April 2013

Welcome to the April 2013 Update Notes Page. What are Update Notes you ask? Every time we update Wizard101, we like to let our players know what changes have been made and what new additions have been given to the game. Update Notes explain those changes and updates.

This month brings a many changes to Player vs Player, Events for players of all levels, and the long awaited Hair Styles!!

Lost Pages Event


Introducing Events

A study group found a book that was supposed to be shelved in the restricted section of the library, and when they opened it up, they were possessed by its strong, dark magic. This magic was so powerful, so far reaching, that it touched six of our worlds, and found affinity with not only the students, but other creatures in the Spiral, binding them all to this magic’s will.

All Wizards who have completed "Unicorn's Folly" quest in Unicorn Way, come see me in the Wizard City Library at once, for I need you to investigate further!

Rewards for participating in the Lost Pages Events will scale to your level and the level of the creatures you are facing. A level 90 Wizard in Unicorn Way isn't going to get high level rewards, so seek out appropriate challenges for your level.

Changes to Current Ranked PvP & Derby


Changes to Current Ranked PvP & Derby

Change is never easy, young Wizards. As we go forward with some changes to our Player vs Player matching system and rewards system, it is necessary for us to put everyone back on the same level playing field. To do this, we will be ending what is called the 'First Age' of PvP in Wizard101. This means that you will receive a badge that reflects the PvP & Derby badge you earned the day this update was applied to the Live Game. You will be able to display this badge at any time.

All current PvP Ranks will be reset to 500. This does not impact your Arena Ticket balance.

We will begin the Second Age of Wizard101 PvP with the following changes:
  1. Player vs Player team match formulas have once again been adjusted and will now rely even more heavily on the level of the Wizards. This should finally reduce uneven team matching and prevent "puppet teams"
  2. To help offset the initial advantage of going first in a duel, the team that goes second will gain an extra Pip, or potentially a Power Pip, depending on the individual's Pip Chance
  3. We have also made changes that will reduce the time you have to wait for a match to be made, both in the Player vs Player Matches as well as in the Pet Derby matches
  4. New Leaderboards are available in the game for you to keep track of your ranking in Ranked PvP. These Leaderboards are not available outside of the game
  5. Arena Ticket rewards for Ranked PvP wins and losses are now based on the PvP Title of the individual who competed in the duel
  6. New rewards are available to be purchased with Arena Tickets!
  7. You can now place a PvP Kiosk in your home and access PvP & Derby from the comfort of your castle
  8. An Azteca themed Arena has been added to the mix!

My hair is a bird!


Hair Styles!

We have long recognized that one of the most requested features for young Wizards is the ability to remove their hats, as well as to change their hair. Now you can do both with one simple item: a hair style!

Hair Styles can be purchased in the Crown SHOP in the Accessories Tab. You will be required to choose a color when you make the purchase as these Hair Styles cannot be dyed. Hair Styles can be stitched to hats and Hair Styles will also be available as rewards from bosses throughout the Spiral (in random colors)!

There are five styles to begin with:
  1. The Housemartin - a short over the ear cut for both males and females
  2. The Kestrel - a short above the shoulders cut with sweeping bangs for both female and male
  3. The Martlet - same cut as the Kestrel, but with an added accessory for both male and female
  4. The Owl - a medium length cut with sweeping bangs for both female and male
  5. The Swan - a stylish up-do for female characters and a wavy short style for males
As we gauge the popularity of these Hair Styles, we may look to add new styles both with and without accessories.




Eloise has been busy learning how to Unstitch items that she has previously Stitched for you.

If you have items in your backpack that you've stitched, and you now wish to unstitch, simply visit Eloise in any world and select the 'Unstitch' option.

You must have room in your backpack for the new items or you will not be able to unstitch.

This service costs Crowns.

