May 2011

Welcome to the May 2011 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

This month's update includes the new world of Wintertusk, new spells, new pets, new badges, new underwater area for all levels, new level 60 gauntlet with unique rewards, wand stitching and much more

Introducing Wintertusk!


The Story Continues with Wintertusk!

Word of your deeds in Grizzleheim has reached the ears of the greatest of the ravens, none other than Grandmother Raven herself. She's calling you to rescue her from the Coven....

You will begin your journey in Wintertusk after you have completed the "Blood Brother" quest in Grizzleheim. If you have completed this quest, speak to Merle Ambrose who will give you the quest "Cold News". If he does not have the quest 'Cold News' for you, have haven't completed the "Blood Brother" quest.

When you begin your quest to rescue Grandmother Raven, you will be sent to Hrundle Fjord, the main zone in Wintertusk.

Hrundle Fjord is a small walled Viking-style village, primarily inhabited by bear warriors and traders. There is a small dock outside where merchants and warriors enter the zone. It’s remote and cold, perpetually covered in snow, and it’s among the older places in Grizzleheim. The surrounding zones are full of wild creatures and barbarians.

Wintertusk contains 5 main zones: Hrundle Fjord, Austrilund, Vestrilund, Sudrilund and the zones of Nordrilund & Nastrond are bundled together. Each of these zones are Premium zones that will require a Membership to enter, or individual zones will be available to be purchased with Crowns when Wintertusk arrives in the Live Game. Each zone will be 1995.

Roaming Mounts


Roaming Mounts

Set your Mounts free! Just like pets, mounts can now be placed in a house and allowed to roam about, and yes that includes the brooms and wings!
For a sneak peek at this feature, watch this video.

New Pets!


New Level 58 Pet Quests

New pets are available through a quest from your Professor!

There are 3 requirements to meet to be able to accept the starting pet quests from your school professors in Ravenwood, Nightside, or Krokosphinx. Each school has a different quest and each school has to fight a different boss in Wintertusk to get their new pets!
  1. You must be a minimum of level 58
  2. You must have completed your school’s level 48 spell/pet quest from your professors.
    1. Fire is the quest "Tower of the Inferno" from Professor Dalia Falmea
    2. Ice is the quest "Horn of Winter" from Professor Lydia Greyrose
    3. Storm is the quest "Stormbringer" from Professor Halston Balestrom
    4. Myth is the quest "Give a Dog a Bone" from Professor Cyrus Drake
    5. Life is the quest "Loudly Sing Cuckoo" from Moolinda Wu
    6. Death is the quest "Don’t Fear the Reaper" from Dworgyn in Nightside
    7. Balance is the quest "Breaking Glass" from Alhazred in Krokosphinx
  3. You must have completed the quest "Nordrilund Exposure" given by Grandmother Raven in Hrundle Fjord.
Once you meet all of these requirements, then you can go talk to your professor about getting a new pet! Talk to your same professors who you received your level 48 spell/pet quest from to get the quest…
Fire is quest “Like a Phoenix”
Ice is quest “Wings of Valor”
Storm is quest “Egg of the Storm”
Myth is quest “Frog in Your Throat”
Life is quest “Ready to Hatch”
Death is quest “Century Egg”
Balance is quest “Balancing Egg”

New Spells!


New Spells for All Schools!

New spells are available for players at level 35 and 55. If you are above the level requirements, and have completed the required quests listed below, speak to Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town (Wizard City).

This is a departure from how spells are usually trained, so please follow the instructions you are given.
Sorry for all of the confusion over the new spell quests, but here is a guide that will (hopefully) be more useful on how to get them.

Spell Quests
Every class has to complete the same spell quests to get their new spells at levels 35 and 55. Some of the new spells are upgraded spells, but don’t worry, you still get to keep your original spell! However, there are some requirements to obtain the spell quests.

Level 35 Spell Quests Requirements and Info
There are 2 requirements to meet to be able to accept the starting spell quest from Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town, “I Know a Guy…”.
1. Being level 35
2. Having completed the quest “One in the Snout” in Mirkholm Keep

If you meet these requirements, then you can go to Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town to get the quest “I Know a Guy…”, and then you will talk to Erik Wyrdrune in Northguard to get the quest “Thief of Spells.”

