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More options to train your pets

Jan 21, 2014
Sweetbananas019 on Mar 20, 2015 wrote:
if you have too much of the same pets feed it to one of the same pet so it can rank up (like stronger n may cast are more) I have too many wendigo and only one of it is good so making it stronger will be better for players (mostly me). the feeding pets to pets sounds harsh but the ranking up part sound better than it just staying at its own current area. and they should be like elite 1-5 and when you ranking up you should see the positive (or negative) of the outcome, the little twist is negative making it weaker.
unknown life wiz
Um, a pet eating another? remember this is a kids game XD

BUT i like your idea, but instead of feeding, fusing! permanent fusing. (they have to be the same species though)

Isaac GoldHeart lvl 34

Jun 26, 2013
I absolutely enjoy going in to do a nice and peaceful run of Darkmoor maybe for the recently added Aphrodite boss behind the Gold Skeleton Key door and possibly get some nice drops. But when I am farming this boss w/ my friends and I may need some heals by my pet and can cast Unicorn, Fairy, and Sprite, doesn't care to heal me xD And then, once I am done w/ this enjoyable battle, I continue on into Darkmoor and then I reach Shane von Shane (Storm). And as you may know if you've done this battle, if any sort of healing spell is casted, Shane von Shane, will then resort to casting a Vampire that does a pleasant 1,050 Death damage no matter what your resist is. Now in this battle, I prefer my pet doesn't heal me also b/c I am the one in my group of friends that is tanking from Shane's damage and I put on gear that can boost my Storm resist up to about 90%. Whenever I am in this battle, I tend to always get healed by my pet when I don't want it to heal me but in all other Darkmoor battles, my pet enjoys taking a nap the whole time xD

-Sarah SparkleCloud Lvl. 100 Pet Warlord

Nov 16, 2013
Could pets be mischevious and play tricks on you such as disappearing for a little and going to your dorm. Or could they throw housing items in your house at you and then the item would go back to it's place.

Oct 20, 2012
Maybe u could buy stuff in crown shop/minigames that u use ur pet for

May 26, 2015
Even though we have a pet derby in the Pet Pavilion, that's just racing your pets. What if you added the feature where we could use battle talents, so you and some other pet could have a magic duel. If your pet gave a card, like unicorn or life blade, those cards could be used in battle. This is just a suggestion for all those battle hungry people out there.

Sep 26, 2013
I think it would be cool if you could purchase a pet from the crown shop using crowns that allows you to choose what pet you want and the stats you want it to have. Example, I am a wizard I want a lord of winter pet so i choose lord of winter pet then. Next you the stats you want it to have, lets say start of with may cast enfeeble, double ice damage, double resist and may cast fortify. This pet should be allowed to hatch with other pets accept you can only choose the stats for it if you by it from the crown shop. Hope you all like the idea and understood it .

Feb 01, 2015

I would love the following for pets.

1. Show all the talent pools of all pets when they hatch. So when that pet hatches a window pops up and reveals all the the talent that pet has access too. At this stage of this game their is no reason to not allow players to see the talent pools of pet when they hatch. Yes their is some potential loss of income to the company, BUT player already do not train pets past ancient on 2nd generation and on when trying to breed a certain pet with certain talent pools. Ancient is only a day or two of training to player with farming skill in gardening or dungeon adventuring.

2. Pet mini games are fine for some folks but some of use do not like them. Have an option to allow players to feed pet without the mini game or racing game. The pet will only get the experience from the food that players feeds it. This option also consumes energy PER feeding like the minigame , but without the wasted time of playing the mini games.

3. ONLY if #1 is active. Potion at 250 to 500 crown that give a one time removal of a manifested talent dropping the pet experience to one less than what was required from the lost talent( ex: epic talent Health gift lost pet experience drops to 999). This would allow for player to have away of removing and unwanted talent and have a CHANCE at new one.

Apr 25, 2013
astro1244 wrote:
I would like pets to be a little bigger than they currently are. Also if pets could help in a battle kind of like minions. That would be great for me because im in the storm school and al my minion does is give itself sheild and taunts people wich really doesn't help.
That minion is meant to be a tank, as soon as it uses taunt, he is soaking of damage for you and buying you time

Jul 06, 2009
Your pet should be able to ride certain mounts with you!

Nov 05, 2011
Flair128512 on Jan 29, 2009 wrote:
I have a series of ideas. I think that for 1. you should allow them to fight with you insted of them just standing there. that is why people don't like buying pets. the stronger the pet, the more it costs and the more it costs... that goes into my next quote...
I also think for 2. you should make the pets with higher value do tricks! ticks would be cool! i have seen that this game is based ALOT on toon town. so there are these things on toontown called doodles, they are pets and you can teach them tricks. something you could add as your oun websites is making pet shows! witch goes into my next resion...
I have played alot of games ok? like runescape, toontown,webkins,world of war craft, call of duty... i am into the medevil games though. anyway, i was thinking and wondered if you could make pet shows, i thought... maby you could earn something like tickets at the battle arena! only something different like................... coins! you could trade them in for things! and that goes into my next model idea!...
With the coins you earn for this you could customize you pet! for every pet you could buy collers, hats, shirts ( on only spacific tipes of pets. ) and other cloths.

senserily, Wolf Hawkcrafter-

PS. please make this a part of wizard 101! i am a huge fan! i play every day and i even got my mom, dad, little brother and little sister, cusin, uncle, and my grandpa to play it! I just love this game! Please?
Nice your on to something big that can blow up on wizard101 thumbs up for that idea

Blaze SilverHeart

Mar 25, 2012

Well, for one, I think it would be cool if pets could be "stitched" into another pet. It could be called something like "morphed" or even "polymorphed", meaning it would only be available after unlocking celestia. Just like regular stitching, it would cost 100 crowns, and have the ability to be unstitched with an additional fee.

