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Spring Update
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Update Introduction


Prepare to embark on a magical journey through the vibrant realms of Wizard101's Spring Game Update!

Dive into the enchanting new features awaiting eager Wizards, including the whimsical Pixie Post feature, a new way for you and your friends to communicate. Plus, harness the power of friendship with the Quest Friend Finder, making it easier than ever to join forces with fellow Wizards on your epic quests. In April, get a thrilling look at the Portal of Peril as seen on Test Realm, where daring adventurers will face untold dangers and epic challenges, old and new (first event coming April 23rd!).

Uncover countless other surprises and enhancements as you explore through the Portal of Peril Update!

Update Content:


Update Notes



Here at Kingsisle we’ve been training Pixies to deliver messages. Every time they deliver a message successfully, we reward them with Pixie Stick snacks. It wasn’t easy (pesky Pixies!), but after years of training they’re finally ready to be released into the Spiral!


To send a message to a friend, click on the Send Mail button in the Character Inspect Window!

The Compose Message window allows you to type a Subject and Message for your Pixie Post. You may also select an optional Appointment Time. The Appointment Time is automatically converted to the receiver’s time zone. The Pixies charge 250 gold to deliver a message (so they can buy more Pixie Sticks).
  • You can’t send messages to players with only menu chat.
  • Both the Subject and the Message text must be acceptable for filtered chat.
  • What you type in Pixie Post is treated as if you typed it in chat. If you wouldn’t say it in chat, don’t say it in Pixie Post. The Pixies are easily offended.
  • You may paste text into Pixie Post.
  • Each character may send up to 6 Pixie Post messages a day.

A new Pixie Post tab in the Social Window displays your Pixie Post messages.
  • Messages expire 10 days after they’re delivered.
  • You may delete messages anytime with the Delete Mail button.
  • You may reply to the message by clicking the Reply button.
  • There is also a button to ignore the character that sent the message. Ignoring a character will mean that you are no longer friends with that wizard.
  • If you think the message is objectionable, there is a report button. Don’t report messages without cause: we take false reporting seriously.
Anyone in a Guild or Adventure Party may send a Pixie Post message by clicking on a fellow wizard’s name in the roster.

Players with the Messenger permission in a Guild may send Pixie Post messages to everyone with Filtered Chat or Open Chat in the Guild.

Anyone in an Adventure Party may send Pixie Post messages to everyone in the Party with Filtered Chat or Open Chat in the Adventure Party.

Finally, when you receive a new message a notification appears on the left side of the screen and the Social Window Button changes to show you have a new message.


The first Portal of Peril event will start April 23rd!

A new attraction has come to the Wizard City Fairegrounds! Madame Magda, a mysterious fortuneteller, offers wizards a doorway to epic adventures, fearsome battles, and cool rewards! Are you brave enough to pass through the Portal of Peril?

Welcome to the Portal of Peril Event. This Event allows all players level 30 and above to revisit past Housing Gauntlets for free! This event will run for one week every month and currently features the Sinbad and the Iron Sultan Gauntlet! More Gauntlets will be added in the future on a rotation. Read on for more details!

The first Portal of Peril event will start April 23rd!
  • The Portal of Peril features three tiers at Level 50, 100 and a new tier at level 150!
  • The level 50 and 100 tiers match the traditional experience players are used to for the featured gauntlet.
  • The new level 150 tier has variations on the traditional monsters (including new monstrology entries for the monsters in this tier!)
  • Players will be level scaled up to the tier matching the highest-level player that enters the sigil (up to level 150). Example- if a lvl 50, lvl 90, lvl 150 and lvl 170 enter the portal the level 50 and level 90 will be scaled up to level 150 while the levels 150 and 170 will be allowed to participate with their usual stats.
  • Players can claim up to two portal scales per day for the duration of the event - allowing them to run the Gauntlet up to three times a day on their chosen character(s). Members receive two additional credits per day.
  • Players will be able to acquire some rewards that exist in the existing Gauntlet, including Gear, Pets, and Mounts.



Deep beneath Aquila's cobblestones lies a library of unstable magic, hidden away for containment and protection. But knowledge is like the moon--it cannot be hidden forever. A bibliomancer, enticed by promises of great power within the ancient library, has traveled to Aquila to steal its secrets for himself. Track the bibliomancer through the Forbidden Library, solving puzzles and battling its ancient defenders, in order to stop him from absconding with the library's sacred treasure.

This year, the housing gauntlet offers more than just combat; we’ve incorporated a few puzzles as well. Please submit all your feedback so we can make sure these puzzles are clear and fun!

