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wow is the pet hatching THAT much?

Jul 15, 2009
lisiedawn wrote:
Am I missing something? How do you know how much it costs to hatch a pet? My son and I just tried to hatch my dream ghoul with his magma spider, but all it said was that we didn't have enough... It didn't tell us how much we actually needed. Unless I missed it, which is always possible :P

When you got to the Pets Update info link, https://www.wizard101.com/game/community/updatenotes
Click on the first picture to open it larger.
On the very lower left part of the screenshot box, you will see a field labeled "Cost".

Jan 21, 2009
I feel that this is probally a pointless post, but nonetheless...

KI I'm really dissappointed with this update and I think a lot of people are. I am one of those "adult" players. My fiance and I have played for about a year and half, are yearly subscribers, and play about 15 to 20 hours a week as work schedules allow. I had hoped that exactly this wouldn't be the case with the pet system as it seems to be.

We have grandmasters that we have already spent countless hours farming for the grandmaster gear, housing, mounts, etc. Now we have all these wonderful pets and we have to spend more countless hours farming just to have new playable content...? Okay, we will farm more and more to get more gold to use the playable content. Well now it's over 80k gold each to hatch A new pet with no garantees as to what we are getting. Well thats kind of appaling at the amount of hours we have to spend playing to get the full use of new content.

Alright, next step. We are already yearly subscribers so lets look at buying some crowns, spending them on gold just to hatch some pets.... Here's where we really couldn't believe the "cost" invovled with the hatchery. I can currently spend $60 for 60,000 crowns, now thats for each of us, so $120 of cash to buy 120,000 crown. Now we take those crowns and buy gold with them in the crown shop. The price for 10,000 gold is 7100 crowns meaning that for each of us thats a little over 80,000 crowns. Fantastic we found a way to hatch some pets and use the full content. Now, thats $120 in real cash to hatch a pet for each of us.

Thats effectively $60 per "rare" pet unless I'm mistaken. That's the same cost as my yearly subscription to play and have full use of all the other content. I do not see how this makes any since for KI's in game economy or business income. We simply will not spend that much to hatch a couple of pets.

I really hope this is rethought because as of right now we lay wizard down until celestia comes out. When we have conqoured celestia and this years subscription runs out I really can't see any reason to renew it if content is going to come out that isn't feasable to use with a working life.


Apr 23, 2010
i also think that the training to get to the level epic is way to much 1000 training points i am guessing because my levels started at 125 to get to teen 250 to get to adult 500 to get to ancient and 750 to get to epic and i still don't know if my logic is right but the patter was a 125 increase from the last level at the end of all the training would be 1750 i think

each level should be a total of 125 for each level for a 750

Dec 07, 2009
I love the new pet drops - not that I've gotten any yet, but I am farming for them :-) - but I've got to agree with the above statements. I got on test to see what the pet pavilion was all about, and was horrified at the cost of hatching . I do plan on aging my pets - I don't particularly like any of the games other than the maze and the cannon - but unless the cost of hatching drops significantly, I'm not going anywhere near the hatchery.

Oct 23, 2009
i just got my thunder colossus diesel to adult , and ive been playing this game like, 14 hours to get it there (yes i did stop to sleep) but i got a hatching offer, and i don't know how much the real cost is. i mean, i have ALOT of gold, 8) but it still said i don't have enough! in the three years ive been playing this game, i haven't seen anything this expensive. ARGH!

May 16, 2009
I honestly don't mind paying that amount for mixing because it can be done with game gold. As long as I get something different. There is nothing wrong with saving up (gathering gold) for what you want. It might even be a good life lesson for kids- but only if they feel rewarded for their efforts. Let's not teach them that hard work is a rip off.

1) In the test realm- when you tried to mix and didn't have enough it told you the amount needed. That should be the case in the live realm so people don't spend their crowns or sell their furniture items with no chance of gaining enough to hatch.

2) People should be able to see, in advance, what they will get if they mix?

