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Many people love Wizard101 so much that they've started their own community sites and blogs! These fan created pages provide news, services and information to the Wizard101 Community.




Community Fansites


There are so many awesome community initiatives throughout the year, led by livestreamers, guide creators, artists, and thousands of active social media users posting via #Wizard101 and sharing their content with us @Wizard101. Many of the initiatives are hosted or created on official fansites.

Click on a fansite link below to learn more about the Wizard101 Community!

"A Wizard101 community with a huge wiki, contests, organized PvP tournaments and all of the Wizard101 gameplay information you'll ever need!"

Visit >> Wizard101 Central and the Wizard101 Central Wiki
"Adventures of the Spiral is an official fansite packed full of detailed gameplay guides and stories from around the spiral that offer unique perspectives on the exciting adventure through Wizard101 and Pirate101."

Visit >> Adventures of the Spiral
"Arcanum's Archives is a family-friendly Wizard101 fansite that is all about fun activities and community interaction! With seasonal event streams and tons of in-game parties and festivals, there's always something fun for players and staff alike! Find us on several social media platforms as well to stay up to date on our content!"

Visit >> Arcanum's Archives
"Final Bastion is an official fansite for both Wizard101 and Pirate101 that publishes guides, tools and hosts contests and events. The content produced every week covers all aspects of both games. PvE, PvP, Quests, Spells, Companions, Monstrology, and Fishing guides are some of the very many guides you'll find. You name it, the site has it, and if it doesn't, make sure to request it and they'll develop it!"

Don't miss Final Bastion's Training Point Calculator!
"Legends of the Spiral is a family-friendly Wizard101 fansite with a large community and plenty of activities. Its constant giveaways and contests make for great community interaction, encouraging players to use their skills and creativity within the game to try to win extravagant prizes. The community is very kind and incredibly welcoming, and its members are always offering to help others ingame."

Visit >> Legends of the Spiral
"Ravenwood Academy is a place for new and experienced players to make friends and explore the Wizard101 Spiral together. We pride ourselves on publishing guides that are easy for any Wizard to understand."

Visit >> Ravenwood Academy
"Stars of the Spiral is an official fansite for Wizard101 & Pirate101. We are here with community guides, tips, news, and much more for both games."

Visit >> Stars of the Spiral
"Swordroll's Blog is an official fansite for Wizard101 and Pirate101 that offers guides, contests, and interactive features for everyone! Check out the latest game news and all of the content the site has to offer!"

Visit >> Swordroll's Blog
"Check out the latest news, contests, and Guides For Wizard101: Quests, Spells, PVP, Crafting, Fishing, Gardening, Monstrology. and much more. We enjoy sharing the same passions for all things in the Spiral with all the wizards, Wizard101folio: from players to players!"

Visit >> Wizard101 Folio
Frostcaller has tons of great guides and also runs occassional events like the Fansite Festival Contests! Be sure to check out their site if you're just getting started in Wizard101.

Visit >> Frostcaller

While many gameplay guides come from these official fansites, there are many more that do not. Check out all of the featured guides from around the community on the Community Guides page!


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