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What Boss Was The Easiest/Hardest?

Jul 23, 2012
Easiest: fairy queen. Hardest: jabberwock

Nov 07, 2009
Malistaire is easy and pretty hard but I am lvl seventy so its was pretty easy but friends helped so it was cool to go face to face with him

Feb 28, 2011
The hardest without doubt is Young Morganthe. not only with the spells she uses in turn, but the unpredictable Wooley hits make this her the hardest boss to survive. It is the best fight ever in Wizard101.

From there, many bosses in azteca, as well as Balance minions in Cloudburst (man those dudes are annoying).

Hopefully KI will be bringing us more fights like these, and Helephant Tower. That one is awesome as well, just not worth the length of time it takes to go through with weak rewards. Maybe a few of those rooms in between first and last fight could be removed. Would make time requirement much more acceptable.

Steven Hawk

Apr 12, 2010
Hmm im thinking the easiest was:

WC: Rattlebones
KT: only one i can think of is Krag Stonechin
MB: cant remember
MS: first sammorai boss you fight at beginning
DS: Cyrus Drake(if that even counts lol) but if it doesnt then i say first draconian guy at beginning
CL: cant remember
ZF: first goliath thing
AV: none of them were easy 0_0
GH: Fritherwing
WT: cant remember
WYS: Randolf Spellshine killed with kraken in first round

The hardest...

WC: Sylster Glowstorm
KT: Krokopatra
MB: Meowiarty
DS: Mavra Flamewing (defense pox boss) or Malistare
CL: Astraeus
ZF: Spectral Guardians
AV: Jabberwock or Young Morganthe
GH: Jotun (fought him with all 3 brothers and even with a group it was insane)
WT: Sons of Ymir
WYS: Lyon Lorestriker

Jul 01, 2012
for me it goes like "easiest/hardest"

WC: fairy queen/sylster glowstorm
KT, MB and MS and WYS: like i remember
DS: malistaire/marva flamewing
CL: the first boss there xD/ astraeus
ZF: hmm any boss but ice or fire/ the ice bugs in mirror lake
AV: all of them were hard
AZ: (yea i went there) same with AV but the true hardest is the final boss of it (not tellin')
GH/WT: eh like i could remeber/ sons of ymir

Jun 19, 2010
Number1337 on Jun 27, 2012 wrote:
For me the easiest boss was Lord Nightshade, because there was this crazy advanced wizard helping me.
The hardest boss for me was acually the Golem Tower, because I was a low level that time, it took me 6 tries to defeat Iron Golem.
i agree on the golem tower boss but for me the easiest was definently rattlebones duh first boss
but for me was cyrus was the hardest it took me like 5 tries to kill him because naturally i had to be myth

Dec 19, 2010
the easiest boss for me was probably rattle bones
hardest is young morganthe

William Nightmancer archmage ice

Dec 31, 2011
There were a couple of easy ones for me. Probably Rattlebones and the ghost lady that was one of the first ones.

Feb 17, 2012
Probably... Hmm... Perhaps meowartiy. He was like 1000 times harder than Jade Oni

Sep 27, 2009
Easiest: Lady Blackhope
Hardest: either Randolph (sorry if I spelled it wrong) from Wysteria or the guy in the counter work tower beside Big Ben.

Aug 27, 2012
kingdra36 on Aug 9, 2012 wrote:
These are the hardest for each world

WC- Luska Charmbeak (My satyr fizzled 8 times in a row! with satyr only having a 1% chance to fizzle :? )

KT- Ngozi the Beguiler

WYS: Ervin the Barbarian (hands down)

GH: Jotun and his brothers

WT: Austri, Sudri, Vestri, and Nordri

MB: Warehouse (idk which boss is the hardest, they are all tough )

MS: Mika Skarka (wow, 3 critical centaurs in a row! My block must have hated me )

DS: Malistare (honestly though, he isnt too tough ... it seems like Dworgn knows more about death magic then him )

CL: Astreaus! (evil little tower shields )

ZF: Belloq (as much as we all hate him, you gotta admit, he is pretty stylish 8) )

AV: Haven't finished it yet, but it will probably be young morganthe (jabberwock comes up second, which i have proudly soloed :D :D )

Blaze Icecloud, Level 75 Ice
easiest for me was: malistaire ( i am life the whole thing i did solo death dungeons just oo weak yo if your death and i offended you i am sorry ) and hardest for me was: jade oni ( not my fault he was the only one i could think of he rank 10 and he is life well yeah so he is hard for me i mean i am life too dont taunt me ) good bye and that was all

Feb 13, 2011
For me it was....


MB-Dr Katz
MS-Plague Oni
DS-Malistaire(he never used strong spells on me... Just spammed sprite )
CL-i dont remember any bosses in celestia reallly...... I beat cl when zf came out
ZF-Zebra spectral guardian
AV-Young Morganthe(she didnt spam mammoth... )
AT-so far......... Caquiz nineshadows, i beat that boss easy with my friend.


KT-Krokekahamen(the last boss of pyramid idk how to spell his name...)
MS-War Oni
DS-Hoarder(new one for rain of fire and such)
ZF-Gorilla spectral guardian...
AT-King Apaci in deepest mines..... He took a long time to finally defeat

Those are all the hardest and easiest bosses i faced leaving out gh (wt is in gh) because i beat that place a long time ago so i dont remember bosses

Aug 29, 2011
the hardest is the end of the highest world:the undying maliastier:Azteca. The easiest is the fairy queen:Wizard city.