Level 55 Spell Quests Requirements and Info
There are 3 requirements to meet to be able to accept the starting spell quest from Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town, “The Spell Trade.”
1. Being level 55
2. Having completed the quest “Su Su Sudrilund” in Sudrilund in Wintertusk, which is given by Grandmother Raven in Hrundle Fjord.
3. Having completed the quest “Thief of Spells” from Erik Wyrdrune in Northguard.

If you meet these requirements, then you can go to Baldur Goldpaws in Olde Town to get the quest “The Spell Trade”, and then you will talk to Erik Wyrdrune once again in Northguard to get the quest “The Runedown.”

A Return to Crab Alley


Return to Crab Alley

If you are level 12 or higher, speak to Sohomer Sunblade in Triton Avenue for a special assignment called "Trouble Underfoot". Remember Sohomer is at the top of the set of teleporters behind Blad Raveneye. This assignment will lead you to Crab Alley where you will learn what became of the residents after their brush with fame. Be sure to pick up your rockstar outfit while you're there.


Are you Legendary enough?
A new dungeon for high level Wizards in Crab Alley called the Waterworks! Blad Raveneye needs help with an emergency in underwater Crab Alley! Something strange is going on in the river depths, threatening the whole street! Venture into dark, unknown tunnels beneath Triton Avenue and set things right! Solve complicated puzzles, battle vicious underwater minions, duel tricksy bosses, and stop a sinister plot!

Crab Alley is no longer a free to play area, and will require Membership or Crowns when it opens in the Live Game. This area will cost 750.

Crown Shop Updates


Crown Shop Updates

The Crown Shop has some updates that should make it easier for you to find the item you are looking for in a faster manner.
  1. More tabs! More tabs for all the items you want to shop for make it easier for you to see everything available.
  2. Search! Look in the upper right corner for a search function to help you find an item by name.
  3. Saved Preferences! If you prefer to view in list mode these preferences will be saved so that next time you open the Crown Shop, you'll see what you want to see.
  4. Combat Tab! In combat, when you open the Crown Shop, the Henchman tab will be the tab that appears. This should make choosing a Henchman faster and easier.

Wand Stitching


Wand Stitching

Eloise has been improving her skills and she can now take the stats of one casting implement (wand, sword, etc.) and place it onto the appearance of another casting implement (wand, sword, etc.) Just like stitching clothing, follow her instructions carefully to ensure you choose the right items for the right effects! This transaction costs Crowns.

Privacy Update


Hidden from Friends

A new feature in the Options Menu is the ability to set yourself to be Hidden from Friends. If you set this option, your friends panel will not be accessible and you will not appear as being online to your friends. To turn this option off, you can simply click on your friends panel to become available again.

Spell Updates

Spell Updates
Several spells have changed, so please pay close attention to this section.
  1. Notification on Stun Fail - Bosses can’t be stunned, now there is notification of such fact!
  2. Spells can now both be a damage spell and a charm, which means they will react properly to enchantments.
  3. Many spells that are variations of the original will now look more like they should - ie the Life Banshee will be green and not look like the Death Banshee. Look for these updates in various spells.
  4. Being stunned now only generates one stun shield.

  5. Fire
  6. Link card now does damage and heal on first round.

  7. Ice
  8. Ice Colossus Spell will have its damage increased from 460-540 to 500-580.
  9. Stun Block Spell now gives 2 Stun block shields, is only available through Diego the Duelmaster and requires a rank of Private to train.

  10. Life
  11. Sprite Queen's heal over time now heals for 60, then 333 over three rounds.
  12. Lifebane will no longer be cast by the Sprite Guardian, or available as a Treasure Card. The Sprite Guardian has Spirit Armor now, instead of Lifebane.

  13. Death
  14. Empower cards can no longer critical.
  15. Empower cards Damage to self now is now 300 (was 500)
  16. Empower Treasure Card Damage to self now 250 (was 400)
  17. Empower - Amulet Card Damage to self now 250 (was 400)
  18. Empower - Pet Card Damage to self now 300 (was 500)
  19. Doom & Gloom will now do -65% to all healing spells.
  20. Players will no longer become stuck on the wrong team when Beguile is cast back to back on both teams.
  21. Accuracy and damage enchantment cards can now be applied to Drain spells.

  22. Storm
  23. Cleanse Charm now cost 0 pips.
  24. The odds of self-destructing with the Insane Bolt spell are 20%

  25. Myth
  26. Earthquake no longer removes stun shields.
  27. Pierce now cost 0 pips.

  28. Balance
  29. Minion donated pips will no longer disappear if the Mander minion dies in that round.
  30. Accuracy and damage enchantment cards can now be applied to Power Nova.

