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MarleyBone - Love it or hate it?

Feb 26, 2012
It depends on my mood. It will never be my favorite world, but sometimes I find it fun. Usually though it starts to wear on me after a while -- bad sidewalks, dark, overly repetitive music theme, lots of busy-work quests fetching stuff for people. Still, there are good puns in the characters in places, and the whole London mystery aspect of it is fun. But I am usually very glad to be done with it, and often do not finish all the side quests, cause I have had enough and can't wait to get out of there by the time Big Ben comes around.

Mar 03, 2012
The first time I got to Marleybone, I was amazed at the moonlight, the buildings and the calmness of
the world . Then I started to dislike it because of always getting caught and really long walks to and from places. If they practiced , I would have enjoyed it more.

Mar 05, 2011
I really hate Marleybone so much. That's because of these mobs just getting me into battle. I can't travel gracefully without any mobs trying to fight me. I always have to stick to the wall.


Dec 04, 2009
Jan 26, 2014
I have played Marleybone through a Storm and balance wizard and I think it is the worst world ever. The music is the most annoying thing ever and I hate that there are no sidewalks. Literally every time I walk the streets I run into an enemy. I bought a mount and it helped a bit, but really, I hate the lack of sidewalks. I also hate that one of stray cats I have to find is in the dungeons I may have missed so I had to play the dungeon again to go get them. Especially Big Not Ben which takes a whopping 2 hrs to finish. Not impressed at all with the story line. It's so predictable and lame. Really! Like Oh NO! I spilled the milk in Big Ben so now I have to fight a cat boss. What the heck is wrong with this world. It should be like a side world or something like wisteria.

_ Jenna Griffon Bane lvl 30 balance wizard

May 19, 2011
I really really hate Marlyebone! Why I hate it? Because there is no one around, there are no sidewalks, it is so dark and gloomy that it's hurting my eye, the music is so bland, the quest are irritating, I have to watcg my back all the time and it is just irritatting.

Fiona AngleHeaven~lvl32

Oct 02, 2011
I love MB beyond words. While some of the battles and quests are quite repetitive, the steampunk-ish theme is fantastic. Maybe as a steampunk enthusiast and lover of all things Victorian, I am slightly biased, but the grounds and clothes in MB are so pretty, and the music for all areas is so wonderful that I am wondering how people can hate it so much. I also got a kick out of the puns and references, especially the Dr. Who and Sherlock ones. And for those who hate having to *gasp* actually watch out for enemies, then Wizard101, or any other action/adventure game for that matter is not for you. It is only realistic for a poverty-stricken city occupied by thieves and criminals to lack proper sidewalks. All in all, MB is most definitely my favorite world on w101.

May 01, 2011
Love Marleybone! Already loving the whole London theme, especially Big Ben. It was super fun doing it with my main wizard, can't wait to do it with my others!

Dec 22, 2013
I really like the idea of Marleybone but, the level design is repeated over and over! I think Kingsisle got lazy on the level design so my rating is a 6/10. Also go check out my wizard: Angus WyrmShield

Feb 19, 2011
I really disliked MB. In my opinion, it was the hardest world I've done so far and is also the only world (so far) that I needed help with. When I was done with it, it felt like a weight had been lifted from shoulders.

Nov 14, 2012
You know what... after I got through mb, I actually didn't mind it. I mean, the buildup to the battle with meowiarty is one of the best things this world had to offer, but! But, the lack of good sidewalks just ruined it for me. Ugh... Just thinking about it makes me regret having to go through that world...

Mar 01, 2014
I love MB for the music, humor, story-line, and overall appearance. Barksminister Abbey is so detailed and I think the stained glass of the fire hydrant was very amusing. Regent's Square is probably the best main center out of any of the world's I've encountered. It's organized and smaller in comparison to others, but still looks spectacular. The lack of sidewalks doesn't bother me too much, you just have to learn the patterns of the monsters to avoid an encounter. I think in MB it is very helpful to have a mount, or at least to have one by Mooshu. So much time was put into the main areas of this world, but the battling spots were lacking. Everything looks the same and it's hard to differentiate between the locations of this world. I would like to eventually see either a dungeon or small world like Wysteria made out of Barkingham Palace. It would be fun to go through quest through the castle and eventually save the queen at the end. The quest could be called Dog Save the Queen, since it would be a play off of God Save the Queen being that the world is made up of dogs and that dog spelled backwards is God. *An interesting side note, maybe this could be why the dogs are more important than cats in this world, because of their God-like status.
Katie Smith level 44

May 13, 2013
IKL626 on Aug 1, 2012 wrote:
This has been on my mind for a while, a question whether people love or hate mb, a believe this'll be quite interesting because it gives people who just finished kt to see the opinions on mb.