Some details on the Library:
  • There are 4 main puzzle rooms – each with a combat state and a puzzle state that is randomly selected when you enter the sigil. This means each run will feature a different combination of puzzles and enemies to fight. Play the gauntlet multiple times to try them all.
  • There is one central puzzle that must be solved in every run, but the answer isn’t the same each time.
  • You may notice some placeholder art in the library and during two boss fights. We’re aware of this and it will be resolved before the gauntlet is available on Live Realm.
The Forbidden Library Gauntlet Recipe can be found in the housing tab of Lloyd FallingWater in the Shopping District.

The Forbidden Library Gauntlet will not be immediately available in-game at launch but a short while later in a patch update.



We think Wizard101 is more fun when you play with friends. But what if your friends aren’t playing right now? Quest Friend Finder is a way to find new friends.

The button to start Quest Friend Finder can be found on the Friendly Players tab of the Social Window.
  • First, if you’re not already a Friendly Player, you will asked to become a Friendly Player. You must be a Friendly Player to use Quest Friend Finder.
  • Quest Friend Finder asks other Friendly Players in your world if they would like to join you for questing.
  • If they say yes, you are added to a group with them, and they are teleported to you. If you’re not on the same quest, help the wizard who is further behind catch up so you can quest together.
  • You may turn off Quest Friend Finder by clicking the button again or it will automatically turn off if your group is full or if you teleport to a different world.

If you’re a Friendly Player, you will occasionally be asked if you would like to join another wizard for questing. These are your options:
  • Yes, Teleport Me – You are added to a group with the player looking for Quest Friends and teleported to them.
  • No, Ask Tomorrow – Don’t ask me again for 24 hours.
  • The Quest Request window times out after 30 seconds. When this happens, you won’t be asked again for 1 hour.
  • If you close the Quest Request window by clicking the red X, you won’t be bothered again for 6 hours.

The fine print:
  • Players you have Ignored won’t be asked to be Quest Friends.
  • Players who are busy with a PVP or Beastmoon match or other activities won’t be asked.
  • We look for players who are closest to your level first.



Over the years combat has grown a lot in complexity--and with it have our spell descriptions. With numerous effects that vary from spell to spell, it's important that players have full understanding of the cards they hold in their hand to make meaningful actions during combat. In this Spring update, we introduce an important new quality of life feature, Spell Card Inspection.

In most spell menus outside of combat (such as your Spell Deck, Gear Inspect, the Spellwrighting page, and more), you can now CTRL-Left Click OR Right Mouse Click on a card to open the Spell Inspect menu for additional details. By default, the inspect menu will show the same description that appears on the card. From there, you can hover your mouse over the icons and action verbs to view the name and definition of each effect.

The most complex spells will have expanded descriptions when inspected, providing more information about their effects than we can display on the card. In this update, the Novus world spell spellwrighting tiers have expanded descriptions, and many more spells will be getting expanded descriptions in groups over time in future updates.

Speaking of spell updates over time--As new icons and actions were introduced to the game, inconsistencies emerged across new and older spells. Does your card say, "to all enemies", use the All Enemies icon, or is of card type AoE? Eventually, these will all look the same! Just like the expanded spell inspect descriptions, card descriptions will be standardized in groups over time in future updates, utilizing our updated icon lexicon to get as consistent as possible. We have thousands of spells in our library, so please bear with us as we gradually complete this task!



Badges, everyone loves badges, and now we’re making them more achievable and rewarding than ever!
  • Badge Rewards – Some badges now have rewards. An icon on the badge indicates that you have a reward to claim. Click on the badge and then click the Claim Reward Button.
  • Extra Credit Badges – Many existing badges have now been marked as “Extra Credit”. This means these badges no longer count towards your total badge completion on any category. Badges with this mark include any that are retired, leaderboard based, or take too long to acquire. You will still be able to equip and earn these badges. You can find Extra Credit Badges with a purple background in a new Extra Credit category as well as their regular category.
  • Overcounting Badges – Badges with a count like Beastmoon Hero or Undead Executioner will now keep counting even after you earn the badge with the highest count. Some overcounted badges may also have a recurring reward you can claim.
  • Player Inspect – Ever see someone wear a super cool badge that you wish you had like “One in a Million?” Now when you click on a player, there’s an icon on the bottom right that will show you the badge description of the badge they’re displaying.
  • New Badge Category – A New Badges category contains all the badges you’ve earned in the last day.
  • Equipping a badge – Equipped badges now display a fist icon.
  • New Badge Notifications – When you earn a new badge, a New Badge Notification is displayed on the left side of the screen.
  • Badge shortcuts – The Angler's Tome, Pet Tome, Beast Form Upgrades, PvP League Window, Castle Tours and the Monstrology Tome now have a button shortcut to their badge category.
  • Badge Leaderboard – Have you ever wondered which characters have earned the most badges? Visit Gold Cap in the Arcanum and find out.

