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Ravenwood Commons I feel balance doesn't get enough/powerful charms.9
Ravenwood Commons need the gold5
Ravenwood Commons Pet no longer critical heals3
Ravenwood Commons Sockets.24
Gardening Likes between flowers.1
Halston's Laboratory Broken Quests?0
Player vs. Player Mayhem12
The Dorms New School Ideas1
The Dorms Wysteria, Zeke & Empyrea?5
The Dorms crafting spell requirements6
The Dorms Mana spell cards.0
The Dorms Deck Expansion Please?4
The Dorms New Fire School Card3
Ravenwood Commons what is the worst spell in the game6
The Dorms More Helpful Minions1
Ravenwood Commons What is the best way to farm experience points3
Gardening If you could make up your own plant3
Krokotopia ferry to krokophinx is bugged0
The Dorms Make your own boss to gaurd your home!1051
Player vs. Player What Spell Would You Banned From PVP/PVE?14
Halston's Laboratory No Zeus Gear Drops11
Pets Pets skill stay on line?2
Ravenwood Commons What world is you're wizard from?550
Player vs. Player ice should have more block then other schools2
Halston's Laboratory Pet Running Glitch0
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