feb 18, 2012
When i joined i was a wizard. Then i made a , but i hated it. (sorry if you are ) Then i made it was ok fun. Then i made I still have that one i like it. Then i thought what if i actually took the test. I got again so i am trying to level it up to my and i got membership yesterday so WOO!

Joseph Icestalker level 24
Joseph Pixietamer level 19/ 20
Caroline Deathmancer level 3
Caroline Ironvault level 2

May 29, 2013
I think Is best for me, I took the quiz and i got , But after level 10 i noticed i didn't like the health limit and accuracy, So i took the test again, and i got Ice. It was a very good fit, Though you take lower damage, it's not a bad accuracy and the health makes up for it.

Jun 10, 2009
My sibling created this account and not me, so really the 'first' wizard in my account wasn't made or chosen by me. Now I've sort of inherited everything! But still, I did create the second wizard on this account.

Hm, I really have to think. I guess I sort of didn't choose since I took the quiz instead of skipping it. I took it quite a few times before settling on my most realistic bundle of answers: Ice. (In fact I got the results of a Life wizard about three times, Fire for about two, and Death for about four. ) Also, though, blue has been my favorite color for a very long time. It's quite natural that I would choose Ice. Even though Ice was my choice, I can't agree that it's the best school. In fact no school is the best school! Everything has its own weakness and strength.

I was pleasantly surprised to know that Ice had the highest health base stat. If it weren't for that factor I may have deleted my wizard and chosen a different school! And who doesn't want Professor Greyrose as their teacher? She was the most magnetic to me out of all the other teachers. And yes, I definitely agree with her that Tower Shield is one of the best spells out there. It certainly helped me get where I am now!

The next wizard I created started out as life, but I couldn't get anywhere with her spells. (No offense to all you Life wizards; Life is still amazing! ) So I deleted her and took the results I had gotten from my first quizzes. Since I got Death for the second greatest amount of results, she became Death! I don't think I could have made a better choice. She's been leveling up constantly even without the help of friends! (Which I could never do with any other school sadly. )

So really, in my opinion, Ice and Death are the most spectacular schools. They certainly have carried me far! Thanks for reading my weird little story.
~ Courtney I. Transcendent
~ Destiny D. Grandmaster

Jun 18, 2012
my first time taking the test I either got fire, ice, or storm. I didn't know what to chose so I looked at the other choices. I thought ice because it sounded fun. later I found out that ice is the best.

Brittany rose lvl 51 ice the forum

Mar 26, 2012
I choose Ice because of the health and the resistance Ice naturally gets. I like the spells also.

May 12, 2009
PlayHard101 on Jun 9, 2013 wrote:
That doesn't begin to make sense! I am in Life almost level 88
and Life feels like a bad school. I didn't choose my school.
My sister did but she chose a boy by mistake.

Lucas PetalSword

P.S I should make a new wizard...
Of course not! Life is a wonderful school, and I am a Theurgist myself. I do wonder though, why do you feel as if it is a bad school?
~Shannon Skybreaker

Feb 09, 2013
hello i chose balance because the test said so i knew about the skip test but i wanted to try the test i really only went for balance cuz of the hydra pet and only reason i dont make a new wizard is cuz of the friends i have made on my balance so i am thinking about doing something to fix it but all in all i would be a storm i like there spells and all of there school only pets are AWESOME!!!!!!! i mean a kraken there just so cute and the scarecrow it is such a sweetie and the bone dragon awwww i would chose ice storm or death i mean i can find ways to heal me and others(i hope) and i can chose fire as my second class for my death and i guess i would also make a myth wizard cuz the ourtherus the two headed dog is soo cute so i would say death as main wiz(i have yet to make mine yet)ice then storm then myth but i have thought of a way so i can do what i need i just eh nevermind and so if you see me in the spiral add me or try to add me Jennifer fairygem level 24(i think i am level 24) balance i am most of the time in wizard city cuz have no membership or crowns but i will most of the time be in the commons or ravenwood or old town mostly the commons though so try to add me if you can

May 30, 2009
I chose Ice because it reminded me of water. I loved watching Avatar the Last Airbender when I was younger and Katara has always been my favorite character so when I knew I could pick Ice as a school, I did! I also took the quiz as well and I ended up with Ice, so I definitely knew that ice was the school for me(:

I wanted to make a second wizard and I really liked Storm. I liked how they hit hard, I liked the spells, the teacher, and the colors. But what I didn't like was the amount of health that Storm wizards have. I knew it would be a difficult change for me to go from being an ice wizard with a whole lot of health, to be a storm wizard with barely any health at all. So I decided not to go with Storm because I needed the health.
My friend I had met in the game was in the Myth school. He was also a very high level, so he had the Basilisk spell and pet. I absolutely loved the Basilisk pet and the spell. You can say I fell in love with it. So I was talking to him and asked if he liked being Myth. He said he loved it. I noticed it gave a fairly good amount of health (nothing compared to ice, but hey, it was a start) and the spells weren't too bad. So I decided on making a myth character and I am glad I did. I am happy at how Kelly has progressed(:

Jordan Dragonshard lv. 78
Kelly Moonshard lv. 42
"I don't believe it."
"That is why you fail."
~Luke & Yoda in Dagobah~

Dec 02, 2012
I chose my school because they have decent attack and hit chance I also chose my school because of the minions!!! After that I think its obvious the school I'm in is

Mar 19, 2011
Well, first of all I ended up with fire. I got up to level 41. I liked fire and all but I just got bored of the damage over time spells and I realized I would better in storm because 1. there spells are super over powered 2. I spam a lot and 3. storm isn't like the damage over time it is sort of like kill instant or quickly nothing like the over time spells.

I am now level 34 storm wizard and love it.

~Wolf Blade

Feb 07, 2011
I chose life cause I like helping people in fights so they can work on defeating the big bad monsters

Mar 24, 2013
I started out as a fire wizard and it didn't feel right then I went to balance and it is so much better. I also like there spells and I just got Ra.
Dakota LionHammer Level 58

Jun 05, 2010
I chose all of the schools but stuck with storm because I really love the spells and the strength.

Austin Shadowblood, Lvl 90

Hannah Thunderflame, Lvl 70