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Why Does Everybody Hate Marlybone

Jan 06, 2012
Dustin SwiftEyes on Jun 10, 2013 wrote:
I was wondering,why does everybody hate Marlybone? I always loved Marlybone, I loved the music and almost everything else. Please reply. ----- Dustin Swift Eyes Level 35 PS. Is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
i honestly don't hate the world at all, i sometimes visit the old worlds because i'm an exalted . the only thing is, back in the day when i was just the low level i would always and i mean always get pulled in from an enemy even if i ran on the sidewalk, i would get pulled in still. Marlybone is really not a bad world in my opinion, just those pull ins from enemy's.

May 17, 2009
Marlybone is my favorite world idk why people hate on it!

Sarah UnicornFlower

Master of Ice

Mar 23, 2013
I havent reached farther than Marleybone yet, but it was way easier to get caught into a battle than Krokotopia. But imo Marleybone was easier than Krokotopia.

Aug 18, 2014
in reallady I mostly Love marlybone because its base off of London witch is AWSOME

May 07, 2015
i marlybone

miranda jade song 67 (sinence center)

May 09, 2011
I never really hated it, but there really were no sidewalks. Having been through MB four times, on my fifth now (but stopped because I wanted to do PvP), it's kind of frustrating when you're making a right or left turn and there's that one Hooligan that decides he wants to pull you in.

Jan 20, 2015
idk my guy is on that one and wanna kill this boss which is so hard to kill and i love this if you wanna be friends in game my in game name is Luke Skywalker and i am a lvl 23 wizard i only like and i hate the type that type is weak

Oct 11, 2015
Ugh, I get into sooo many fights there... Does it remind anyone else of London?

Nov 25, 2015
The time period is after colonial times but I might make up my own opinion why people hate mb.
1.Pulls you into duels.
Answer:Wait until the enemies are distant from you.
If one enemy is going one direction and another is going a different direction try to speed through(Not unless you have a mount).
2.Boss battles:They have high resists and good boosts so if you have a big deck I suggest you put 4-5 converts for the long run if it's going to be tough.

3.Dungeons:Maybe people complain that the dungeons are hard get a friend or team up.

Sep 10, 2015
Most of the complains are either for the fact that you can easily get pulled into battles or how long it is. There are worlds after Marleybone that take a lot longer to complete. For newer players it can be a shock to go from quick and easy Krokotopia and Wizard City to a place that takes longer to complete with tougher battles. I personally love Marleybone because the whole cat vs. dog story is fun to follow. The surroundings are so different from the earlier worlds. When I first walked through the world gate, the surroundings felt so modern. After exploring you realize it isn't that modern at all. The issue of running into battles was a problem for me for the first couple times I was on the roofs. After that I learned you just had to stick to the sides and be patient when crossing over. My guess is most of the people who hate it are the ones who either want to get to the end of the game quickly or those who don't want to take the time to wait for an opening before crossing the roofs. Personally, I don't like beating games quickly. Whats the fun of a game if you complete it quickly? I want the experience of traveling through the game and following the story. The story is actually really good. What makes it better is you get to play along!

Mar 11, 2016
I don t hate marlybone i am a .i marlybone too

Mar 11, 2016
I am a wizard form death school
I Marlybone.I almost finish all my Quest in Marlybone
Marlybone is a very intertine place to be

Apr 27, 2016
Marleybone is dark and gloomy and I will be happy when I get to the next world.

Apr 07, 2011

My favorite world, I love the balloon cars, the midnight sky, the manner of the world, the music, the bobbies with there blue coats, Sherlock Bones, Watson, the royal museum, Big Ben, Scotland yard, The automobiles and the names of all of the shops in Regents' Square!

I just don't understand why anyone would not like the world?

Apr 07, 2011
osiris222 on Aug 9, 2013 wrote:
I hated the no sidewalk aspect but other than that the world is great
I actually find it easy getting around the roof tops without getting pulled in to a battle.

Apr 07, 2011
It just makes me upset that not everyone likes Marleybone.

Aug 08, 2010
I adore Marleybone, it's my Favourite world.

I loved the dark vibe it gave off. Plus i live in london so it's fun to see it in the game lol

May 27, 2010
I don't hate Marleybone either.
But that Spiral Key finding quest (which is optional now, but still)....God...never again...never again.

"Oh yeah?! Well, we can heal too!" - I've completed that fight just 2 days ago with 3 other players and I have a feeling that this sentence will stay with me for quite some time...

Aug 16, 2014
In my opinion I have only met a few people in Wizard101 that really dislike Marleybone. But that's fine cause it's their opinion, and we all like different worlds. I understand that this was asked awhile ago, but nowadays a lot of people seem to like it. Certain people might hate the Sherlock mystery theme, but I love it! Hope this helps!

Mar 05, 2012
Marleybone is still my Favorite world to date, I adore it

Jun 01, 2013
i like marleybone its also a perfect place to side quest while being lvl 25-40 helps you get good amount of xp, of course you need to do allot of side questing if you are lvl 40 or more but is worth it, helps you lvl up and get advantage on the world your supposed to be. Also my favorite boss is spike the crusher on big ben that drops many clothing with designs for different schools.

Nov 08, 2015
Apr 10, 2011
Molly the Balance ... on Jun 15, 2013 wrote:
I dislike marleybone not just for that. It just seems so dark and gloomy. I rarely got caught in battles. It felt so sad. And the music... Not for me. MollySavannahDestiny

Dragonspyre is worse.

Feb 28, 2014
Marleybone is alright for what it is but I rather skip it if I have a choice. Me personally; I don't like the layout of walking on rooftops and fighting nearly the same creatures almost all the way through the world. 2# playing detective in Scotland Yard is not my idea of adventure; too much running around and the side quest: "The Policemen Ball" is pointless. Other than that, Marleybone is good to go and Royal Museum is the best.

Jul 28, 2014
Ah Victorian England. The fog the fragrant atmosphere. The balloon station that feels like a train station. This world should have it's own game. It is just so amazing, easy enough, and it really feels like Victorian England. (Not that I would know.) I feel bad for anyone that did not 100 % enjoy this world.