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Reagents where to find them

May 27, 2009
I post this 1 day into this expansion, but im seeing its hard to find many reagents. Im on the kroc part of the reagent quests and can't find any scrolls, i found a few stone blocks, but it takes forever.

If anyone knows of good places for different reagents please post them here.

Mist wood - I went to mooshu, keep in mind they are still hard to find. It just seems like to many people are in Wizard City to find any reagents at all.

Stone Block - Kroc in the middle of hallways, not on the sides

Ore - Kroc again. Seems like the best spots are at the end of hallways where an instance/dungeon would be.

Deep mushroom - Mooshu. on the sides of roads

Catails - Mooshu. Near water

Black lotus - Mooshu. on the sides of roads

i only did this for about 2 hours but i can tell its going to take a LONG time to get thru all of the reagent badges. any help here would be great.

Mar 16, 2009
Pretty much that's it. Those of us in testing complained the Reagent spawn timers were way to slow but evidently KI didn't believe us. Not that it really matters crafting items are low on the power side. No or little health/mana. Crapola.

May 29, 2009
I haven't gone to mooshu yet to look for reagents but I have found several in Wizard City and Krokotopia

Mist wood is located anywhere there is grass. By the dungeons, in the trees on the streets of Unicorn Way, Cyclops Lane, Triton Avenue and Firecat Alley.

Cat Tails grow in the water and I have found them in Triton Ave, Cyclops Lane and the Krokotopia Oasis.

Red Mandrake is mostly on Firecat Alley and Triton Ave. Sometimes when you pick one up it will have several and there is even some blood moss there.

Deep Mushrooms have been found in the dark and haunted caves as well as Krokotopia. Sometimes it will include Nightshade

Ore is found in the caves and Krokotopia

Parchment is in Krokotopia and sometimes when you pick it up you will get a scroll.

I got leather straps for beating cyclops, ectoplasm from the screaming banshees, and a bone from the bonekeep in krokotopia.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
Ffoor wrote:
Pretty much that's it. Those of us in testing complained the Reagent spawn timers were way to slow but evidently KI didn't believe us. Not that it really matters crafting items are low on the power side. No or little health/mana. Crapola.

It isn't the spawn time, it is the time you are hunting for the materials. Last night after the restart was great. If your play realm is not 'Perfect' or if you are following another another gatherer, you won't succeed.

I was in chamber of fire last night, would go from near the entrance, through the 'streets, up to the top, switch realms, come back down. Each run was about five minutes, and you could usually find 2-3 ore, 3-4 stone, and 0-2 parchment per, and sometimes associated rares.

The problem: If they increased spawn rates, those hunters at the 'good time' would just roll in it.

The answer: Base spawn times on number players in the realm.

Apr 25, 2009
Here's what I've been able to find so far...note that I'm doing a lot of farming, but practically none in WC.

Krokotopia I'll grade as follows:

stone blocks: B-
deep mushrooms: B-
parchment: A (with one scroll so far)
ore: C (with 2 fossils)

Mooshu is better, AFAIAC

mist wood: B- (though there's almost always some just inside Shoshun Village off to the right)
deep mushrooms: A
ore: C- (though I did find my only diamond here)
black lotus: A, but you have to go look behind the wagons at the end of cul-de-sacs where the instances are
cat tails: A, anywhere you find water, with the occasional water "lilly" (am I the only one amused by the typo?)

ectoplasm comes from just about any ghostly adversary

bones come from lots of foes, especially terrorwings in DS

I haven't done much farming in MB yet, though I have found mist wood up on the rooftops occasionally...and "found" DS items are hard to find. Haven't stumbled across many of those...


Jun 15, 2008
I agree completely. I was on when there were too many other players looking for reagents earlier today. I couldn't find anything. After 2 hours of looking in WC I gave up. When I logged back on later I ran around WC and found plenty of mist wood and cattails. I have not found any black coal. Does any one know where to find it? I know it is in the bazzar, but it is bought entirely too fast.

Mar 18, 2009
It would even things out a bit more if they made the crafting quests give you temporary special drops from monsters or put more of the crafting reagents in instances. It's frustrating to spend a whole day and only find two parchment reagents, even with realm switching.

Apr 25, 2009
Apr 21, 2009
Does anyone know the approximate spawn time for reagents? I'm just curious. I waited approximately 20 minutes in Regent's Square in Marleybone on a "perfect" server and never saw a cat tail. I'm not that patient, I left to do something else. I have heard people talk about waiting for hours. I like the idea of crafting, but I do not have the luxury of time to play often enough or for long enough to spend an hour waiting for an item to spawn, when that is the only way to get the item.
I like the suggestion of basing the spawn time on the number of players in a realm or giving temporary monster drops. Perhaps, they could increase the number of spawn points based on the number of players in a realm.