Choose an item you have already stitched.
This item will be destroyed in the process.
Eloise will show you the two items
that will be returned to your inventory.
You will be asked to confirm this transaction. Unstitched items cannot be further unstitched

All No Trade (meaning it cannot be placed in the Shared Bank) attributes will persist when items are stitched. This will prevent the trade of stitched Arena Gear through the Shared Bank for the purpose of unstitching.

Psst! Eloise also has new clothing in Avalon and Zafaria!

Changes to Reshuffle


Reshuffle Changes

Reshuffle has changed. Reshuffle was never intended to be an unlimited use card. Each reshuffle card you have in your deck or sideboard can only be used once per duel and will not reshuffle itself back into your deck when cast. You can still continue to place multiple copies of Reshuffle into your deck as your deck allows, as well as multiple copies of Treasure Cards. Each Reshuffle can be used once per duel, but you will need to stock your deck with more than one, as once it's used, a Reshuffle card does not return for that duel.

This applies to regular Reshuffle that you have trained, and Reshuffle cards that come on items and pets.

Furniture Sets


New Furniture Sets Available!

There's a new way to decorate, and that starts in the Crown Shop! Look for the new Azteca and Avalon themed Furniture Sets.

These sets work a little differently, in that you get all seven items each time you purchase a set. The first sets are Azteca Furniture Set 1, Azteca Furniture Set 2, Azteca Furniture Set 3, Avalon Furniture Set 1, Avalon Furniture Set 2 and Avalon Furniture Set 3.

These Furniture Sets are available in the Crown Shop for Crowns or Gold!

PvP Spectator Mode


PvP Spectator Mode

Check out the newly enhanced Spectator mode for PvP Duels! Now you can get a real sense of what your friends are doing, the spell that is being cast, the current health of all the participants and more! See for yourself!
Please Note: The spell being cast is only shown as it is being cast, not before!

Changes to Level 88 Spell Quests Requirements


Updated Rank 10 Spell Requirements

Previously the quests for the level 88 spells required you to have completed the level 78 Pet Quest for your school. See our previous notes on these quests.

This was an error, and the previous Spell quest is now required to obtain your level 88 spell quest.
  1. Players who have completed their level 88 spell quest are not affected
  2. Players who are currently progressing on this quest will need to check their quest journal for any changes in the requirements
  3. Players who have not yet begun their level 88 spell quest will need to meet the new requirements before they can progress

Updated Rank 10 Damage spells quests.

If you are a minimum of level 88 and have obtained your level 68 spell quest, speak to your Professor to receive a quest for your level 88 spell
Life School

To qualify for the quest "Spiny Happy People" Life Wizards must have the Life Spell Gnomes! trained and be Level 88 or higher
Balance School

To qualify for the quest "Hold That Tiger" Balance Wizards must have the Balance Spell Chimera trained and be Level 88 or higher
Death School

To qualify for the quest "Avenging Assembly" Death Wizards must have the Death Spell Dr. Von's Monster trained and be Level 88 or higher
Myth School

To qualify for the quest "Mark your Calendar" Myth Wizards must have the Myth Spell Basilisk trained and be Level 88 or higher
Storm School

To qualify for the quest "Storm Warning" Storm Wizards must have the Storm Spell Sirens spell trained and be Level 88 or higher
Ice School

To qualify for the quest "Winter is Coming" Ice Wizards must have the Ice Spell Wooly Mammoth trained and be Level 88 or higher
Fire School

To qualify for the quest "Sunny Fundays" Fire Wizards must have the Fire Spell Rain of Fire trained and be Level 88 or higher

New House to Craft


New House Available!

Are you up to the Crafting challenge? If you are a Master Artisan, head to Avalon to purchase the recipe for this new house!

Remember, if you currently have the maximum number of houses, you will need to purchase an Additional Castle Elixir before you can craft this item.

Special Farm House


New Special Farm House perfect for Gardening!

All plants will 'like' this Farm House (inside and out) and so will you! All plants placed anywhere inside or outside this house will automatically gain a 'like' status.

