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MarleyBone - Love it or hate it?

Nov 05, 2011
This has been on my mind for a while, a question whether people love or hate mb, a believe this'll be quite interesting because it gives people who just finished kt to see the opinions on mb.

I, first time, Loathed it - however now doing it 2 more times I have decided it is my #1 favorite world, the storyline I find interesting and there are a whole load of Easter Eggs.

Now your turn :)

PvP captain Cat and crew

Aug 02, 2011
Jul 03, 2010
I could do with out Marley Bone. Because of lack of get around with ease it does tend to make this world run long for me.

May 10, 2009
I strongly dislike it because it get's very annoying when your trying to get some where. You can't move around without worrying about getting caught so easily.

Dec 20, 2008
Oct 24, 2010
I don't mind it, but I sure don't love it. :)
I would say I like it now that I've played long enough to not get sucked into battle all the time.
I do love all the Easter Eggs and the look of it.

Jun 08, 2011
Overall, it's one of my favorites :D . Very challenging for that level and great music. On the downside, it's the hardest world (that I know of; I'm in Dragonspyre) to move around in without being pulled into a battle, as there are no sidewalks.

Feb 07, 2011
I want to like Marleybone~ I really do!

My level 33 Life wizard is there now~ I adore English accents, the industrial revolution, and the cute, little animal characters... I'm always stoked to take a wizard there! But then, I start questing, and my suppressed hatred of Marleybone begins anew.

Feb 29, 2012
I really dislike Marleybone, but not for navigation problems! In fact, I have little, if any, problems with the mobs. What really gets me is the plot.

I dislike the plot line in Marleybone the most out of any world yet. (And I have a wizard in Zafaria.) I find it a little to dark and gloomy for my taste, even Dragonsypre was better. (I loved DS. :D) It may have to do with the fact that I have read a lot about older England/London and what I do read about it isn't that interesting. I don't know, but the plot just makes me want to sigh.

Another thing I dislike is how long Big Ben is. I find it far too long for wizards that are sometimes barely level 30.

Jul 13, 2012
I've just started playing so my knowledge of the spiral is extremely limited. With that being said, I liked it more than Krokotopia because the dungeons seemed harder.

Jun 08, 2009
Honestly... I absolutely hate Marleybone

I just don't know exactly, the whole world just looks too gloomy and boring for my taste. Mooshu is more my style, considering the happy, sunny feel. I also hate how easy it is to get pulled into battle so it takes forever to get somewhere.


Apr 30, 2012
Ok i dont know about anyone else but this world doesnt really have much setting change. Chelsea court looks excactly the same a Hyde Park. I hate the no sidewalks because it takes me ten minutes or more to walk maybe 600 steps! But i do love the English accents and Regents Square. Also I love the pets there Also last but not least, I love the characters there Like Sherlock Bones or Sergent McRuff. Over all, I dont think its THAT bad. ;-)

Feb 29, 2012
And my Ice wizard is now there. Be prepared to hear rants from everything, from the occasional navigation problem to the ever dreaded dungeons.

Alura Unicornglade, Level 27 8) out
A.K.A. Scarlet Nightdreamer, Level 74 Diviner

Jan 16, 2012
I found MB very boring and annoying how easy I got sucked into battles. Some of the quests were really long walks and puzzles were challenging for how early in the game storyline it was.

There was a good degree of humor though, and the names were more entertaining than any other area of W101 i've been in (but Avalon is very close).

MB is my least favorite world to go to because the quests seem to crawl along very slowly and it's easy to lose track of the storyline with all the side quests. So out of five stars I give MB a 1 out of 5. I recommend all wizards to just speed through as fast as you can...get some quest buddies and rip through. The following worlds have much more to offer, especially grizzleheim after you can enter Hrundle Fjord (wintertusk).

Mar 13, 2011
I love MarleyBone! I guess that's because I love that particular time period and I love Sherlock Holmes :D It's a small world too or at least that's what I think, maybe I was too excited and next thing I knew I was in Mooshu! I also adore the MB gear! It looks so 19th century!
I like every world, honestly, but MarleyBone and Mooshu is my top 2.

(I guess I have to stop reading books where the story takes place in 18th-19th century England )

Jun 18, 2012
I really don't like MB.There's SO many side quests and no way really to stack them.The MOB's aren't that bad once you get used to them you just have to get their pacing right and do a bit of criss crossing unlike earlier realms w/sidewalks.I do like the characters but the scenery is very drab,the sky boat thing gets old very quickly,and side quests are just out of control.Just my humble opinion of course.

Dec 22, 2008
I absolutely LOVE Marleybone. When I started playing Wizard101, I saw the pictures of Marleybone on the website. I remember thinking how I HAD to get there, and when I finally did, I wasn't disappointed. It's my all-time favorite world, and there ARE some good easter eggs. MB forever!!

Jun 23, 2009
Im torn i really dony love or hate marleybone heres why....

Reasons why i like MB

:Easter Eggs
: Sherlock Bones

Reasons why i hate MB

:No sidewalks (One of the biggest reasons)
:Big ben (Took me and my noob friend 1 hour :( )

Overall I give Marleybone a B-

But its still a pretty good world :)

Feb 14, 2010
Probably gonna say I like it. I love the English theme to it!

Jun 01, 2009
Questing wise I hate it. No matter how hard I try not to get caught by a mob I always do!

But I absolutely love the adorable characters!!

Apr 28, 2012
i hate mb! hate it dogs and cats every where!
i hate mooshu too
pigs everywhere!

Jul 11, 2011
I LOVE IT! even though the sidewalks bug me it its sooo cool! thanks kingisle for making the easter eggs also! gotta love mb! Love from Cassandra rainbowsong and Kelly thundermask

Jul 16, 2012
Hate it always gettin caught in battl

Joseph Stormhunter
Level 41 storm

Mar 27, 2010
I do not like it as it is long winded, but i like it as it has a close connection to me, i am English and this world is full of many stereotypes of en gland both old and new, the most well know and the least. i study history so much and i believe KI have done a great job as it is very accurate, the accents are mostly accurate as well, obviously central and south London accents.

Thanks KI for involving England in your game!

Dec 10, 2011
RavenLady777 on Aug 6, 2012 wrote:
I don't mind it, but I sure don't love it. :)
I would say I like it now that I've played long enough to not get sucked into battle all the time.
I do love all the Easter Eggs and the look of it.
you and me both

ps. on a totally unrelated note, what are easter eggs