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May 2012

Welcome to the May 2012 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

This month's updates include the new world of Avalon, new levels, new spells, new badges and much more - read below for more information.

The Story Continues


Introducing the World of Avalon

nullAvalon is the silver city, a medieval fantasy world of knights, goblins, giants, and dragons. Merle Ambrose was born here, and gained a reputation as a fierce Wizard. Merle helped the young warrior-bear Artorius become king of Avalon. However, once King Artorius fell in the final battle slaying his archrival, Malory, Merle decided it was time to leave Avalon – Merle left to found Ravenwood School of Magical Arts and teach magic to any Wizard who wanted to learn it in the Spiral.

Avalon is a large world with 15 expansive areas to explore. Young Wizards who are a minimum of level 65* and have completed the quest "Through Glass, Darkly" which gave you the badge "Hero of Zafaria", need to speak to Merle Ambrose who will send you off on your adventures with a quest named "This Little Light of Mine".

Watch the slideshow for glimpses of our new world!

*this requirement was dropped from level 70 to level 65 in February of 2014

For our Crowns players, here are the zones and prices for the Avalon areas:
There are 6 separate passes for 1695 Crowns each.

1. Caliburn, Abbey Road and High Road - Three zones for 1695 Crowns
2. Upper and Lower Caer Lyon - One zone for 1695 Crowns
3. Weirwood (The Wild) - One zone for 1695 Crowns
4. Weirwood (The Wyrd & Dun Dara) - Two zones for 1695 Crowns
5. Castle Avalon Outer Yard, Lake Nimue Lake Shore and Deep Water - Three zones for 1695 Crowns
null6. Catacombs, Crystal Caves, Ghost Avalon, Keep of Ganelon & Restored Keep - Five zones for 1695 Crowns

World total 10170 Crowns.

New Spells for all Schools!


New Utility Spells for All Schools!

    Mass Prism Spells
  1. Zone: The Wild
  2. Minimum Level Requirement: 70
  3. Quest Completion Requirement: "Into the Nest"
  4. Talk to: Quest completion unlocks a vendor who will offer these spells to train
    Utility Spell #1
  1. Zone: Caliburn
  2. Minimum Level Requirement: 72
  3. Quest Completion Requirement: "No Pain, No Agravaine" from Friar Nolan
  4. Quest Completion Requirement: level 35 & 55 school spell quest from Erik Wyrdrune in Northguard (Click for more info)
    Utility Spell #2
  1. Zone: High Road
  2. Minimum Level Requirement: 75
  3. Quest Completion Requirement: Above Level 72 Utility Spell Quest
  4. Quest Completion Requirement: "Always After Me Charms" from Fianna Yellowknife
    Spear Spells
  1. Zone: The Wild
  2. Minimum Level Requirement: 80
  3. Quest Completion Requirement: "Lair of the Winter Wyrm"
  4. Talk to: Quest completion unlocks Enya Firemoon who will offer these spells to train



New Pets


New Level 78 Pet Quests

New pets are available through a quest from your Professor!

There are 3 requirements to meet to be able to accept the starting pet quests from your school professors in Ravenwood, Nightside, or Krokosphinx. Each school has a different quest!
  1. You must be a minimum of level 78
  2. You must have completed the quest "Nordrilund Exposure"
  3. You must have completed your school’s level 58 spell/pet quest from your professors.
    1. Fire must have completed the quest "Like a Phoenix" from Professor Dalia Falmea
    2. Ice must have completed the quest "Wings of Valor" from Professor Lydia Greyrose
    3. Storm must have completed the quest "Egg of the Storm" from Professor Halston Balestrom
    4. Myth must have completed the quest "Frog in Your Throat" from Professor Cyrus Drake
    5. Life must have completed the quest "Ready to Hatch" from Moolinda Wu
    6. Death must have completed the quest "Century Egg" from Dworgyn in Nightside
    7. Balance must have completed the quest "Balancing Egg" from Alhazred in Krokosphinx
Once you meet all of these requirements, then you can go talk to your professor about getting a new pet!

Fire Wizards will receive the quest “Firestarter” from Professor Dalia Falmea
Ice Wizards will receive the quest "Misery" from Professor Lydia Greyrose
Myth Wizards will receive the quest “Eyes of the Dragon” from Professor Cyrus Drake
Storm Wizards will receive the quest “Hearts in Atlantis” from Professor Halston Balestrom
nullLife Wizards will receive the quest “The Green Mile” from Moolinda Wu
Death Wizards will receive the quest “Bag of Bones” from Dworgyn in Nightside
Balance Wizards will receive the quest “It” from Alhazred in Krokosphinx

Psst...there are also all new hybrids!

Become Archmage at level 80!


Wizards can now achieve Level 80!

nullWith the addition of Avalon, Wizards can now reach the maximum level of 80 and achieve the title of Archmage!

This means all new gear and equipment for over level 70 Wizards, and it also means new challenges that will test even the most experienced player.