Jun 29, 2009
Acorns are a rare item found with Mist Wood.
Fossils are a rare item found with Stone Blocks.
Diamonds are a rare item found with Ore.
Ancient Scrolls are a rare item found with Parchment.
Nightshade are a rare item found with Deep Mushrooms.
Blood Moss is a rare item found with Mandrake Roots.

In addition to already mentioned locations, Ore can be fairly commonly found throughout Grizzleheim.
My experience is that Stone Blocks and Ore are common everywhere in the Temple of Fire in Krokotopia, with Parchment being slightly less frequent.
I seem to find Deep Mushrooms mostly in the excavation rooms, not the hallways, though. The Mushrooms are more common in the Krokosphinx.
Mandrake roots are pretty easy to find in the Sunken City, if you can survive it. Mushrooms can be found there as well.

For enemy drop reagents, I can personally confirm these:
Bones drop from Splithooves (Grizzleheim).
Ectoplasm drops from Haunted Minions.
Leather Straps drop from Nirini Sentries (Temple of Fire).
Bronze Gears drop from Veteran Sellswords (Temple of Fire) and Sokkwi Crushers (Krokosphinx)
I got Spider Silk from either a Magma Man or Fire Elf in Firecat Alley.

Jun 29, 2009
wintermagic wrote:
I have not found any black coal. Does any one know where to find it?

The Reagent Vendors sell it. 5 gold per piece. They also sell most of the gems, Shadow Oil, and Simple Vials.

Sep 01, 2008
I concur with Mellony.
I am back to casual playing due to time constraints. There is no way I am going to hiking about looking for reagents. I guess I will just buy stuff from other players.
I just hope the items crafted dont wack out game balance for those of us who are casual...

Apr 02, 2009
Black Coal and other has to bought only. Usually the first 2 ingredients have to be bought. In Marleybone you will find that three ingrediates need to be bought for one the quests.

May 02, 2009
I've found Mist Wood among the rooftops of Marlybone, mostly in Hyde Park. As for Cattails, I've found them to be in the fountain in the ticket center is marlybone(the place where you go to get tickets to the areas of MB by baloon ride.)

May 06, 2009
csillver wrote:
I just hope the items crafted dont wack out game balance for those of us who are casual...

Trust me no one is doing the crafting for the equipment, the equipment is a word that I doubt the boards will let me post and that is being polite. The only reason really to do crafting would be a) treasured cards (yea right not really i can buy a tough card for less gold and take no time to make them versus crafting OH MY), b) funiture. Since I seriously doubt funiture is over powered ! lol I don't think you are missing anything if you do or don't do this. Also the recipies cost an arm and a leg at some levels just to make the funiture. Seriously this is out of balance for the time/reward aspect. I wish KI would listen to the community not only on test but live. /sigh

Dec 23, 2008
steveheffner wrote:
Seriously this is out of balance for the time/reward aspect.

Quoted for Emphasis.

In my experience -- and mind you, I've spent a good amount of time in between encounters just running around collecting swag -- I'm finding that Mistwood and Mushrooms aren't really a problem. I'm finding lots of mushrooms all over the hallways of Krok, and Mistwood seems fairly plentiful in Marleybone and especially Grizzleheim.

You'll find plenty of Parchments in Krok. And I'm swimming in Cattails and Ore -- they seem to be found just about everywhere.

The ones that are a problem are the Stone Blocks (found in Krok and Marleybone, but very rare) and the Scrap Iron (OMG! Does this stuff even exist?!)

Scrap Iron merits its own paragraph: The stuff is next to nonexistent everywhere. The few I've found seem to be in Marley. In the several days I've been doing this, I think I've amassed a whopping FIVE of the things. And considering the Marleybone crafting quests require ... EIGHTY of them, it would be nice to see a few more available.

Apr 25, 2009
pablohosehead wrote:
While we're at it, anyone figure out where to find scrap iron yet?

scrap iron is in marlybone in the museum.

Feb 16, 2009
lets asy the reagents were easy to find..
and lets say the bosses could just be killed like any other..

then what?
gh has been out less then a week and i am almost done with the quests.
then the only thing left is item crafting..and i agree its a pain but
its something to do until the next upgrade...

some real problems that i see are
exp cap is still on...
i can understand why(imagine a level 99 wizard with just about all the spell from every school) scary in the arena and most cant handle loosing with the spells the way they are..i mean i have been called a cheater and reported(with no recourse) for casting my frost giant 2 times in a row.
but never the less i want to inprove on my wizard and i i cant do that i might as well quit

same with armor and weapons
its been months since i found anything better then what i am wearing and the new stuff really is not worth it..

so the only thing left is crafting and hunting reagents...
some of the house items are sweet and i think the levels are hard to achive but o well it something to do until the next update.

once agian have fun and be nice

valdus icestalker
gm ice/drakerider

Sep 01, 2008
lol all i can find are stone blocks and ore in krok and no mushrooms. Ill happily trade for cattails since you are swimming in them and I in ore....

