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all PVP warlords, accept your loss please!

May 29, 2014
stormkraker on Apr 11, 2014 wrote:

I just want to say this to all the sore losers, STOP! I am also warlord, and I don't complain if I lose. Every match I say "gg" no matter what!
I have heard it all by now.
here is a short list:
"I would have won if you did not spam so many shields!"
"I would have won if your pet did not heal you!"
"treasure card noob"
"You got lucky, I fizzled!

OK, first of all, spamming shields, having your pet heal you, using treasure cards is all part of PVP!
Do you really want to win all the time?
I have news for you, everything you complain about is part of PVP. Spamming is a strategy, so accept it.
If my pet heals me, then my work on making a pet with all heals paid off!
And this is my favorite, wizards that complained about TC? Yea right after you cast your judgment, when your not even balance!! come on!
How about I say to you,
"Oh, I would have won if your pet did not have resist!
"Oh, if you did not cast infallible I would have had you!"
And as far as you fizzling, then increase you accuracy!

On that note, please accept your loss like a real warlord!

PVP Warlord
I get that all the time (>.<)
Saffron life
Magus theurgist

Jun 28, 2013
Sillytricks on Jun 19, 2014 wrote:
To be honest i wish they made it so you can choose to make your own rank match and have your own rules like example "no pet heals" "no treasure cards" etc... and basically everyone would be more happy about playing pvp more there would be less drama in pvp too ... kingsisle never looks at the siggestions so this will never happen unless a lot lot lot of people say this so...
Good point,

I have had a few practice matches against friends at my castle, where the rules are no pets, treasure cards or both.

They have this in tournaments, but as we all know not everyone has access to the tournaments. Also you can not choose your opponent in the tourneys.

It would be good to have ranked PVP matches in different brackets.

Mark Griffinleaf L10 Myth "Warlord"
Mark Silverleaf L5 Ice "Commander"
(starter of this post)

Jun 28, 2013
Cass MoonHeart on Jul 4, 2014 wrote:
Agreed but not just warlords all players
Yes, agreed

I would have said all PVP players, but it seems, from my experience, that I get the attitude mostly from the warlords. I get GG from the lower ranks much more often then warlords.

What I gather is that by the time they reach warlord, they have there game more refined. when they lose, it breaks there rhythm and that's where the attitude comes in to play.

However, yes this does apply to all PVP players.

Mark Griffinleaf Myth L10 Warlord
Mark Silverleaf Ice L5 Commander

Oct 22, 2009
Yes, there are mean people at all levels and ranks. There are also really pleasant people as well, both Privates as well as Warlords. I have also made many great friends at all ranks, so this is not everyone.

Many Warlords do however don't lose very well. Once Warlords/Commanders realize they are about to win, they get smug, but once they are about to lose, they flee. This does not mean all are like this, but many are.

If you learn how to win, learn how to lose.

Sep 21, 2013