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wow is the pet hatching THAT much?

Jan 23, 2009
Contiar wrote:
I can currently spend $60 for 60,000 crowns, now thats for each of us, so $120 of cash to buy 120,000 crown. Now we take those crowns and buy gold with them in the crown shop. The price for 10,000 gold is 7100 crowns meaning that for each of us thats a little over 80,000 crowns. Fantastic we found a way to hatch some pets and use the full content. Now, thats $120 in real cash to hatch a pet for each of us.

Thats effectively $60 per "rare" pet unless I'm mistaken. That's the same cost as my yearly subscription to play and have full use of all the other content. I do not see how this makes any since for KI's in game economy or business income. We simply will not spend that much to hatch a couple of pets.

I really hope this is rethought because as of right now we lay wizard down until celestia comes out. When we have conqoured celestia and this years subscription runs out I really can't see any reason to renew it if content is going to come out that isn't feasable to use with a working life.


Now here's another kicker, you and your fiance spend the 60 dollars each, you hatch and egg then find out that you have a watered down copy of the pet EACH of you tried to blend. You spent 120.00 for nothing.

If they are going to be expensive then at least have the courtesy of making outcome a sure thing. Who wants to gamble that kind of money?

Might I just add that while kids may not FULLY understand the value of money (and in my experience they do know more than what is posted here) parents and adults who play or pay to let their kids play are struck with the costly lesson of this paying for the unpredictable.

Really something needs to be changed, either make it cheap or make it so that we get what we pay for, that is "fair and balanced."

Feb 06, 2009
Gamma wrote:
The reason for the high Hatching cost for the Storm Hound, young Wizard is due to its rarity.

Pet pricing is determined by a pet's Stats and Pedigree.

The pedigree for your rare and powerful Storm Hound will be very high, and

therefore the price will also be very high.

that kinda makes sense but even for my not so rare storm beetle it wont let me hatch and i have 40,000 gold! i dont even know how much money it cost i think that hatching is not worth working for

Jun 29, 2010
gdenali wrote:
i've been on the test realm a LOT and my stormhound rascal is FINALLY an adult!
so i go to the hatchery and try to mix with ghoul and it tells me i have to pay .... 80,000 GOLD!!!!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO THAT IS WAAAAAAY TOOOO MUCH!!!!
wizard101 if you dont change the price NO ONE will pay that much just to mix a pet! i mean you could buy A LARGE DRAGONSPYRE house, AND a LARGE MARLEYBONE house for that much! :x it should be more like, say 5,000
Your right

Jul 15, 2009
Which is why they pretty much halved the cost of breeding.

Most pet breeding costs cap at around 45K.

How easy it is to get 45K depends a lot on the level of your characters - a MB level 25 character might be able to farm that much in a month or so of casual gaming. A DS level grand can make that in a week, fairly easily.

My ice grand can usually rake in about 10K with about 2-3 hours farming, but he's a part of a group that routinely farms Malistair and the Ravens for fun.

Jan 23, 2009
Okay in all fairness, I have had a small change of heart.

I have been farming a lot for pet drops and have realized that have had enough money to hatch a few times over. However, that said, 45k is still nothing to sneeze at (in time or crowns) but the having collected all that money and then ending up with a with the same pet is still not cool.

I think the randomized way in which the pets are hatched, and that there is NO particular formular to lesson the odds, gives the pavillion a bit much to be desired.

Still if it were rare we wouldn't really want it, Unicorn anyone?

I will end this with I am not great with change and there are still things I will never get used to, crafting being one, still the choice is mine. My suggestion is that if you think this isn't a problem that KI will address and it still offends you, show them in actions. Dont be bothered.

You can not keep spending money on something that and think that as long as the vendor is paid they will change. They are thinking we keep it like it is untill it more benefical for us to cut the price or make the rare pets less rare and more of a sure thing.

As for me, I am done on this issue. If I have earned the money and I feel like spending it on this I will otherwise not another dime. Using crowns to hatch is too much of a gamble.

