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Why Did You Choose Your School?

Nov 24, 2013
I chose myth because it shows the basic elements of magic like the troll or cyclops.

Nov 21, 2012
I chose my school (myth) because of the test, my favorite school would be fire, although, my actual school is myth. I thought myth would be pretty cool, considering all of the mythical creatures, but after some 20 levels of myth i found myself liking fire because of it's ultimate supremacy and power. But i regrettably chose myth instead of fire, but i do recognize the advantages of myth, like being able to summon powerful minions.As much as i like fire, i believe it is myth for the win.

-Talon Griffin-shade

Aug 09, 2009

I chose ice because I love snow and blizzards are pretty cool so I was like woo lol.

Miranda Starblood lvl 92

Nov 11, 2012
I chose because i thought what the heck storm sound like me throwing lightning on the head of a dinosaur. I then always used my wizard and still do. I am level 51 wizard Jeremy Darkhunter. If you see me send friend request please. Or level 39 wizard Logan Strongblood.

Jul 18, 2011
Shannon Skybreaker on May 29, 2013 wrote:
Hello. I decided I wanted to ask, why did you choose the school you are in now? Or the one that you play the most on, because we all have a favourite. Thank you for filling in your response, I shall be sure to read!
~Shannon Skybreaker
! My first wizard was a but then I made an wizard and got attached to him! is AWESOME!

Oct 27, 2013
I just went along with what the survey said(). I didn't know anything about Wizard101 or the spells at this point so I didn't want to change schools. I am not very happy with balance though(I don't like the spells).

-Elizabeth Goldstrider level 49

Nov 26, 2010
I chose my School andbecause I love the storm and ice spell and creatures mostly i just like water and these are the two closest things to that

Jul 26, 2010
I choose because its in the center ....

Mar 07, 2012
Every time I took the test, I always got life. Turns out it was the perfect school one way or another.

~ Vanessa Rainbowpetal, level 48 theurgist

Jul 09, 2011
My school is

I chose it because it suits me and i like it's healing spells

-Sean Rainbowhunter

Oct 29, 2013
When I first started the game I took the quiz (answering the questions honestly) and got death. After a few weeks of playing the game I was curious about what it would be like to play an elemental-based wizard so I created a storm wizard (by answering the quiz questions in a way I knew would get me a storm result LOL).

I absolutely love playing my necromancer. She can do a lot in the game solo or play many roles when part of a group battle.

My storm wizard bores me, quite frankly. I've barely played her the last couple weeks while I play my necromancer every day.

Miranda Nightsinger, Grandmaster Necromancer
Calamity Windbane, Magus Diviner

May 26, 2012
I didn't chose, I did the quiz.

Although I still love

Jun 08, 2009
Well... I was ice because my friend made mine for me, then I was because I took the test. Recently, however, I chose on my own because it's does the most damage. I LOVE that. Don't get me wrong, the other schools are awesome. But I love because it progresses me quicker throughout the game. If I tried to go through with , , or , it might take me years and much frustration.

= too weak for me
= not enough attacks for me
= not enough attacks for me
= just something really unlikable about it sorry
= just a little too weak for me and the over round spells I don't like because takes too long to kill enemies.
= not enough hit all spells
This is all my opinion though. Thank you. - Nicole DawnHeart

Nov 21, 2013
I got it from the quiz And I love myth - Wolf Shadowflame

Nov 11, 2011
I chose life because I sounded like me (even thogh my family thinks I'm ice , mostly my cosin )
Also I like the spells.
59, I hope I last, 16, 2 (you get it? I am tired of typing) and I forgot the rest.

Dec 18, 2012
I have a level 70 storm wizard. (maybe 75 by the time you read this ) I can not remember that far back
but I know I took the quiz. I do have other wizards thou. level 16 fire level 8 balance . I picked fire for
it is one of the main 3 classes. (storm fire ice) I will soon make a ice btw . I chose balance for its blades
and ra (the spell ).

Megan goldensword (70)
Megan firespear (16)
Olivia dreamcaller (8)