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Summer Update
Cabal's Revenge

Update Introduction


Take revenge in the new Cabal’s Revenge Raid! See what you think of the new boss rematch reboot, rejoin previous Wizards in new adventures through the Recent Wizards feature, and take a spin on the emote wheel! We’ve also got tons of updates on Beastmoon events, new guild achievements, spell changes, combat changes, and much more in store for Wizards. Tournaments are also going to be making an appearance again sometime after the update is live.

This summer is going to be a hot one on the battlefield!

Update Content:


Update Notes




Some feuds can never die. For all the villains you’ve faced and monsters you’ve defeated, there is one for whom hatred of “The Wizard” has become so potent they will warp reality itself to see their vengeance satisfied. And they brought along some of the Cabal to help them. Not every member of that organization was happy about recent developments and they have gathered at an abandoned fort in Polaris to make their displeasure known.

Rally your Guild and prepare for your greatest challenge yet: facing off against not just one, but TWO, raid bosses! They are joined by familiar foes and evil twins, as the Cabal makes their last stand. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but it is also best served to only level 170 players in coordinated Guilds ready to face the toughest obstacles Wizard101 has to offer.

Speak to Gwyn Fellwarden in Dun Dara, Avalon to begin the Cabal’s Revenge Raid!


Five new Lore Spells are coming for the schools of Fire, Ice, Death, Myth, and Balance! Two of the lore packs and their associated Gold Skeleton Key Bosses have been updated to drop new Spellements and new gear! Each of these Key Bosses also has a new Reagent they will be dropping and an associated Gear Crafter outside their sigils.

Ninja’s Spellemental Pack – Takanobu the Masterless – Cave of Solitude, MooShu
  • Fire – A-Baahh-Calypse – 350 Fire Damage and Detonate 2 Damage Over Times
  • Ice – Ice Elemental – 330 Ice Damage and add –30% Universal Weakness
  • Storm – Catch of the Day
  • Myth – Ninja Pigs
  • Life – Goat Monk
  • Death – Monk of Mourning – 470 Death Damage and add –50% Universal Shield
  • Balance - Samoorai

Knight’s Spellemental Pack – Lambent Fire – Crystal Caves, Avalon
  • Fire – Burning Rampage
  • Ice – Handsome Fomori
  • Storm – Catalan
  • Myth – Wreckin' Ettin – Remove 3 Positive Wards then 395 Myth Damage
  • Life – Sacred Charge
  • Death – Deer Knight
  • Balance – Brave Sir Badger – 390 Balance Damage and +25% Universal Damage Aura for 4 Rounds



Boss Rematches are back! Not only are Arc 2 rematches newly available, but many other improvements have been made to the system to broaden the appeal and reach of these combats.

In case you haven’t seen these before, Boss Rematches are 1-time use Housing Items that contain single fights where you face the final bosses of each world, and sometimes these villains recruit some other creatures from iconic encounters throughout the world they’re from. These villains are more difficult than when you fought them before, so gather your friends to help take them down once and for all! To create a Rematch, harvest some reagents in the world you’d like to craft, then visit Raquel in the Arena or your world’s local housing vendor. After your first attempt, the rematch object becomes cheaper to craft.

Standard / Challenge Mode

Previously only available in Challenge Mode, players now have the option to select between Standard and Challenge Mode before they enter the sigil. Both modes are based on the highest level of the Arc, so Wizard City through Dragonspyre are all Level 50 and Celestia through Khrysalis are all Level 100. If you’re higher than these levels, do not fret, you can join in the fun too! You can fight in Standard mode using your current level's stats and spells at no cost to you, but if that’s too easy for you, try the Challenge Mode where you will be scaled to the level of the Boss and will have to put your combat skills to the test. Like other Challenge Modes, you will receive a Gold Skeleton Key for your first victory!

Morganthe Saga (Arc 2) Rematches

Morganthe and her Umbra Legion are preparing to take you out once and for all, in combats that keep you on your toes and combine enemies as you’ve never seen before.

Celestia – Mithraya Rematch

Mithraya is joined by her fellow guardians of Astral magic, Ptolemos and Astraeus, who all wield Sun, Moon, and Star magic stronger than the wizard ever has.

Zafaria – Tse-Tse Snaketail Rematch

Tse-Tse is a master of disguises. Joined by some Mirror Lake creatures, Starburst Spider and Goliath Bruiser, Tse-Tse will try to confuse you with his disguises. You’ll have to prepare, for each disguise presents a unique challenge.