Jul 21, 2009
It seems to me that you should be charged a nominal hatching price - Maybe 500 - 1000. If you like the pet you can pay for it, if not, you can put it up for auction. Seems fair to me.

Mar 28, 2009
Really the price on pet hatching it way to high. I worked forever to get my pet to adult for hatching and i cant do it becuase i dont have the gold. I feel like all that work was for nothing... Please consider lowering the prices.

8)~Haley Firestone~ 8)
8)Master Pyromancer

Jun 13, 2010
im sooo mad i finally got my pet up to an adult and went into the hatchery waited forever for someone to agree to hatch and when i finally do it costs more money than i have it gets me sooo mad :( :x i even pay to be a member i mean between having to pay for crowns and the cost of stuff in the game i guess im not hatching until they lower the prices. :(

Sep 26, 2010
ok so me and this guy are trying to hach a pet [mine is a drogon his fire cat] and it took me MONTHS to make my dragon adlt and it says you only have 2,005 gold IN YOUR FACE! LOWER THE PRICE [AND TELL ME WHAT IT IS...]

Oct 30, 2009
I have to say, I don't think the price is too high. I'm a lvl 32 myth player that's played off and on. I sell pretty much everything I don't use, and I have about 48k. But I don't buy upgrades every level, I don't always have to have the best and brightest. I get along just fine. What are you doing with all the items that drop?

((Also, converting crowns to gold is a bad idea - there are much better ways to get gold, like selling food, I'd imagine.))

Jun 04, 2010
MysticalKrystal wrote:
I honestly don't mind paying that amount for mixing because it can be done with game gold. As long as I get something different. There is nothing wrong with saving up (gathering gold) for what you want. It might even be a good life lesson for kids- but only if they feel rewarded for their efforts. Let's not teach them that hard work is a rip off.

1) In the test realm- when you tried to mix and didn't have enough it told you the amount needed. That should be the case in the live realm so people don't spend their crowns or sell their furniture items with no chance of gaining enough to hatch.

2) People should be able to see, in advance, what they will get if they mix?

3) Either that or- people should be able to sell an unwanted pet back for a reasonable amout of gold. If KI can base the cost of mixing on the pedigree of the pet, they should be able to use the same calculation for the selling of one, instead of the very small amout you now get to sell one. A pet that costs 100,000 to hatch should be of very significant value.

A little off topic-
Why are the very valuable things that cannot be sold at The Bazaar worth so little anyplace else?

:) i think that these are good, i love hatching. i had 5000 crowns, and i wanted a jade oni. i didn't want to spend all my remaining crowns on the pet. long story short, with only 30,000 gold, i hatched with my friend, then i got it! Hatching is worth it

Jun 04, 2010
coolkidred123 wrote:
Hatching common pets should be less that 1,000 gold so if novice or apprentice wizards could have cooler pets and show their friends.Ex. Fircat with Piggle.But when my friend got his adult firecat to hatch with my adult heckhound,the price was over 3,000! It should at least around 1,000.Please change the price!

so your saying 3k- about 10k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D that is a wonderful price!!!!!!! srsly, i am genuine :)

Sep 23, 2010
Wow... these prices seem very very hight to hatch a pet. Many peaople dont have enough gold to do this. The prices should be lowered! There is a negative and positive side about this though. Erning the gold and making the efort to gain the money makes you love and apreciate your pet even more because you took time to get it. You have to work hard to earn some thing that you really want and after you get it, you feel so great! The negative side about this is that many players dissagree with the prices and that they dont have enough gold or it might take them long to earn. My opinion about this is that YES, the prices should be lowered just a bit. Even though the prices are very very high, at the end you feel very happy that you finaly got the pet you all ways dreamed of like i said before. Trying can be fun some times! Bring some friends along to help. What fun is a game when you get some thing really easy without trying? It takes away the fun sometimes. But i do agree that they DO have to lower the price just a bit! I mean all that much? Yea i agree with at least a 10% take away! If they dont lower the prices, best of luck to all of you on getting that pet you all ways wanted. Keep trying and dont give up!!!!!!!! And i hope this conflict is solved soon i wanna get hatching! -Moinica IceHeart :D

Jun 19, 2009
Talance3 wrote:
scheletro wrote:
can you give us a list of the cost for each pet

Heck, I'd be happy with the formula used to determine the cost.

