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Rare Pets Hatching

Nov 27, 2009
I myself got amazingly lucky when trying to hatch a rare and almost unheard of pet, The Nightmare.
When hatching I got the Nightmare on my first try but then my friend, who was hatching with me only got a regular unicorn.
I really dont think this is all that fair if I got the pet and she didnt and we have to waste more gold and more time trying and trying to get the pet that its not worth all the effort we put into it in the end if it only happens once or twice out of who knows how many times. :(

Alura DuskStalker Lv54 Life

Jun 13, 2010
I also agree that the amount of gold it costs to hatch a pet is unreasonable :? and I just got my Collosus pet today, and does orthrus and the colossus always make the Ice Hound or not?

Dec 26, 2010
Frankly, I am done with spending tons and tons of money...i have two legendary, and a couple other characters - none of the dozens of hatches I have done have given me anything except the pet I started with. So I have many unicorns, helephants, wraiths, etc...a

How is this fair?...when some people get a new hybrid every single time they try ---and some do, I have friends who do!

Somehow this needs to cost less, and be more fair or at least predictable.


Legendary Fire, Legendary Death, Master Storm, Journeyman Ice

Jul 01, 2010
Professor Greyrose wrote:
Based on our own observations, and feedback from players just like yourselves, we have come to a decision that rare and exclusive pets will NOT manifest in the Hatching process when the Advanced Pets update goes to the Live Realm.

What pets!?
The physical appearance of the following pets will not manifest as a result of the Hatching Process:
Danger Hound
Pioneer Dragon
Friendly Dragon
Fog Unicorn
Shardtail Dragon

These pets were obtained through very exclusive promotions, limited edition offers or as VIP rewards. We may add more pets to this list in the future.

What will I get instead?!?
If the above listed pets participate in a Hatching process, the physical appearance outcome will NEVER be one of those pets, but will have a high chance of hatching the physical appearance outcome of the opposing participant, or in some cases, a new pet altogether!


The bonuses and statistics of EITHER pet can still manifest in the outcome of the process.

I don't get it?!?
If I have a Pioneer Dragon and you have a Dream Ghoul, and we enter the Hatching process with those two pets - the outcome of our Hatching will NEVER look like my Pioneer Dragon. Instead there's a chance it will look like your Dream Ghoul and even a chance that it will create a different creature altogether!
However - the stats and bonuses of that result can come from the bloodline of either original pet, or a combination of the original pets. You may get another Dream Ghoul, but it could have the stat bonus of my higher pedigree Pioneer Dragon.

But what if....
I have two Danger Hounds? Two Danger Hounds will NEVER result in a Danger Hound. They'll result in something else altogether.

Again, thank you for all your feedback on this, and all the other aspects of the Advanced Pets.

~Professor Greyrose

So you are saying if I hatch two pets with the same bloodline they will become a mix?

Jun 13, 2010
I think the game should give us a warning before we spend the money to hatch them like tell us the most likely chance of what we're going to get, for example: Fire cat and blood bat just before you click ready a pop-up should say "this egg hatching has a 50% chance of being fire bats" and such.

Nov 23, 2008
Apr 30, 2010
I like blazer's idea about warning that it has a 50% chance of being a so and so.

Feb 06, 2010
I have tried 9 times to get a nightmare. All of those times i have used my own first generation helephant and unicorn. All i have are 9 unicorns. I really want a nightmare but this is absolutely insane. I've spent a lot of money to hatch with my own pets. You would think by now that i would've gotten it. Especially since i'm hatch with my own pets. I really want a nightmare so what do i do? should i use hybrid pets instead of first generation? I am really frustrated! Someone please help me! :(

Jun 13, 2010
Jun 17, 2009
Paying 20,000-80,000 gold to hatch and getting the same pet is a waste of time so here's some ideas to fix that problem:

*Make it to where about 3/4 of the time you get the other wizards pet. (That other fourth is if you want to get yours and you chose between).

*Give us a choice if we want their pet our pet or just a mystery choice.

* Lower the price for hatching.

Other ideas:

Increase levels

Make another world

Make an awesome new spell.(If increased to level 80 than 2 spells)

Thank you for your time Wizard101 and/or Wizard101 players/fans

May 27, 2009
I got a solution to that. Keep you gold high. Above 20,000 I should say. So you would probably have enough the next day after gathering more gold through the previous day.

