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Wise Witchcraft bundle is Unpurchasable on Gamestop

May 19, 2009
Since 10 am this morning i have tried purchasing this bundle through game stop and i have tried every option i can think of. I tried using my card several times, i tried using paypal, and i also tried using a physical game stop card and none of those attempts have worked. Has anyone else been having this issue? I can't seem to find any answers

May 30, 2010
We have the same issue and actually managed to reach a customer service rep who was helpful (as opposed to the three prior ones who weren't). Apparently the online store flags the purchases as potentially fraudulent so they don't go through. Clearing the cache, trying different browsers, no good. We actually ended up going to a physical store and asking them to get us the codes, which they printed out on a receipt after we paid.