My best guess? Breedcost = [(Pedigree_Number_Pet1 plus Pedigree_Number_Pet2) divided by 2] times ~1600

(Why yes... I _am_ a math geek.)

wow thats extremely accurate O.O I did 54 + 52=106/2=53*1600=84,800
thats seems about right for a storm beetle and friendly dragon.. :/

Mar 04, 2010
Sell stuff at the bazzar like robes and shoes that you cant wear yet, you dont like, or stuff that isn't your school. I did it when i had your same problem. I ended up getting A LOT more gold that i needed. :-) more gold to buy more stuff!

Jul 04, 2009
Wow 80,000 and you only have like a 25% chance of getting a mixed and a 50% chance of you getting your own pet back and a 25% chance of you getting the person you mixed withs pet. You can only hatch one time a day. To me that just isnt fair.

Austin ShadowHammer
Legendary Necromancer
Grandmaster Artisian
Journeyman Gardener

Jun 09, 2009
Sparks199 wrote:
Wow 80,000 and you only have like a 25% chance of getting a mixed and a 50% chance of you getting your own pet back and a 25% chance of you getting the person you mixed withs pet. You can only hatch one time a day. To me that just isnt fair.

Austin ShadowHammer
Legendary Necromancer
Grandmaster Artisian
Journeyman Gardener

What? pet hatching is no more then 40k MAX.

Aug 09, 2010
I, too, agree that pet hatching is way over priced. I feel that the expense makes it so that only very high level wizards can make enough money in a timely manner to make it worth it. To a novice wizard it must look close to impossible. Not to mention the fact that it's a gamble anyway.

For anyone willing to bet this kind of cash I have a few tips. Buy crowns. At the end of big boss matches you can go up to their special chests and I usually spend 1,000 or so crowns. Once the stuff is sold you usually pocket about 10,000 gold. (Varies depending on the level of the boss.) This saves you a lot of crowns in the long run. (I think the price of buying gold in the crown shop for 10,000 is like six or seven thousand crowns. )

There is also the usual like selling regents, clothes, and other drop items.

Personally, I have a storm serpent: he's weak and practically useless. I have him because I like him. Gambling on some pet you might not get only wastes time and resources if you have a pet you love.

Feb 15, 2009
Overall, the price is high. 60,000 gold isn't TOO much because CL gear sells for and awful lot at the bazaar, but think about the gold cap. That is a bit over a quarter of the max gold amount!!! I think that 60,000 should be a 25,000, but hatching, in my opinion, should not be done often anyway. I think it should be a once a week thing at the maximum. Players need to be patient and earn money before protesting the prices.

Feb 16, 2009
I personally have no problem with hatching. When you farm the Gurtok Demon and the Jade Oni endlessly, attempting to get their respective ultra-rare pets, you sort of run into easy money. And don't get me starting on Trial of Spheres farming. Two trips there will net you 10,000 gold, at LEAST!

Gold farming is not dfficult. All that is required is a little patience and some spare time every day. I gold farm for a couple hours each day, and I'm attempting to hatch an Oni hybrid or a Sprtey Fierce Hound at least once a week. Have you ever been routinely disappointed every week at about the same time in the same place? It sucks.

But then again, I have an obscene amount of patience with this game. With my mom paying over one hundred dollars a year for my sub, though, it's not really a choice, if you know what I mean.