  31. Moon
  32. The Polymorph Gobbler spell now has 90% stun resist when in Gobbler form.

  33. Treasure & Pet
  34. Some Spell Cards had their spell card descriptions updated to accurately reflect how much damage the spells actually do - please note, the actual damage has not changed, just the text on the card is now accurate.
    1. Heckhound Treasure Card will now correctly state 135 damage per pip over 3 rounds.
    2. Storm Hound Treasure Card will now correctly state 150 damage per pip over 3 rounds.
    3. Storm Hound Pet Card will now correctly state 130 damage per pip over 3 rounds.

Miscellaneous Updates

PvP Update
Scaling stun shields have been added to PvP combat. When a player is stunned by a spell, the number of stun shields that appear on that stunned player are equal to the number of players on the opposing team.
  1. If you are stunned by a spell in a 1v1, one Stun Shield will appear.
  2. If you are stunned by a spell in a 2v2, two Stun Shields will appear.
  3. If you are stunned by a spell in a 3v3, three Stun Shields will appear.
  4. If you are stunned by a spell in a 4v4, four Stun Shields will appear.

Clothing Updates
  1. Diego now sells Stun Resist gear.
  2. Bear's Heart Jerkin will now give the Vaporize Spell.
  3. Jerkin of the Howling Bear will now give Dissipate spell.
  4. Some clothing items lost their special patterns, and those patterns have returned to the following items:
    1. Krohotep's Vestment
    2. Krokopatra's Silent Cloak
    3. Krokopatra's Garments
    4. Karanahn's Parched Tunic
    1. Scavenger's Radiant Robe (female version)
    2. Quixotic Robes
    3. Shroud of Rationality

Pet Updates
  1. The spell card information you see when an egg first hatches will now be visible in the Pet Section of your Journal

Gardening Updates
  1. Grandmaster Gardening Rank progress bar appears properly filled.
  2. Silver Trumpet Vines will no longer reward the Treasure Card 'Balance Blade' as a harvest at the Mature stage but have a chance of rewarding 'Spirit Shield' and 'Elemental Shield' instead. Balance Blade is still possible on an Elder stage harvest.
  3. Prickly Bear was changed to be level 5 to match the level requirement on the soil it is planted in.
  4. There is now a maximum number of times that you can harvest an individual plant.
  5. Gardening Spell now casts at point initially clicked.
  6. Enchanted Soil spells now remove the correct amount of energy.
  7. All plants within an area of effect spell circle now are all affected by spell.
  8. Honeysickle seeds are no longer available from vendors, but can be found as drops from creatures in Wizard City

Crafting Updates
  1. Crafted Items now have an icon to indicate they were crafted (similar to the Crowns icon). You will see this icon in your backpack and in the Bazaar.
  2. Sandstone will now be available as a very rare reagent harvest when you harvest Stone Blocks.
  3. Many Celestia crafted wands are improved! The following wands have been updated:
    1. Staff of Stasis
    2. Wicked Wand
    3. Volcanic Staff
    4. Rod of Rime
    1. Everlasting Staff
    2. Storied Spyglass
    3. Trident of Typhoons

Miscellaneous Updates
  1. School Mastery Amulets are now available as rare drops from boss creatures in Wintertusk.
  2. Level 60 Henchmen will now be able to gain power pips after the first turn.
  3. Your Pip % chance on your character page will now match your pet page.
  4. Statues are no longer "Limit 1"
  5. The phrase "Please may I join" has been added to Menu Chat
  6. Diego will no longer prompt players to freely join a duel in progress.
  7. Odji Sokkwi now has the correct resists and boosts.
  8. The Tutorial will now have a progress bar to indicate how long new players (normally those on slower connections) will have to wait before Merle summons them to his office.
  9. Auction house will now update quantities on a failed purchase.
  10. Players will no longer be able to add themselves to their own friends list, and those who encountered this bug will automatically be removed from their own friends list.
  11. Dark Sprite Queen is no longer dropping pet snacks.
  12. The Marleybone Quest "Burning Books" will have a much more helpful Quest Arrow
  13. The following emoticons have been reintroduced to Text Chat:
    1. :-D
    2. :D
    3. ;-D
    1. ;D
    2. XD
    3. :-P
    1. :P
    2. ;-P
    3. ;P