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Reagents where to find them

May 26, 2009
If you are frustrated by the dearth of Scrap Iron, wait for the quest that requires 75 of a certain rare harvest reagents. I am giving up crafting quests, as it will take forever to collect these reagents and it is just a BIG BORE.

The restoration of most cards in the card shops is welcome, but the upgrade to the Life Mage version of "Pixie" (castable on others) for 1600 Gold is a waste for the solo adventurers at more than triple the old cost. Those traveling in groups can bring a healer with them.

I would like to see the loosening of the card crafting rules to allow wizards to craft in any school of magic in which they have a certain level spell. I am not as intersted in creating spells that I can just as easily put in my deck.

Overall, KI has made a bad misstep on this. Does anyone know how long/how extensive the Beta tests were. It sounds from other posts that some of the problems were being pointed out in Beta.

Andrew Swiftcloud
Master of Storm

May 08, 2009
Where can one find ghostfire? I would of thought flame servants but got nothing.

Jun 04, 2009
Well not to be rude but, i think crafting is a wast of time! What's it good for? XP?Ha! It's cool but it wast SOOOOOOOOOO much gold! And time and book space! Why wast alot of time and money when you can pay a small price? Oh and Taco5754 rare regents are posted on page one for this topic.

your friend
Lvl 17 ice goddess 8)

Jul 03, 2009
ok SERIOUSLY i can't buy any scrap iron because when i try it says "transaction was unsuccesful please try again" and i don't know were to find it

May 14, 2009
pablohosehead wrote:
While we're at it, anyone figure out where to find scrap iron yet?

i found one in chelsea court

theres a lot of stone blocks and parchment in krok, and mist wood and cat tails in mb

Jun 23, 2009
marleybone is the best place to get cat tail. search the fountains its bound to be there. Hyde park has ALOT of cat tails. not sure about chelsea court yet, i'll check it out.

for those of you wondering about scrap iron, its in marleybone. search the dungeons like big ben, i found a lot in there.

hope that helped :-)

Jun 23, 2009
redfox40 wrote:
DorcasAurelia wrote:
wintermagic wrote:
I have not found any black coal. Does any one know where to find it?

The Reagent Vendors sell it. 5 gold per piece. They also sell most of the gems, Shadow Oil, and Simple Vials.

Where do you find the reagent vendors?

redfox, you can usually find the regeant vendors in the commons areas or some are scattered throughout the area. you'll find em, just stick to the quests and they will come to you

Jan 07, 2009
I found a Mist Wood piece that supplied me with 2 reagents near Knight's Court in MarleyBone, next to the cat, but that's it. (I thank my lucky stars my friend asked me where the MB cat was, or I'd never have found that Mist Wood, and it's hard to get :()

Mar 11, 2009
reagent are hard to find .like black perl why did you make it so hard to find them .it should be easy and fun

Mar 22, 2009
May 22, 2009
Slived wrote:
Scrap Iron -

Start at the entrance to Chelsea Park.

Go to the first right and take it. At the end of that road, look behind the skylights (you are on the rooftop, remember). There are three scrap iron spawn locations there.

If you look behind the doorways at the entrance (face left when you first port in) there is mistwood and stone.

I don't think there are words to discribe just how much I love you right now Slived. I've been pounding iron works and big ben for the past week and had approximately 26 peices of scrap iron before I began following your rout. In about 2 hours I managed to get the full 80 peices of scrap metal I needed, including 6 springs! I'm deeply indebted to you sir or ma'am, my sprites are at your service!

Savannah Rainwhisper
Magus Theurgist
Usually on Pixie realm :D

Sep 20, 2008
A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
winna99 wrote:
Cant you just buy the regnants in the bazaar?

Almost everything but Black Pearls, Blood Moss and Scrap Iron do show up in enough quantities for this, if your character is flush with cash. The three mentioned above aren't showing up enough for people to buy in the amounts needed for crafting.

Nov 25, 2008
I think if you are going to have a recipe that calls for you to have 50 Diamonds then they should be easier to get it took me running through Knights Court streets for 3 days to get enough scrap iron for one of the recipes --ridiculous

Feb 16, 2009
You want ore and Stone Blocks? go to Dragonspyre. If you want Cat tails and Deep Mushroom go to Mooshu. Scrap Iron and Blocks are in Marleybone. Parchment, stone blocks and Ancient scrolls are in Krok. and Mist wood is mainly in Wizard City.

Jun 26, 2009
I agree with crafting being too difficult. Crafting should be an alternative or enhancement to battling and questing. I think that there should be more regeant shops, and perhaps more general shops in each realm. I really think a regeant shop is in order in the Shopping District as well as a recipe shop. Crafting should be a source of good income for a character and not a financial drain.

I have played many games such as Asheron's Call and World of Warcraft and have always enjoyed the relaxation and change of pace of crafting.

While I'm on a roll here, I also think that the minigames are BORING! I would like to see some other choices besides the arcade type games and games involving good motor skills. How about something like Arachaphobia or Trivia, Bingo, Euchre, Spin the Fortune Wheel, Scrable, Hangman?

Love to all involved in Wizard 101 which is a wonderful game!

Lwella Ironcrafter

Jun 03, 2009
ace05843 wrote:
Where can one find ghostfire? I would of thought flame servants but got nothing.

You can buy ghost fire from the reagent vendor in mooshu.

May 18, 2009
What KI needs to do is make it where you can trade reagents. I need scrape iron for my quest but I cant find enough then i meet noobs who dont even know what crafting is with heaps of it. Personally if you can't trade anything but cards i think the whole idea is useless.

Jul 31, 2009
Jul 07, 2009
A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
colin7arn wrote:
where do i find emeralds or where can i buy them? plz help

Buy from any vendor.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
klcm67 wrote:
Does anyone know which regent vendor sells glass vials?

I know MS does, but my guess is that they are available from vendors in the worlds before that.

Jun 20, 2009
MikeStrath wrote:
Ffoor wrote:
Pretty much that's it. Those of us in testing complained the Reagent spawn timers were way to slow but evidently KI didn't believe us. Not that it really matters crafting items are low on the power side. No or little health/mana. Crapola.

It isn't the spawn time, it is the time you are hunting for the materials. Last night after the restart was great. If your play realm is not 'Perfect' or if you are following another another gatherer, you won't succeed.

I was in chamber of fire last night, would go from near the entrance, through the 'streets, up to the top, switch realms, come back down. Each run was about five minutes, and you could usually find 2-3 ore, 3-4 stone, and 0-2 parchment per, and sometimes associated rares.

The problem: If they increased spawn rates, those hunters at the 'good time' would just roll in it.

The answer: Base spawn times on number players in the realm.

That is a really good answer to the problem people are having in finding the rare reagents. Even more so as more and more people begin to look for the rares. I have been working on finding black pearls and just learned about the respawn for lotus flower. Having the time shortened for each flower would help cause then I wouldnt be so worried about beating others to find it but have more satisfaction in what i do find in a timely manner. I hope your idea is one they really consider when looking over the problems people are having with reagents. Keep up with the smart ideas! :D

Apr 17, 2009
there is something called a bazarr in wizard city/olde town.
Although i am having a problem finding iron scraps. if anyone knows where to find it tell me

Jul 12, 2009
marleybone has a ton of mist wood and stone blocks and almost NO scrap iron and you need 80 scrap iron for the quest. are there any other worlds that have scrap iron?