I, first time, Loathed it - however now doing it 2 more times I have decided it is my #1 favorite world, the storyline I find interesting and there are a whole load of Easter Eggs.

Now your turn :)

PvP captain Cat and crew

I guess I would say I love and hate MB. Here are the good things:

+this is around the time when you are lvl 30 and you could get senator gear
(That's pretty much it :P)
Here are some bad ones:
-the pull rate from mobs
-they already start annoying you with weaknesses AND tower shields :(
And yea, that's all I got :)

Feb 14, 2010
I kinda of hate mb because I have been working on it for a really long time now and keep getting cought up in doing quest that I think are the main story line but at this point idk I just wanna move on already!

if any1 wanna help me my name is Alexandira Hawk level 35 HELP

Mar 20, 2010
i used to hate it, but now that i've gotten used to it, it's not so bad!
Also, the quests aren't as annoying as krok, where they tell you to kill like ten people.
I prefer battling bosses, and in Marleybone, you literally battle more bosses than random people on the street.
Also, it may seem hard to avoid people on the street, but you'll get used to it.

level 35 conjurer
level 12 sorcerer
level 15 pyromancer

Oct 05, 2013
I absolutely adore Marleybone. I always go back to listen to the music and the theme of the world is great. An awesome break from the bland Krokotopia where everything looked exactly the same only with different colors (purple, red, blue). Only con to me is that the next world is Mooshu. Most people love it, I hated Mooshu (very very bland to me ).

Mar 03, 2012
I have 2 opinions on Marleybone. I love the setting and storyline in Marleybone, and how it resembles England, or is it Scotland? Anyway, the idea of drawing characters and areas from the real world is brilliant. I mean, Kensington Park, Chelsea Court etc. and my favorites..... Meowiarty and Sherlock Bones! The only thing I hate about this world is the length (It was long for me because I had to solo mostly everything) and and the terrible sidewalks. Which makes it fun :P

Colin Legendsteed Level 89
Blaze Storm Level 6

Jun 17, 2012
Marleybone continues to be my favorite world. The ambiance and music are the best parts.

Jun 17, 2012
BubbaFights on May 12, 2014 wrote:
I absolutely adore Marleybone. I always go back to listen to the music and the theme of the world is great. An awesome break from the bland Krokotopia where everything looked exactly the same only with different colors (purple, red, blue). Only con to me is that the next world is Mooshu. Most people love it, I hated Mooshu (very very bland to me ).
MooShu had a good combat theme (not as good as Marleybone's) and cool bosses. But other than that I totally agree.

Jun 17, 2012
logan deathwizard ... on Feb 11, 2014 wrote:
hate it! longest world ever!
Just wait till Dragonspyre. Then you'll see.

Mar 16, 2013
Well I don't really hate it or love it it was pretty easy kinda like krokotopia in a way, you can get passed it in 8 hours if you really try not really hard at all


May 22, 2009
I have taken 9 wizards through Marleybone and my opinion of that world has never changed. I detest it. I don't like the quests, the atmosphere, or the enemies we have to fight. To me, it is very long and boring. The one good thing about Marleybone that I can think of is the Model T car the Meowarity sometimes drops.

Jun 27, 2009
Honestly, I am a lvl 38 and my sis thinks I shouldn't be in mb cuz it is too easy.... So, I love it

Jul 11, 2014
So do you have to finish Krokotopia, in order to go to Marleybone? Because i really want to go there. Im still in the middle of Krokotopia and want to know which world am i going to next.

Jun 16, 2011
First time through, I hated it. The streets are SO hard to navigate, and the art and the seenairy is horeble. (Why can't I spell today?) And my brother was already in Moo Shu, and that world has the best art in the game, and I just wanted to get there.

But now, as I'm going through it again, it's not as bad. But it'll never be as good as Mooshu.