3) Either that or- people should be able to sell an unwanted pet back for a reasonable amout of gold. If KI can base the cost of mixing on the pedigree of the pet, they should be able to use the same calculation for the selling of one, instead of the very small amout you now get to sell one. A pet that costs 100,000 to hatch should be of very significant value.

A little off topic-
Why are the very valuable things that cannot be sold at The Bazaar worth so little anyplace else?

Apr 13, 2010
paladin429 wrote:
I was soooo dissapointed when i tried to hatch a pet and it said "you only have 50,000 gold" like, ONLY, i worked so hard for like weeks farming just to get to 50,000 gold. And with the prices needed to buy reagents unobtainable through collecting like gems and vials, along with buying the recipies, i'm not getting much closer to 80,000 gold while at the same time trying to advance my pet to adult through feeding it snacks so it doesnt take nearly as long. Anyway, i might have a different opinion of this whole hatching and pet system if it didnt cost so much. I spend hours on training my pets to breed them just to find i'm 30,000 gold short. Also i heard some people refer to pets that came out almost the same as their original pets as "80,000 gold furniture items" since they already have that pet. So it all just doesnt seem worth it to me.

In the test system I hatch a defense pig and my wraith got
a defense pig with 1 better pedigree for a cost of over 900000.
Was using the free crows converted to gold.
Was very disappointed after hours of get the pets to adult.
Burning crowns like crazy to do it.

Apr 13, 2010
willowtree424 wrote:
i also think that the training to get to the level epic is way to much 1000 training points i am guessing because my levels started at 125 to get to teen 250 to get to adult 500 to get to ancient and 750 to get to epic and i still don't know if my logic is right but the patter was a 125 increase from the last level at the end of all the training would be 1750 i think

each level should be a total of 125 for each level for a 750

Pets cannot get to epic
You only get xp for raising a stat. At ancient do you have a 1000 points is stats left to advance

Apr 13, 2010
Can someone tell me why the say you can have an epic pet
Crimson specter the best pet you can buy with area point has a total of 1130 stat point
Storm hound the best pet you can buy with crowns has a total of 1120 stat points
Stat boost go on game bonus side may give you 50 more
Not sure why this is a game bonus. These stat are used in derby
But 125 from baby to teen 125
250 from teen to adult 375
500 adult to ancient 875
1000 to epic 1875

1875 to make epic no pet can do it

Can somebody tell me how I am wrong

Jun 03, 2009
Yesterday I finally got my storm school pet to adult my wizards is so broke just doing that much yes & I have a storm hound pet and was planning on doing the same but after seeing these post NO THANK YOU KI Trust me people they wil change it IF nobody uses it. No I don't think crowns for this is in any way a good idea. they get enough from the sale of energy for these pets and by the way when we level our wizards our health is FILLED why not our pets the same way? Done with pets until some reasonable prices are put up so all may enjoy this new feature. having six grandmasters how much do you think all that would cost LOLZ

Jul 27, 2009
This really makes me sad.... the price of hatching.... i have seen all i have to do to get something cool, and i just cant do it. i dont have the time to farm AND get my pet up to adult. so KI, for the moment (after i get my arena pet to ANCIENT), i am leaving until celestia comes out. Wizard101 isnt fun anymore. In Pvp, there are so many glitches to where its pointless to play. not only that, but there are glitches EVERYWHERE. look at the life school. go in, and you can walk up on the top there. this new pet thing... i wish it never happened now. i gotta question Wizard101 staff- Why did you make the price of pets what it is? You guys have to think about the grandmasters who have done all their farming until the new levels, and dont wanna farm even more for something that doesnt have a 100% chance of working how you want it too.

Dec 13, 2008
Why is it so expensive to do 1 mix of a pet? Really just to mix one pet it cost 80000 goldif you want to mix to it would be 160000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This really dumb, no one is ever going to do this. I have 45000 gold and it still wont let me do it one! If it is rare it still shouldn't be 80000 it should be like 15000.