Avalon – Pendragon Rematch

Accompanied by the White and Black Dragons, Pendragon limits your spells in ways that they think lock you up, but with some calculated targeting, you may just find their weakness. Guilds who have completed their Avalon Gallery will already be familiar with these Wyrms.

Azteca – Huac Cries-Blood Rematch

Combined with the other leaders of the Crying Sky death cult, Skurkis and Yacate, Huac will try to take out the weakest on the team. Defend yourselves or you may end up the way of Azteca...

Khrysalis - Morganthe Rematch

You think you know Shadow magic? Find out against the Shadow Queen, Morganthe, where she takes you on by herself to show you what shadow can do.

Harvested Reagents Audit

Harvested reagents are the reagents that you pick up off the ground while exploring worlds. Since these are a big part of how Rematches are made, we thought we’d take this opportunity to improve the experience of collecting reagents. This audit includes two main components, acquisition and distribution.

Currently, harvested reagents are something that you may see as you’re questing and pick up on the occasion, but if you go out seeking to harvest many reagents, you can only get your hands on a few before you must wait for more to appear. Like with Cantrip Chests, we have reduced the respawn rate to 5 seconds, so once you pick one up, you can immediately start looking for the next one. This part is still in progress and will be ongoing across the next few updates, but for now you can see this in Wizard City and Avalon.

Distribution wise, there are some reagents you know where to find, but others that are more random and unpredictable. While some reagents like Cat Tail and Mist Wood will still show up in many worlds, with this audit, we have selected one reagent per world that will be exclusive to that world. Because of this, new reagents, Flax and Rose, have been added to Wizard City and Avalon respectively. This part is also in progress and will be in effect with the acquisition updates.

Tip: Did you know your pet can have an Adventure Power that harvests reagents for you and brings you back even more rewards?

Other Rematch Improvements
  • Each world’s housing vendor now has the recipe to craft their world’s rematch
  • Rematches are given as badge rewards after completing an Arc of worlds
  • Level 170 versions of the gear available in Arc 1 rematches have been added to the Arc 2 rematches


Expressing yourself can be hard. Sometimes the emotion you want to convey is buried in nested Setting menus and hard to access. Thus, we bring to you… the Radial Menu…


With a simple click of the scroll wheel or center mouse button (or by pressing SHIFT+E), you can have instant access to up to 40 emotes of your choice. Then either click the emote or tap a number key from 1-8 to play the effect.

Adding emotes to the wheel couldn’t be easier, thanks to the new Cosmetic Items Tab in your Spellbook. From here, you’ll be able to manage all your emotes, teleport effects and victory dances.


To add an emote to your wheel, simply click on its name, then the “Radial Menu” button:


And select a slot. Your Radial Menu has 5 pages of 8 slots to choose from:


Victory Dances

Sick of seeing the same old victory dance after every battle? You can now equip up to 5 at a time and whenever you win a battle one of those 5 will be randomly selected. You can also now equip any emote as a victory dance. Click this button to see which dances you have equipped and swap them out:


Teleport Effects

Similarly, you can equip up to 5 teleports at a time, which will be randomly selected with each use.

Other Notes on the Cosmetic Inventory

This inventory can be accessed quickly with SHIFT+C. It has an item limit of 100 emotes and 100 teleport effects.



Recent Wizards are characters with whom you've recently shared an activity but aren't yet Friends. The activities can be fighting together in combat, exploring a dungeon, hatching a pet, playing on a Beastmoon team, playing derby, playing on a PVP team, or playing a housing game together. You may send Pixie Post messages to Recent Wizards and if they're online, you may chat with them or teleport to them. You can right click to inspect them.

Recent Wizards are sorted by the time that you last did something with them. Using the Sort Recent Wizards Button, you may filter them by the activity that you shared.

There is a setting option to disable Pixie Post Messages from Recent Wizards.



Tiering a gallery of the Guild Museum to gold or completing a Raid is a remarkable achievement! Both require a lot of time and dedication. We celebrate the guilds that have done these things!

Talk to Lewellyn Prideheart near the Guild Tree to view your Guild Achievements.




Check out the improvements we’ve made to the social kiosk!
  • Adventure Parties may declare multiple purposes via a button in the Social Window.
  • Adventure Party purposes are shown in the Social Kiosk.
  • You may filter Adventure Parties by their purposes using a sort button.
  • Guilds show the islands that they have unlocked.
  • You may filter Guilds by their unlocked islands using a sort button.
  • The process of requesting to join a guild or an adventure party has been cleaned up.


Coming soon to a Beastmoon event near you, keep watch for these Beastmoon forms!

Fire Wolf Warrior

The Fire Wolf Warrior utilizes Heal Over Time effects to deal more damage. You’ll be best when paired up with a Life form, but Fire Wolf also has a minion that will help heal and be difficult for the enemies to defeat.