Don't worry about the occasional tornado. Unlike the real thing, the tornadoes in our Red Barn Farm house won't damage your plants or items.

Look for this house in the SHOP for Crowns or Gold!


Quest & Dungeon Updates

The following updates have been made to Quests and Dungeons of the Spiral.
  1. Strangler Goblins, Night Goblins, Deep Dark Goblins, Hobgoblin Plunderers, Hobgoblin Blood Captains and Hobgoblin Fiends now all count towards the Goblin defeat badges
  2. Players can no longer sneak past Dr. Katzenstein to reach Grunk
  3. Sir Pike Del Lago should no longer block players who were disconnected or logged our during his conversation
  4. Cuthalla has been replaced as the target of the quest "Summoning Pylons" - you will now face Yogash!
  5. Quest Helper will be a little smarter about which quest to select next, and many misdirection issues with Quest Helper have been addressed
  6. It is now easier to obtain the quest item you need in many 'Defeat and Collect' quests in Celestia and Zafaria! Yay!

  7. Kensington Park in Marleybone has been shortened
  8. Amphiba's & Praxus's Second Chance chests are now available in Celestia!
  9. Players can no longer shortcut the Black Palace dungeon in Zafaria by exploiting their way back through the secret passage to the boss

Spell Updates

The following updates have been made to Spells:
  1. When Potent Trap is applied to Backdraft, the spell description will accurately reflect add an additional +10% to the total damage of the spell (not per pip). The spell itself was always working correctly, but the spell description wasn't displaying the correct information
  2. The correct rank will now appear relative to the pip cost spent on Myth's Troll & Cyclops minion spells
  3. Dark Pact can no longer be enchanted with damage spells, but can still be enchanted with Sharpen Blade
  4. The Life Treasure Card spell "Black Widow" has been changed to "Green Widow"
  5. Supernova text will once again reflect when the player Criticals that spell
  6. Pet-cast Auras will no longer override any player cast Auras

Miscellaneous Updates


Miscellaneous Updates

    Sound Updates
  1. Sounds for the Minigames have been improved - play a minigame in the Fairegrounds today and check it out!
  2. Boris Tallstaff has had a bit of a voice change as he matures and takes on more responsibility in the Library

  3. Window Updates
  4. You can now use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out on preview windows such as your backpack preview, or shopping preview windows

  5. Badge Updates
  6. Lady of the Falling Sky badge and Transcendent Crafter badge should no longer overlap

  7. Henchmen Updates
  8. Shatter and Pierce have been removed from Henchmen Decks

  9. Housing Updates
  10. Tribal Hangie housing item is now correctly listed as a Wall Hanging
  11. Players will no longer be forced to turn and face housing objects when you use them

  12. Item Updates
  13. Additional Castle Space Elixir has been renamed to Additional Castle Elixir to better reflect that it unlocks a space for an additional Castle space in your inventory
  14. The Vindicator's Robe can now be correctly dyed orange
  15. The Recipe for Banded Boots was mislabeled as "High Road Striders" - this has been corrected
  16. The Chieftain's Crown now comes with the Ice Hound spell. All existing versions of this hat will upgrade to include this spell card
  17. Wyverns have their voice and their smoke back!

  18. Shopping Updates
  19. Pet snacks will now sell for the correct price when sold in large quantities
  20. Rental Mounts that are purchased will be immediately equipped and begin their countdown timer. Rental mounts obtained from packs or as gifts in the Gift Window will begin their timer on equip, instead of on redemption.

  21. Crafting Updates
  22. Pierce Stanson will no longer automatically give you the recipe for "Seal of the 7 Seas", instead you must now purchase it from him, just as you have to purchase all other quest recipes

  23. Gardening Updates
  24. Pixies will now disappear from a plant when it dies. Look for a new gardening spell with Charley in Krokotopia!

  25. Chat Updates
  26. Players who chat while in a Pet Minigame will no longer display as their pet name in the chat window
Try the new version of Wizard101 before it's released!