Please remember, no experience is rewarded for duels and quests completed while you were the prior maximum level of 70. When a player reaches the maximum level, their experience bar disappears, indicating they are not gaining experience from their duels or quests. No experience is rewarded to those who are at the maximum level, which means that everyone who was level 70 before we raised the level cap, will be level 70 to start, now that we have raised the level cap, and you can once again start earning new experience points from your adventures.

Experience was not earned when you were level 70 and therefore cannot be granted after the level cap is raised.null

Training Points will be awarded at level 75 and 80 as usual, plus there will be bonus Training Points available through quests in Avalon.

Let the hunt begin!


Scavenger Hunt!

It's elementary, my dear Watson! Enjoy this fun Scavenger Hunt Housing item that is available in the Crown Shop for Crowns now, and will be available to be crafted very soon!

Choose from four types of Scavenger hunt games:

1. Scramble - Find the most Zeke friends to win in a very limited amount of time!

2. Find a Set - Be the first player to find one of each type of Zeke's friends to win.

3. Find One - Be the first to find the one lost Zeke friend.

4. Find Ten - Prepare to out-race your friends to be the first to find 10 of Zekes friends to win!

Click the pictures for more information and have fun!

Quick Sell and new Bank Limits


Inventory Management Updates

Many of you participated in our recent 'Spring Cleaning' event where we encouraged you to sell off unused items that were just taking up space. It is necessary for us now to enforce inventory limitations, but we are also offering you an easier way to sell.

null null

1. Inventory Limitations

  1. Banks now have enforced quantity limits. Your bank is now limited to 100 items or less. If you currently have more than 100 items in your bank, you will be unable to place more into your bank. You must sell, delete or feed these items to your pets
  2. If your backpack and bank are full, you will no longer be able to receive regular items as rewards from duels
  3. Quest related rewards, harvested Seeds and Crowns items are exempt from this limitation and you will continue to receive those rewards
  4. You will receive an alert when your inventory is full and you can no longer receive rewards from duels

2. New Ways to Sell

  1. New tabs in the Bazaar will allow you to sell items from your bank
  2. nullYou can now sell items that are in your inventory and bank via Quick Sell which is accessible from a button in your backpack page and also via a message when you don’t get an item because your inventory and bank are full
  3. The items you sell directly from your backpack will sell at the rate of a normal shopkeeper, not the Bazaar
  4. null
  5. Players who are at or near max gold will see the 'Trash' button instead of the 'Quick Sell' button
  6. Mounts, Pets, Houses and Crowns Items cannot be sold through 'Quick Sell'

Second Chance Chests


Second Chance Chest Updates

Second Chance Chests have been added to the following Boss Encounters. Like previous Second Chance Chests, the first roll costs 50 Crowns, and the price increases with each Roll:
    Wizard City
  1. Prince Gobblestone
  2. General Akilles
  3. Harvest Lord
  4. Grubb

  5. Krokotopia
  6. Krokenkahmen

  7. Marleybone
  8. Stoker
  9. Dr. Von Katzenstein

  10. Wintertusk
  11. Austri
  12. Nordri
  13. Sudri
  14. Vestri

A new type of Second Chance chest has been added to the following Boss Encounters. These chests start at 75 Crowns instead of the previous 50 Crowns, so pay attention, young Wizards!
  1. Selenor
  2. Mithraya
  3. Ptolemos
  4. Astraeus
  5. Selwyn Skywatcher

  6. Zafaria
  7. Nergal
  8. Elephant Spectral Guardian
  9. Lion Spectral Guardian
  10. Gorilla Spectral Guardian

  11. Avalon
  12. Kiva White Talon
  13. null
  14. Young Morganthe
  15. Pendragon
  16. Nameless Knight
Maglump, Amphibaton, and Praxus in the Science Center no longer have Second Chance Chests.

Gardening Updates


Gardening Updates

Avalon has a new Gardening Trainer and there are new Gardening Ranks, new Plants and new Spells to be learned!

Avid Gardeners can now obtain rank 15 in Gardening!

You must complete the quest "Sumner's Tale" in Caliburn AND "Between Two Shrubs" in Dun Dara before Roger the Shrubber will appear.

nullSecond Spring is a very special Gardening spell that requires rank 15 in Gardening! It will transform your Elder plants into the much more aesthetically pleasing Mature looking plant. It essentially will place your Elder plants in statis but without the blue glow normally associated with Elder stage plants. They will still act the same and you can still harvest them that one last time, but Second Spring will allow you to keep your plant in its Mature looking phase indefinitely, meaning you can use the plant you grow as a permanent decoration in your house.

New Gardening Only Reagents!
nullAmber, Vine and Braided Vine Reagents will only be available through Gardening. Plants such as White Tiger Lily, Red Bell Pepper, Red Huckleberries, Deadly Fly Trap, Silver Trumpet Vine, Maelstrom Snap Dragon, Frozen Fly Trap and many more now have the new reagents added to their harvest rewards!

Proudly Display your Wands!

Wands, swords and other casting weapons can now be placed on walls in your house or dorm just like wall hangings!