Dec 23, 2008
csillver wrote:
lol all i can find are stone blocks and ore in krok and no mushrooms. Ill happily trade for cattails since you are swimming in them and I in ore....

Heh! Would that I could, amigo. However, since that's not possible in the current game, let me instead point you to any of the various fountains and waterways throughout the Spiral: Unicorn Park, Cyclops Fairgrounds, Regents Square Fountain, Royal Museum Fountain, Hyde Park Fountain, Herkir's Pond ... any of these seem to spawn copious quantities of cattails. Scoop the competition in whatever way you deem necessary.

Feb 14, 2009
Scrap Iron is still around it all the usual places. It does seem to be one of the rarest spawns in that there are a smaller number spawn points for this (usually near boss areas at the end of maps in MB) and the number needed is very great compared to others. This does appear to be a bottle neck in Crafting that will slow many people down but just keep with it and you will get there. Over time extras will be sold to the Bazaar as well just as Mistwood has started appearing in the Bazaar more often.

May 28, 2009
Can anyone help me find some mistwood?

Kane Hexmender Level 14 Krokotopia

May 09, 2009
I am in agreement with the posters in here so far. Crafting could be a really cool part of this game, but KI seems to have fumbled it. Way too much time and effort for way too little results. Many reagents are way too rare and too much competition for them in crowded realms. I miss the well-stocked treasure card shops for the lower level wizards to be able to be effective in solo boss encounters, especially life wizards. My son and I love this game, but he also wants the treasue card shop back. Why not make custom treasure cards that can be made in a reasonable amount of time with a reasonable amount of effort and leave the TC shop the way it was? Other than this, I like the changes to the game and the new realm (GH) is really nice. Like the additional dialogue and the voices are phemonenal.

Stephen Winterwalker/Ian Souldreamer
Adept Thaumaturge/Adept Theurgist

May 06, 2009
I'm very surprised I haven't seen anyone suggest what I have learned most about farming so far: instances.

If you are in an instance, and have teleport turned off, you literally have it to yourself. You don't have to worry about other people stealing your spawns.

In MooShu, Crimson Fields is great for this, because you could go everywhere without having to run the instance's quests.

I don't mind giving this tip up because it won't affect my own chances, because your instance is your instance :D :D

By the way: I've also noticed certain 'boss' encounters in Krok (maybe others?) have reagents sitting at the edges of the room but not others. Can anyone comment on the other worlds?

Dec 18, 2008
here is the places i found my items:

Mistwood: easy difficulty: i buy from bazzar or get in moo shu(update wil increase amount of mistwood in the areas)

Parchment:med-high difficulty: i found loads in the krokosphinx. i got 3 of them in the main entrance and 6 in the grand arena.

Cattails: EASY difficulty: found just about everywhere from wiz to ms in water.

Ore: easy-med. difficulty: i find in krok ms and ds and have over 50 of them. 100's in bazzar.

Deep Mushroom:easiest difficulty: found anywhere and everywhere from krok to ds on roads and sidewalks even ontop of fences(found 2 like that)

Scrap Iron: Hard difficulty: i am on that quest for them in marleybone now and have only aquired around 5.i got 3 from bazar and 2 from regents square.(update increases amount of these around marleybone)

Leath straps:easy-med. difficulty:found from drops or bought in bazzar(were 75 there last time i saw)

GEMS(onyx,sapphire,citrine):regeant vendors:EVERY WORLD

Gohst fire:Easy Difficulty:i buy from moo shu vendor.

Bone:easy-medium:found from drops or purchased in bazzar.

Bronze Gear:easy-med. diffculty:bought from bazzar.(not sure where you get them from but i am sure is from drops or rare item from scrap iron)Bazzar has loads though.

Stone Block:easy-Medium difficulty:Found in dragonspyre in the antheum or on no combat areas within the tower of archives:-(easiest place for ME to find them)also in krokotopia and mooshu and marleybone lol.

Sorry people thats all i know of right now but i will update list every now and again of places where regeants are common. 8)

Travis&Tyler Spiritstrider- grandmaster death and fire

Thomas Spiritstrider- master diviner anyone who has any more info plz post here i think this is a great idea. :-) 8)