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what is the strongest spell in the game?

Aug 13, 2010
Aug 21, 2009
Jul 10, 2009
SantaIceBurg wrote:
Cards aren't strong, you make them strong.
did you read my post! i was asking for an opinion!

guys, stop saying there is no strongest spell! i am asking an opinion, not a fact

Jul 10, 2009
RavenLady777 wrote:
niyadjahan wrote:
title says it all i think the strongest spell in the game is either heckhound or judgement so let me ask you, what spell do you think is the strongest spell in game?

-blaze duskstone legendary conjurer

Each school, when used properly, has spells that can have massive hits. It all depends on your charms/blades, etc. Using a charm, blade, balance charms, balance blades and feint will make any spell stronger. There is no "strongest spell."
how many times do i have to say, i am asking for an opinion!?

Jul 10, 2009
seasnake wrote:
aha! now we're talkin'. go gargantuan! i'm changing my mind now i think gargantuan is the strongest spell.

Jan 29, 2011
Well, if you mean a whopping damage in only one round, i choose Stormzilla with some gear.

If you mean pips, i choose Heckhound.

If you mean Healing, duh. the last healing spell you learn. (I forgot)

Jul 10, 2009
classact21 wrote:
ilovecats32 wrote:
Actully, i once saw a level 60 person cast this storm wyvern dragon whatever no traps or charms but it normally cast 1100 hit points i was like WOW!

The only thing I can think of that you are talking about is the Squall Wyvern. Which does as much as the Fire Wyvern, which both do less than the Ice wyvern. And i'm talking about the treasure cards here. Sounds like you got hit with a one hit crit on a 3pip spell. Don't you just love that?

Something I'll add that I dont think i've seen anyone mention is the Fire treasure card Scarecrow...or something like that. 2 Pips, 275 base fire damage. Not huge numbers, but a 2pip card doing nearly 300 damage with a higher percent accuracy than the fizzbats is definitely a winner in my book. Especially if you've just used all your pips on a Heck hound, and have an extra fireblade or some method of boosting. But thats just me.

On a "I'm very deep because I look past numbers" level, Reshuffle may be the strongest, if not the most versatile. It can make or a break your duel, not doubting that.

Oh, and serious props to the post about and gloom. So many people hate on it because it can be easily countered in your typical meta-game tourney pvp. But thats not the only part to the game, so to automatically throw it out is ignorant.

Its consistency that wins duels. Well, second to gear, which seems second to pets these days.
i believe you mean the harvest lord treasure card.

Sep 08, 2008
Hmm. I have to say Wild Bolt, if it hits for full power.

The reason I won't go with Insane Bolt, which many people say is even more powerful, is because Insane Bolt can kill you.

My level 60 Storm wizard will do 1970 base damage if it hits with full power. (1000 + 97% damage bonus). And that is for only 2 pips, and with any or all damage boosts like blades and enchants.

I mean for 2 pips, you cannot get any better than that.

Jul 19, 2010
judgment is not that strong of a card..i am a level 60 balance and the problem is the balance traps..with storm and fire the tempest and heckhound can be trapped and bladed to do far more damage than the judge.. with balance you get a plus 25, plus 20 and plus 30 trap thats it..i would have to say heckhound because it does a LOT of damage with all the fire traps and blades available..tempest is best for hit all i think...

but if you want to go with strongest per pip, definitely the triton!

Mar 02, 2009
Well, you have to take into account many, many things -Lvl, gear, pets, deck space, pvp experience, ect.- before you can really decide what the strongest spell is. I keep seeing 'tempest', 'heckhound', and 'judgement' nonstop. I'm here to ask you, "At what lvl do you mean?"

Fire gets heckhound some eight or twelve lvls before Balance gets Judge and Storm gets temp, so I can see that being the most powerful spell until those to schools get their own cards.

Maybe your Myth who just got their new summon cyclops spell just keeps it up for the game and lets it kill you while they heal and shield; they would think it is the strongest card.

Personally, I'm for Elemental or Spirit Shield. You all keep talking about all of these powerful attacks, but you fail to realize how much a pain someone with five layers of elemental and spirit shields can be. Your heckhound does nothing to me when I'm sporting three 50% off fire damage shields. Got a tempest? Tough, I got a 50% off storm damage shield. Snow angel? No problem, I got me four ice shield right here. I call them the best because with one spell, I'm shielding one time against three different schools. So I could be fighting a Fire, Storm, and Ice at once and just have to shield once to block all of their attacks. You can try and plow through my shield, but I've severely weakened your own attack with a spell that is 100% sure to go off without smoking or such and doesn't cost me a single pip. Sure, wands can take them down. But you can't blade for an attack if you are using your wand spell to get rid of shields. Tower shields are gone with any bit of damage you take, and you just get one of them. Also, balance gets elemental shield as one of their very first spells in the game. I remember blocking attacks from Dark Sprites in Unicorn Way with my elemental shield. Everyone overlooks the most simple aspects of the game; which can also be the most important.

Christopher Waterwraith~ Lvl 42 Balance

Jun 29, 2011
I think all damage spells have the potential to be the "strongest" If played right. I have seen with my own eyes the damage cap being hit by a 45 damage wand spell.

But in terms of usefulness My most used card I own is Gargantuan.
Also another in terms of usefulness is Reshuffle (Who wouldnt want unlimited cards?)

But the single most strategic card that could ever be played if it still existed... hmm it would have to be dampen magic. It forces the opponent to use only rank 3 or lower spells. that would also nullify reshuffle all the zillas tempest earthquake heckhound and judge. It would Destroy the fabric of many MANY of the cookie cutter decks and Prove them useless. at the same time it wouldn't nerf my stratigy because I use more dark sprites and Ghouls then I use any other spells.

Jun 08, 2011
Jaypaw I was about to say almost the samething. I am balanace also so I will say Judgement, which I just received, is the strongest spell simply because there is no defense agaisnt it except Tower Shield. There are multiple defenses for Heckhound, Tempest, Storm Lord, or whatever but there is only ONE you can use agaisnt Judgement and not everyone picks up Ice as a secondary school long enough to learn Tower Shield.

So in my opion the strongest spell is Judgement because of its potential strength (number of pips) combined with the lack of defense spells agaisnt it.

Mar 13, 2011
Through opinion AND fact, the strongest spell in base damage is judgement from the TC. At 125 per pip and 14 pips, + a 250 garg, it's base is 2000.

That of course can be amplified as usual with assorted blades and traps.

Levy is most likely the strongest when it comes to max damage potential, because they can use balance blades as well as their own along with hexes, feints and their own traps and supercharge. A garged levy at 1280 base is nothing to sneeze at.

Aug 09, 2011
Actualy there is a "strongest" spell with highest base damage, it's called Insane Bolt. This treasure card does 1150 thunder damage to your enemy, or 10000 damage to yourself. Best part is it only costs 2 pkips if your crazy enough to use it.