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Top 10 Ways You Know You’ve Been Playing Wizard101

Jul 03, 2012
When you go see your grandmother you haven't seen for a year and ask her if you can play on her computer. xD

Feb 22, 2011
When you shout 'skeletal dragon' at the next person who makes you angry after doing a little dance and waving your hands around in the air.

Dec 12, 2012
camoferrari on Aug 2, 2014 wrote:
When you buy crowns in your sleep o. o
OMG you can do that?!?

Jun 17, 2009
I've had many dreams about wizard101.
So crazy, I know I'm addicted but thats okay.

-Rowan Trollcaller-80

Oct 30, 2011
richardashweaver on Aug 3, 2013 wrote:
10. You turn your moms computer desk into a Crafting Station.

9. You make your own books called The Book of Secrets [insert number].

8. You paint over your street sign and re-name it "Cyclops Lane".

7. You sew your own robe and hat that your wizard wears a lot and where it on a daily basis.

6. You make a Malistare piñata and you decorate the baseball bat as your wizard's wand.

5. You want to be an astronaut so you can move to Avalon and meet Merle Ambrose's family.

4. You are asleep in class and the teacher says open your Leviathan books and you wake up and say "We're casting Leviathan! I brought my best wand Mr. Balestrom!"

3. You decorate your house as your Wizard101 castle.

2. You make a song with the beat being the tune playing in The Commons.

1. When you go to the beach you go deep underwater to find Crab Alley.

Richard AshWeaver Level 28 Wizard
4.That was hilarious xD

Dec 05, 2012
lol. number 7 is the funniest and i do not do any of these.
-no body can extinguish the blaze!

May 26, 2012
Once I had a dream I was defeating Malistare, don't remember if I defeated him or died though…

Feb 11, 2010
Two that I would add:
1. You name your pets after things in the game. I have a tan gerbil named "Pip" and a black gerbil named "Oni."
2. You have the Commons theme as your ringtone (and then proceed to check for a text when you accidentally ported to the Commons and didn't realize it...)
Four that I've done:
1. When I'm talking to friends on Facebook I always hit "enter" or "r" first, and then start typing. (I've never done that on a mobile though...)
2. I convinced my one of my really good friends to play and he'd get on to spend time with me but didn't really enjoy it.
3. My sister and I both got excited when my best friend just "happened" to have an extra wireless router laying around and gave it to us because now we could play W101 together! (My sister on our desktop and me on my laptop.)
4. I've dreamed about being in the world of Wizard101 more so than dreaming of leveling up...

~Emma Dreamweaver 85

Jan 26, 2011
I have a funny bunch.

1.When you are sick and try to cast a satyr.
2. You go crazy trying to draw the school symbols.
3. You see your arch nemesis and yell " MALISTAIRE!!!"

Melissa GoldenGem Level 40

Jul 18, 2010
You look for frosted drakes at cereal isle at the grocery store and ask the store clerk why they don't have frosted drakes.

You dress up as something wizard101 related for Halloween
You built a maze in your backyard to increase your pets intelligence
You tried crafting your own treats for your pets like hot and sour bits and misfortune cookies
You write a letter to the government asking if instead of president of the United States can it be headmaster of the US
You can't find Mooshu cheddar at the grocery store and flip out
You think the currency should be gold instead of dollars
You want to discover celestia so you jump into the ocean
You go to the bank and ask to buy crowns
You freak out and scream if you're about to be defeated (sometimes me LOL)
Your room is full of everything Wizard101
You make tons of these posts on this topic (ME!!)
You constantly ask your friends to play
You'd rather stay up all night playing than sleep
You search all over town trying to find the bazaar
Your growing tomatoes in your yard hoping that they turn into killer tomatoes
You argue to your teacher that aquila is Greece and that London is really marleybone
You don't want to go to a family trip to China because you think the plague oni is spreading disease there
You play so much that you're embarrassed to play in front of your family (OMG ME)
You think you know everything about the game
You ask your neighbor if they have any spare healing treasure cards.
You go around town looking for morganthe or malistaire
Hahah maybe I should stop there XD

Jun 01, 2011
How I know I have played too much wizard....
1.) I had several dreams of actually being an ice wizard and throwing on a shield in battle....
2.) When my sister and I argue I ask her if she is going to throw her life blade on and hit me...
3.) YouTube has a collection of music from different worlds in the game. I go there often and listen to Wintertusk music as well as Avalon....it helps me fall asleep...

Yeah....I play too much..

Jun 09, 2009
I have one!