In addition to all these wonderful system improvements, all 1000+ Badges now have been cleaned up such that badges that were missing descriptions now have them, badge descriptions have been standardized, icons have been fixed, display orders have been standardized, and much more. There are also a handful of new badges to earn!



Arc 2 Spellements are here! Each world from Celestia to Khrysalis now has an associated spell that can be upgraded via the spellement system!
  • Celestia – 7-pip (Ex: Fire Dragon)
  • Zafaria – 8-pip (Ex: Medusa)
  • Avalon – 9-pip (Ex: Wooly Mammoth)
  • Azteca – 10-pip (Ex: Avenging Fossil)
  • Khrysalis – King Artorius
These spells’ Spellwrighting pages include a top path that retains the spells classic functionality and a bottom path that adds a new twist to the spells with many powerful effects! These spellements can be acquired by wizards of any level using all the regular methods including:
  • Pet Retriever Adventure Powers
  • Cantrip Chests
  • Main and Side quest rewards
  • Crying Sky Raid
  • Various Bosses throughout Arc 2 Worlds, now available to any level!
Scales of Knowledge

Both Arc 1 and Arc 2 spellements can be obtained from select boss encounters by higher level wizards using the new Scales of Knowledge. After entering, you’ll find a Scales object near the entrance of an encounter and interact with it to gain a temporary level scaling effect. While level scaled, you will only be able to use spells of the appropriate level and your stats will be lowered to compensate. Defeat the encounter’s boss before the effect runs out to get normally restricted loot drops including spellements.

Encounters with Scales of Knowledge support:
  • Temple of Storms - Krokotopia
  • Big Ben - Marleybone
  • Jade Palace - MooShu
  • The Final Countdown - Dragonspyre
  • Trial of the Spheres - Celestia
  • Mirror Lake – Zafaria
  • Keep of Ganelon - Avalon
  • Xibalba - Azteca
  • Shadow Palace - Khrysalis


In addition to their spellemental makeover, the Arc 2 spells are now cross-trainable! Check out the appropriate Ravenwood school Professors to train these spells. Furthermore, the Advanced mode-only spells have been removed from these Professors and added to Diego the Duelmaster in Unicorn way outside of the Duel Arena. Other notable changes are as follows:
  • Rank 10 spells can now be acquired at level 80 rather than level 88
  • Players of the appropriate school can still acquire their main school’s spells via spell quests at an earlier level than they can acquire them at the school Professors.
  • You will be required to train the associated spells before you can upgrade their tier via spellements
Selected Target Effect Spells

Bottom paths of AoE spells now work in a new way. This will NOT affect any existing spell for Standard PvE. Similar to the divided damage targeting, players can select the number of targets for their selected target spell, and the spell will then affect only the selected players. These spells have a bit less damage than a single-target counterpart for one target, then with each additional target, the damage goes down in a non-linear decline. Here’s an example comparison using Tier 2 Meteor Strike...


Other Spellements

Arc 2 spells aren't the only spells that get to join in the spellemental fun. Several other spells, including the new Wallaru spells and some Events pells, have also received additional paths with more to come in future milestone updates!

Extract Equine


Monstrologist Burke has been busy researching a brand-new spell for you to learn Extract Equine! This extract allows wizards to extract Horses, Unicorns, Zebras, Centaurs, and other related species. Have fun exploring the spiral for new enemies to summon! You can train the spell in Ravenwood.


Ice Ninja Pig

Ice Ninja Pig is more powerful when he has an Aura on and has some unique interactions that will help your team survive long enough to pull off a victory.

Storm Cyclops

For the first time in any game mode, Storm Cyclops can cast Auras on the opponent. His in particular will reduce their outgoing damage, which is just one of the many methods this form uses to weaken his opponents while still able to dish out damage in the meantime.


Beastmoon Event Unique Rewards (May-July)

Above are the expected Pets and Gold Idols for the next few months of Beastmoon events!

Check out the Event Schedule for the exact dates of the events and be sure to keep watch on the Live update notes and the game’s social media channels for any upcoming announcements.

New to Beastmoon events? Stop by the official site to peruse the many event guides from players in the community.


