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All level 88 spells way too tough

Dec 09, 2009
These battles are pretty tough. Yet you generally get a pretty great spell. Sun Serpent is a beast spell.

Henchman rule. I don't understand why people cry so much about buying crowns. Everyone in these world's have either a membership or use crowns to access areas so what's the big deal?? You already spend money on this ever evolving game. What's a few more dollars. One $10 dollar Wizards card will get you 5000 crowns which equals 12.5 level 95 Henchman. I personally bought the 60000 crowns deal for $60 dollars. That's cheap people. It costs me about 40 cents a Henchman. I get 2 Henchman for these battles. So for under 1 dollar I get an awesome spell in like 10 minutes on a game I enjoy very much. Fun way to spend 1 dollar imo. I guess it's all about perspective.

Daniel Shadowflame: level 90

Apr 17, 2011
Jan 25, 2010
If you can't do this you can fill your treasure cards with just conviction or just satyr. And if you go second quit and come back until you go first. If you don't know how to do it search up the guides on Wizard101 Central and it will help you.

Ryan Duskspear Level 95 Death
Kevin Firecrafter Level 88 Fire

Jun 08, 2011
I'm a level 61 (I know its not that good), but i honestly don't plan on getting the lord of winter spell, considering how hard people say it is and i don't think i would use it over mammoth, and with a little sun school magic it won't make a difference at all. By that level, I'll probably just alternate between snow angel and mammoth (with a little blade stacking and some feints of course.) although i might use lord of winter when I'm facing a myth boss that uses earthquake every time he has 6 or 7 pips.

1. Also, if you say its tough (and this might sound really nooby because I'm level 61) switch up your gear for the boss battle. if the boss is fire you might switch your gear so you have 85 fire resist or something.

2. Load up your deck with TC you need (I highly recommend sacrifice, satyr, and star school spells of your choice.)

- Connor Ironblood, level 61

May 23, 2009
I'm a level 91 Life Wizard -

I will be honest I had trouble getting Spinysaur. The boss was ice while the two minions were myth so obviously the earthquake and tower shield can really make this battle tedious. Strategy: Use an AoE (attack to all enemies) with tc blades and tc traps sharpened blades and regular blades and traps along with three feints etc and then all you have to do is kill the boss which is easy but time consuming (because you have lack of attacks) I got spinysaur on my fifth try.

Jun 18, 2010
DragonLady1818 on Jul 7, 2013 wrote:
I have recently resumed questing in Az. By accident, I entered the cave for my lvl 88 Life spell quest last night but immediately backed out. After doing some research on the Boss for this spell, I just really don't care to do this one. I have never backed down from a challenge before but when that challenge becomes stress, it is not worth it. If and when I attempt this one, I will not waste hours on this quest. I have a set limit for attempts and once it is reached, I will stop trying for the spell.

Even though I did beat the quests for the Astrals, I don't see the point in stressing over this insanity. With the amount of health the bosses have in Az , then to have that boss with 2 minions for a player to have to solo is beyond reasonable. Please don't say to hire Henchmen. Many have done this and spent a lot of crowns in trying to complete it or have tried to beat it so many times they just give up. I won't hire a henchman that my wizard will also have to keep alive or have to hire more.

The thrill of achievement is great when the challenge is a reasonable one. These spell quests are not reasonable. This is no longer fun or magical. It is stressful and frustrating to the point of anger and for many, the closing of accounts.
I totally agree. My grandson has been on the sabertooth quest for months. He gets so frustrated. I thought the game was to be fun, but right now he's not enjoying it.

Aug 15, 2013
i'm a lvl 88 death it took me 1 week to get my lvl 88 death spell

Sep 24, 2011
One word... HENCHMEN... That's how I got my saber tooth and ra... I hope you succeed. You just have think as your enemy would and be strategic and you'll get there.

Dec 24, 2008
I understand completely. I'm a Balance person myself and I had to do this. It was one of the most difficult things I had ever done in the game. All I can say is good luck and keep trying.

~ Erica ShadowRunner lvl 90 Balance
I'm back! (For anyone who cares)