Dec 20, 2009
I agree with the rediculous. You cannot even hatch anything, you cannot find out how much you even need, and 80k!!!?????? Wow, rediculous for the time spent and the amount of monies you get for the quests and per kill. It would take months before you could even start to dream up such amounts. Maybe even years for someone like me that cannot play 24/7. Not even worth wasting the time. Why would you even add this EXCITING new feature and then make it impossible, Wizard 101?

Mar 22, 2009
Ok. This is what I have to say.
Say, you were around level 10 or so. You start farming Nightshade with your friends and all and you get this neat little pet.
You train it from baby to adult, while wasting about 7-8 days in an attempt to do so.
Then you finaly get your pet to adult.
You try to hatch it with your friend, and it doesnt work.
So, you try for about, say, 2-3 weeks trying to get enough gold to create an egg.
Then, you find out online, that it costs 80k gold.
And everyone (including me, even though I'm a Grandmaster and such) knows that is ridiculus.
So, your level 10, non-subscripter, and poor. How are you planning to create an egg being only level 10?
They need to lower the price WAY down.
It's understandable if you try to do that with the Danger Hound and such, being that they are rare, but it's not very fair for non-subscribers.

I say that hatching pets should be based solely on level, not the pet itself.

Hunter HexBlade, Level 50 Storm.

Mar 11, 2010
why is the hatchery so expensive . i mean for a glaciel cat and a dream gouhl it was 77600. i had about 1500 at the timeand thought it was a good amount. wizard 101 i really hope you fix this fast. if you dont i garuntee you will lose a lot of players. also i had two pets in my shared bank and i took them out. next thing i new my pet energy was at 0. who honestly thought that was a good idea i could go on and on about glitches and cheap attacks but this is what really needs to be fixed. please :-)

May 01, 2010
Personally, I don't mind the cost of hatching. However, I'm absolutely disgusted by the user interface. Specifically, I can't believe that the price to hatch isn't displayed. I've got two grands on two different accounts, so I decided to breed their pets (a Hydra and a Stormzilla). My Storm wizard was a bit "low" on gold (she has "only" 90,000 gold), and there was no indication of how much she actually needs to hatch a pet.

Now, consider this: I'll end up spending about 200,000 gold to make a couple of pets that might be inferior to the ones that I already have. For example, I have no idea if the age of my pets will impact the quality of the offspring.

KingsIsle, please be a little more honest with your loyal customers. I pay REAL money to use your product. Condsidering the expense, both in time and cash, I think you have a responsibilty to give us a bit more information about the breeding process. I'm not asking for lower prices - just a few more specifics on how it works.

Aug 22, 2008
Honestly the price does need to come down. Considering you can buy the big DS house and the big MB house for the price of one pet is insane. The amount of hours it takes to earn that kind of gold makes it not worth the effort in the end.

I wanted to mix my shardtail dragon. However it would take me a week to get that kind of gold and I play a lot. More than most players. I understand it is a rare pet that you MAY get from the mixing. I could see charging 50K for an extremely rare pet. Like mixing 2 pioneer dragons. That's definately the rarest pet in the game. So yes I could see that one being very expensive. However dragons like shardtail costing 80K gold just to mix is a bit over the top.

I also have not seen any rare hybrids. If you lowered the pricing more people would want to partake in this new feature.

I came back after a very long absense because of 2 reasons. Pets and Celestia. Please do right by your paying customers and lower the pet prices or I just might find another game to play again. Along with a lot of other people. I really want to love you guys again but too many promises have been broken and now you make it almost impossible to mix pets. Great going KI. :(

Apr 25, 2010
80,000 is WAY WAY WAY WAAAAAY overpriced. That's MORE than the pet right?!?!?!