Balance Draconian

Balance Draconian combines Heal Over Time and Absorb effects to become one of the most powerful support forms in Beastmoon! Help keep your teammates alive and protected long enough to pull off a victory!

Death Minotaur

This Minotaur is final Death form of the original 10 statues. He gets to do all the things Death does best like drain health and weaken the opponents, but he also has the strongest offensive condition yet! Paired with a Storm form, this form can deal massive damage!


Coming soon to a Beastmoon event near you, keep watch for these event updates!

Beastmoon Event Unique Rewards (August-November)

Above are the expected Pets and Gold Idols for the next few months of Beastmoon events!

Check out the Event Schedule for the exact dates of the events and be sure to keep watch on the Live update notes and the game’s social media channels for any upcoming announcements.

New to Beastmoon events? Stop by the official site to peruse the many event guides from players in the community.


School Pip Generation

School Pip generation is now determined by comparing your Archmastery stat against you opponents' Archmastery only. It no longer compares against your own teammates. Here’s an example:

Team 1

50 Rating: This player generates 2/3 every round
75 Rating: This player generates 1 every round
100 Rating: This player generates 1 every round

Team 2:

25 Rating: This player generates 1/4 every round
50 Rating: This player generates 1/2 every round
75 Rating: This player generates 3/4 every round

Advanced Combat Removals

Advanced Combat includes PvP, Raids, and Challenge Mode. The following spells have been removed from Advanced Combats...
  • Stuns including stun-only spells and other spells with stun as a utility
  • AoE Damage and DOT spells
Since these changes, the following combats have been modified...
  • Unfun Guy – Voracious Void Raid
  • Autloc – Crying Sky Raid
  • All Arc 1 Rematch Challenge Modes
  • Medulla Challenge Mode
  • Titan’s Trident Challenge Mode


Combat & Spells
  • Ivan the Greater now spawns as expected
  • Cyrus Drake was offering improper spell training... shame on him!
  • Malus in Challenge Mode now drops pairs of spellements as expected
  • Scion spells now have expanded Spell Inspect descriptions
  • Bottom Path of Minotaur properly clears 4 shields
  • Bottom Path of King Artorius – Myth properly creates Fire Traps against Fires in all situations
  • Thunder Snake, Dark Sprite and Blood Bats’ bottom path has been modified
  • New Arc 2 Bottom Path treasure cards are now available at the PvP Crafter, Guild PvP Crafter and Portal of Peril Crafter
  • Pre-FTUE players should now get the Library Dues book quest in Wizard City
  • Private Quinn temporarily went missing in Firecat Alley! He’s been found and now has returned to duty
  • Several quest lights are now defaulted to being On
  • Various other quest light fixes
  • Sigil access in Sultana’s place can now be repeated after finishing quest
  • Various other sigil fixes
  • Off the Map Doodlemap clues are now in the right spots
Housing & Guilds
  • There are now one and a half hour versions of Raid Keys
  • There are now Gate Keys that can take you to Gold Skeleton Key Bosses!
  • The Juggernaut Crab Theater table now has a collision boundary
  • Regal Castle Blocks now support 15 wallpapers and 15 tiles per area.
  • Several bugs with Regal Castle Blocks have been fixed.
Crafting & Events
  • Portal of Peril event now has a progress bar with Fortune Coins
  • Added 5 new Gauntlets for Portal of Peril for a total of 6
  • Several improvements to the Beastmoon UI
  • You can now click on your pet while playing as the pet
  • Badge Leaderboard should no longer show duplicate entries
  • Added recipes for Level 50 and 100 gear and pins to crafting stations in Arcs 1 and 2
  • Badge Leaderboard has been moved to Olde Town
  • Social Systems + Invite-a-Friend
  • You can now create an Adventure Party with 2 players in a group.
  • New information added to Invite-a-Friend
  • Invite-a-Friend tab added to the Social Window
  • Social Kiosk UI revamped
Crown Shop
  • World Skip Elixirs now for Zafaria and Avalon in the Crown Shop.
  • The dinosaurs in Azteca are refusing to be skipped, this one will not make it to live right away.


Raid Bundles and Keys for all 3 raids added to new Raid section of the Crown Shop. Raid items will not all appear on the live realm but will become available over time.


Extra Misc
  • Lots and lots of Shop and other building Light fixes
  • Various UI corrections and improvements to dialog text
  • Several animation fixes
  • We’re rated E 10 and up for Crude Humor and Mild Fantasy Violence
  • We won the Massively Award for Best of the Decade

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