Jack Fireheart Level 60 Legendary Pyromancer, Sterling Hatching Crusader, and Routine Disappointee

Feb 28, 2011
I cant afford to pay large amounts of coin to pay for breeding!! its ridiculous. I mean i want to breed but i simply cant afford it. i dont make enough coin to do what i want really. and it takes forever literally to actually achieve anything.
please bring the price of breeding down.
Kestrel Ravensword

Sep 18, 2009
Firstly, Hatching pets is already less that half the cost it used to be. When pet hatching first came out, it was over 85,000 to hatch my piggle with my wraith (before I knew that not all pets can make new breeds)

Expecting them to drop the price to 1,000 to 3,000 is unrealistic, and unnecessary. They not only dropped the hatching fees, they also raised the resale price for selling loot.

My advice is just PLAY. You get plenty of dropped itmes in the game as well as quest reward gold. Sell everything you can at the bazaar. You get better prices than selling to vendors. If an item says 'NO AUCTION', then sell it to an NPC. You can also sell unwanted 'NO AUCTION' seeds to any of the gardeners (marley, Charley, Harley, Farley).

Garden. Most plants provide sellable drops. Some drop mostly reagents if you like crafting (snapdragons), others drop all snacks if you are pet-training (prickly bear). Find something useful for you. You only need to care for them once a day to prvent wilting.

If your character is high enough level, farm Celestia or Wintertusk. Most equips dropped on Celestia sell for 1k-2k on average and 1.8k - 3k on Wintertusk.

Research. See what pet mixes there are and only cross ones that you know have a chance of producing the pet you want. Less money spent on a 'shot in the dark' crossbreed.

If you have multiple characters, use your shared bank! Put gear that looks decent in there. Don't buy gear at every level if you don't have to. Don't try to have 'the best' at every level. I don't usually buy anything for my wizards other than wands until I hit level 30. I use dropped gear only. You can also have your highest level character dump all their drops in the shared bank and let your low-level wizard withdraw and sell it.

Making money is not hard in this game. In fact it is easier than about any game I have ever played. I have HAD to breed pets just because I exceeded the amount of gold I was allowed to have.

Don't be in such a rush! My son plays an hour or so a day and makes about 10k from drops in that time. That is a pet every 3-4 days or 2 a week on average. That seems decent to me for an hour a day.

My biggest pet beef is that you can no longer sell pets in the bazaar like you could when the bazaar was first implemented. I liked knowing that a real person would get my unwanted/extra pets vs just destroying them. Poor ice snake. Melted down because I had no room and KI won't let me share. ((sniff))

Jun 17, 2010
Same problem here,except I just got my Piggle to Adult and it costs 20,00!You could buy that Royal Playhouse from wizard city with tha much!And piggle is not rare!

Mar 02, 2011
So I've spent probably 15k on pet snacks at the Auction House(the cheap, higher level ones, mind you) to get my pet Scarecrow to Ancient. I looked up the possible abilities for the scarecrow and found that I recieved ALL the WORST ones. Freaking awesome. So, I figured maybe I'll just hatch a new one. It's not like I can go buy another one and try again or anything. So, after some research, I found the hybrid I want: Shadow Phoenix(though, honestly I'd be happy with another Scarecrow of the same pedigree). Then....I saw how much this costs. I got an estimate of roughly 95k gold. Plus the 15k I spent on my original Scarecrow. Plus the 15k I'll be spending on my new pet. And on top of it all, there's a good chance my second pet will turn out exactly the same as my first! I spent less money on my Life House!!! It took a week of farming at Oyotomi in Mooshu for that 100k. I'm now legendary and it seems like I spend more effort to get worse drops in CL and WT. Just a bunch of reagents, seeds, and the occasion piece of grand gear. I personally think KI needs to drop the prices on a LOT of things such as mounts and houses. But this whole pet thing really takes the cake. I'm fed up with it and I swear if my next Scarecrow fails(assuming I can even find another incredibly rich hatch partner) I'm quitting this game. It's starting to consume my life as it is. I may need rehab. But this is plain ridiculous.

Apr 18, 2011
i agree with the high price, but i found a cheaper way for me. i wanted an ice hound, so i hatched with someone that had it. im not sure if ice hound and fierce hound just dont have a high pedigree or what, but we both hatched for 35000 and i got an ice hound :D , so i guess, compared to you guys, thats pretty cheap. :P