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Gurtok Barrier Demon is SO SO SO HARD

Dec 08, 2012
someone please help meh! i am a lvl 50 fire and i need help with the barrier demon its too hard what should i do the thing has ice sheilds so thats outta the question someone give me tips please

Jun 28, 2013

I guess I am lucky. I just fought him. I am level 45 storm. I did not lose hardly any health. maybe 10 to 15% health lost. It took me about 9 rounds.
I cant so how he was so hard for some people. I actually wish the battles were more like this one.

I can tell you this, I used a few storm blades and a few elemental blades. (my second school is balance)
so with tc's this is 4 storm blades.
Then to top it... windstorm, stormtrap, elemental trap, elemental trap TC, darkwind.
Tempest was the final attack. @ about 10 pips (some were powerpips)

Mark Dragonleaf L45 Storm

Dec 17, 2010
SwordSaint Ninja on Jun 21, 2011 wrote:
I'm fire and that Gurtok Barrier Demon are both fire. I solo'd him. (odd). I polymorphed into the Ice Collosus and kept using ice attacks.
When my polymorph ran out, I kept using converts and efreets. Try to level up a little and try again. I fought him when I was level 58 (yes, I know that I'm a late bird).
You think your a late bird? I fought him when I was level 90 (My current level) because I found no point of doing a side world. Once I found out that you need to do wintertusk for all those utility spells I'm missing out on, I started up again. I'm currently on the first quest in Wintertusk

-Nicholas Hawkspear level 90

Feb 02, 2011
i fought him just today or yester day what ever you look at it by so any way it is a good idea to pack at least one reshuffle because i barly had enogh cards to do it i recomend you bring several heals and have some strong storms on your hand and at least be in cl before you atempt it as a fire