Several spells are now banned in advanced content:
  • Banshee Top Path (tiers 2 and above)
  • Hydra Top Path
  • Sabertooth Top Path
  • Avenging Fossil Top Path
  • Efreet Top Path
  • Sun Serpent Top Path
  • Lord of Winter Top Path
  • Spinysaur Top Path
  • Medusa Top Path
  • Basilisk Top Path
  • Celestial Calendar Top Path

Other Changes:
  • Numerous Bottom Path spell effects have been changed
  • All protected Over Time spells have been converted to the new multiple creation format
  • Spells that create multiple DoTs now resolve faster in combat




  • The number of characters allowed in a Guild has been increased to 60.
  • A Museum Appointment has been added to Guild Messages
  • Picking up items in the Guild Conservatory will no longer pick up items on floors above you
  • A new Guild permission, Key Master, has been added. Only players with the Key Master permission can open Raid Gates and the Museum’s Prima Magnes.
  • The Guild Cooldown now starts when you join a Guild instead of when you leave.
  • If you’re not in a Guild and you have a Guild Cooldown, it’s displayed on the Guild Tab of the Social Window.
  • A problem where if you collected exactly enough Prima Materia, you were unable to tier an exhibit, has been fixed.
  • A message in the chat window will let you know when you’ve collected enough Prima Materia of a particular artifact.
  • Players may now create a Guild at level 100.
  • If a player logs out while they’ve been invited to create a Guild, the fizzle process has been cleaned up.

Additional Patch Notes


May 1, 2024

Spells / Spellements
  • Resetting Spellement paths now costs Gold instead of Crowns
  • Diego’s PvP Only spells now have text audited and full inspect descriptions
  • Remaining spells with Damage and Heal Over Time effects adjusted to meet new values
  • Normalized all Spellement Paths to no longer increase the hanging effect values across tiers. Added 3rd Path to Loremaster to match base spell effects
  • Updated all conditionals to follow the new hanging effect count standards. For example: 5 pip spells can Gambit up to 3 effects, so Wraith, Improbable Gaze, and a handful others were updated to reflect this
  • Adjusted Positive Ward and Negative Charm Gambits valuation
  • Restricted Bottom Path of Rebirth to 4 copies and No-Reshuffle
Advanced Content
  • Removed Earthquake from Advanced Content
  • PvP Damage limit increased past Storm’s level 170 maximum
  • Mr. Montgomery Challenge rewards increased to reflect more accurate combat times
  • Leaderboard should now sort players with new badges correctly
  • Wallaru Challenge Champion is now marked Extra Credit
  • Oogie Boogie badges are no longer incorrectly given from the Gym fights
  • Renamed Badge for defeating Mr. Montgomery in Challenge mode 50 times
  • Fixed duplicated “Mussel Head” badge
  • Competing in 5th Age Pet Derby no longer removes 4th Age Badges
  • Fixed various spelling mistakes
  • Pendragon Rematch gauntlet can now be properly placed in a house
  • Sunken Palace fixed proper walkable areas to place items
  • Additional missing housing item recipes added to the crafter
  • Castle Magic items can now be trashed if the Castle Magic spells have been removed
  • In-person hatching prompts should now display correctly
  • A Muted player’s client should no longer crash when teleporting to friendly players
  • Death Colossus’ Deathproofing spell no longer disappears after 2 rounds
  • Added missing new Housing Item recipes to Adam Usk in the Avalon Gallery

April 4, 2024

Spells / Combat
  • Level Scaling now properly limits stats at Max Level
  • Pigsie no longer targets enemies
  • Invading Fleets in Challenge Mode no longer remove both HOTs from Pigsie
  • Monthly event credits should now be deducted properly
  • Meowiarty Rematch will now earn you your badge
  • PvP badges no longer “??? ??? ???”
  • “Overachiever” badge now acquirable by new Wizards
  • Badge Leaderboard ranking order fixed
  • Re-added “Medal Catcher” and “Catcher of the Week” fishing badges
  • Fixed various Fishing and Housing Gauntlet badges marked as Extra Credit
  • Various other description fixes
UI & Labels
  • Tutorial Ice Blades % label fixed
  • Name of assigned Victory Dance now properly saves the display indication

Launch Day List

  • Added 5 minutes to the start of the AZ Raid
  • A new Archmastery pet talent has been added to upcoming pets!
  • Lloyd FallingWater now allows you to use Aqua reagents to craft the Great Train Robbery Gauntlet
  • Morbid Krokomummy had its accuracy adjusted to be more in-line with other spells within its school
  • New tear jewels have been added to the game that provide unique item cards! Check out the Invading Fleets fight in Wallaru
  • Players who level lock at level 1 may now use the go home and go to commons buttons
  • The Treasure Card Display can now be scaled using Advanced Housing
  • Advanced Freddy now reacts to DoTs with Stormzilla bottom path
  • New Monstrology entries have been added
  • House Guest will stack during placement
  • Housing Signs now have new guild-oriented options
  • Various stability, animation and graphics fixes
  • Miscellaneous spelling and grammar fixes
  • We’re rated E 10 and up for Crude Humor and Mild Fantasy Violence
  • We won the Massively Award for Best of the Decade

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