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Why Does Everybody Hate Marlybone

Dec 07, 2012
I liked it because of the gear there, it looked better than the other things other worlds had to offer. Of course, higher worlds offer better gear. But the gear just looked fancier. It wasn't that I didn't like it, it just became annoying after awhile. Like Big Ben for example, you can't do it by yourself if your not high enough and you have to find other people.

Feb 13, 2010
I enjoy the storyline, music, and sidequests of Marleybone, as well as it's buildings and theme. I don't like getting caught, but I find it easy not to get caught there.

Feb 27, 2016
Marleybone is definitely one of my favorite worlds. The music is great and I just love the overall theme and atmosphere. I also love the references to things like Jack the Ripper. So cool

Dec 20, 2008
marleybone? god i hate that place. it wasn't even "getting caught in battles," (who's dumb enough) it was the scene of it all the seemingly endless rooftops. like, that was the whole world. rooftops. pretty lazy design.

Jul 31, 2012
Dustin SwiftEyes on Jun 10, 2013 wrote:
I was wondering,why does everybody hate Marlybone? I always loved Marlybone, I loved the music and almost everything else. Please reply. ----- Dustin Swift Eyes Level 35 PS. Is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
I hate marleybone because getting pulled into battle is easier there. I hate the music. I hate the theme of the world. Too many quests. Just very boring and not my favorite.

Dec 18, 2010
I personally do like Marleybone. I think the reason people hate it is because of getting pulled into battles and the dark and eerie felling it has. I really haven't had any problem with getting pulled in Marleybone, I just stick to the sides the best I can. With the sad, eerie feeling it has, I like. I like it because it is unique and the other worlds its a bright day and feels peaceful. Overall I like Marleybone.

- Gavin NightWhisper

Jun 14, 2010
It's really easy to get pulled and difficult to move around mobs sometimes. But outside of that I like the theme and concept for the world, I just wish we could see more of it sometimes.

Jun 01, 2013
Dustin SwiftEyes on Jun 10, 2013 wrote:
I was wondering,why does everybody hate Marlybone? I always loved Marlybone, I loved the music and almost everything else. Please reply. ----- Dustin Swift Eyes Level 35 PS. Is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
I think most people hate MarleyBone because of the lack of sidewalks, and some of the bosses are extremely hard. I remember doing Barkingham palace at level 42 on my storm wizard, and I remember dying ALOT

--Jason IceBlade--
See you in the spiral!

Feb 21, 2016
its mostly because of the city feeling

Aug 23, 2016
Weighing in here. Coming from the perspective of someone who was playing in Marleybone back in 2009-10 before I quit due to the passing of my first wife.

Marleybone sucked because there was NO room on the sides for passing. Just to do a single portion of a quest meant at least 2 or 3 battles with the mobs to get there. I used up all my potions just to get to the next part of the quest. We had a shared family account at the time and as such the extra battle wasted the amount of available game time for wizards (especially when it is a family of five and everyone wanted their turn).

Fast forward to now. I restarted the game with an all new account and all new wizard. I was dreading Marleybone. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that KI had widened the rooftops. I can honestly say that I enjoyed the entirety of Marleybone.

Steven Ghoststalker.

Dec 14, 2016
Marleybone has always been my favorite world, but the general consensus is that it can be tricky not to get pulled into battle in some circumstances. I've always loved the music and design choices used because it really captures the style and feeling of ~1910's Britain. Seeing the litter and such really put a unique spin on the world, and it's always really important to me that the worlds in Wiz retain inspiration from an interesting period in history. I remember Krokotopia had me deeply interested in Egyptian history when I drew the resemblances. MB is no different.

