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Why wont low lvls except they cant be in cl?

Feb 18, 2010
hunteray09 wrote:
flash33 wrote:
this is just another low level complaint post.
There's nothing wrong with low levels being in cl, or any high level world for that matter, as long as they're willing to listen to strategy and work together with their teammates.
You also have to take into consideration that some of the low levels may (keyword: "may") have a higher level wizard of thier own and just happened to come to cl as one of their lower level wizards.
Maybe one of the reasons people like cl is because it's very well designed and has been much anticipated for some time now.
Not trying to sound mean or complain about people complaining, but these are just things you [the low level complainers] need to take into consideration before posting a low level in higher level world complaint.

Um actually there is a problem for them being in cl. You probably don't understand cause your one of the "Noobs" that ports to friends. One day you will understand.

James Skull Wielder
Legendary Necromancer

really? it sure sounds like he understands perfectly. stop being so high and mighty and get off your high horse for once. this is something i agree with, and i do actually have a grand wizard, so dont even think about saying i dont understand either. so there. *blows raspberry*

Dec 15, 2009
kaleeraisen wrote:
DavidStronghunter1... wrote:
Why arent you low lvls excepting the fact you shouldnt be in cl. Your just wasting your time trying to fight enemies you cant beat. If you wanna be in cl EARN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont just ask someone that can go there to go there. Its stupid why you guys spend all your time in cl. Do your quest and earn it. Dont say im only in wc it'll take to long cause thats no excuse. Trust me it'll go faster if you do your main quest. You cant even lvl up in cl i mean why do you guys like cl so much????? So just plz stop porting to cl. I'm asking nicely rite now so dont say it wouldnt be fair if you couldnt go to cl.

gosh, if you really dont want low levels porting...DONT ADD THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE! TURN OFF YOUR PORTS! JUST DO THAT AND YOU'LL BE FINE! GEEZ! i do think that they have to earn it, but you really cant tell people where to go, otherwise they'll just go there anyway, even just to annoy you. and KI wont put world locks on, so stop asking for that. they PAID for those subscriptions, (which in my opinion, just the year round one is kinda pricy), so they want to get their money's worth. Some are genuenly (sry if i spelled that wrong) curious, and want to look around and battle enemies in order to find out their weaknesses and prepare for them. thats what i would do if i didnt know the world, anyway. and another thing, its not every low level in the world who's asking to be taken to cl, there are some who are the low levels of grands/legends, like mine, so stop biting off EVERYONE'S heads, and go for the ones who actually DO make life miserable, b/c yes, those low levels actually exist and those who are obnoxious, rude, condescending, and mean, (the grands too, not just the novices), those are the ones who need to stay in WC. and another thing, if you have a low level friend who's on, and all your higher leveled friends are off, and you're in a pickle, who are you going to call on when you're in trouble of fainting? despite their level, they can live long enough to heal you, or at the very least hold your place so you could flee, heal and get mana, and port back.
This is also important: if you want low levels to stop porting, teach the ones who will listen about the disadvantages of them doing that. IN A NICE WAY! and just IGNORE the ones who dont. THERE'S AN IGNORE LIST FOR A REASON! if all you grands and legends would just stop shouting and start teaching, (IN A NICE WAY!) this wouldnt really be a problem. make a little school in your home or something and invite some low levels to teach them an UNBIASED way of making them realize what they're doing! TALK TO THEM! if you just shout and yell and complain, that wont solve anything. you're just pushing them farther into porting to higher leveld worlds

Amber Nighwraith; lvl 58 necromancer

* Dont be a part of the problem-be a part of the SOLUTION*
idont think your truely understanding what is going on...low lvls are flooding CL and makes it hard to go about your day i have had to flee many of fight and boss fights do to low lvls Bing in cl this is getting out of hand for they dont listen half the time...anyone with a high lvl wizard with a low lvl wizard in Cl should know better.....Yes you should easrn the right to be in cl for the rest of that are in cl have fought long and hard to get there...i strongly belive that there should be a lvl cap to cl or a something along the line of it earning your way into CL is the only way to there in no point into having a low lvl 23 in cl or low lvl 49 makes it hard to farm when you have to switch realm do the flooding of Low lvls in cl..i spent 30 mins looking for a that was not flooded by low lvls in CL then i have low lvls telling me if i dont like swap realm...Uhg wrong answer i have earn the right to be in CL there for i should not have to look for a realm with out low lvl in CL

Dec 02, 2010
THink about it this way: Kingsisle CANNOT make level limits in areas. The reason is that people PAY to see these areas. It would be unfair if Kingsisle made level limits becuase people PAy to see these areas.

Jul 08, 2010
I remember when I was a 'young' wizard. I'm a Grandmaster now and in Celestia. Since I don't have text chat (I get membership by cards) I don't see the threats people write me. I was once Level 33 or something and someone in Celestia ASKED me to come help. Man that was a shocker... I battled with my heart, my soul, but then I got stuck in a battle. A Grandmaster came to help out but he saw my level, I presume, and fled when he had full health. I'm a Level 54 now AND I'm in Storm. I don't mean to brag but MAN! I'm a powerful wizard! One of the most powerful! If noobs go into CL and 'annoy' me I just flee and let them lose. Yeah it sounds mean but it teaches them a lesson. I have absolutely NO problem at all with them being in Celestia. Everyone deserves to explore! Just not get in my way when I fight... What that kid did to me was VERY mean but I learned to accept it, just like all low-level wizards should. Hope this influenced you! ;]

Grandmaster Wizard~ Lvl 54

Nov 07, 2010
Milesami123 wrote:
THink about it this way: Kingsisle CANNOT make level limits in areas. The reason is that people PAY to see these areas. It would be unfair if Kingsisle made level limits becuase people PAy to see these areas.

Then what are those "spiral key" things all about?

Jul 09, 2009
Its not so bad if low levels come into celestia. Plus how do you know that they came there to fight the monsters there they could've come to get a pet there like the starfish I took my sister there two days ago to get that pet she really likes it. Its their choice to come there if they want if they get into battle thats their fault so stop getting all angry because they came there when they're not ready I did it and I bet a lot of other people did too. I'm not gonna say that I dont care if they come there without being ready it sometimes annoys me but I wont make a thread about that thats just being childish.

Aaron Drakewalker Level 56

Sep 05, 2010
Dunno, as a low level I only went to celestia to buy things.
I don't know about not being able to beat monsters as they were pretty easy for me at level 40 life.

Justin Taleriver, finished CL at 56 Life

Jan 31, 2010
This is an awesome world! What are you even talking about????? Most people think that. That is supposed to be like a "Reward" or something for the people who are in lvl 50 or 60. And besides, this is NOT a question.

Jan 31, 2010
Since this is for lvl 50 & 60, they actually get more powerful. I saw a lvl 60 (not sure) wizard be (thier health) something like 2,000. that's how they get to defeat those powaful (haha) enemies.

Alexandria Ashwalker, lvl 20