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Why Does Everybody Hate Marlybone

Jun 09, 2012
I personally loved Marleybone. I rarely got caught in duels, and I enjoyed the London-like atmosphere. The music was on the verge of creepy but not quite there, so it was interesting in a way. I also liked the unique mobs. In other worlds, Wizard 101 copies mobs and just makes them more powerful (Lost Souls in Unicorn Way turn into ghosts that appear in Krokotopia, for example) but Marleybone monsters were their very own. What I didn't like was the darkness of the world. It seemed a bit gloomy, and you don't want that while battling.

-Alyssa Daisystalker, Level 83

Dec 13, 2015
It’s been a while since my main has gone through Marleybone’s story itself. However, I remember enjoying it a lot (especially a lot more than Krokotopia) and I found the nighttime Victorian London theme to be amazing and real pretty. Also I don’t remember having that much trouble being pulled into mobs? Anyway, I would like to hear other opinions on this world and see if I’m not alone on this as I seem to be in the minority??

- Laura Nightblossom
Level 103

Jul 04, 2012
Personally, I love MB! I like the music, the Victorian dress, pretty much everything about it. I have taken 12 Wizards through it and I still like it!

Only one thing I REALLY hated - I want Abigail Doolittle to take her tasks and do you know what with them! She was a ROYAL PAIN!


Jul 20, 2009
The music and atmosphere was depressing and drab, got caught too much, and most streets looked almost the same so it felt pretty boring. Same with mooshu, as far as streets barely looking different except a couple areas. Like wizard city for example had different themed streets, and most worlds have very different looking streets.

Jan 08, 2018
I think the reason why everyone hates Marleybone is because the atmosphere is dark and kinda gloomy. I Marleybone but after Wizard City and Krokotopia, and compared to places like Mooshu, Marleybone is just morbid.

P.S Go Life!!

Oct 10, 2011
I think some people hate it because its really easy to get pulled into battles when you're walking on the sides.
-Erica GoldSteed

Mar 09, 2018
Dustin SwiftEyes on Jun 10, 2013 wrote:
I was wondering,why does everybody hate Marlybone? I always loved Marlybone, I loved the music and almost everything else. Please reply. ----- Dustin Swift Eyes Level 35 PS. Is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
I would have to say the same thing that a lot of people are saying: there aren't any sidewalks and going up and down ramps can be quite tough. Just be smart about it and you won't get pulled.

[don't listen to the people that say running straight down the middle of the street works, when you have to turn you'll most likely get pulled]

Jan 18, 2011
I thought it was decent, I enjoyed the atmosphere and didn’t mind all the battles. The bosses were fairly easily probably because I was a bit over leveled, but I fairly enjoyed markeybone.

Mar 28, 2015
To start off, I dont HATE MB, but i seriously don't like it. I just really despise the world in general.

1) As many people are talking about the 'No Pavement/Sidewalk' issue, i had this problem at the beginning of the world, considering i was usually dragged into unwanted duels. Eventually i avoided this problem by sticking close to the walls. The only place i could mention which has worse 'unwanted battles' is Sunken City- trust me, over there it's 4 times worse, even though it's got a pavement.

2) The environment looks absolutely fantastic for the first 5 minutes for the world, but eventually it seems really dark,and gloomy. As an addition, there's that Marleybone music theme playing in the backround. This might just be since the worlds before (being Krok and Wizard City are really bright and sunny) This world just lacks that sense of MAGIC that can be felt in most of the worlds.

3) There's too much of the quests that involve speaking to one person, and then having to run all the way to the other side of the map and across,even with the help of teleporters. Personally, this is alright the first few times, but then it gets extremely tiring and time consuming. Not to mention the HUGE amount of tower shield that bosses and street-creatures spam, it's a huge pain for lots of people.
Not to mention the Stray Cats Quest from Zeke, which if you forget to retrieve a cat from a specific dungeon, for example Katzenstein's Lab (correct me if i spelled it wrong), or Big Ben, it's really annoying and time consuming for the fact that you'll have to repeat the whole dungeon all over again for that 1 cat.

This was just my opinion, i love this game very much!
I hope to see you in the game!!

Hannah DreamShard lvl. 92

Feb 14, 2013
Honestly, I love Marleybone! One of two of my favorite worlds, the other being Polaris. I like how Marleybone is short and sweet and looks beautiful. I've heard that some people think Marleybone is long, which is why they may dislike it, but to be truthful, I think it's one of the shorter worlds, it's certainly not as long as Khrysalis!

Jun 02, 2018
This post has been up for forever. I personally love marleybone because it takes me back to the Sherlock holmes books.

Jan 05, 2015
Reading across the comments the biggest issue for others about Marleybone seems to be that they don't like the atmosphere, and that is a truly relative opinion. But personally, I love Marleybone for that exact reason!
Overall I can absolutely see why some people wouldn't really like it though especially regarding the lack of sidewalks and possibly the atmosphere if it's not your style. However, a lot of places do have that issue that can be extremely inconvenient so I think hating Marleybone for that in itself is a bit silly.

Dec 30, 2014
Really Marleybone is one of my favorite worlds. I like the music, the enemies, and the short and to the point story. These are my rankings of my favorite worlds.

1. Polaris
2. Avalon
3. Marleybone

Polaris is just like Marleybone, the world is quick and you get right into the story. Avalon I would consider a, fairly, long world? It's not long enough to be boring, it looks cool, and the story went on top of Zafaria perfectly. Marleybone looks cool,I like the characters, each with their own different personalities, and the way it went so fast like I already stated. Personally I haven't hear anybody say they hate it, but i'd assume the people who do just don't like it overall, the story, the characters, music, any of those things.

Sep 02, 2012
People must not be very smart if they hate it for those things. 1. If you don't wanna get pulled in, then walk CAREFULLY, it's not the fault of Kingsisle just because "they made a world that forces you to battle many times, it's because people aren't careful. 2. Marleybone isn't the only world that doesn't have a magical feeling. Krokotopia is just Ancient Egypt with Crocs who treat the Manders as Slaves. Mooshu is Asia with Cows and Pigs that act like Ninjas's and Samurai's, just like how Marleybone is London with Cats, Dogs, and Rats who act like Police versus Criminals. 3. Just because they spam Tower Shields and weaknesses doesn't mean anything. You can't always have the game go your way. You're not always gonna get luck. Besides, It's also not Marleybone that does this either, Krokotopia and Mooshu also do it several times. I enjoy Marleybone, and I had to face these habits. Obviously, if you hate Marleybone, you hate it. If you like Marleybone, you like it. Aight, I've explained enough, so good luck my fellow Wizards. Fred the Diviner Level 111 Polaris

Jul 01, 2015
I don't know Marleybone is one of my favorite worlds. I really like the criminals thing the rooftops and barkingham palace.