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Sun serpent in pvp

Oct 30, 2011
SS is stronger than AF.Death is not complaining we don't argue.

Tyler Legendfriend 71

Kevin FireBlossom 90

Nov 15, 2008
I think you should stick to serpent, 1,300 damage is pretty good considering you can boost it and enchant it

matthew wyrmblade lvl 82

Mar 14, 2009
So what I understand is that the new fire spell, when attacking just 1 person does about 900 or 1000 Dmg, and when attacking a group it only does a base of 300? If this is true, this needs to be fixed, it should do a little more than just that, or maybe add a major weakness like the efreet. As a fire wizard myself, I have noticed a slight unfairness in pvp, and it takes a good bit of effort to win in pvp style matches, when I've seen ice and storm win frequently

Jun 02, 2013
crystal2020164 on Dec 17, 2012 wrote:
Fateskin, I have never heard one person in pvp say that they are scared of a fire wizard NEVER! Most people say that I should run away before losing points and then they say haha fire noob to easy. Fire is becoming or has become the worst school in pvp. I brought this up fateskin because you said fire and myth are the top and maybe ice with gear. Fire is now the worst school there is.
Last time I checked, this topic is about the Sun Serpent damage debate. Not a bully festival. If you're going to insult fire, call it weak, call us noobs, call it the worst school, you may as well keep it to yourself. Wizard101 wasn't made for people to insult others. I can't believe your post even got through, how rude!

Jul 19, 2009
believe me i would love to have sun serpent do more... but it already is pretty strong, it's pretty much the same as avenging fossil. but avenging has 100 more damage on it.

Aug 15, 2012
Why do the high damage attack schools like storm and fire always want their spells to be stronger. just like storm owl this spell is fine. There is no need for any more extra damage because as soon as this happens you'll have storm crying "why is fire's spell so close in damage to ours? lower it!" and then some of the lesser damaging schools like life (my school) will start complaining about the fire being too overpowered and that spinysaur is once again too weak for their taste. Maybe myth will want some more damage on their spell too, but lets not forget about ice and balance, maybe ice wants 200-400 more damage added. balance wants 6000-70000 damage added on. The point is all the level 88 spells are fine.

David willow breeze, level 68

Jun 02, 2011
I personally don't think the new fire spell is all that weak because I see fire wizards hit about 3000 the first time and then 3000 more the second hit to all enemies.

Feb 06, 2010
In PvP, it hits the target for 1,300 total damage and a fire elf to each other enemy. That damage is pretty good and it's immediate so triage won't help unlike rain.
Critical Death

Mar 17, 2012
pethatcher1 on Dec 3, 2012 wrote:
Sun serpent is the only spell that actually hits all enemies. All the other schools only hit one person. So that 300 seems like a pretty fair amount and that would make sun serpent even closer to the amount storm owl does.
Sun serpent isnt the only lvl 90 spell that hits all there is avenging fossil and besides for storm storm lord is actually stronger in my opinion than sun serpent.

Jul 19, 2009
I love using sun serpent but it is a little bit strong what i would like for the lvl 98 spell is 100 less damage on the main attack, and plus 100 damage on the all around attack. (not a plus 100% blade, a plus 100 base to the attack, without shields and traps and enchants).

Jacob ThunderHeart, lvl 90

ThunderBlade, lvl 47

Jacob IceWyrm, lvl 90

Jacob FireBlade, lvl 90

Mar 19, 2011
I am level 90 Balance, Fire, Storm and Life. I am bad PvP player except with Balance and Fire. I mostly 2v2 with Fire and Balance.

With decent gear, blades and infallible, I've seen Sun Serpent cut through tower shields like butter and drop jade turtles in their tracks.

Mar 11, 2012
crystal2020164 on Dec 3, 2012 wrote:
i have used sun serpent many times in pvp and i find it to be a pretty weak spell comepared to other spells fire has gotten.i understand it is supposed to hit one person for 900-1000 damage and hit everyone for 300 damge, but i feel like the damge to everyone should be 400-550. What is everyone else's thoughts about it. Im not saying it is bad or ki isnt putting thought into spells just wondering why it does a low amount.i am just disappointed.
I agree. I'm a level 87 fire and i'm honestly not really that excited for sun serpent to be perfectly honest. I mean, rain of fire can easily do double the amount of damage sun serpent would do, and to all enemies. I think sun serpent should do about 1,100 to the target, but like 600 to all. That's my opinion.

Jan 23, 2011
cowstastegood on Dec 24, 2012 wrote:
Do i need to remind you fire got 2 useless spells on avalon, detonate and backdraft
I know right! I don't know what KI was thinking when they made detonate.