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What Boss Was The Easiest/Hardest?

Dec 16, 2008
Nicholas SandRunne... on Oct 13, 2012 wrote:
Easiest would probably have to be fairy queen in unicorn way. Hardest Young Morganthe no doubt.
That moment when Rattlebones has less health the Fairy Queen.

Aug 08, 2011
the easiest boss would be Rattlebones, he has only 135 health.. and doesn't resist or boost to any school.. which is exact the same thing with his minion (Dark Fairy)

the hardest boss is Young Morganthe,, she is just unpredictable..

Juan DragonEyes, Archmage (Level 80)

Mar 20, 2010
For me the easiest boss is Rattlebones, and the hardest is Jabberwock.

Feb 03, 2009
Well if you go way back to 2008 they all were, i liked it back then lol it was really hard miss that

Mar 25, 2009
WC-Fairy Queen/Cyrus Drake
KT-Biti Nirini/Sothmekhet
MB- Brady the Sneak/Warehouse Bosses
WS- Beatrice Wildwind/Graustark
DS-Zarathax/Gurtok Ice Demon
CL- Optio Agenor/Astraeus
WT- Morn Shadowbrew/Nordi&bros.
ZF- Nergal/Tim-Tim Snaketounge
AV- Caroanach/Young Morganthe

They're Easiest/Hardest, repsectively

Sep 10, 2009
Wizard city
Easiest: Rattlebones
Hardest: Sylster

Easiest: I forgot
Hardest: Keeper of the fang
Easiest: I forgot on this one too
Hardest: Meowiarty
Easiest: I forget the easiest too much
Hardest: Jade Oni
Easiest: Yup, forgot this too.
Hardest: Malistair

Easiest: I should probably try harder
Hardest: I have no idea about celestia
Easiest: Zafaria is an "eh" for me
Hardest: Told ya

Easiest: none
Hardest: Young morganthe
Of all time
Easiest: Rattlebones
Hardest: Young morganthe

Mar 23, 2011
WOW! Amazing how soon we forget the REALLY hard bosses, like the head boss in Briskbrezze tower, or the even harder head boss in the spiral geographical society, then there is also the Jabberwock and Belloq.

Easiest bosses for me right now on my death character is all of the bosses in Malistaires dungeon, she is soloing the whole dungeon with no problem lol. Got to love the fact that death can heal from it's attacks lol.

Sep 15, 2010
i'd say, for me, the hardest boss(es) were from Helephant Tower in Wysteria. I wasn't able to finish it until i was level 80, and had all the extras. Even than it took a long while. Will never do it again...Ever!

Jan 01, 2009
Potbelly - when he was in Golem Tower, and in Katzenstein's Lab.
Otherwise Tomugawa the Evil - Ancient Burial Grounds, Mooshu.

Aug 02, 2011
The easiest was probably rattlebones on unicornway because i had a pet with mana boost and a meteor strike card, so i only had to hit once and i didn't run out of mana.

The hardest boss was probably morganth because she spammed mamoth, you can't shield, she kills your pips and you can only use noob spells. Plus, she's death and since i'm death, i can't hit her very hard because you can't use traps like prisms.

Mar 12, 2010
the hardest boss i have fought is the guy in tower of the helephant (last boss)

while the easiest would be rattle bones

May 28, 2010
I think the easiest boss for me was Rattlebones and the hardest would be the last boss in the Tower of Helephant.

Oct 11, 2010
Number1337 on Jun 27, 2012 wrote:
For me the easiest boss was Lord Nightshade, because there was this crazy advanced wizard helping me.
The hardest boss for me was acually the Golem Tower, because I was a low level that time, it took me 6 tries to defeat Iron Golem.
easy rattle bones - done at level 2 ;-)

hardest - final floor on max pagoda(level 80) when playing solo no one else going in with you.

Aug 24, 2010
easiest Boss: Rattlebones
Hardest Boss: Young Morganthe

Feb 24, 2009
Definitely Rattlebones was toughest. No argue about it.

