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We are aware of the recent Heartbleed Bug internet vulnerability issue and can confirm that none of the KingsIsle systems or websites were impacted. If you wish to have further clarification about the bug itself visit http://heartbleed.com.

Updated Topics

Message Board Name
Last Updated
Halston's Laboratory Something happened to my chat box...1
Ravenwood Commons i have a question for you!6
Pet Pavilion Pets0
Ravenwood Commons How Do You Do It?0
The Dorms Not Pleased with the Proposed Updates0
Ravenwood Commons disarm, pierce, need to be adjusted or tweaked2
The Dorms Fire Needs A Better Healing Spell5
Player vs Player Lightning Bats glitch3
Pet Pavilion new pet1
Crafting & Gardening Why is there a lightening over my couch potatoes?0
The Dorms What new worlds do you think are on The Spiral?3338
Player vs Player What is Player vs. Player?0
Player vs Player make shadow spells no-pvp20
The Dorms Convenient Ideas and Recommendations:19
Player vs Player pvp should never have existed.7
The Dorms Make the game more easy for single players Please32
Grizzleheim & Wintertusk Wolf Fortress2
The Dorms Gaming Suggestions35
Ravenwood Commons Archangel's Attire Gear9
The Dorms New Pips/Training Minions/Extension of Player Ring3
Player vs Player Krampus is underpowered1
Player vs Player Bring Back The Old Reshuffle13
Khrysalis so done with the cheating bosses.66
Player vs Player Possible PvP Fixes11
Ravenwood Commons Kimbas Fang Level 68..Game please help5
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