Oct 08, 2015
I love Marleybone, reminds me of where I am! The UK :)
It's one of my favourite worlds tbh, I'm guessing most people hated it (as others have said) lack of sidepaths. I'm pretty sure most of the roaming in Marleybone are the rooftops as we have loads of pavements to walk on here aha which could be why there is a lack of them. Generally at times the unwanted dragged into battle is annoying but it teaches and prepares us for later worlds that don't have sidepaths. It's also a shorter world compared to others and introduces us to more longer and tedious dungeons *cough* Big Ben *cough*, I remember them being a pain (possibly another reason why people hated it?). In the end everyone is entitled to their own opinion, just be happy you enjoy and like the world :) :P
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Justin HexFinder Lvl 113
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Jul 29, 2017
level 27 and I hate marleybone (accept for 661 Haunted Street(wait that does not even exist lol))
because of the freedy 9 lives quest who has 9 lives ah!
Who ever defeated a boss 9 times straight no heals!?

Mar 14, 2011
I thought marleybone was okay, I finished it in about three days. It was a bit depressing scenery wise, but I think it's cool. Also, I was doing one fight with my friend. He told me he had been farming for the wand Smokey's Staff of the Sun, and I got it the first time. He was Jealous.

Heather goldengem, level 57

Jul 21, 2013
I always hated Marylebone because of the following:
.the awful giant statue of a dog in the CHURCH
.the darkness I like happiness
.the torturous music
.big Ben (even the jade on I was easier)
.the quest that tells me to go somewhere when I couldn't
.I always HATED dogs
Maybe the dog statue will ring a bell

Nov 16, 2013
Marlybone is so lit. JeremyDuneRider

Nov 05, 2011
Marleybone in Pirate101 is sooooo good

Jan 17, 2016
I really don't have a problem with Marleybone, I love that it is sort of based of Marylebone and Sherlock Holmes, but its more that fact that I cant stand the darkness same as Dragonspyre, I like when the worlds have more light but other than that Marleybone is probably my favorite world at this point.

Brianna Fire catcher
Lvl 49

Nov 06, 2016
I think the only reason Marleybone is hated on so much is because the player is needed to duel quite a bit and it has a sidewalk that is sometimes hard to tell if your on it and players get caught a lot when questing. it also is very different from the worlds before it, because the enemies suddenly start getting harder and harder, and soloing in marley is very hard when you just begin the world and you start fighting rank 4 and 5 enemies and the final boss is a rank 6 boss with usually more health than the wizard that is fighting it. For me, I absolutely loved Marleybone and ran through it all in 1 day, but i see why some other wizards could hate it.

Patrick DeathSword Lvl: 33

Oct 27, 2009
For me, it really was all about the scenery. I liked the way the ground level looked, but the roofs were so much the same. It is a rare combat area in Marleybone that you can identify which street you are on, just by looking, without checking the map. Night there seems a bit grim, but having seen other parts of Marleybone in Pirate101, I know it's not the night that is the issue. The Isle of Dogs is lovely, and the skyway beautiful. I didn't mind the thing with the sidewalks, it seemed like a nice thing to liven up the game play. Sometime, it was a bit frustrating, but fair.

Nov 16, 2017
The youngsters don't like it because they can't ride their huge mounts over there. Big status symbol you know.

Sep 22, 2014
I just didn't like the scenery or the quests. I don't like Krokotopia either. I've only played until Dragonspyre but I've only really enjoyed Wysteria (surprise?).

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Jan 18, 2010
The real question should be:

Why doesn't everyone hate Marleybone?

To me, the world was just brutally annoying..

Nov 10, 2012
I think that marlybone is a unique and black and white movie style I think it’s pretty cool I just have 1 thing

Why is it so short?
Now it might not be but to me it’s like 2 hours and then your done but I don’t know the actual time it is (while skipping dialogue). That’s all I have to say

Level 57 Cody firecloud

Oct 03, 2011
Well, as a death wizard, the bosses would constantly cast annoying spells like tower shield and spirit armour. Moreover the damage they did, that combined with the final dungeon having you fight nearly 10 sets of mobs and bosses makes it infuriating. That and the world is very uninterestring, nothing but rooftops.