Feb 11, 2010
I think that for wizard city is: easiest Rattlebones
Hardest:Sylester gloom thorn
Krok: easiest biti nirini
Hardest: Guy at end of Tomb of beguiler
Marleybone easiest: Jaques the scratcher
Hardest: guy at end of warehouse
Mooshu easiest: koto
Hardest: jade oni
Dragonspyre: easiest: Boris blackrock

Hardest: marva flamewing

Celestia: NONE
Hardest: astrueus or however you spell it
Zafaria: easiest: Queen Elizabeth's Tomb ya I know it's a dungeon
Avalon: easiest: Jabberwock
Hardest: young morganthe
Sean Goldblood lvl 80 diviner

Nov 26, 2010
The easiest boss is Rattlebones in Wizard City. The hardest boss is Young Morganthe.

Jeremy Icesword 80 lvl Ice

Oct 29, 2011
well many people say rattlebones is the easiest but he is elite not boss
for me easiest is fairy queen (roams in unicorn way streets)
and hardest in wysteria is not ervin the barbarian it is leon lorestriker and for me he is hardest in all the worlds and young morganthe is quite easy (because of my ice resist).
and i find that national geographic is hard for the level you et the quest(i got it at 46)

-anthony mistblade lvl.80 hero of avalon pyromancer(in wizard)
-brave anthony lvl.23 swashbuckler(in pirate)

Jul 11, 2011
my friend says fairy queen was the easy one for her and that grisletusk was the hardest now i thnk rattlebones was the most easy for me and that iron golem was the hardest, it it like impossible to get to him, hopefully sandstom will do it one day..... Love from Cassandra Rainbowsong And Kelly Thundermask

Sep 05, 2012
Changed my mind on hardest. ZARATHAX.

Aug 01, 2011
Hardest boss: Malistare the undying final boss of azteca Easiest boss: Pendragon because he uses a fire dragon and the DoT never goes away but if you have a life treasure card or a life with triage the DoT will go off. Malistare the undying the final boss of the new world azteca because you can't hit malistare only kill the minions then malistare will flee. No I have not beaten Azteca I saw a video and central was talking about it. I have bad grammar in this sorry.

Nov 21, 2010
Jabberwock cannot even consider as hardest boss because my ice wizard used to farm him solo. The hardest is Young Morganthe because solo her is a nightmare and only few can brag that they actually can solo her.
Easiest boss is somewhere from unicorn way lol.

Sep 05, 2012
Posting again, now that I am in Dragonspyre:

Wizard City (finished)
Easiest- Nightshade, Akilles, Fairy Queen- weak spells, barely use traps and blades, Fairy is Rank 1.
Hardest- Cyrus Drake- 5,000 health.

Krokotopia (finished)
Easiest- Tempestra- low health, no minion, only ever uses Dark Sprite and Ghoul
Hardest- Krokopatra- high health for the level you fight her at

Marleybone (finished)
Easiest- Shakes O'Leary- my secondary is storm.
Hardest- Spike the Crusher- high health and spells.

Mooshu (finished)
Easiest- Sergeant Groostak- low health, weak spells, myth
Hardest- Yakedo, Death Oni- Yakedo has high health and multiple minions, I soloed Death Oni

Dragonspyre (Plaza of Conquests)
Easiest- Petrol Gloomcrusher or whatever his name is- ice and low health for DS
Hardest- MAVRA FLAMEWING- Protection Poxes.

Grizzleheim (Mirkholm Keep) yes I am behind...
Easiest- Yngvar Sharptooth- low health.
Hardest- Lotho Doomspeaker- towers wear me out.

Wysteria (finished)
Easiest- Randolf Spellshine- myth, killed him off in two rounds with Kraken.
Hardest- Chester Droors- two minions.

Mar 01, 2010
Sep 02, 2012
the easiest was Malistaire, the hardest all the ones I'm facing now. I have come to the point where soloing is not an option.I've made it to the four sons on the golden seal quest, Tower of helephant, waterworks, and even brisbie tower.but I think the hardest per correct level was Chester Droors.