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Reagents where to find them

Jul 28, 2010
mach1997 wrote:
sonicboom68 wrote:
In order to get scrap iron (and i mean TONS of it) go into counterweight east in MB and there is almost always some on the bottom floor. If there isnt exit and re-enter. I got my MB crafting quest done in like two hours.
Happy Hunting!

That is an effective way of getting scrap iron, but once you're done with them you have to wait 30 minutes or so to get more in that dungeon (dungeons will reset 30 mins. after you exit them).

The progress you made in the dungeon (Killing monsters, doing quests) reset in 30 minutes, but the reagents respawn instantly once you exit.

Mar 20, 2011
does anyone know where to find the congo drums needed in the last crafing quest?

Apr 11, 2011
stormeykat wrote:
does anyone know where to find the congo drums needed in the last crafing quest?

you have to craft them as well. Get the recipe from the crafter in zafaria. Lots of crafting to do!

Jun 04, 2011
wintermagic wrote:
I agree completely. I was on when there were too many other players looking for reagents earlier today. I couldn't find anything. After 2 hours of looking in WC I gave up. When I logged back on later I ran around WC and found plenty of mist wood and cattails. I have not found any black coal. Does any one know where to find it? I know it is in the bazzar, but it is bought entirely too fast.
you can buy it from the sand golem behind the recipie vendor in the oasis

Jan 28, 2011
Mar 13, 2011
i have 3 recommendations

1. if you are life and in real life you like to garden try gardening on the game and use stinkweed and dandelions to get some scrolls

2. if you like to discover and you like to see whats out there go and run about everywhere i am sure you will find one

3. if you are too lazy go to the bazaar everyday to get some :P

Feb 22, 2009
Scrap Iron Is a hard one too, I find it in Knights Court, keep switching servers until you have what you need!

Nov 03, 2008
Go to the bazaar, they have everything, and if they dont just keep reseting it

Mar 10, 2010
pinng07 wrote:
Scrap Iron Is a hard one too, I find it in Knights Court, keep switching servers until you have what you need!

Iron is easy just go to counter weight East or west in the first room you may find 1 or 2 if not go out then come back in.keep going in and out till you get enough

Dec 11, 2009
I have found scrap iron in the Counterweights, on the first floor where you talk to the person. You might have to try a few times to get a few piees, though. Hope this helps!

Aug 06, 2011
Flopinator wrote:
I post this 1 day into this expansion, but im seeing its hard to find many reagents. Im on the kroc part of the reagent quests and can't find any scrolls, i found a few stone blocks, but it takes forever.

If anyone knows of good places for different reagents please post them here.

Mist wood - I went to mooshu, keep in mind they are still hard to find. It just seems like to many people are in Wizard City to find any reagents at all.

Stone Block - Kroc in the middle of hallways, not on the sides

Ore - Kroc again. Seems like the best spots are at the end of hallways where an instance/dungeon would be.

Deep mushroom - Mooshu. on the sides of roads

Catails - Mooshu. Near water

Black lotus - Mooshu. on the sides of roads

i only did this for about 2 hours but i can tell its going to take a LONG time to get thru all of the reagent badges. any help here would be great.
Scrap Iron can be found in the Floating Lands in Celestia.

Nov 22, 2008
Anyone know were to find diamonds easy? I'm in zafaria and only in Savannah. So anywhere before that is ok to me. Oh nd my dragonspyre grade is as follows:

Lava lilly: A+
all the rest: D-
and ore is a: C+

Jul 14, 2009
-There is a spot behind the library in Dragonspyre that is THE best place in the spiral that I have found to get stone blocks, ore, and the occasional lava lily (although I don't think you need the lily for anything). There seems to be about 4 spawn places for ore around the 2 mini-game sigils and on your way to behind the library and once you get behind the library there are at least three places that spawn stone blocks. A very rare drop on ore is a diamond and the blocks rarely drop sunstone and sandstone i think but not positive on that last part. There is always at least on lava lily along the lava river coming up from the portal.
-I have also found that the three bridges in the Yoshihito Temple in Mooshu have lots of reagents but mostly cattail and mistwood. If you go back and forth between realms you can gather a lot pretty quick. I picked up all 72 catail that I needed for my Master Artisan badge within about 30 minutes just going back and forth. That is not much time at all and saves you from spending $$ at Elik's. Also picked up about 15 mistwood and 10 deep mushrooms while doing this. I have 2 tips that seems to benefit your wizard while playing in the spiral.
-Wintertusk is without question the best place to get frost flowers, they are all over, sometimes in bunches.
-Mooshu along almost all of the roads and near the little houses everywhere is where you will find lots of deep mushrooms and black lotus.

