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What Boss Was The Easiest/Hardest?

May 27, 2012
Wizard City: Easiest is Rattlebones, Hardest is Bastilla Gravewynd
Krokotopia: Easiest is Kiwu, Hardest is Akori (Thank my death henchman)
Marleybone: Easiest is Sammy O' Leary, Hardest is Spike the Crusher
Mooshu: Easiest is Jade Oni, Hardest is Fushiko (No friends? You're kidding!)
Dragonspyre: Easiest is Zarathax, Hardest is Ghost of Sylvia Drake
Celestia: Easiest is Hexfin, Hardest is Ptolemos
Zafaria: None are easy, Hardest is Gorilla Spectral Guardian
Avalon: None are eady, hardest is Moros Blunt
Azteca: Haven't got there yet

Grizzleheim: Easiest is Coven (STRANGE, ISN'T IT), Hardest is the Jotun Bros.
Wintertusk: None are easy, Hardest is Frostbranch...(Had to be rebirthed 5 times)
Wysteria: Easiest is the first guy you fight, Hardest is Chester Droors.

-Mark Duskhorn, Necromancer
"More pass, more power"

Jan 15, 2012
Keira Dreamleaf on Jun 28, 2012 wrote:
the hardest boss was

wc golem tower
kt krokopatra
mb Meowarty (if spiral geographic doesn't count!)
ms Tomugawa the Evil
ds (obviously!) malistare
cl Wildcrag
zf (so far) The guy in the dormitory. (It was hard because I'm storm!)
gh the coven
wt austri/vestri/sudri/nordri
wy Chester Droors

keira dreamleaf lvl 65 storm
Hardest: Ptolomeos (sorry if spelled wrong) or guy that summons 90% tower shield and minions
in trial of the spheres
easiest: Grubb in Sunken City
Valkoor GoldSong - level 58 myth

Jul 18, 2010
WC: easiest: rattlebones hardest: grubb
Krok: easiest: son of storms hardest: last boss of tomb of begiler (spelling XD)
MB: easiest: Pops o'leary hardest: STOKER!!!!
MS: easiest: troll boss in hamestu village hardest: yokai
DS: easiest: NONE! (lol!) hardest: necropolis and up

Mar 05, 2011
I just gonna post from all the bosses not specifically from a world

Easiest: Sgt Skullsplitter (Rattlebones is a rnk 1 elite)

Hardest: Probably Sabertooth spell quest boss seeing as i'm balance and i havent finished Azteca.

Wolf Nightcaller lvl 90 balance commander
Talon Spiritfinder lvl 81 life knight
Wolf Sunwalker lvl 71 fire knight
Talon Skullshield lvl 45 death private (I hate his rnk)

Mar 05, 2011
Easiest: Fairy Queen!

Hardest: well Morganthe used to be...before they tossed her the nerf so I don't know anymore XD

Wolf Skullslinger, Thaumaturge by Trade

Feb 26, 2013
Number1337 on Jun 27, 2012 wrote:
For me the easiest boss was Lord Nightshade, because there was this crazy advanced wizard helping me.
The hardest boss for me was acually the Golem Tower, because I was a low level that time, it took me 6 tries to defeat Iron Golem.
OMG you're lucky! Lord Nightshade's got to be the hardest if you don't have a really advanced wizard like you did on your team.

Nov 26, 2012
azami104 on Jul 21, 2012 wrote:
Oops, I forgot two world.

Easiest: Randolf Spellshine
Hardest: Chester Droors

Grizzelheim (haven't bothered to complete it )
Easiest: Ferrir (I think that's her name )
Hardest: That tree guy

Courtney Starstone
Level 52
Grandmaster Theurgist
think randolf is the hardest boss in wysteria. ( I haven't done tower of the helephant so those bosses don't count) The easiest is probably the second person in the tournament. I honestly don't remember his/her name. I think it is that bull dude from Mooshu.

May 29, 2009
Dr Von on Aug 9, 2012 wrote:
Bosses, by world:

Wizard City:

Easiest~ Rattlebones
Hardest~ Sylster Glowstorm (or the Iron Golem, for my noobs).


Easiest~ Biti Nirini
Hardest~ Ngozi the Beguiler


Easiest: Yngvar Sharptooth
Hardest: Jotun & his bros, hands down!


Easiest~ Jacques the Scratcher
Hardest~ Estrakir Gloomthorn


Easiest~ Mika Skarka
Hardest~ Plague Oni


Easiest~ General Greystone
Hardest~ Mavra Flamewing (curse those protection pox!)


Easiest~ is there any boss in Celestia that's easy? LOL.
Hardest~ Astraeus


Easiest~ Kettil Blackheart
Hardest~ the 4 brothers in Nastrond. Horrible, just horrible.


Easiest~ that guy with the cute Ice Cat, forget his name.
Hardest~ Belloq (Mirror Lake had nothing on him!)

Avalon (I'm not done yet, but here's my opinion so far):

Easiest~ Bane Wyrm
Hardest~ Sir Terrance Thornwhip. He's Balance, like me, so I ran out of cards before the fight ended and had to start over. Assuming Morganthe will eventually take top honours in this category, though I'm not fighting off her crazy cheats for no XP (unless it grants me crafting immunity, heh).

This is all from memory, & I've probably forgotten stuff. LOL.
I don't know about that. Wizard City is true. For krokotopia krokopatra was pretty good i think. Grizzleheim is true. For Marleybone, I forget who but there was a much easier boss than Jacques. Mooshu, no way! Mika Skarka was hardest, you fight him to go into Avalon, easiest was the ronin warrior from the beginning tests. Dragonspyre is true. Celestia is pretty much true. Winter is true. Zafaria is true and Avalon, I don't think so, sir Terrance thornwhip was pretty easy, and I haven't gotten that far into Avalon but there has got to be a harder boss than him.

Anthony Ashcatcher lv73

Aug 30, 2009
Rattlebones is the easiest and hardest is for me the oni you have to beat for Avalon. Idk why but he is hard for me.

Lvl. 71 Christo Mythspear

Dec 20, 2012
Keira Dreamleaf on Jun 28, 2012 wrote:
the hardest boss was

wc golem tower
kt krokopatra
mb Meowarty (if spiral geographic doesn't count!)
ms Tomugawa the Evil
ds (obviously!) malistare
cl Wildcrag
zf (so far) The guy in the dormitory. (It was hard because I'm storm!)
gh the coven
wt austri/vestri/sudri/nordri
wy Chester Droors

keira dreamleaf lvl 65 storm
krokopatra was easy for me, because the person i was with used a 994 humongofrog .
wc lord nightshade (nobody helped me )
kt meti (soloed that )
mb Meowitary ( he was hard)
ms do-daga
ds Malistaire
gh random one i forgot
wt never been there
azteca random boss with 13,000 health
wy Lord Graughstark

Tavia WyrmPyre Magus
Wonder how i got to them?
lvl 89 people help a lot

Jan 22, 2012
That Wildcrag dude in the Floating Land. Took me a very long time do defeat him without getting defeated myself.
Sierra Ashblood, Transcendent

Feb 25, 2013
Charles DrakeLeaf on Nov 20, 2012 wrote:
Changed my mind on hardest. ZARATHAX.
Oh I despise him!!! I think I will solo him when I am higher level to show him who's boss!

Oct 26, 2010
the easiest boss for me is rattlebones and the hardess boss is the twin giants to me

Vanessa mist rider level 43

May 10, 2009
I'm not that far in the game but so far for me it has to be king Amedeo in crab alley

He has the same health as most of the enemies you already fought to get there and he has no one helping him out.

(I'm not counting unicorn way bosses)