Each wand gets a special wand holder from its school!

Display your casting implements by placing them on the walls of your house or dorm just like wall hangings. They will appear in the Wall Hangings section of the Decoration Panel.

Miscellaneous Updates

Along with all the other exciting additions to Wizard101, we've taken the time to make some small but important changes listed below. Please be sure to read these so you're aware of these changes!
  1. Players can now use the backpack preview window to preview Athames, Rings, Amulets, Decks, Pets, Mounts, Wands, Hats, Shoes and Robes without equipping them! Wands, Hats, Shoes and Robes will appear on the full model of your character, other items will appear individually in the window.
  2. The maximum amount of gold a Wizard can have has been increased to 300,000

  3. Crafting Spells
  4. The following spells can now be Crafted: Goat Monk, Ninja Pig, Samoorai. Fair warning, this won't be easy!

  5. Housing
  6. Characters will no longer to turn to face interactive housing items when they are used
  7. Mannequins viewed in attics will display the items they have equipped

  8. Shopping
  9. Your Friends list is now alphabetized in Gifting window
  10. Gifting button grayed out if you don't have any Crowns
  11. Players will now be asked to confirm a housing purchase at the housing vendors
  12. Level 70 Henchmen have been repriced and new level 80 Henchmen are now available
  13. Players can no longer sell items they currently have equipped

  14. PvP
  15. All Polymorph Treasure Cards are no longer available in PvP
  16. New icons should appear in PvP for players who have run out or cards, or fled

  17. Quests
  18. Non-Balance Wizards can no longer see the Balance exclusive quest "Balancing Egg" at Alhazred
  19. Quest Helper will now differentiate between different goals in a quest. If a quest has some goals that allow Quest Helper, and some goals that do not, Quest Helper will act accordingly based on the goal you choose
  20. For Wizard City and some areas of Krokotopia, if you are currently working on a Main Quest and accept a side quest, Quest Helper will continue to point you along on the Main Quest, instead of switching to the side quest.

  21. Items
  22. The Tag Game Kiosk can now also be Crafted by Legendary Crafters only!
  23. Pet snacks and Reagents can now be right clicked to delete

  24. Combat
  25. The spell granted by several hats was previously showing as the pet casting the spell. These spells will now again appear to be cast by the Wizard, as intended

  26. Pets
  27. Hatch timers should no longer display in hundreds of years! (hurray!)

  28. New Wizards
  29. The 'home' and 'commons' buttons will not be available to players until they are a minimum of level 2
  30. null
  31. A new secret and special badge has been added - will you be the first to find it?

Miscellaneous Updates (May 31)

Miscellaneous Updates
  1. Quest Helper will once again be active for the quest "You Call This Easy"
  2. Experience rewards have been adjusted for the quest "Wyrd to your Mother".
  3. There were two quests named "A Piece of Mine", on in Dun Dara and one in Deep Water. The quest in Dun Dara has been renamed to "Walk the Night Alone". This will not impact progress of the quest, it will simply change the name of the quest in your Quest Journal
  4. While on the MooShu Quest "Monknapping" the dungeon sigil for the Shrine of the Mind should now light up as expected
  5. The gate will remain open during the quest "Creatures of Habit" in Avalon
  6. Players must now complete "Ghost Hunters" before they will be offered the quests "Saving Private O'Ryan" and "Pesky Pirates" in Unicorn Way
  7. Players must now complete the quest "Stop the Maker" to defeat Rattlebones before they will be offered the quest "Grim Tales", also in Unicorn Way
  8. Players must now complete the quest "Rattlebones Report" in Unicorn Way before they will be offered the quest "Enrollment"
  9. Crafting Quests no longer qualify for Quest Helper

  10. Badges
  11. Treants in Avalon now count for the Plant Badge

  12. Items & Shopping
  13. Serpent Table is no longer labelled "No Auction" and can now be traded or sold at the Bazaar
  14. Colossal and Extraordinary Treasure Cards can no longer be sold at the Bazaar
  15. You can no longer Quick Sell items purchased with Arena Tickets
  16. Spears, Tridents & Staves should now display vertically instead of horizontall when placed on walls in your home
  17. The Wyvern spell on the Prestigious Hat should no longer appear to be cast by your pet
  18. The Snow Hound spell on the Collar of the Ice Hound should no longer appear to be cast by your pet

  19. Spells & Cards
  20. Cloaked cards should no longer get stuck in your hand if they fizzle
  21. Detonate should no longer target Heal over Time spells
  22. Guardian Spirit will now heal for 15% instead of 25%
  23. Putrid Bug Spray requires that you have learned Pungent Bug Spray.
  24. Miniature Bloodbats requires that you have learned Dragonflies.

  25. Pets & Mounts
  26. Pets obtained through the quest given at level 78 now have a school requirement to equip
  27. Bone dragon mount sounds are back
  28. null
  29. Names should no longer appear in black text for players with older/outdated video cards
  30. Extra unused dungeon sigils in Avalon have been removed, sorry for the confusion
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