1. While doing your normal quests pick up EVERY reagent that you see and after you pick it up go to a different realm and see if the same reagent is in the same spot in that realm.

2. If actually searching for particular reagents it seems best to make sure you are in a realm that is 'perfect'. That way less wizards will be around randomly taking what you are searching for.
Good luck all!
Tarlac Nightstirder

Dec 22, 2009
BlindingShade wrote:
Scrap Iron is still around it all the usual places. It does seem to be one of the rarest spawns in that there are a smaller number spawn points for this (usually near boss areas at the end of maps in MB) and the number needed is very great compared to others. This does appear to be a bottle neck in Crafting that will slow many people down but just keep with it and you will get there. Over time extras will be sold to the Bazaar as well just as Mistwood has started appearing in the Bazaar more often.

also occasionally celestia almost anywhere you can find srap iron

Dec 22, 2009
pamela011166 wrote:
Does anyone know where to find glass vials? I have looked in the bazaar for days, and have gotten 8! :( And I spend most of my time lately in the bazaar just looking for the stuff.
Thanks for the help! :-)

venders krok and up :|

May 08, 2009
For those of you that can go to Austrilund, I totally recomend that you go there. If its an empty realm you can find lots of black lotuses, stone blocks, and ore!

Feb 24, 2009
KingCobra022 wrote:
Scrap Iron can be found in the Floating Lands in Celestia.

1st thing, this was out before celestia was even considered! (I dont remember is CL came out in 2010 or 2011... I will guess 2011)

2nd thing, there are better places than floating land, such as marleybone in general.

3rd thing, what about the people not in CL yet?

Aug 13, 2009
Does anyone know where to find diamonds other then occasionally a few at the bazaar? I am trying to craft a grizzleheim house but I have to do a few more quest before i can and diamond is the only one left i have to get for the quest I am on, currently I have only 14 diamonds out of 30. Please help! :D :D Thx -Megan Lifegem lvl 70 Life Wizard

Feb 21, 2012
Lillywing wrote:
tatorsgirl wrote:
Does anyone know where to find parchment! I can never find it anywhere!

I was looking for stone blocks in the Vault of Ice, and I found parchment instead. It's not easy, I guarantee that, but you will find some.

Does anyone know a place other than the Vault of Ice to look for stone blocks? I also tried buying some in the bazaar, but they sold out THE SECOND i was about to buy.
You can Find stone blocks in any street of krokosphinx and in the royal hall but not alot though

Jan 22, 2011
SyphaN wrote:
pablohosehead wrote:
While we're at it, anyone figure out where to find scrap iron yet?

DITTO! got to find what! 50 of them! that will take me the rest of the month!!! I think crafting is too time consuming and expencive! asp.
sence your making stuff that is going to be sold anyway to the bazaar
or shop after you turn in the quest craft items to the trainer.

After going to all the worlds and checking out the recipes, I was
and still am jaw dropped at the amount of regiments you must collect
for just 1 item! not to mention the time it takes over 16+ hours for one
of them I knoticed. Something needs to be changed on Crafting.

Here's some help everyone, follow the storyline to Big Ben. Get some help to get through it, then take all of the scrap iron in it. It'll get you a good 10-20 down. ( Only works once )

- Corwin Caller, Legendary Sorcerer

Apr 24, 2010
()really i cant find scrap iron whats up with that? can you guys that made this game like make more of crafting stuff appear?

Mar 28, 2009
You will find these fast..

Ore, Diamond, Fossils & Stone Block- Behind the Atheneum's Library in DS
Scrap Iron, Springs, Mistwood, & Acorns- Go in and out counterweight west in MB, on the sides are where you will find them

Cattail, Kelp, and WaterLilly- Anywhere in the ponds of Jade Palace and Shoshun Village in MS
Parchment and Ancient scrolls- Go into the krokosphinx, there are many on the sides in KT

I hope this helps all of the crafters that need reagents like this.. thank you

Aug 06, 2011
Apr 09, 2012
I find lots of red mandrake in cyclops lane, firecat alley and sometimes in haunted cave
There is lots of parchment in some parts of the krokosphinx and the tomb of storms (i cant remember where )
Cat tail - just go to wysteria and in the pigswick academy waterfall there is always cattail

Sep 25, 2011
dezzfan wrote:
mooshu is the place to go for mistwood cat tails deep shrooms ore and black lotus.krokotopia is for bricks parchment scrolls. marley bone is for gears iron scraps leather strappings. wizard city does not have much good items but the occasional mist wood cat tail and deep mushroom.

i went to marleybone and i dont know where to find iron scraps, i also need stone blocks, i cant find them either .