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More options to train your pets

Aug 15, 2013
Caspeen on Aug 24, 2020 wrote:
From what I can see it seems that out of the 957 posts over the last 11 1/2+ years since Greyrose asked this question, 1 request that was asked over and over was added to the game - having your pets help in fights. Took...a while...but I guess the Will Cast pet system was what a lot of folks wanted.

However...the subject of the post was "more options to train your pets", and while there were many great pet related suggestions, very few of the posts actually had anything to do with TRAINING your pets. In fact, aside from a few mini games added after initial 4 (Way of the Ninja Pig and Grumpy Gobblers), a few jewels that allow some pet XP, Grub Guardian, and the poorly thought out idea that Ranked Derby was a good place to get pet XP, we're pretty much stuck with the same options we had when pet training came out last decade.

So, in case K I is still looking for more suggestions...

1. Pet XP drops and Feeding pets after a fight. This is too obvious. Maybe you can do this only after bosses, and not mobs, or maybe mobs drop some as well and you can only feed after bosses, or maybe after some really tough bosses you can feed twice - who knows what is ideal, but the WORST thing about the mini games in the pavilion is that they take you out of THE GAME. They isolate you from friends, they are repetitious, and they are a complete disconnect to anything else. Allowing you to quest with a pet that needs to be trained encourages questing, and fighting, and working with others as a team.

2. New jewels / Update the jewels. The jewels (Quick Learner, Accelerated Learner, and Great Learner) are a good idea but give so little actual pet XP [+1, +1-2, and +2 respectively] that they are completely useless. To get a pet to just TEEN with even the Great Learner jewel would take 63 fights - with 5 minute cooldown in between! ACK! Instead, add pet XP drops [see above item 1] and change the affect of these jewels to Double, or Triple, or Quadruple the XP you would otherwise get.

Oh, and make these jewels unshatterable. As it is, you put it on to a pet, that pet makes it to Teen, fails, and then...the jewel is lost.

2. Add WhirlyBurly as a pet mini game. This game is actually fun! It doesn't show up until Empyrea, but for those that have progressed that far this game could be another way to get pet XP. Of course, a whirlyburly game takes WAY longer than a mini game, but XP could be adjusted accordingly - 100 pet XP for 1st place, 75 pet XP for 2nd place, and 50 pet XP for third.

3. Update Grub Guardian. Like WhirlyBurly, Grub Guardian is actually fun! Alas, like so many of K I's other mobile games, it's been sadly neglected. So much so that it's glitchy and almost impossible to play without errors. Even if GG doesn't get an update - new maps, new units, etc - at least sort out the glitches!

4. Skipping the Mini games. This was perhaps the single greatest update K I has made in the last...decade?...because the mini games are dreadful! However, without sounding ungrateful I do feel like they didn't go far enough on the benefits of completing these games. As it is now, if you win 25 games you get a bronze badge, and 50 wins will get you a silver badge, and at 100 wins you get gold - woohoo. However, as soon as you get your bronze badge, there is absolutely no incentive to go for silver and gold because you have already "unlocked" the ability to skip that mini game. Well, except the badges, but for most in the game the badges are no incentive at all. Instead, if you get the Silver badge for a minigame, you should get +1 (or +2) stat boost PLUS whatever you feed. And if you get Gold on that game, then +2 (or +3) plus whatever you feed. Or maybe you can feed double if you have the Gold badge? Maybe add a level above Gold (Platinum? Iridium?) and then you can feed it double?

5. Pet XP from PRACTICE Derby. Ever the advocate for Derby, allowing pets to be trained after a PRACTICE derby race would a> benefit Derby sooooooo much and b> be the most fun anyone could have at training their pet! Once option would be to feed double as they do now for RANKED. Another option would be to get pet XP based on how you finish a practice race. Since races take about 4 times as long as the fastest game, pet XP would be 20 points for a win 1v3 win, 15 points for 1v2 win, 12 points for 1v1 win, and 5 points for racing alone. 2nd place would be 15 for 1v3, 12 for 1v2, 10 for 1v1, 3rd would be 12 for 1v3, 10 for 1v2, and 4th would be 10 for 1v3.

HOWEVER, if they went with this it would be essential that they give an option before you join a match to either join TRAINING or FUN. If two players, or 3 or 4, want to race for fun, there has to be an option that doesn't automatically give pet XP or some of the greatest derby pets would never be available to race again!

So K I, if you are REALLY interested in giving us new options for training our pets, here ya go.
The pets currently get pet xp, but i would really like to be able to SEE what the pets experience level is and have some idea what that means. Does the pet Level up like wizards do?

Aug 15, 2013
One of my suggestions was to add Artificial Intelligence to a pet so you could interact with it better. I would like to add that when training the pet, it would be helpful to have a separate line for like the current ones, i.e., intellect, power, etc., possibly labeled "Interactive Intelligence" that actually never really gets completely full. The idea behind this would be that the training player could feed the pet by a specific button during the training game, that would go to that slot specifically. This would enable the player to determine how much they want to invest, snack wise, in how smart their pets actually become. In real life we feed our pets often and use it to train them. Why not give us the ability to do that on the game? It would also boost KI's income from increased activity with pet/player spending and interactions.

Jul 23, 2018
Why are pets so uncontrollable it makes no sense. and also why is there so much waiting.

Pets have rubbed me the wrong way ever since I first started playing. first of all why does wizard treat its game like a mobile game. all these time slots and random chances. its not rewarding or fun, its like gambling except you can only do it once a day. I just wish there was a little more control over how my pet was trained I mean isn't that what training is. especially for how costly they are. First you have to pay a large amount of gold to breed then you have to feed it pet snacks but wait you don't have any pet snack so you have to either farm battles or, the much better way, farm plants but wait those take time to grow so you have to wait some more. finally your plants grew and you are stacked with snacks but wait these dont really give all that much xp thankfully there's double pet xp which comes randomly once every month or two. finally double pet xp is here so after all this time you can train your pet your hoping to train it towards damage as you already have a healing pet. you train it up to adult and you get..... a may cast shield and a extra health skill. what! after all that waiting and resources I had zero control over anything why also that's not even touching that fact you might not get the pet you want on your first hatch so you have to wait to do that again hope you have enough coin. oh and all those pet snacks you farmed up you gotta do that again to AND wait for double xp again. "Sigh" that's exhausting and needlessly chaotic and time consuming.

Please don't mistake me, I'm not ragging on the game out of hate just the opposite I love games, I believe they are a very special form of art and wizard101 has created a very impressive and magical world to fulfill all your wizard fantasies so I would love to see it grow but the mechanics of how the game work are so chaotic and uncontrollable it feels more like im spinning a wheel then watching the results rather than actually playing a game. I think the community would appreciate it if player input mattered a bit more in pets. like what if when you trained a pet you could feed it specific battle or healing snacks that helped you get certain types of talents or maybe do specific tasks with a pet teach it to do those things like healing wizards will teach it to heal or attacking or defending, or even doing shadow spells will teach it to do shadow stuff.

another way is sort of like drawing a general outline of the way you want to train your pet like what if when you got a pet you could choose a training route for certain skills to focus on that way you know for sure you wont get skills that you want to avoid completely. and have a good chance of getting the ones you want and even if you don't get the best ones its still useful and when you hatch again the training path of the parent pets could increase the skills of the hatched pet or something.

I hope you fellow players and the team agrees and takes this into consideration.