You can't find your real life friend in school, and you're frantically trying to hit the top right corner of your vision, where your friends list would be in game, and don't realize it until someone comes up and asks what you're doing! ~Guilty x3

~Stephanie SeaPetal,
Level 32 Conjurer
"The sun rises every day. That's how often your hope should replenish."

Apr 25, 2010
When you get home and your parents say you cant play wizard101 spend all your time planning what to do when you do get on and casting a helephant on him (just described myself)!
Charles Redblood level 43 pyromancer

Feb 03, 2014
When you have a problem in life and start looking for a quest to solve it. ( I also think I would've been humming the "Triton Avenue" Music if I had the volume on when I played, because I hum the "Pokemon" videogame songs.)- Ian IceLeaf L.V. 18

Feb 03, 2014
Hannah Lifebringer on Nov 27, 2009 wrote:
You know you have been playing wizard101 too long when...

You buy a lap top just so you can play the game at work

You ask the clerk at store when buying the laptop if it will have problems running Wizard101.

You start calling your family members who also play by their wizard's name.

You rush home from work just so you can play

You have piles of dirty laundry and when you do finally run out of clothes you only do one load. (playing wizard101 is much more fun than doing laundry)

During a meeting at work, you imagine hitting your boss with a centaur, and then wonder why he/she is still talking. That darn centaur should have taken him/her out.
A centaur! That's a good one! these are such great answers(\__/)

Feb 03, 2014
Oh great I'm probably going to end up doing the number 1 thing on the list... -Ian IceLeaf L.V. 18

Apr 03, 2011
When you pull all nighters and forget that system shuts down for maintenance and you power through it to wake up and get on again after three hours.

Sep 20, 2010
When I have a dream that all the main characters in Pokemon XY Series are wizards and my firends and that my mount is...

PIKACHU!!!!!!! :D

And that i am an exalted. I will never be cause i got to lvl 51 in four years. I accidentally deleted her as well so that is almost impossible. I am starting a level 18 so yeah, pretty far away.

Sep 20, 2010
I tried to freeze the water in the shower...

Sep 20, 2010
DeltonLS on Nov 22, 2009 wrote:
10. You made yourself a pointed wizards hat and wear it everywhere, claiming that its "the new style."

9. You fashioned a wand identical to the one you have in the game.

8. You insist that everyone call you by your wizards' name.

7. You ask your parents for a gray owl with glasses.

6. You ask everyone you see in real what their focus of magic is.

5. You sneak out of bed at night with a wand at the and attempt to summon the dead.

4. You're convinced that whenever you see people eating large portions of food that they are secretly gobblers.

3. You subconsciously ask random people on the street to give you directions to Malistaires Lair.

2. You attempt to beat up and rob anyone who looks tough (Um, this one may sound weird, but i am referring to how whenever you win fights in Wizard101, you get a gold reward.)

1. You keep on calling your local pet shop, asking if they have a Unicorn or Pixie or Wraith in stock.
Yeah, i always ask my mum and dad what school they secretky are : P i think they wanna cqncel my membership!

Sep 20, 2010
purdueman71 on Nov 27, 2009 wrote:
during school i've started not responding to my real name, humming the music in the game, covered the jewels on my rings and other jewelry with paper and putting the school symbols on them, and writing short stories on funny times on wizard101.

Yeah, i agree. I'm writing a whole NOVEL I WANT TO PUBLISH based on wizard101!

May 26, 2012
A few ways my Dog has repeatedly told me I play Wiz101 too much.
  1. I typed brb and her head popes up.
  2. Every time I type the words dog and out she does her potty dance.
  3. I tell my friends online "I need food." while she is asleep and she beats me to the kitchen.

Few ways I know I play too much

  1. I finished all possible quests.
  2. I am trying to collect all possible badges just so I can keep playing my fire wiz.
  3. I have a written list of fish, school, and their locations of fish I have not yet caught.
  4. I wake up early on my days off work just to have a marathon of Wiz101.

Aug 21, 2009
You know you've been playing Wizard101 when you see someone you don't really want to see and you attempt, and fail, to switch realms!

Feb 17, 2011
I went to party city for my costume about a week ago and i looked, but couldn't find a lord nightshade costume, and i wanted to be him for halloween. I asked an employee if they had any and described it to them, and they said no. I was about to cry, but then i remembered the other costume i had in mind.

Feb 23, 2012
YES! I have got my father and uncle to play wizard101 with me we all have a great time I have been trying all the time to get my friends to play but they think the game is for babies I am like no bro no bro. lol

but yes number 10 I have done with a lot of people

Maxed Wizard

Hunter Wildfriend