Jun 13, 2010
I have recently hatched a magma colossus for around 30,000 gold. I was curious if even though i hatched this colossus, if it would make ANOTHER magma colossus if i mixed it with the magma colossus from the "pvp" shop, i'm asking this because the other magma colossus would have come from a different source.

May 31, 2010
I'm only just reading this and I have to say I am completely disappointed. I've been hatching based on the idea that was advertised and reading this it appears that all I have done is waste my time.

The pet breeding process doesn't seem to have any genetic logic to it nor does it appear to be based on anything other than money. This keep "our rare pets rare" demand proves it. Seems to me that all you're teaching young wizards is: "he whose parents spend the most cash wins." Well as a parent that regularly spends money on this game, I say this policy makes hatching unfair, nonsensical, and not at all fun to do. It was already expensive. You'd think that meant your efforts would be worth something.

So rare purchases and money deserve to be exclusive/protected eh? Then I guess that means when you mix expensive and rare pets you get rewarded with something awesome. No such luck.

I hatched a pet (paid for with crowns) with a pet purchased in a gift bundle. You'd think money + more money would at least breed something interesting or a better quality, but no...the new pet had NO ultra-rare talents (though its "parents had two") and went down in stats from 57 to 53. So rare unique pets=spend even more money and hatching is useless. You neither get fun NOR your money's worth. What kind of breeding sense are you using?

Money aside, what happened to fun and learning? I mean really KingsIsle, put some effort and creativity into planning. Let training your pets make more sense, have some purpose--like increasing battle stats or useful combat skills or at least influence or increase the chances of rare talents (or both). Some of us don't use the pet derby *gasp*. We'd like more useful skills for our effort.

Add more hybrids. Give rare pet mixes at least the rare chance of appearing. I mean for all the gold you have to pay to hatch, the game should have a random percent rate and let the cpu roll the dice each time. Spending your time and coins crossbreeding & training should offer at least the chance of rare or hybrid mix and an equal or better result to both users. Then at least kids and parents who enjoy the game as well) will get something out of it.

Aug 06, 2010
Although hatching does come down to chance bottomline, there is some logic to a degree.

A friend of mine has been wanting a nightmare. He has a helephant and a unicorn. 4 helephants later, he asked me what I did to get mine. I bought a regular unicorn, trained to adult, met a random person at hatchery with a helephant and I got a nightmare of a lower pedigree.

A couple generations later, I developed a spritely nightmare with a higher pedigree because I crossed it with a sea dragon.

So I suggest to my friend we hatch using my nightmare so he can get a duplicate nightmare - instead of trying to make one from scratch.
Try 1: Using his helephant again, he got yet another helephant (with a higher pedigree because he mixed with my higher pedigree nightmare) and I got another nightmare (with lower pedigree because I hatched with a lower pedigree helephant.) But he wasn't too disappointed... and i suggested he train it - because it may have inherited the spritely talent as well as some other great fire talents my nightmare had.
Try 2: I suggested he use his spritely fierce hound. The result was, he got a nightmare with a pedigree between his pet and mine, and I got a fierce hound with a pedigree between his pet and mine. We're just hoping our new pets show spritely since both parents were.

Maybe I'm lucky, maybe my hatching observations have helped me tip the scales of luck... but I have never bought a pet at the crown store. I got some as drops and some came with gift cards. I really wanted a fierce hound before, but a friend suggested I hatch instead of spending $40 on the epic bundle. So I have had many successes in getting all kinds of hybrids and pets spritely without spending too much. Of course I had a few duplicates along the way, but I patiently farm and sell to get hatching money. And finally I just got this fierce hound by helping someone get a nightmare yesterday.

I got a starfish from Calypso while farming for stuff to sell last week. I got a sea dragon this morning helping someone in the Trial of Spheres. None of my CL dropped pets have manifested spritely - but I haven't trained every single one (to adult or epic.)

The point is, one can get different pets (hybrids, spritely, higher pedigrees, better unselfish talents, etc) without crowns - but it does take time, sometimes a few generations and tries - so it takes a lot of patience. Yes it can be frustrating - but it's not impossible.

Where's the fun and challenge if you could buy the perfect pet all the time (the one that has all the talents you wanted with or without training.) Then it REALLY would cater to the people who could afford the best pets with the best talents instead of by chance.