Jul 25, 2011
Dr Von on Sep 17, 2012 wrote:
As a Balance wizard, my biggest challenge (so far, anyway) was Belloq~ same-school boss fights are already slow torture, but they're even worse when you don't have the tools available to get the job done.

In order to beat him, you have to attack every round~ the other schools just spam their DoT spells, but Balance doesn't have one! I tried using Fire Elf TCs, but I couldn't gain pips fast enough to keep up with the demand (no mastery amulet here). I got killed twice before calling in an Ice friend, who spammed Frostbite while I buffed up for a massive Chimera and hoped he wouldn't shield at the last minute.

...Things were very different for my Death wiz, who walked into that hut and ate the guy for breakfast. :P


Easiest boss was Malistaire~ I'm not counting anyone pre-Mooshu, because that part of the game is designed for beginners.

A few weeks ago, myself and a few friends went to pay Malistaire a little visit, with a catch... We had to complete the entire dungeon with no gear on~ meaning that we had no access to critical, resistance, damage or healing boosts, extra power pips, or mastery amulets. All we brought were our pets and blade items (like Shango's amulet, or the Valkyrie's Star) that gave little or no health. The end result was hilarious~ even with no gear, we still beat him... and then, we laughed. :P

Three cheers for newbie fights!

Archmage Noob of Awesomeness :P
i guess that makes sense.and i know from the noob badge idea by that title.

Feb 17, 2012
WilliamGD185 on Dec 19, 2012 wrote:
Probably... Hmm... Perhaps meowartiy. He was like 1000 times harder than Jade Oni
Ok now for the real answers;

WC: fairy queen/angus hollowsoul
KT: biti nirini/keeper of the fang
MB: Freddy nine lives/Jacques the scratcher
MS: Jade Oni/war Oni
DS:no boss was actually easy- few were actually hard!/Mavra Flamewing
AV: none/Jabberwock


Nov 02, 2012
Hardest boss: luska
Easiest boss: Dark fairy boss in unicorn way.

Sep 27, 2009
Ashley IceEyes on Jan 19, 2013 wrote:
Hardest boss: luska
Easiest boss: Dark fairy boss in unicorn way.
Who is Luska and where do you fight him?

Sep 27, 2009
Malistaire may have 10,000 life, but he is not hard. I don't know what is the hardest but the easiest is Lady Blackhope in Unicorn Way

Aug 21, 2012
It depends on your class.

Jabberwock for fire wizard is basically impossible. Can not be soloed at all. When you finally find a group then all you can do is shield and dispel. Feeling very useless and hope your group members have enough dps to take him down.

Two other really hard fights if you are going solo: the last fight in Grizzleheim and the last fight in Wintertusk. On both I used henchmen because groups just were not going to happen. But even with henchmen the fights were close to impossible.

I cant think of any other bosses or fights that have come close to those above.

Jul 28, 2011
Hardest: The first boss in the trial of spheres
Easiest: The evil brother guy in Zafaria

Lol sorry don't remember the names

Oct 30, 2011
wc:grubb(i am death)
mb:spike the crusher
ms(so far):jade oni
az:undead malistare

tyler legendfriend death lvl 39

those were my hardest by the way the fairy queen isn't the easiest for wc its rattlebones he has less health by 100

Nov 24, 2011

WC: Rattlebones/foulgaze (for some reason I simply COULD NOT kill him)
KT: IDR/krokopatra
WYS: that weirwood chick (I can't remember her name)/Chester droors or Erwin the barbarian
MB: Patches O'leary/ I don't really have a hardest
MS: n/a
DS: n/a
CL: n/a
ZF: n/a
AV: n/a
AZ: n/a

Jun 26, 2012
Hardest bosses that i've experienced in the last 4 years on Wizard101. This is hard.

WC Sylster Glowworn (took 4 hours to beat him the first time)
KT Son of storms (i remember fighting him hundreds of times)
MB Katzenstien (I died 6 times trying to get him, 2 times when i finally reached him)
MS Tomugawa the Evil
DS Gurtock Firebender (I've had 2 fires over the years, and icebender is just worse)
CL Astreus (90% Shield >:()
ZF The 4 animals in mirror lake
AV Pendragon (When i finally reached him, i didnt have the right deck)
AZ Basicly everything in Xibalba (If i didnt have a promethean life helping me i wouldnt have been able to do it)
WY Randolf Spellshine. Stupid vampire!
GH The coven, it took all saturday morning to kill them >:(
WT Austri, Vestri, Sudri, and Nordi by FAR the hardest bosses i've ever fought. "Tag your it"

Jan 23, 2013
I was life, so the life bosses were hard for me.
Wizard City: Prince Alicane Swiftarrow. Low level, and only spell I could have used was Leprechaun.
Krokotopia: Krokotep. He kept on using Tower Shield which annoyed me so much.
Marleybone: Dr. Von Katzenstein. High health, and to top that all off, storm attacks.
Mooshu: Jade Oni. Life resists life damage, so I had to bring in some friends.
Dragonspyre: Malistare. I would have lost the second turn if it wasn't for a Promethean ice wizard.
And these are just the ones in the main campaign.

Oct 26, 2010
WC: King Gobbler, (not because of hardness, just because you had to fight that stupid prince over and over again to get to him).

KT: Tomb of The Beguiler

MB: Katzenstein's Lab

MS: Jade Oni


CL: Astraeus, (I hate -90 shields)

ZF: Ice bugs + Starburst Spiders in Mirror Lake

AV: Jabberwocky

AZ: Undying Malistaire