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May 2014 Producer Letter

My Dear Wizards,

Spring is the season for rebirth, awakenings, a great time for Life students, and the precursor to every Fire student’s favorite time of year: summer. The longest days, the hottest sun, and the most fun, in my opinion.

This spring is also a time of endings – particularly the release of the finale of Morganthe’s storyline. Let’s take a look back at our travels over the last four years, shall we?

  1. Celestia, the sunken realm, is where you first encounter Morganthe and her army. You learn of the prophecy: "The Mirror will break, The Horn will call, From the Shadows I strike, And the skies will fall…”, as Morganthe attempts to steal the secrets of Astral Magic. You also meet some really cranky sharks and water moles and discover some ethereal Celestians with nifty technology.

  1. You travel to Zafaria to investigate the mystery of some missing students, where you discover Morganthe is behind it in a scheme to rebuild her power. You recover the missing students, and help the Lions, Zebras, Elephants, and Gorillas of the world resist her, but you are unable to stop her from recovering her precious Deck of Shadows She leaves this world with a parting gift – the destruction of Mirror Lake.

  1. The next stop is Avalon, which was once Headmaster Ambrose’s home, full of foxes, badgers, dogs, and otters; as well as goblins, faeries, giants, and other mythical creatures, in your search for an artifact that will aide you on your quest – the Sword of Kings. You also learn much of Morganthe's history and face her in a dream of long ago. In the end, you break the curse on the Pendragon and restore both King Artorius and the land itself to their former glory.

  1. Azteca is rumored to be the oldest world in the spiral – thought to have been destroyed by a comet, but is indeed still intact and populated by dinosaurs! However, when Morganthe arrives here it causes the dead to rise in her wake! Morganthe and her minions are searching for the Horn to call, and for the oldest spirits of the Spiral: the Lords of Night. In the end, she brings doom to the land, and a great shadow falls upon the Spiral.

  1. Morganthe returns to Khrysalis, her place of power, to learn the Song of Creation so she can finally rewrite the Spiral to her liking. You are sent there to defeat her and free the Lords of Night. Along the way, you get help from many courageous folks, most notably Dyvim Whiteheart. In your travels, you also discover for the secrets of Shadow Magic – to defeat Shadow takes Shadow itself. You travel great distances, across impassable seas, through waking dreams, and the prophecy, as it is destined to be, will be fulfilled… just perhaps not as expected.

Four years ago, I became your Producer, and it has been a wild, awesome, fun, fantastic ride from that day forward. I’m constantly in awe of this amazing opportunity I’ve been entrusted with, working with a great group of people to tell this story, to see it through to the finale. It is equal parts thrilling and a little sad to say goodbye to this arc – it’s been a part of our discussions, meetings, emails, phone calls… our lives… for the last four years. Just as in the early days, it was all “Malistaire, Malistaire, Malistaire” back then, Morganthe has been a part of our lives for quite a while.

However, what’s completely thrilling is the team and I are continuing to plan out the next years, the next stories, and the next rollercoaster rides you’ll take in the Spiral. Those discussions are exciting as the details start to come together!

Since we last chatted – besides the epic conclusion of Morganthe’s story – we have certainly kept busy adding and polishing up other areas of the game. Read on, if you want a refresher.

  1. Dungeon Recall (Ever wished you could just recall directly back to the dungeon you just left? Well now you can!)
  2. Team Up! (A way to find a group for certain dungeons.)
  3. Adding health to lower level Fire Wizards and adding damage to the Fire Elf spell.
  4. Adjusting Fire and Ice shields cast by monsters in Wizard City, and adjusting the health of some lower level bosses.
  5. New Level 98 School Pets.
  6. Shadow-Forged Weapons (Weapons with a little something special.)
  7. Crafting Updates and New Crafting Rank.
  8. Shift Spells (Single round Moon polymorph spells.)
  9. New Global Spells.
  10. Castle Games (Housing game public invite system.)
  11. Adjusted the health of some pet and spell quest bosses.
  12. Much, much, more! (Read more on our awesome update notes page)

And, we’re not resting on our laurels. Not a chance. What’s happening this summer is going to rock your boat with a vengeance. Oh, yes. You’ll have to make sure that you make time to spend in the Spiral this summer. Because, if you come by regularly, you’ll certainly find it very… rewarding!

Until then, as always, I’ll see you in The Spiral,
Leah "Professor Falmea" Ruben
Producer, Wizard101

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