I think this would be useful, considering there are some very cute pets out there, such as the polar bear cub that I'm sure many people would like to have as the appearance of their pet.

This wouldn't change any of the talents of the pet or the school of the pet. (ex: you have a dryad pet and you would like it to have the appearance of the rockin' roller pet. Although the rockin' roller pet is a death pet, when moused over it, the talents would still be shown as if it was the dryad pet. It would also still be life only.)

Jennifer Moonstone,
Exalted and

Jan 20, 2009
Maybe pets could be bigger and do more things cause I'm a storm and my pet doesn't do much. I really want my pet to be able to cast more things like an attack maybe only if you play a certain card though. Like may cast storm shark if storm lord is used but it attacks all. Yes this might be over powered but my pet has a may cast sprite, and never uses it! to me its unfair in pvp cause its a mega and it never heals me . Can we make pets do more and also check out my new bundle idea by Daniel Firebreaker "Warriors Bundle" plz do more stuff for pets and check out the bundle I would be grateful

Daniel FireBreaker level 100 master of

Jun 04, 2015
i was trying to train my toucan't to learn uncorn but my sis siad it wot work

Jun 19, 2015
May 17, 2014
I think they should be with you on certain mounts. Let's say you're on a black panther mount. If you have a pet that flies, it would fly by your mount. If you have a pet that walks or crawls- or does anything but flying, it would sit behind you on a mount.

-Nicole Rubyblood
-Nicole Siritgem
-Nicole Shdowsong

Jun 15, 2011
I think pets should have a talent when they hatch and be a random one. Because a lot of real animals hatch/born already knowing how to do something (Ex. ducks hatch already knowing how to swim). Just a idea I just thought it would be more helpful for some pet who don't try to train pets.

Jun 28, 2015
If when pets are baby's they are small and cut but when they grow they grow bigger and stronger(the way they look)

Jul 17, 2009
I wish they could follow you if you are on your mount. Not all the time though, an additional follow button would allow it. Because sometimes i want my pet equiped but not following me.

It would be nice if they could randomly attach like in pirates, not just randoming so other spells. And a little more frequently.

The ability to get any pet (not including the school exclusives) by hatching. Meaning if someone with a danger hound is willing to hatch with a (any pet) the two wizards hatching can get either of those. Just give them new spells, keep the colors and give it a different name. Then it's a new pet too, so those special ones you gave out to VIPs or magazine codes are still special. You kind of do that with the fog unicorn. But you don't with the danger hound- you get an ghost dog. With the prepaid gift cards, you guys already do that, give the same pet but not really. So it's a win-win.
And the mooshu sheep pet- us who love sheep would LOVE that pet.

Apr 18, 2015
i hope its not too late to ask for anything.. but i think it would be quite lovely if for every pet you bought you get a card for that pets species, like say a fire cat or cyclops, in your deck. i hope that does not sound silly but it would be kinda cool. and even if you don't have that pet equipped you still have its card but if you sell it then you lose the card. just a thought but i hope you like the thought. thank you

Apr 09, 2015
For you to polymorgh into your pet? If you had a cyclops for example then you could get Polymorgh cyclops and have a new deck of myth spells. The rarer the pet the better cards in your deck? There may have to be new moon spells then.

Apr 10, 2012
It would be awesome if you could teach your pet tricks like a fire cat could jump through a flaming hoop

Daniel Dragon shield level 67

Apr 13, 2013
I think it would be interesting to take a play from Pokemon's latest game and have an "Affection" meter. This could potentially come from saying "Good Boy" after casting spells, keeping it in our backpack, giving it a unique name (paid by gold, not crowns), and the game could give us an opportunity to "pet" it, as in Pokemon, we would learn what how it liked to be pet and further increase Affection. Programming could be changed to show responses to calling it's name or "Petting". Potential payoff could be higher trigger rate on its talents, or even bigger in-battle benefits. In Pokemon I believe there were some very beneficial rewards in battle from raising Affection (not Friendship).

Along those lines, it would be neat if we were able on sit on the furniture in our houses and our pets could join us.

Off topic: Many times in game I need to take a break to "research" a dungeon or other in game item. It would be interesting if the game had an interface where it seemed like we were doing computer research at our in-game house. Perhaps a furniture item computer that accessed the internet on our own computer?

Jul 15, 2011
I think it'd be kinda nice if you could send your pet on a mission to gather resources like stone blocks and what not. :)

Dec 31, 2014
Chaos125 on Jan 29, 2009 wrote:
It would be great if you can allow to buy the pets specialized armor or outfits that raises special attributes along with having the pets able to have there own HP and MP along with being able to attack and some could even give you attribute boosts :D :D :D :D
i think this good idea

Jan 24, 2011
I think it would be cool if you guys at kingisle added more dog breeds.