Apr 28, 2009
cokevspepsi wrote:
80,000 is WAY WAY WAY WAAAAAY overpriced. That's MORE than the pet right?!?!?!
i agree but there are wizards out there who are trying to farm bosses for a item and they get stuff they can even use so they sell it. they may not know it but that gets them rich and as it builds up they can hatch a pet. think i'm lieing i am one of them when i was a level 40 to 43 i farmed oyotomi many many times to get his wand. i a storm and all i got was 1 oyotomis storm hat. at level 50 i try again farming him and i got it i looked at the paper i was counting the times i fought him looked at the one i had a while ago and it came up to 93 times fighting him and i get his wand. now look at what i got that i got with gold a chesnut poney royal play house mooshu palace and a dragon spyre house. not to mention the stuff i bought for both me and my death while leveling up. so in my whole account i have eared more than 10200 GOLD. but still that only enof for one or one and a half hatches so ya IT IS OVER PRICED. ask me i think kings isle dont want un subcribers to get it so they made it high but because the can get it they fell like they not exculding them.

Dec 13, 2009
Angelocean wrote:
Gamma wrote:
The reason for the high Hatching cost for the Storm Hound, young Wizard is due to its rarity.

Pet pricing is determined by a pet's Stats and Pedigree.

The pedigree for your rare and powerful Storm Hound will be very high, and therefore the price will also be very high.

I knew that the hatchery was gonna be expensive like you say, but I think that 80,000 seems a little insane. :P
Just to tell you its not i have seen it myself. :)

Lauren Skyriver
lvl 50
Ice Wizard

May 16, 2009
I finally got a rare pet. I mixed my Orthrus with a Stormzilla and got a Mythzilla.

The guy with the Stormzilla, when I asked him what he got, said that he got to waste 100,000 gold.

What happened to Tempest Hound?

Anyway, while my Mythzilla looks cool- his pedigree is 50, which is less than either parent. I'm almost afraid to level him to teen to race him because he has so many slots for bad racing qualities.

I completely ruined my Fairy Queen when I leveled her to adult. Her pedigree is 57 and the chance I'd get a bad quality for Talents or Derby was really slim. Not slim enough though. She will never be able to compete with other adult racers.
She had 2 slots for epic qualities, 6 slots for ultra rare, and 2 slots for rare (for derby). She only got a rare quality in both Talent and Derby- 4 points out of a potential 7.

Also, The Stormzilla I got when I mixed my Stormzilla with a Satyr has a lower pedigree than either parent. No way I will ever use the baby Stormzilla when I have already invested in leveling the parent- which is the exact same pet.

Keep your fingers crossed for me- that my Mythzilla won't just be a decoration too.

A little off topic-
It is not cool that when farming for pets the ones that stand there and let you do all of the attacking are usually the ones that get a pet. I have been in a hit or die situation many times while the other people just stand there. From now on I'm just gonna flee.

Jul 10, 2008
I agree with the other posters. I was trying to hatch my wraith with another pet, but it costed 80k?! That is overpriced! I know that some pets are rare, but that much gold?! I actually want to have fun with these new features, but the hatching must go down otherwise, well, i'm NOT going to quit, but other people may. Anyway, please lower the price to maybe somethimg ALL wizards can afford. Or just make us pay for crowns for it.
Sincerely Zachary Shadow
Grandmaster Necromancer

Dec 18, 2009
gdenali wrote:
i've been on the test realm a LOT and my stormhound rascal is FINALLY an adult!
so i go to the hatchery and try to mix with ghoul and it tells me i have to pay .... 80,000 GOLD!!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO THAT IS WAAAAAAY TOOOO MUCH!!!!
wizard101 if you dont change the price NO ONE will pay that much just to mix a pet! i mean you could buy A LARGE DRAGONSPYRE house, AND a LARGE MARLEYBONE house for that much! :x it should be more like, say 5,000
actualy i see a good and a bad side to the prices to pet hatching the bad i agree it is FAR to high and the good side players are gaining levels faster trying to get that much gold

Jul 06, 2009
i have to say at thats a little to much to pay can't like slit the price with someone and also lower the price c'mon not even the richs person will pay at much

Jun 14, 2009
Ok. I have read this whole thing I think it is a good argument, but still, please Wizard101 change the price of hatching a pet, it's crazy high! Really! please! I've heard its like 8o,ooo but i think it should be more like 3,ooo or 5,ooo. but that! That's CRAZY! please change it