Mar 02, 2010
I am really dissapointed too i've already hatched helephant with stormzilla
and for what 3 baby helephants??? :( KI you need to learn that people
aren't gonna waste money and time on identical pets

May 31, 2010
ellielee wrote:
Although hatching does come down to chance bottomline, there is some logic to a degree... *sic *snipped for space see full quote above*

That (your endpoint) is precisely what I meant. If you take the time (& gold) & effort it takes to breed with someone then you should have a chance--at least as you demonstrated above.

My multiple tries didn't match your success and at the time we were only hoping to get one of the others' pet not a hybrid. In each case we only got our own or the lesser pet. I'd say that is not truly random.

Also, in the case where I had two rare pets with (varied) high pedigrees I ended up with a pet with a pedigree lower than both. Didn't make much sense because whenever I breed a pet of low pedigree with a higher one, the pedigree of the lesser pet goes up if I get the lower pedigree copy & vice versa.

Your end point is correct and exactly what I was trying to say.

Btw, they've recently changed spritely talent in a way that makes all our hard work (hatching for it) worth less too.

Jul 31, 2009
Darkhole54321 wrote:
goldenheart387 wrote:

paying 80000 gold for the hatching process

Wow, thats pretty expensive...I haven't played with the hatchery because I am still training my pets to becomes adults.Is there a secondary payment with crowns or not?

Anyway,I have a few suggestions for unhatchable pets.I think any pet that came with a gift card should be unhatchable,in the sense that the player bought it with real money.(Especially the set that came with Dragonblade)

And a few others:

Summer Dragon,Death Beatle,and especially the level 48 pets.

I don't think that will be fun because I only have one pet that is an adult and I bought it with money and if you can't hatch lvl 48 pets you can't get really rare PETs like the jade hound and all the other one trust me I have a jade hound he is cool

Mar 24, 2011
for one thing training takes for ever! and i am only lvl 29 so i have no high pedigree pets. but even when you do a fire cat and piggle yoiu should get a hybrid. i hatched a fire cat and a blood bat hoping for a fire bat but what do i get a fire cat and for 400 gold i could have bought one. but nope i had to pay 3000 gold

Jan 15, 2010
Dear Professor,
Do you think there will be a possibility of getting these pets again? Because I look far and wide for promotional codes, and also I only strted a couple of months ago, so I did not see any Twitter or Facebook prize giveaways. Please Respond :-)
You Student In Training,
Amber Dawn, Initiate Theurgist, and Secondary Ice

Mar 28, 2009
Mar 15, 2011
ok i have a gloom toad what if i mix with a forest lord what will i get? i am a death wizard how do i get the forest lord?

Sep 18, 2009
I had a run of luck this week with every hatch ending up with a hybrid.
Scarecrow + Forest Lord = Cropwatcher
Satyr + Wraith = Ghast
Satyr + Hydra = Wanderer
Forest Lord + Phoenix = Inferno Beast
And I got a Wendigo from my scarecrow, but forgot what he hatched with.

I am excited because this was the first time I got hybrids since pet hatching began. Ever. Were the rates increased for Petapalooza?

Feb 03, 2010
Maryanne20 wrote:
I got another burnzilla with same stats, when I mixed my helephant with my burnzilla. All I got was another burnzilla with a burnzilla card. Please fix it so we get something different or the same pet but with the stats of the other one. Also please allow if we can't find people to make pets with allow us to mix our own pets.
Dude you know you can already mix your pets now so no need to complain we fixed it!!! :P

May 17, 2009
i agree it costs way to much i always have to sell my legendary deaths stuff to have enough money for one hatch

Jul 25, 2010
hawaiigirl465 wrote:
I agree that 80,000 gold is a lot for hatching pets. I know that you may come out with a rare pet, but for those who come out with something very similar to the two pets they started with it may seem to be a waste. I haven't tried it yet (still training my danger hound) but it seems like a lot of work to train them so much, not to mention that it takes a long time, and then still have to pay so much money to hatch a new pet. Maybe tone down the amount a little. I do understand though that it is still new, and like most things sometimes takes a while to work out the problems and make it better.
Destiny Dayflower
Level 27 Thuergist
Princess Callie (danger hound)
there are mega snack packs in crowns shop that can help boost your pet to the next lvl... but as others say on this subject i agree that hatching pets costs WAY too much... i mean 80,000 gold? srsly, i can buy equipment that are GUARANTEED to give stats and still have at least 60,000 in my pocket.