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You and Your Pet

Jul 18, 2011
Make pets turn into mounts at mega pls with their speed depend on it's rarity or stats.

Aug 18, 2017
There is so much we can do with pets Here are a few ideals I have

Speed boost stat by 10%
Cast minion spell would be a PVP grabber
We could really have more mini games for pet experience
Maybe members can always gain double experience, I don't know :D Really like it!
Increase drop rate stat
pet garden boost!
I think it's time to for a pet and castle activity! Make them involved somehow!

Jul 10, 2016
TayD on Jan 28, 2009 wrote:
Oh well I would love for my pet to be used as minion if only for one round (or at least all pets have a card). I would also love for the pets to be more active when standing around and have actions they perform or interact with people/pets standing nearby.

On the design side, it would be nice to "dress pets" or at least be able to change their color for all pets. The magician rat wears a suit, it would be a nice feature to select other clothes items worn.

Just some thoughts.

Jul 21, 2013
Pet equipment! It would be amazing if there was a game that you can go dress up your pet depending on the pet different unique equipment! Please if this is added do not make it for crowns!

Jul 21, 2013
Pet polymorph! If your pet could polymorph itself into a minion (different looking change back in _____ rounds) that would be epic! This spell will take your pet to the middle change look mutate into bigger stronger version and put it by your side again and every round it would show its name like as a minion but you would command your pet to do spell or pass. I'd love that! And could you guys make a place were all the ideas Will be put in a book and you could see all the ideas added to the game and who brought up the idea?
Happy wizarding!

Nov 08, 2009
I would like to see Ultra pet snacks like for 100. That can only be used once the pet is at Mega. Those 2000 points after Mega really are a pain. Put them in an ultra pet snack, with a chance to get a drop of a ultra plant that drops ultra snacks.
Maybe another socket for the pet, that can only be used for stats.

Dec 01, 2012
I like the current use of pets in the game. I don't really have any criticism. Good job, KI!

May 27, 2010
It took me ages to get a pet Phoenix to learn 3 spells. While he's quite active and treats me well (giving me some accuracy to boot), I've wanted a May Cast talent devoted to somehow saving my poor DoTs from triage.

After the may cast triage thing and cheating bosses throwing around my Damage Over Times, plus Myth, Life, and Ice all being able to just make them less, if not completely ineffective, I just want something to balance the scale. It's not really that dire, but I am a at heart and enjoy a good damage over time effect.

I'd also like a May Cast talent that does a reverse detonate, taking a Heal Over Time and making it do all its healing instantly. That would be a life saver when all my pet feels like doing at the moment is spamming sprite, however much I appreciate its small gestures of good will.

Oran Dragonweaver

May 27, 2010
I just sent a reply and realized another thing which I might be too late to.

Little pet battles inside your house!

Ages ago, I made two castles for my pets and used bread crumbs to get them to form ranks and do battle! It was cool, but I'd like to see mini pet battles where you can two of your pets spells and have them do a tiny duel. Maybe just give them one spell and be able to script it to happen in a turn order!

Having a little pet battle going on inside a small gingerbread village would be great. Imagine!
Turn order from first to last:
Phoenix casts immolate on Ice Beetle!
Ice Beetle casts Frostbite on Phoenix!
Treant casts Guardian Spirit on a target!
Ghost casts Sacrifice on a target!

I feel like this could be a cool feature to see in housing. Perhaps it would work simply by clicking the pet, choosing a spell particle effect, and then choosing the target (whether another pet or itself). Then every so often, may 5-30 seconds, the pet casts that effect! I'd be okay with simple particle effects for each school and then just have them cast them. Maybe just the end tier wand effects for each school, like from Ultra Inferno for fire pets to use. Then maybe also put in the healing touch particle effect so we could pretend to have little pet medics for these mini battles!

Anyhow, just an idea I thought would be cool to see for some lively house action!

Oran Dragonweaver

Dec 18, 2010
I have an idea for this. What I think would be cool is to have a "Pet Tricks" tab on your screen. Your pet could do different tricks around your player. As a pet gets older and more experienced, the more tricks it can learn. Different pets would have the ability to do different things. For example, a piggle pet could fly around you as one of their tricks and a cyclops pet could jump high. Maybe different pets could do a mini attack. Not in battle but just in the commons or something so it would look cool. A snow serpent could do its normal attack for example. A pet like a wartle or a jellyfish who don't have any spells could have its own unique attack to do. It would be cool to have pets be able to do tricks. That would be amazing if this could be in the game!

(Make shadow pets! Shadow Trickster, Shadow Shrike Shadow Sentinel, etc.)

Gavin Nightwhisper lvl 125