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Why is there no pet shop in marleybone?

Aug 17, 2009
There is a pet shop in Marleybone.
Its in Digmoore station. Go round the mayor then go sown the stairs and go in the door. You should see a frog dude selling cards and a dog selling pets. A cat thug, a wooden gollem and another thing that I cant remember.

Brittany Silverleaf
Lvl 38

Apr 09, 2011
It's down the stairs in digmore station, they have a cat thug, wooden golum,and a brass golum plus a trainer for minon spells is down there

Apr 13, 2009
Guys search around digmoore station there is a pet shop trust me i've been there one hint is stairs and you can only go in when doors blue they sell a golem pet thats all i saying

Apr 12, 2011
Mrleybone actually does have a pet shop, go to digmoore staton you will see a set of stairs go down there and you will see a pet shopkeeper and a card trainer. :)

Jul 28, 2009
There actually is a pet shop in marleybone. Its small and only has three pets wich are, brass golem, wood golem, and cat thug. If you go to Digmoore Station in the first area of Digmoore Station the little area before you see all the boats on the far right there is a staircase going down. go through the door and there are two people in there one sells cards that are like "Sacrifice minion for 400 health." Across from him is a guy that sells pets.
Best of luck on finding him!
Julia SkullBlood level 50 Life/Balance Wizard

Sep 06, 2010
There is a pet shop. In digmoore station there is mayor pugsby and a crafter right in the middle of them you'll see a big archway just go through the space and go down to your left there is a pet seller.

Feb 04, 2010
Dear, ~ (couldn't find name, sorry :? )
There is actually a pet shop in Marleybone!
It's hard to find though.
You go into Digimore Station (thinking that's how it's spelled o.o)
If you turn to your right you will see stairs next to the mayor.
Walk down the stairs and you will see two people.
Go to the one on the right and he has Marleybone pets :-D
Hope I helped.

The Thaumaturge, Jinxx 8)

Jun 13, 2011
I just thought of this. How 'bout owls? --please direct your eyes to the list below this sentence--

Harry Potter-- Hedwig
Merle-- gamma
Merlin-- Archimedes (from the movie Sorcerer and the Stone)

I think i've made my point. :-)

Your funny friend, RyanStormCaster 8) 8)

Feb 06, 2011
there is digmmore station behind mayor pitsburgy .its called air dailes hideaway javascript:

Jul 19, 2008
Actually, there is a Pet Shop there. It is rather a secret place in Digmoore Station. There is a dog down there that sells Pets. There is also a frog that sells cards that apply to your minion(s).

Apr 10, 2010
auctully there is a pet/spell shop hidden in digmoore station im not tellin where :D

Jun 10, 2011
ltlthunder wrote:
Valmere wrote:
peter0722 wrote:
we can have rats as pets

But then the rats might take offense. XD It would be interesting to have an Ambrose pet... or a mini-me...

rats will always take offense! lol
but i agree with that assessment that there should be a pet shop in marleybone i want a different pet and now have to wait to get to mooshu for one it sux having to wait.

actualy, behind the officer in digmoore station, the stairs lead to the marleybone pet store. the cop is in front of digmoore station.

Jan 13, 2011
There is one in Marleybone! It's in Digmoore Station! When you walk in, go near the mayor. You could see a staircase going down with a doorway. Go inside and there's the pet shop 8) :) :D

Sep 19, 2009
There IS a pet shop in Marleybone. Once you enter digmoore station, go down the staircase near the mayor. Down there is a guy who sells three pets. I hope this was heplful!

Apr 21, 2011
Foomie wrote:
HarryPotter9128 wrote:
I have been wondering that.i mean,we could have cats and rats there,birds...all kinds of real-life related animals.by cats i mean like the small ones found for zeke's quest.
Ithink that there should be a pet shop in every world. In wizard city there is a whole shopping district with every shop. In krokotopia there is every shop. I think there should be a shopping district in every world so there would be new cool stuff for that world.

You can get new cool stuff from all worlds. the people are just scatterd around with items in stead of in shops

Jun 16, 2011
Jul 11, 2011
Idk maybe..........they have too many pet stores in Wizard101 worlds so they chose MarleyBone to have no pet stores,otherwise,maybe there is a secret store around MarleyBone so you have to look someplace? OR wizard101 are too lazy to put one in MarleyBone (Witch is probably not true,its a joke xD). .ALSO,I never been to MarelyBone before but I heard it on YouTube. So when I unlock that place I'll take a look at it and once I know the REAL answer to this question,I'll give the answer here but it wont be this long. Anyways,I hope this gives info about MarleyBone (Well mostly why there are no pet stores).So hope you enjoy this message. :-)

This message is by,
Abigail PearlFoutain
Lev 13
:x NUUU! :x


Sep 21, 2010
there are but they're in a hidden shop. In the Digmoore Station, right behind the mayor there's a door. There are two clerks in there. I think this might help...

May 14, 2011
There is a pet shop in marleybone!! Go to Digmoore Station and walk to the mayor. There is a wall with a painting behind him and below the painting is a set of stairs leading to a pet shop. The shop sells three pets, catthugs, haunted minions, and golems. ;)

May 21, 2011
it is a secret 8) 8) 8) the pet shopkeeper is down the stairs in digmoore station behind mayor pimsbury. the pets are a wooden golem, a cat thug, (those big tough cats) and a clockwork golem. if oyu want the badge for master of your school, you need to go back here. there is a secret trainer. he sells spells like sacrifice minion for 350 health etc.

Zachary Liondreamer
level 29 balance

Mar 28, 2009
Jun 02, 2011
HarryPotter9128 wrote:
I have been wondering that.i mean,we could have cats and rats there,birds...all kinds of real-life related animals.by cats i mean like the small ones found for zeke's quest.

Actully there is i mean like you dident know??? i can tell you 8) ok you go up the rooftop where the mare is just behind the mare are some stairs you go down the stairs and then theres a room your standing in theres a weird looking frog holding a broom on the left (pay no attenchion to him ) okay then theres a dog on the right i forgot his name but thats not important right? he should have a title called pet shop owner or just pet shop i dunno???? also if you would like me to tell you what pets are in there tell me to ask! but if you want look yourself thats fine :D
i hope i helped! 8) 8) 8) 8) :D :D :D :-o :-o

Jul 09, 2009
Dont they have a hidden Pet shop in Marleybone?

Aaron drakewalker Level 60

May 29, 2011
Actually there is a pet shop in marylbone. :D

1. go to digmoore station

2.walk past mayor

3. go a liitle to the right andturn around.

4. go down the stairs and there is a secret trainer and a pet vendor! 8)

May 22, 2009
Zorrgof wrote:
I think the dogs there would take offense.